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Pyramid Code – The Light System – The Korrendorians

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Dear Promise and PFC Friends,
I wanted to share with you all some new information and some not-so-new information from various sources in the links below. Before I do this I want to encourage you all to come to my conference. You my but a Ticket to my Mt Shasta Summer Conference July 10-11 Here  You will receive an auto-reply and all you need to do is show up to the conference bring your ID we look forward to seeing you in Shasta in July.
As many of you know I am a real face-to-face contactee of the Pleiadeans and Venusian for over 47 years now. I have a pedigree of physical contacts and I am now sharing direct communications from the Venusian and the Galactic Federation of Light. Please Read This q & A session Here.  Here is a great video about Dr. Frank Stranges one of my mentors and a friend. We knew many of the same Venusian friends including Valiant Thor.
Frank Chile talks about him at the end of the video but he incorrectly says the girl Elsie has blond hair ! This is incorrect as she has blond hair and was in the front row. I met her in las vegas in 2007. The gentleman in the middle is Donn Thor I met him through Gabriel Green in the early 80’s. I met Valiant thor and 3 other mebers of his crew in 2003.
I also thought I would share with you a couple of relevant links several are for initiates in terms of understanding and you will need to gauge carefully the information using extreme discernment.
Here is a link to the very obscure website by a contactee for the early 60s named Bob Reynaud. Bob was only releasing his information through Gabriel Green exclusively for many years. Bob has never appeared in public he is a silent contactee. Please research the website thoroughly if you find the page I share interesting. Bob Reynaude
The link goes to an older post that explains the interloper and the political tensions in our world that they share an update. In one of the articles, they mention the Galactic Confederation would not support the Korrendorians or “The Alliance” planets if they chose certain more violent actions to remove the interlopers. I have received direct information from the Blues in the Taurus cloud in the Alderberan system that indicates the councils of light have reached a consensus on the dealing wth the “Kalrans” and The “Omegans” and certain elements of this 2007 intel is outdated though much can be learned for this site for sure.
Here is more information from an anonymous source of The Light System and the Pyramid Code. Don’t be triggered by the Jewishness of the anonymous source he is definitely showing his limited apperceptions and lower personality attachments in the TLS document though I believe he has somewhat grown since this document was written, Ray TLS The Light System: Ray’s introduction to moving into the secret society. Read More Here
The Pyramid Code has excellent information on the great pyramid and its functions and the basic overview of the ET Pharaohs and their influence on the earth. the previous lives mentioned by the author is viewed in a sense as the view of an oversoul that has multiple incarnations in 8 parallel universes simultaneously. “Ray” The anonymous author is well developed spiritually Here is a rather long Video on the pyramid code u tube:

Click here to watch “The Pyramid Code (English AudioBook)”

I recommend reading The Pyramid Code Document instead of listening! Use lots of discernment in the preamble the content is mostly very good in my opinion.  Read More Here
I hope to see you at my conference!
By Rob Potter