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Mt Shasta Ca. 96967, USA

Another Dialogue With Venusians Al-An – Valiant Thor and Lady Orda

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Dear Promise Friends,

This series of Q-A with my friends from Venus took place last year prior to the Mt Shasta summer conference This dialogue.was shared with our guests last August. Here ask about Christ and several other subjects including some personal questions. and many other subjects.  I hope you will find the information to your liking.

In answer to Rob’s letter of 7 July:

 Dearest Brother Robert and Friends of Venus, 

This is Al-An of Abejar, Security Chief for the Angel Force in the Eastern North American Sector, speaking to you from one of our safehouses.  Thank you for your patience in awaiting our answers to your various questions, which I will now answer on behalf of the Hierarchy of Light for the benefit of those in attendance at the Mt. Shasta Conference in the closing days of August 2021.

Our sincerest greetings to you and all in attendance at the Mt. Shasta Conference.  Members of the Angel Force are among you, both visible and imperceptible to your physical senses.

Rob Question: I especially wish to know more intimately about the life and mission of Jesus Christ especially how he is to be understood in relation to emphasizing his personality as judge of the world and as God himself?  I am learning as the firstborn without original sin he does hold this position as judge of all souls and is he the force of light enabling redemption of planet earth. How can we worship a limited human form that cannot really be The Supreme God?

Obviously, you of Venus, Dr. Frank and Thomas Dydimus (Christs Brother), Norm Paulsen, Marie Vallorta, David Serada, and other visionaries and disciples have met Yehoshua but to me who has never met him (though I have faith in his life his divinity and mission), it seems difficult to ask people to worship a personage.

Dr. Frank said at an inner circle meeting in vegas in 2007  “Commander Val came to my room last night and he said “Dr. Frank don’t Preach so much” Then he said, “I can’t help it Praise the Lord Jesus Christ Hallelujah.” I laughed in the meeting because he really was a bible thumper. In Dr. Franks’ case, I certainly did not feel he was a religious huckster, and given his personal physical encounters with Jesus, his fervor is understandable. However, for many people in the world, this idea of a dead person, who they may feel is only “supposedly resurrected” is a far stretch in their minds for Christ being a savior of the world and giving all authority to a man who is not even present! For many of these generally intelligent people, this talk of eternal life and a savior  is crazy. I myself do wonder about certain aspects of this viewpoint as well?

To be clear I have faith in his life his mission his resurrection but for too many people in the world with so many religions, the truth is unclear. Can you help me with my dilemma? In certain talks, I just say the natural universal laws of the infinite mind of God instead of Jesus Christ? To be clear I am not ashamed to confess my faith.

But I feel it easier for me to not emphasize the personal worship of Yehoshua but to focus on the message and mission of his divine incarnation. Though in many circles I am viewed as a cultist when talking about Christ. I obviously don’t really give a “Hoot” as Frank would say. Any guidance to help me with the paradox of God in human form as Yehoshua would be appreciated.

Al-an Answer: Dr. Frank E. Stranges was correct in worshiping Jesus insofar as Jesus Christ is a physical manifestation of the Eternal God, who is a spirit and must be worshiped and honored in spirit and truth.  Insofar as Jesus is the first and primal aspect of this Eternal God, it is right and proper that he should be worshiped, for those who have seen Jesus have seen and experienced the True and Living God.

As the Firstborn in the material creation in the Fullness of Time, no one is “like unto God,” coming the closest to His glory, but Jesus Christ, who has been known by many names through numerous incarnations on your planet.  Jesus is best worshiped and honored through an acquisition of the knowledge he came to Earth to impart to us and applying it in our everyday lives.  The seeker can discover the identities of Jesus in these prior incarnations through a study of history and the theogonies of numerous peoples who have inhabited your sphere.  Who were their great teachers?  Who were their brave reformers?  What themes did their messages have in common? This survey should be done with great care and attention to detail.

Your King James Version of the Bible contains the following in the Gospel of John, Chapter 1, verses 1-5:

1, In the beginning, was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

The same was in the beginning with God.

All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made.

In him was life; and the life was the light of men.

