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Mt Shasta Ca. 96967, USA

Rob Gives A Layman Quantum Explanation of String Theory & How This Awareness Will Change Our World.

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Dear Promise friends,
I just returned from delivering a product in Germany. On my way home I stopped and visited a friend and customer in Glastonbury As many of you know I will be in Glastonbury this summer at The Portal To Ascension Conference August 11-13.
This information is my own understanding based on over 30 years under the tutelage of DR Fred Bell. Physics Talk With Rob you can just listen!
We are both Pleiadean contactees and Venusian. Here I discuss how science and spirituality meet. I go into a deep dive into the physical plane from its atomic roots to the principles of the universe. How these principles and the new earth reality are intertwined within our own hearts and our consciousness.
We are allowed to rapidly evolve now as these technologies will soon be released. I talk about how vibrational sound, light, color, plasma, scalar, and ET technologies given by the Venusuians and other ETs will soon be revealed.
Quality of life is going improve drastically in the next ten years. I explain part of the Global Restoration plan and the New Financial system. I make suggestions on what we can do to move forward. Physics Talk With Rob you can just listen!
Enjoy the video

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