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Mt Shasta Ca. 96967, USA

A Transcript of Video Given by 6th Dimensional Moon Base Commander Aura Rhanes in 2022

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This is a Transcript of a Video Recorded Message From 6Th Dimensional Moon Base Commander First Played to The Public August 24 2022 at the 8th Annual Mt Shasta Summer Conference – see This Video at The 10th Summer Conference in July

Aura Rhanes to that was played in video format his message was delivered prior to my conference in 2020. There are some small inklings of prophecies provided in this message along with some message to me specifically. I am not allowed to share videos so that those who would disrespect the message will not be haters. She says do not cast pealrs before swine !

Rob Potter

Mt Shasta


Dear Brother Robert and Friends of Venus.

This is the Moon Base Clarion Commander Aura Rhanes acting as the behest of Lady Orda, the Queen of Venus.

It is a great honor to record this important message for all of you in the attendance of the Meet the Venusian Conference in beautiful Mount Shasta, California.

I and Lady Colomba, extend our apologies for the delays in the publication of Dr Keller 5th book in his headline banner series Lady Columba Venus Revelations. The book should be available within a month.

It is my most sincere desire that you avail yourselves of the opportunity to check it out, for there in are many of your questions about life on Venus other planets of the confederation of planets which are answered in great detail.

Brother Robert has compiled a list of questions directed to many in the Hierarchy of Light on Venus. The ones who preview over the Planets and your Solar system, both seen and unseen.

The queen has authorized me to answer certain of those questions on behalf of the celestial personages, including herself.

Warning to me to keep certain things private!

Ahl’Ahn appreciates your discretion when speaking about him particularly, as well as of some of the ongoing missions of the Venusian Angel Force that are currently being carried out on Earth, missions that you may have some awareness of. It is very important for Ahl Ahn and other such operatives to avoid frontal photographs being taken of the faces, or recording made of their voices.

Discretion is the key word here, with regard to the Security detachments on Earth accompanying Venusians from all dimensional levels.

Vice Commander Don, affirms that you (ROB) have encountered him on several occasions. Sometimes, you may have not been aware that he is nearby.

The Vice Commander Donn and other Venusians on the Angel Force are always cognizant and obedient to the biblical revelations provided in Psalm 91:11.

For he, Michael the Archangel will command his angels concerning you, to guard you in all your ways. You may consider yourselves dully privileged to walk in the perpetual light of the illuminated ones.

All of those Chosen to participate in the night classes aboard our Star vessels are among the Chosen called to the Ministry of Angels.

Yes, brother Robert and friends of Venus, you were called to emulate the Moon being a reflector of the glorious light of the Sun to all of humankind. The Apostle John taught you in the Sacred book of your New Testament that “A light of Christ shineth in the darkness, yet the darkness comprehends it not.” John 1:5

Yet those of pure heart, those are already in the path of Truth, they have been called from the beginning of your world.

These, are the ones who will gravitate to the light, immediately after they see it. In this Ministry of Angels, you serve as the harvesters before the great and dreadful days of tribulations which are surely coming upon those inhabitants of the Earth who remain in darkness. (This is a warning for those with ears to hear)

This is also the message that Lord Dysmas,( AKA The ascended Master El Morya) the Regent of Venus, would like that you all know:

“The revolution you seek will come through the Victory of the Light’. Bringing your neighbors into the light through random acts of kindness one soul at a time.

We interact with the inhabitants of the Earth, through various archetypes to which you have some familiarity. With knowledge of Venus, that comes to select individuals, they internalize this information in conformity to their utopian ideas of what your world could become.

Hence, new economic, political and religious systems are introduced to your world.

Unfortunately, as your planet has not yet become a celestial world, these systems deteriorate after a time due to the crush on your world.

Hence, in the spirit of the age, new systems and platforms, are occasionally introduced to elevate status of all human kind.”

The Cosmic Ray and many others, too, have taken this into account when presenting information about Venus and its multidimensions.

Dr. Keller is sparking the consciousness and imagination of his readers to affect these realms.

I Sent some Gifts To The Venusians I have been in contact with!

Brother Robert, Sister Jill wants to thank you for the beautiful bumble bee pen. She has indicated that the Cosmic Ray has copies of the minutes of Dr. Frank Strangers’ inner circle and will provide these to you, the next time you meet in person.

Your review of this document should aid you in the identification of those enlightened ones in the Order, with any direct connections to your calling.