And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

Rob Question: I had a lot of challenges accepting the denials of several respected researchers and alleged contactees whom I greatly admire when telling them and others that I have been allowed to record Commander Rhanes of the Clarion Moon Base. I offered to share these messages but was rebuffed and to be honest I took it personally. As Raymond has said we are only messengers and not responsible for peoples’ reactions to the messages that we give to the people of Earth we are so privileged to share.

I should have expected this but I was thinking about getting the word out to a higher audience. not so much as promoting myself as special or privileged.  In retrospect, I needed this dis-belief to refine my character as Paul said in his poem the Supremacy of God “Without love, I am merely just a clanging bell. I get too excited to share the knowledge when the emphasis should be on acting as a living example of Christ’s precepts of love and kindness. The knowledge is hollow without the wisdom of experience.

Al-An Answer: Do not concern yourself with the skeptical attitude of some UFO researchers.  They are too caught up in chasing lights in the sky and contending one with another in their bloated egos. Rather, look to the Father of Lights and seek the greater spiritual truths.

Rob Question: Is there any way I can remember more of the night classes on Victor 1? I am having an inkling on the occasion of being on board but cannot seem to fully recall these night-time journeys?

Al-An Answer: The night classes aboard our Victor ships are still being conducted.  Any recollections of these meetings outside the unconscious mind are triggered by the contemplation of heavenly things.  Remember the Apostle Paul’s admonition in Philippians 4:8 (King James Version):

 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.


Dearest Robert: It is the light that pushes out the darkness.  Do not obsess yourself over the goings-on in the realms of darkness.  We have these matters well under control. 

Rob Question: I would like to disseminate information in some positive way to let people look forward to contacts toward becoming contactees? They do seem to be able to receive much more candid information on many ongoing operations than the Venusian policy allows? The queen said the solar hierarchy dictates the methods of contact for their representatives?

Why is this policy different for these people? According to ppppp , & ppppp the Pleiadeans do not have such nice things to say about our federations? This squabbling concerns me and lightworkers should not be divided! Do these people actually work with the Pleiadeans and are the Pleiadeans violating protocols?

seems Genuine! It seems many of the claims made by various face-to-face “Direct Contactees” are in opposition to what I intuit is correct or true especially when you go in direct opposition to the information from Dr. Frank and Commander Rhanes’ messages?

Some claims about the moon are in direct opposition to Commander Rhanes? I know much of the “Channeled information is colored” As you know this is why I am very careful not to change or embellish any of your responses this is why I always say “my feeling is” instead of claiming your viewpoint is this or that on policies or information when it is my own intuition or opinion.

 Al-An Answer: Of course, there are many contactees among the inhabitants of the Earth with countless variations of extraterrestrials and ultra-dimensional beings as well.  These contactees interpret their experiences through the affective filters of their own consciousness, concepts of spirituality, science, history, politics, religion, etc.  And each extraterrestrial and ultra-dimensional being has its own collective as well as personal agenda.  Therefore, we of Abejar and those in the Hierarchy of the Galactic Confederation of Light feel that our loyalty to our queen requires us to speak the words of truth and light and let these stand alone.  Those who correctly perceive the light of truth will naturally be impelled to move in our direction.  It is best at all times to treat others with kindness that they might someday be won over to the light.

Rob Question: Will there be advanced healing technologies able to be released if we can arrest the criminals thwarting the truth. Are there any suggestions for us to have more total and advanced healing methods?

Al-An Answer: Healing technologies are slowly being revealed to gradually extend the human lifespan.  Attention should be paid to the human atmosphere, what most of you refer to as an “aura.”  Manipulation of the aura with light, sound, and electrical emanations can greatly benefit the human body.

Rob Question: I feel when I was physically transported to what I presume was a Pleiadean mothership ship in the late ’80s with Fred Bell there was lots of information that was given to me that I still cannot Remember? Can you please tell me was this physical transportation experience to a Pleiadean mothership? I was transported back down to Fred Bell’s living room, and I remembered everything for about 10 seconds? Why was this memory blocked? How can I recover these memories?

Al-An Answer: Your experiences with Fred Bell were genuine and were definitely geared toward the Pleiadeans.  A block was placed on your memories aboard their mothership to protect you from harming yourself and putting yourself in dangerous situations.  Only a Pleiadean can restore those memories to you, with the permission of their own hierarchal structure.

