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2023 Final Summer Conference Updated

2023 Final Summer Conference Updated
2023 Final Summer Conference Updated
Dear Basic & Inner Circle Members,
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The New Gospel Of Thomas Workshop In Glastonbury England August 10th-To Learn More Click The Large Flyer Below to go to Information Page or Use QR Code Or Links

Here is an important link to an important message about Solar Warming & a message from Valiant Thor

Special Product Offers & Discounts
Healing Product Technology From The Pleiades

I have finally launched one of my favorite products that I used to love and sell for my friend guide and mentor Fred Bell. The Products are The Promise Nuclear Receptor and The Andromedean Holographic Projector. You may see these amazing Jewelry products by going to Pleiaden Designed Nuclear Receptor.

I hope you can take the time to see the documentation I have created in all of the links on these product pages.
For the launch of these two products, We have a special offer for a discount on any of the Receptors. You can get this discount if you are logged in to your Basic Membership or Inner Circle it will show you a discounted price.
There are many new brochures linked now on all of these various Jewelry products as well as some of the original brochures we created at Fred Bells’ original company Pyradyne Inc which no longer exists. I am in a contract with Fred’s second eldest daughter Alana Aphrodite Bell.
Promise Pyramid Systems
Many new members may not realize that some of the products on the site are discounted for inner circle members when logged in. You will not need to use a promo code for the Pyramid Systems discount prices. However, if you are logged in you will get some good deals you will see on checkout.
Please Note in the special discount box below that I am offering those with Basic membership to receive $75 off the Promise Light Watch. We only have 4 left at this discounted price.
Please add Promo code WATCH at check out for the discount to get this amazing watch that cleans the blood, lowers blood, pressure & the negative side effects of high blood sugar and diabetics. Go here to see this amazing product.
Do check out the Original Pyramid Systems Manual Circa 1980! I have recreated it with some minor additions and edits.

Alana breaks down our relationship in this shortened version of Alana’s Declaration & Dedication To Fred Bell. Also See Systems Part 1 – Systems Part 2/ Be sure to “READ MORE” at the bottom of each section.

Gospel Of Thomas
Jesus Christ had a twin brother named some of you may or may not know I was honored to write an introduction to the first complete translation of The Gospel of Thomas! Raymond Keller wrote this with the help of the ministry of the Angel Force from Venus who gave Raymond the Urim and Thummim Stones and the same breastplate worn by Aaron who was Moses’s half-brother. The breastplate had 12 crystals set that when used with the technology allowed him to look into a bi-location signal to allow him to witness Christ with his disciples
He was also able to interpret in the same way the Gospel of Thomas The Youth Gospel of Thomas and the Acts of Thomas and finally the Gospel of Mary Magdalene. Read more here Gospel Of Thomas Introduction By Rob You can purchase one of a few limited edition spiral-bound first copies here Buy Gospel of Thomas HERE
Warm Regards,
Victory to The Light
Rob Potter
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