The Inner Earth Supreme Regent of the Inner Earth Is the Master Soromez. He Resides Beneath Lake Titicaca in the 5th Dimension He Told Me I Was In Egypt Long Ago The Venusians Are Confirming This private Message  Given To Me Some Years Prior With A Little Added Detail.

And yes, your Ministry did begin as a priest in ancient Egypt, under the reign of the Pharoh Akhenaton, in the 18thdynasty of the New Kingdom.

This was the great leader who promoted the belief in the Supremacy of the One true God Ten to whom all other entities were, but divine aspects.

Brother Louis is correct in his assessment that conditions in the United States, in the world generally, will somewhat improve following elections in , for a season. November (this message was given in 2022 Summer conference)

There are certain irregularities in your global financial system that allow for wild diversions in the economic cycles. You will receive a couple of huge swings between then and 2025.

The work of brother Louis is much appreciated in the Hierarchy of Light.

As conditions worsen the presence of our ships become manifest at multiple levels and venues.

As for the Reverend Dr.  Frank Stranger’s sealing of dark forces in the inner Earth, Valiant Thor requests to consider call on awareness from the ancient book of Enoch, regarding evil spirits.

But now the giants who were born from the union of the spirits in the flash shall be called evil spirits upon the Earth. Evil spirits have come out of their bodies, because from the day that they were created from the holy ones, they became the Watchers. Their forced, cursed origin is the spiritual foundation.

They will become evil upon Earth and they shall be called Evil spirits.

(These are the Hybrid Humans I can the traitors to humanity These are associated with the Elite 1% percent who are still trying to bring back the fallen Annunaki – These Fallen are dwindling in Their Influence and Numbers daily)

The dwelling of the Supernatural beings of the Heaven is in the Heavens.

But the dwelling of the Spirits of the Earth, which were born upon the Earth, is under the Earth, in the

abyss that has been prepared for them until they day of Judgement’s.

Dr. Strangers has in the past counseled that in finding any evil ones, that we put on the full armor of God and take up the weapons of Spiritual warfare, like the Sword of the Spirit and the Shield of the Faith.

You shall always be victorious in Christ Jesus keeping close to your heart the guiding principles of the Royal order of Melchizedek, those being Compassion, Justice and Truth.

Encompass yourself in the Holy circle of fire to further identify these evil entities, spiritual discernment is necessary. Nothing more be said of the matter at this current time.

Dr. Stranger is presently operative in the 7th dimension. He will manifest in the 3rd and 4th dimensions, through select instruments.

For my part, I certainly appreciate your kind comments regarding my missions on Earth, now, through the ages.

I have no problem with the Masonic Lodge as of now constituted. I hardly recommend to interested individuals to read Dr. Keller’s article on the importance of Venus, to the Knights Templars and the role of the Planet called The Blazing Star, by those in the know within the masonic lodges. (There are good and bad Masons and good Illuminatti)

I assure you that no alien powers are exercising any control, over areas on the backside of the Moon, without express permission of the Confederation of Planets.

Such intruders have been expelled in the past, and will be dealt with accordingly, now, and in the future.

I also appreciate the discretion you shall keep in sharing and distributing my video. This is in keeping with the ammunition of Christ: To not waste good things on people who will not appreciate them.

This proverb is adapted from a saying of Jesus, from the Gospels: “Cast not pearls before swains.” Mathew 7:6

Jesus is clearly cautioning his disciples to preach only before receptive audiences.

Remember: This isn’t keeping with our task in the Ministry of Angels to gather the Elect from all the Earth. I have no difficulties in your confining my message to the inner circle at the Victory of the light, to your immediate future.

My dear ones, always please take good care of yourselves.

There have always been pandemics on Earth from time to time, and they will continue to persist until the last days. Please know, that the Pale Horse of the Book of Revelations, has not yet began its ride across your skies.

When it does, we shall seek you out, redeeming all of our people. You, the Starseeds incarnated on the Earth plane, this vale of tears, the lone and dreary world of our solar system, Lord Dysmus  (El Morya) assures you that time will come, when most of you here today, shall be welcomed into our Confederation of Planets, with the Earth joining Abejar (Planet of the Bees) as our sister world.

Your world shall become a Celestialized Orb like Venus and God will wipe away every tear from your eyes.

“There shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying.

There shall be no more pain, for the former things that have passed away.” Revelations 21:4

Celestial blessings are extended to you form the Hierarchy of Light for a most wonderful conference.

This is Commander Rhanes thanking you for your time and attention on this

24th day of August 2020, from a Venusian safe house in the Eastern United States.

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