Rob Question: I have recently wondered where I am from although I feel we are all from earth now if we are born and in incarnation.  But in my early Pleiadean contacts with Fred Bell, I had an affinity with the Pleiadeans. However, as I learn more about your society and mission, I resonate more with the Venusian’s mission at this time. May I know where I am from originally?

Al­-An Answer: You are already part of The Solar Brotherhood for a very long time. This means that you have sacrificed many incarnations to help facilitate this higher awareness on Earth.  Your celestial identification is with Venus, to be sure, although you may have lived through various incarnations in other star systems to garner workable intelligence that could be transmitted to the Venusians in later lifetimes, back on the homeworld after your return.

Rob Question: Can You say hello to Gabriel Green for me? I want to contact the Military contactee Jim who arranged for Semjase’s ship to land with  Gabe and Michael El Legion present along with “Jim”?

Brother Gabe sends his kind regards.  Involvement with any retired military officers would not be advisable at this time.  Their divulgence of any sensitive information could be traced back to them and become the cause of serious complications for them and their families.  Even Raymond has to be careful in that regard.  Despite having been an NCO, he worked in sensitive areas of national security that should not be broached with him.

Rob Question: I asked so many direct and pointed questions about vaccines and the mark of the beast and sadly this was the only reply! They obviously have their reasons for keeping silent but I am as a boot’s on the ground earthling and the people of earth are being under fire. I disagree with this Vaccine hoax and evil agenda. I am giving my opinion about reading between the lines of your politically correct answer.

I am sorry but I want to influence people to the point of choosing to reject vaccines to go as far to announce below that I am altering several of your words to acknowledge the danger! I have no fear and I am a cheeky bloke so sorry for that!

Al-An Answer: And now, regarding your additional question concerning the Covid vaccinations, you must keep in mind that there are presently a dozen that have been rolled out around the world, to be applied in various ways.  There are also many more on the drawing boards to counter emerging variants.

 Rob; This is my letting you know I have altered their direct answer to the question of Vaccine safety. Answer: Yes, (Edited from (some) Edited to:) (ALL) of the vaccines were created for pure profit and selfish motives, and (Edited to:) NONE of them are 100 percent effective.  And (some ) Edited to( all are even dangerous to greater or lesser degrees.  Our advice is that each individual should know his or her health situation and should speak to a (doctor? edited to) a healthcare professional they trust about which vaccine, IF ANY, they should or should not take.  We are not in favor of forced vaccinations, and we sustain the right of each individual to accept or reject any vaccine after measured judgment (in other words be very careful).  We are sorry to see that a largely health issue has become so politicized. 

This is Al-An.  We hope that you have found your questions satisfactorily answered.

We, Al-An, and the Cosmic Ray are of one mind in these matters.

Given this 2nd day of August 2021, C.E.


From Lady Orda,

Dearest Brother Robert and Friends of Venus,

Your questions have been well-thought-out and I feel sure that the attendees at the Mt. Shasta Conference are going to find some identification with them and hopefully, with the answers that I, Queen Orda of Abejar, shall provide.

Rob Question: Can you please guide me on how to live a more stable and reasonable and balanced emotional life?

Lady Orda Answer: In seeking a more stable, reasonable, and balanced life you are doing well.  To accomplish this find yourself a place of calm and restfulness.  In other words, you need a place of retreat to get away from it all—- people, phones, computers, television, radio, just back to the beauty and harmony of nature.

You are a worthy soul, Robert.  We want you to know that.  And we want you to know that you are greatly appreciated for your kind assistance to Raymond and other contactees through the years.  You have been contacted clandestinely on many occasions.  Our numbers are small, however, and spread thinly on your planet.

. Therefore, we must be careful in protecting our Angel Force at all times; and we, therefore, limit having more open contacts for security reasons.  All I will say at this time is that the Silence Group is real.  There have been many times we have contacted you clandestinely or telepathically, to secure your own protection.

Rob Question: Despite my intellectual questions, I only desire to love God with all my heart and to have true and divine peace. I realize that my mental concerns for humanity seem to be too materialistic and polarize my judgment and thinking. I seem to obsess with “fixing this world and people’s understanding”.  I know that on one level my ego is about “me” and “helping humanity” when I am but a babe in my understanding is perhaps somehow related to my pride? My childlike level of understanding is truly small and limited, but humanity remains for the most part completely asleep to the realities around them and the spiritual glory of God’s creation I do seek answers for myself and, also to share with others.

