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Queen of Venus Transcript for Message Regarding The Importantance of Dreams in The Latter Days to People of Earth 4-18-24



This is the transcript sent to me without request from Lady Orda The Queen of Venus 04-18-24 Voice recording available on my website as well.

Dear Friends of Venus in Europe and North America,
This is the Queen Orda of Abejar speaking to you through radio communiqué from a Saturn class patrol craft in a stationary orbit above Landers California in the United States. (Landers is Directly above Giant Rock. I wonder why Contact in The Desert refuses to have me present at their event? lol)
Dated 18th of April 2024, at 09:00 hours Pacific standard time (PST) as it is measured in the longitudinal time cycle of your planet.

It has been recorded by my security chief Ahl Lahn at a safe house on the ground in Western United States to later be played during the From Venus with love conference at the Hohenfelds Castle in Southern Germany 4-7 July 2024, as well as at the Heaven on earth-Manifesting Paradise conference in Mount Shasta, Northern California 18-21 July 2024.

Thank you to Anja Schaefer of Germany and to Rob Potter of California for making these conferences possible.
Our congratulations are extended to Dr. Raymond Keller Cosmic Ray for his authoring of two new books: The real resident Aliens and Autobiography of a Venusian.

And our thanks are heartily extended to Omnec Onec the Ambassador for Teutonia, one of the Highest dimensional places on Venus for her ongoing work in bringing illumination to the seekers of wisdom on your planet, in addition to fostering an aura of compassion, love and understanding, wherever she goes.

Both Cosmic Ray and Omnec Onec have been true to their most important missions to Earth’s material plane.
In a prior communiqué I spoke of the perilous times ahead for your world as you the elect are guided by angels in entering the transitional phase to a more paradisiacal planet of abundance and love. I pointed out the signposts along the way, what you would need to keep an eye out for in regards to the times and seasons, to avoid many pitfalls that will surely overtake the less illumined ones.

Now, I want to provide you with 3 activation keys to help you make the required jump in cosmic consciousness, this allowing you to access the higher realms when the time is right.

When our Commander Valliant Thor spoke to you about his opening up of night classes carried out aboard his Victor One space craft, he was signaling the readiness of certain ones among you to proceed further along the path of transition and even for yet a smaller cohort, transitioning to the celestialized spheres or God worlds, as some of your philosophers know them to be. This quickening process is dependent upon and accelerated through your becoming dream masters.

(Orda is referring to a voice recorded message sent to me from Valiant Thor.  He sent to me in a recorded version in 2023 I am not allowed to play the recording of his voice even to my inner circle members. I am allowed to play that message at my summer conference in person with no recording allowed. Valiant Thors transcript message is also on my website.)
We, the descendants of Norca and the inhabitants of Abejar cannot say enough about the importance of sleep, to ourselves or to you, the human beings, for both your physical, psychological and spiritual development.
For, as you are now, we once were. That is why you have much to learn from us and our prior experiences.
While in the sleep phase, all facets of your bodily presence in multiple dimensions are rejuvenated.
I repeat: While in the sleep phase, all facets of your bodily presence in multiple dimensions are rejuvenated.
While realizing the importance of dreams however, many have erroneously assumed that they have no control over them.
When we are asleep, we are in the flow of Cosmic spirit, by the power of this spirit in the dream state, our higher self allows us to make connections with people, ideas, places and things, that we have encountered during our waking hours. In this state, linkages can also be made with the subconscious memory.
That is why our dreams require a careful analysis conducted with spiritual discernment. Being out of the physical body except for a silver cord allowing us to return to Earth, we find ourselves outside of both space and time, at least as we know it.
But this allows us to gain new perspectives and understanding through divine gnosis, even to the point of being able to predict future events through the correct interpretation of omens and signs encountered in the dream scape.
There are various types of dreams that we might experience and our consciousness will be raised to yet higher levels, as we attempt to exercise a greater control over our individual dreaming process.
When we have dreams of ascension nature, we experience pleasure to our bodies through various stimuli. This is the most basic level of dreaming.
The second class of dreaming comes through projection. Here is where we encounter teachers or guides, as is the case of the night classes aboard the Victor One with Valliant Thor and his crew mates. Through projection, we can gain the information required to pass by the Cherubim and also other guardians, guardian angels at the gates of the Celestial worlds.
In the ancient Mysteries’ schools, most of the revelations imparted by oracles, were initially gained through projective dreams.
The third class of dreaming involves memories of past lives. This is very important in clearing karma accumulated through prior incarnations.
The fact that you are here today listening to my voice, tells me that you are probably in your last or at least one of your last incarnations to be experienced on the Earth’s physical plane. You are ready to move on to another physical but more advanced planet like Abejar, or perhaps one of the astral levels, like Titania.
You can discover the karmic bonds that you need to free yourselves from, by merely thinking about past errors of your planet, that you seem to have some affinity for, or interest in, and your guardian angel or some other guide will surely help you travel back to that place in time, in your dream, in your dream state.
Make sure to keep a notebook and pen by your bed so you can quickly write these memories down, before you lose them from the recollection.
The last category of dreams in the spiritual realms, where we are empowered with all the spiritual and metaphysical gifts, just like the Prophets, Apostoli and Saints of your World’s History, ancient and modern. After waking up from a spiritual dream, don’t be surprised if you suddenly have precognition, if you can astral travel with ease even physically bio locate, or possess a wide variety of psychic abilities, far beyond anything you ever imagined. A typical spiritual dream might involve being guided by an angel or noble sage to some fantastic planet that has some of the God worlds in the Pleroma, like Barbello or Kolob.
Now here is something that we of Venus on any level have come to learn about dreams. Even the waking state is just another level of dreaming.
The ancient Hindus called it Maya or illusion. Your physical body in turn is just a space suite for your oversoul to operate on the Maya plane through your own body which is simply one of the numerous aspects of your oversoul.
The ability to master environment in one’s awakened state comes through practice at manipulating dreams in the sleeping phases.
I repeat: The ability to master the environment in one’s awakened state comes through practice at manipulating dreams in the sleeping phases.
Through tapping into Source, you truly have the power to shape your destiny and that of your planet, beyond anything you have previously conceived.
I want to conclude my remarks with a synopsis of the message of her book ‘A course in miracles’, as given by Marianne Williamson in 1992, but forever remains relevant to all the peoples and individuals on Earth.
Quote: Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightened us. We ask ourselves: Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually,… Who are you NOT to be?
Your playing small does not serve the world.
We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us, and as we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
This is the Queen Orda of Abejar. Thank you for your kind attention

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