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Luis Mostajo Shares The Message of The Galactic Confederation of Light – No Fear Transformation Watch

Luis Mostajo Shares The Message of The Galactic Confederation of Light – No Fear Transformation Watch
Dear Promise Friends,
This video   Read Post Then Watch Here   was made several years ago for my conference in Mt Shasta several years ago. Here my dear friend and advanced contactee Fernando Maertens from Bolivia shares the truth of how the ETs are managing the awakening of humanity and they are telling us who have ears to hear what is soon to transpire. He reaffirms the message I have been told and repeating for many many years that we are in the middle of a great transformation that will affect every lifestream and alter the course of our world’s peoples and societal infrastructure.
There is no need for fear but there is a need to prepare for change and to transform our thinking. We are soon to see great advancements in technology and the arrest of criminals in govt. as elements within our secret military are preparing to The great earth changes that include geologic upheaval are not to be feared. We will get through this.
We also should not be in denial with our belief we can alter this reality with our intentions. It is true we co-create our reality. However, humanity’s co-creative abilities will not alter the natural changes that have to happen for the earth to thrive. We will get through the earthquakes the weather changes & the somewhat cataclysmic upheaval. Prepare and raise your vibration to develop your consciousness. Listen to Luis Fernando a brother who has been to Venus, Ganymede, and onboard spaceships many times.
He is working with the great white Brotherhood and has been inside the Inner retreats of Agarthan Network on at least 4 occasions. He will join me and Viviane Chauvet in Tulum Mexico this November 15-21st as we explore and activate the ancient sites of the Mayans. We will have programmed contacts as we see in this video. check out the website. for more information.
Thank you Luis and Anna for being my friends!

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