Rob Question: Was I alive and incarnation during the life of Christ? If so, did I ever meet him or see him speak? Can you tell me about that life if I was in the incarnation?

 Lady Orda Answer: Yes, you were alive during the first half of the first century of the Common Era but living along the northern frontiers of the Roman Empire in the area that is now Southern Germany. Toward the end of that lifetime, during a visit to Rome itself, you heard about a strange new prophet from the Eastern fringes of the empire and wanted to know more about him.  It was the traveling Apostle Peter who first told you about his friend Jesus, who rose from the dead.  You were among the first to bring the Gospel message to Germany.

Rob Question: Is Christ recognized on all worlds in the higher dimensions as the king of kings?

Lady Orda Answer: Christ is recognized on many worlds as the King of Kings, being the firstborn on the material plane of existence in this galaxy.  He rules over the planet Barbelo in orbit around the Kolob at the Galactic Core.

There is nothing we need to repair or fix outside of ourselves.  As you are learning, we advance line upon line and precept upon precept through the application of what we learn in spiritual disciplines.

Rob Question: Who is Sai Baba?

Lady Orda Answer: Sai Baba manifests an anointing.  In other words, he is Christed but is not Jesus Christ.

Rob Question: Did Arch Angel Michael overshadow Sanat Kumara-Salem Melchizadech for 3 ½ years fusion with this human albeit divine incarnation to become the living word of God in flesh.

Lady Answer: Your perceptions about the role of Michael the Archangel are correct.  This is as Raymond described this mighty angel in the first of his Venus Rising books.

Pre-amble to Question: ( Robs understanding of the mysterious incarnation of the greatest teacher ever possible on the physical)My understanding after lengthy conversations with Raymond about Christ is that the soul was originally known as Sunat Kumara and Salem Melchizadech. We know him as Jesus the Christ. Actually, he was first born on Venus approximately 18 million years ago as one of the first of the 4 Kumaras. The Kumara brothers all achieved total ascension becoming ascended masters in 1 single lifetime from the 3rddimensional density. Ascended masters can incarnate in multiple densities in the material and mental universes gathering even greater awareness and experience in God’s infinite universe.

The infinite creator of all that is, SIMPLY IS! In fact, the isness always is was, and always will be. The ISNESS is simply omniscient omnipresent-omnipotent awareness of creative potential whose ultimate self is Love, Power, and Glory. Those words are only words and a vague attempt to cloak our ignorance in pompous expression. Nothing in the material or infinite universe can ever understand or begin to contemplate or contain or come close to the gnosis of the infinite. We can enjoy his bliss and love and benefit from uniting our minds with almighty god and this is our purpose in life and our mission.

The dualistic matter mind of human beings on the 3rd dimension and cannot understand him. There for we can only have a relativistic understanding. So, my understanding of the identity of Christ and the mystery of his life and purpose is as follows. The Being we call Michael is one of the first beings borne of the Material universes.    

This Universe was created and sustained by Arch Angel Michael. In one understanding he is the LOGOS  of this entire Galaxy. Within his body, we live and move and have our own being and identity just as the individual cells in our body have their own autonomous life borne of our life. Likewise, way bacteria both beneficial and harmful have independent lives and functions in our biology inside our being.

As Above so Below! So Arch Angel Michael chose the EARTH (An important world in terms of its role to many beings in the administration of the multi-verse of Galactic councils, for his incarnation into the materialistic in the 3rd dimension. It was ordained that Arch Angel Michael would overshadow the individual soul we have known as Sunat Kumara or Salem Melchizadech.

This took place as special bestowal to correct the interference caused by the freewill choice to abandon God’s plan by the Fallen Angel Lucifer or Luzabell whose actions have been the cause of much pain and suffering. Throughout the universe in the materials worlds.   

So in summary Sunat Kumara would incarnate to provide a pure and holy vehicle so God could come to Earth as a person. God through Arch Angel Michael has come in the human albeit a divine form of Jesus The Christ. He was here to overshadow Yehoshua Ben Joseph or Jesus as we call him today for 3 1/2 years.

