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Positive Information & Understanding That We The Awakened Should be Aware To Facilitate The Planetary Restoration Plan


Dear Basic & Inner Circle Members,
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Important Information About this Newsletter
I have made some decisions based on my challenges in managing my time. I also do not like spending time on the computer.
First I am going to keep a lot of the information on this Newsletter intact on all of the coming newsletters for the foreseeable future. This is because much of this information is very important and not everyone has time to read this entire newsletter.
Good Deals
The decision also includes the specials and price discounts that are available to those who want to get good deals on my products. Please note The Andromeden holographic Projector and Promise Nuclear Receptor has discounts of $100-$200 discount for members.
My Book Needs Time
My Second reason is I am trying desperately to find the time to put together my book. The Book is long overdue and it is about time I tell the world once and for all my story and lifetime of contacts and experiences. I hope I can get this done in the next year.
I will also announce that next year’s Mt Shasta Summer Conference will take place from July 18th – 21st – 2024. This conference will be at Methodist Camp off the grid. I had 3 conferences in this location several years back.
Methodist Camp
Methodist camp is about 6 miles from Lake Siskiyou on the way to Castle Lake. This is a very idyllic area surrounded by national forests. This will soon be announced formally and released on my website with a very good discount to the early birds.
The Methodist camp has camping available and we have about 100 people who would like to save on lodging costs. The conference will be quite reasonable and you can camp for 5 nights. Check-in would be Wednesday, July 17th in the afternoon and checkout would be on Monday the 22nd.
The lineup will be decided over the next 60-90 days. If you have suggestions for speakers please tell them and have them contact me. Keep in mind I will have fewer speakers this year.
Smaller Venue
We only have one main room at the Methodist camp and the few vendors who will be accepted will be sprinkled throughout the outside vending areas. More details will be forthcoming.
Robs Fall/Winter Situation Planetary Situation Report
Dear Promise Friends,
Preparing For The Global Restoration
Dear Promise Friends,
I hope this e-mail finds you happy healthy and preparing for the coming fall in the winter. Our planet is going through a transformation on many different levels. There are many changes taking place not only in people’s hearts and minds but also on the world stage. Politically as far as most people understand it seems as though the governments are in chaos. This is a correct assessment, to be honest, and this is as it should be.
I have a lot of content that will be coming out in the next few months so please open these next emails that will come much more regularly on constant contact. A new series of questions are being submitted to the Venusians and we will have answers in the next 45 days or so.
I feel the situation of chaos in the world’s political arena is necessary so people can be shown that the governments really have never done anything for the people. At the highest level, most politicians only take orders they are told what to do they are told what to think and say to the public. These pawns basically act out the script which is been orchestrated for them by the real power brokers. These power brokers are from elite families who have remained hidden behind the scenes such is the sad state of affairs on earth at this time.
Who Are The People Who Give The Orders
Although much progress has taken place behind the scenes and to the general public because the mainstream media is nothing more than a sham and a lie controlled by world corporations designed to manipulate the public. Unfortunately, little of this progress is recognized by the general populace of the earth.
However, behind the scenes, many great plans for the global restoration are in process. These plans must be created by humanity. We are now all free whether we realize it or not, to create the heaven on earth that we also fervently desire. We are programmed to believe that we are helpless and that any progress we make will be squelched by those in positions of power. I will ask you to put aside this type of thinking and programming which has been instilled in our worldview for so very long.
I can promise you those in positions of power are soon to become powerless. Through our intention to ignore those who consider themselves to be leaders we can, if we are diligent, and step forward in faith we can make great strides. This planet works much differently than most people would dare to dream. More specifically I will say that this planet has been under an intruder or interloper force that has been unfortunately allowed to administrate the earth on many different levels.
Many have heard about these types of people that look like reptilians or the tall whites or the little Grays, the tall “long nose” grays, The Nebu, The spider Human Beings, the Red Queen, the Omegans, the Kalrans,  and other races of beings. These stories and mythological tales are more real than many would believe.
Many of these intruders are those whom ancient history books have referred to as the fallen angels or demons. Because of the inter-dimensionality of these fallen demons and their abilities to use technology, we have been ignorant of their influence.
These beings are very long-lived and are very patient they are also very dedicated in their hatred of God, mankind, and their disrespect for life on planet Earth. This reality it’s much more complicated than the dark and the light. Yet it is on many levels just that simple in terms of personal salvation.
We Are Free – The Victory of The Light is Assured – Lady Orda Has Confirmed – The Earth Galactic Confederation of Light – The Super Federations Have Won & The Installation of A New Earth Society is Ready To Move Forward as Mankind Steps Forward To Create our New Societal Infrastructure.
Still, while this battle for the souls on earth is concluding we must remain vigilant in the frequencies that we create. Man is an immortal soul. Man has a mental body and this is how we create our collective reality. By our thoughts. however for the most part we do not understand this. Whether mankind is aware of it or not he must choose his reality, his future. by his thoughts. More importantly, it is by his actions whether he will realize the power of love as his guiding light that motivates his actions and how he treats all life on this planet.
In this important time now coming forward for the next 10 years everyone has a choice! Do you turn towards God and choose love and oneness and cooperation with nature and your fellow man or do you choose selfishness? This selfishness includes desire and seeking the manifest. The material possessions the power are useless to the soul. Those things that seem important in the material world are tinsel and trash compared to the virtues which are aspects of character.
The desires of the ignorant who have not realized that God is a spirit beyond all name and form and that the true source of all life comes from the spirit. Spirit is invisible and the truth of God is the inner true reality of All Souls. This must come as an inner knowing that is self-realized. It cannot be understood or grasped by the dualistic mind. This is why the heart is more important than the mind the heart knowing is where true wisdom comes from.
