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Mt Shasta Ca. 96967, USA

Rob Potter Will Join Cosmic Ray in Salzburg Austria in June 3-4

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Dear Friends of Venus,

All are invited to attend especially those in Europe or worldwide by Zoom live stream.  

I am honored to announce that Anja Schaffer the best friend and supporter of Omnec Onec the “Little Venusian” who came to earth from Venus has now created a small tour for ‘Cosmic Ray”. Dr. Raymond Keller the author of 9 books has earned him the title of the Venusian Historian by the Venusians. His books chronicle the earth’s relation to Venus throughout our history and their recent efforts to help the people of earth in the ways of peace and love. These books are not yet recognized for the deep spiritual knowledge that they provide.  They are available on my website under the shop and the book section.

Anja has recently lovingly translated the Venus Rising book #1 into German and has arranged a 3 country 4 city tour with Raymond in May and June this year.  I will be joining and hopefully will be speaking with Raymond in the Salzburg Austria leg of the tour for these two presentations. Please note the other locations and all are invited to attend in person. The Switzerland and Dresden Talks will be available by zoom as well.  Here below is the Schedule of the tour and the link to the tour information.

May, 27./28.: Regen/Bavaria – June, 03./04.: Salzburg/Austria -June, 10./11.: Dresden

June, 18./19.Kreuzlingen/Switzerland here is the link to make your plans to attend.

If you speak english only you may contact Anya by email she can help you arrange ticket in person. For zoom. presentation they may have a price for Raymonds Presentation only. If your speak German do try to attend in person.

Anja was and still is the great promoter and dearest friend of  Omnec Onec the 5th Dimensional Venusian who agreed to come from the 5th dimension to complete her 3rd-dimensional learning experience on the physical plane. She may choose to return at some point in the future but this is last required incarmanation. Anja lived with Omnec and arranged all of her European presentations for many many years. She also has her own book co-written with Omnec Onec and now with cosmic Ray. Please make the effort to meet meet cosmic Ray and Anja and the wonderful groups in Regen germany and Salzburg Austria  x in Dresden Germany & Kreuzlingen Switzerland who are arranging this tour with Anja and Ray possible.

Also to remind you all about my summer conference in Mt Shasta Ca. July 7-10 please check out this years amazing summer conference opportunity here.

Raymond, Anja and I look forward to seeing you in //Austria and or in Shasta this summer.

In The Light of Venus


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