This special incarnation is like the moon reflecting the sun. In truth, it is probably more like the Sun’s light powered by the unseen love of the Creator Son Arch Angel Michael. Michael is in his position the highest part of, The Supreme Godhead is a Spirit and is beyond all name and form yet paradoxically within all names and forms while transcendent to those forms

This is referenced in the Urantia Book as a necessary aspect of Arch Angel Michael as this great Theophanic Angel or the one likened unto God must himself develop as even greater things this mighty angel will do. We have much to learn.

Rob Question:  I feel when I was physically transported to what I presume was a Pleiadean mothership ship in the late ’80s with Fred Bell there was lots of information that was given to me that I still cannot Remember? Can you please tell me was this physical transportation experience to a Pleiadean mothership? I was transported back down to Fred Bell’s living room and I remembered everything for about 10 seconds? Why was this memory blocked? How can I recover these memories?  

Lady Orda Answer: The woman you met that night was from the Pleiades.  Fred Bell was a genuine contact of the Pleiadeans and the primary one for North America.  Because Fred Bell was involved, your contact was, in all probability, Semjase.  The Pleiadeans are largely materialists severely influenced by the Aldebaran system.  They were colonized by the Aldebaran’s shortly before the Sirian Shift.  The societies found on most of the Pleiadean planets reflect that materialism and put more stock in hard science than metaphysics.  As such, they sadly don’t look upon Jesus as anything more than a great teacher, if that.

Jesus has passed through the celestial portal of the Kolob, but he is ever-present in spirit throughout the planetary systems of the Milky Way galaxy.  He has appointed regents in his stead on many worlds, and Lord Dysmas is his regent on Abejar.   Jesus will return to the Earth to begin your planet’s process of becoming celestialized, but only after being instructed to do so by His Father. Therefore, even Jesus does not know the exact date or time of his return to the Earth’s material plane.

Rob Question: For historical clarity can you tell me the origins of the humans on earth were we created from the Annunaki genetic engineering of neanderthal type apes 1.3 million years ago as described in the book Forgotten Genesis. This book is by Radu Cinnamar the man who is writing The Transylvanian Sunrise Series of books. As you know these books chronicle the information from one of the galactic historical libraries on earth. George Hunt Williamson named these “repositories”  or as we would call them from his teachings one of  “The Secret Places of The Lion”.

Lady Orda Answer: As on many other planets, so on Earth there have been countless examples of unforeseen consequences resulting from the genetic manipulation of various species, including the early Neanderthal types.  For a better understanding of the Anunnaki and the evolution of the people of the Shem on Earth, I highly recommend all the writings of Zachariah Sitchin. While not wholly perfect, they do contain a higher degree of historical accuracy than other books on this subject.  To understand more about the planet Anu and the origins of these cosmic interlopers, I would suggest a careful reading of Dr. Keller’s Final Countdown: Rockets to Venus.  Because your planet is on the very fringes of the galaxy, the situation on the ground has been highly volatile from the beginnings of sentient life on Earth, much more so than on other worlds in your galactic sector.

Rob Questions: Commander Rhanes I applaud your efforts on the Moon Base Clarion as described in Lady Columba Venus Revelations.  Can you tell me which of our founding fathers you met and how they were viewed by you? Was it realized were an Angel Force representative or were you disguised as an intelligent thinker in this period of history disseminating advanced truths about liberty fraternity equality and justice?  Can you confirm if most of the freemasons of 1776 were truly positive researchers and metaphysical truths.?  Previously you said you have no problem with the current Freemasons, but I would argue that clearly there are few who use this organization and at the highest levels there is corruption and iniquity being planned by evil does who use freemasonry as a cloak to hide their actions!

Commander Rhanes Influencing Earth for 300 Years 

Answers Via Queen Orda: Commander Rhanes thanks you for your congratulatory remarks and assures you that all is well with her.  She met many times with Thomas Jefferson while he was in France and serving as an ambassador to the newly formed United States.  She later met Jefferson again once he was elected as the third president of the United States.  These contacts with Jefferson took place while she was assuming a human form, although the intellectual Virginian suspected she might be from “some other realm.”  She also met with Benjamin Franklin on numerous occasions, from his print shop in Pennsylvania up through the Continental Congress and into his term as the nation’s first postmaster general.

Like any other organization on Earth, the Masons find in their ranks some glaring imperfections.  The Masonic Lodge was established along with the principles of reason and science, however, and its objectives have always been noble, even though some of its members have not. 

