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Th Golden Disc of The Sun

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The Featured Image Above was a Supra Physical Manifestation by The Master Soromez For Luis’s Group on The Shore Of Lake Titicaca

The Golden Disc of The Sun -The Brotherhood of The 7 Rays

– The Fall of Atlantis- The Interior Agarthan Network

I feel it is time to share this information so that people may know some of the truth about the recent history of the Inner earth government, sometimes called Agartha or Shamballa. This history presented below is recent and goes into some aspects of the destruction of Atlantis and Lemuria.

It is my hope that those with ears to hear with an open mind can accept the new understanding of the hidden truths coming forward at this time. As the planetary vibrations increase altering all lifestreams in accordance with natural cosmic law mankind is ready to process certain realities of his own planet history and the cosmo-genesis of the current human being.

This short introduction to the history of “The Brotherhood-/Sisterhood of The 7 Rays” will provide sustenance for the spiritual aspirant. These words can help you to understand how the unseen dimensions and those benevolent beings have been instrumental in maintaining the light on the earth despite our “Fall from Paradise’.

Much could be shared about this but this book should be a good start.


I hope to keep you interested to learn more of this information. The following is from a book by Brother Philip who was known in the early 50s as George Hunt Williamson. He was and still is a high-level adept serving as a translated brother in The New Great Shamballa located in the subsurface temples and cities beneath the surface of the earth in South America. Most notably in Bolivia around Lake Titicaca in Bolivia where the Golden Disc of The Sun now resides.

To Read Brother Philip – Secret of the Andes

I have taken several groups to this “Sacred Golden Disc of The Sun” that is kept beneath the surface Lake Titicaca The Minor very near Luis property that emanates so much light for the earth. My dear friend Luis Fernando Mostojo Maertens is working very closely with our fellow humans beneath the surface of the earth. On our tours, we provide people with excursions into sacred sites for programmed contact to receive supra luminal light transmission directly from our elders inside the earth and from our guides in the sky. pulses that serve to awaken us to the development of our luminous natures. This information was written By George Hunt Williamson over 50 years ago. See the book PDF below. This book and many others are also available to Inner circle members.

You can see more of this information on this interior spiritual government by reading the Transylvania Sunrise series here .

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