Despite mankind’s ignorance of the mechanization of the heavenly administration not only of Earth but other worlds and other dimensions, This hierarchy of administration does exist.
There is a cycle of change that is now taking place. This cycle is not only affecting this solar system our Earth or the Galactic Confederation of Light but also other numerous other federations throughout the entire Galaxy.
It is important now for mankind to wake up with an open mind and an open heart and to research and study to understand what has been taking place for many thousands of years on Earth and even millions of years throughout this Galaxy. Always I encourage all to use discernment when trying to determine what is true. I will include my descriptions of what I understand to be the truth of our planetary situation.
The Father of Lights has allowed for free will and this includes the fallen angels in his heavenly administration. These fallen angels have been responsible for the administration of life on earth. This default in the heavenly administration of Earth has led to too much suffering on Earth and even other planetary solar systems.
This default and the true understanding of the interdimensional nature of life on earth and mankind and our place in the universe that we live in has been intentionally hidden from mankind’s knowledge of his true history. It is true now more than ever that the statement “Time reveals the truth”.
Very soon as mankind’s society evolves to the 4th dimension of time the truth of his history will be accessible through a technology that will allow the viewing of the Akashic records that some might call the Book of life. When we reach this level of technological development, we will be able to view our true history literally in real time. Before this can take place, we must prove ourselves worthy by ending wars and working in cooperation with each other regardless of nationality religion race sex, or creed.
In other words, we must put aside our biases, our judgments, our fears, our programming our hatred, our bigotry, our competitiveness, and our willingness to solve our problems through violence. We must rise above our beastly nature we must feed our divine nature. If we as a species are to survive as a species we must recognize that we truly are all one people and one planet under God.
For us to evolve and to take our place with our brothers and sisters of the various worlds that live in peace and harmony We must of our own free will as a planet and a people choose to be kind to our fellowman, and we must show more patience and empathy toward each other. In other words, we must do as a great teacher the master Jesus Christ so eloquently taught us through his life and actions as a living example.
We must recognize that we are all brothers and sisters of a living loving God. Therefore, we must do unto others as we would have done unto us. It seems so very simple and yet mankind has not been able as a whole or collectively to be able to attain this understanding and live this great truth.
The interlopers are very advanced technologically but have violated universal laws. Luckily for Earth and other planets that have been under the administration of the fallen angelic forces, God has seen to it that universal law is now after a very long time being restored on these suffering words. Although much of this information is hidden from the general populace due to the vast ignorance of the general populace we will see great changes in the next 10 years,
These changes include the removal or as the Bible calls it the judgment of the fallen ones. I can say with certainty based on my conversations with the Venusian and solar hierarchy of light That many of the fallen ones and those responsible for the abomination that has taken place on the earth for the thousands of years have been removed from positions of influence.
Our earthly hidden leaders for the most partly a combination of extraterrestrial hybrids or corrupt individuals. As difficult as it is to believe it or for me to try to explain it this hybridization process is a reality. There has been an elite group of families who considered themselves as special entitled. Their worldview is that they are the only ones capable of running this planet. The arrogance hubris and determination to fulfill their false gods’ wishes to enslave humanity have been going through a very rude awakening.
This is not a conspiracy theory this is the reality of what has been going on behind the scenes for a very long time whether anyone realizes it or not this is the background that is playing out hidden to the world’s political stage. The average human on earth has over 120 Races of ET Genetics according to my Venusian Guides.
With divine intervention, the removal of these interlopers and intruders has been in process for quite some time unbeknownst to humanity and even the elites themselves. With the change in the galactic administration and the support of positive extra-terrestrial interdimensional beings their access to money and at higher levels access to the fallen Lords to whom they pray has been removed.
This galactic intervention and awakening is under natural law and has included the removal and annihilation of the advanced group of beings from higher dimensions who have exercised influence on the earth. This has been taking place behind the scenes so that mankind will not be traumatized by the revelation that would cause a very traumatic effect on the world’s society at large.
This semi-secretive operation has been to remove the proverbial 800-pound gorilla that has been terrorizing mankind since before the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria. This operation is slowly being revealed as mankind’s awareness and Gnosis grows and is re-oriented toward light and love.
This information in and of itself it’s very difficult to accept or take seriously. Especially for those who follow the controlled narrative mainstream media of the elites. Through their manipulated system of control of most societal beliefs and systems. This includes finance, military, technology, and science and influences many other disciplines of earth culture. 
They have managed to control human thinking as they know humanity better than we know ourselves. The technology used includes manipulation of earth harmonics via ley lines, portals the laws of nature, and very advanced computer technology.
Mankind has free will and yet through these false gods of money power greed mankind has been seduced by his beastly nature. He has chosen of his own free will to accept these core values and beliefs that had been inserted into his reality by a very cunning very advanced and very evil force.
Many who read my website know what I’m talking about. I will in the future be going into a little more detail on this hidden history. The intention I have is not to instill fear not to empathize with mankind’s challenges but to reveal knowledge that will empower mankind to move forward in another direction.
The galactics and many forward-thinking members of the earth’s population are in the process of developing new platforms for social interaction. Ways of relating to each other in terms of politics technology finances will slowly be realized over the next 20 years.
The Next newsletter we will go into understanding Ground Command and THe Office of The Guardian. Which is an adjunct to The Office of The Christ.
Raymond Keller and I hope to see you In Las Vegas Nov. 10th-12 at the Stairway to The Stars event at the Luxor
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