Commander Rhanes wants you to know that in the early revolutionary circles and committees of correspondence, there were two sides:  Those who favored the “law of the French” and a revolutionary path to a new society and those who, while favoring independence, also wanted to maintain some strong ties to the Mother Country, especially insofar as the economic system and establishment of a Central Bank closely linked to London was concerned.  Jefferson and Monroe, allied with the French, won the day and carried out pro-French policies during both of their administrations.

Rob Question To Commander Val, I have many questions for you regarding your appearance on earth and to contactees. In Michael Barton’s “Commander X” book he says your name is Lon Zorra and you have blond hair? I think Dr. Frank and Michael had some disagreements regarding Michael’s claims on meeting you?

I know you can make avatars for your earth-based missions on earth to change your appearance like Dr. Franks Replacement when he went to jail and visited your starship “THE DARK KNIGHT” 150 miles above the earth. I presume it is called the ‘dark knight”? by those who have filmed it?

So, my conclusion is that you may have several physical personas while on the earth to walk freely and unhindered? Your pictures showed straight black hair at Howard Menger’s home! Yet Dr. Frank said in Stranger at The Pentagon your hair is brown and wavy? Now to the actual question.

Question: What does your original 3d -4d-5d-6D? from looking like in reality?

Answer: Commander Valiant Thor provides the following awareness: “Yes, I have operated clandestinely on Earth and used many aliases, sometimes changing my appearance to match the role and circumstance. There is nothing I can add to this.  I am currently working with and preparing several candidates to carry on my Earth mission as I will soon take up again my light body and transition to the higher realms through the Sun portal.  My spirit will be poured into these individuals (kenosis) who will take up my title and all rights and authority pertaining thereto.”

 Queen Lady Orda Answers:

Rob Question: It has been said by a person who was invited to Telos that the entire earth’s ascension to the 5th dimension is coming very quickly? He visited Telos and from his description, I am intuiting Telos is 5th dimensional? Is this the Astral plane the 5th dimension? How can the earth its people with so much confusion and evil be ready for the realms of light and harmony of the 5th dimension? Semjase from Erra in the Pleiades is a 4th-dimensional society and Venus is 4th dimensional according to you and Raymond, so how can the earth pass Erra and Venus in evolution to the 5th dimension so rapidly. How long is it estimated, at this point in time for the earth to reach the 5th dimension?

Lady Orda Answer: The peoples of Earth are still grappling with the issues of survival in the third dimension.  While Telos is a remnant of the Venusian colony of the ancient Lemurian Empire with a cloaking device that hides it in the 5th dimension, the rest of the planet Earth has much to learn and incorporate in its cosmic evolutionary development before it even begins to work its way out of the third dimension.  Sorry to have to say this.  There are also other cloaked cities in Asia, Europe, and South America; but I am not at liberty to discuss these in any detail.

Rob Question: I asked you about Niburu previously and you said it was approximately 1500 years until its influence would be felt on earth. Raymond has indicated it will cause gravitational upheaval throughout the solar system. Raymond has indicated Earthquakes and Volcanic activity are expected. A true contactee Alex Collier has repeatedly told me he thinks it is closer and is possibly very close or within our solar system now? Raymond has indicated is located beyond the Kuiper belt?  Can you please share more on Planet Niburu?

 Lady Orda Answer: Niburu is visible through a special space-deployed telescope if astronomers know where to look, but it is too far away to be seen with ground-based instruments.

Rob Question: The negative races are obviously lying to the Galactic councils about their nefarious goals and hidden influences on earth. Why don’t you intervene more directly as the bad guys do?

Lady Orda Answer; Al-An does not trust the claims respecting the free will of Earth’s inhabitants as made by interlopers from other star systems.   The Confederation’s policy of autonomy and no direct interference in Earth’s history has proven a satisfactory course.  The Earth beings must reconcile their dual nature of acting in self-interest (ego) vs. collective action and consensus (mutual interest).  This can only be accomplished on an individual level; and when enough humans have arrived at a cosmic consensus, the situation will surely change for the better.

Your friends in the light of Abejar,

This is the Queen, Orda of Abejar, and Dr. Raymond Keller.  We are of one mind in these matters.

Given this 2nd day of August 2021, C.E.




















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