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Solar Warming – Solar Flash – Venusian Hierarchy Answers Questions

the venus connection with alan s
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Important Message From Venusian Angel Force Solar Warming Valiant Thor Transcript Click Here
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I suggest for you all see how I responded to a new member below. So please see this letter to a new follower who asked me to make him a “True Believer” here is my response to him. I suggest all readers please consider my reply and follow my advice to him if this resonates with you!
Here is a partial transcript from a new subscriber.
 Good evening Robert, I got excited last night and forgot to give you thanks for your reply to me.
What product would you recommend for me to make me a true believer? Although I don’t have any doubts but would like to know from your point of view what would be my best purchase on your site?
My Reply:
Well true believer is not something would endorse but I do recommend you listen or read the words they offer then pause Accept them for the truth then reflect on the truth! I think I would recommend the book Lady Columba Venus Revelations.
It goes into some deep areas in physics on time travel parallels earth’s and it reveals how the Venusians served this parallel earth clandestinely.
It’s so outrageous for the average person to grasp let alone embrace that it will separate the men from the boys as far as an open mind.
In for a penny in for a pound, I say. I know this information and story is correct. I have seen images of this ascended being Lady Columba in 1902 and in 2015 so it’s a good litmus test are you ready to step into the big leagues of direct knowledge with your intuition or you will struggle with some of this information?
Ponder if this is true! then ……. what? I think if after reading this if it doesn’t resonate with you in terms of the story I would suggest you let it go.If this information is too hard to digest walk away. You will just argue with yourself trying to rationalize the possibility! Take it all on 100 percent faith that these are the Angels who attend us!
The extra-dimensional ET interaction has begun it’s only going to increase but really what is the message? That’s totally different from the fact they are here right? They’re here so what? I say get over it and start to react to the messages and their pleas for self-development, patience, and kindness respect & love without judgment and fear. Furthermore, have compassion for the people who do not have a clue what is really going on this planet right now. The changes will come very fast and hard and things are definitely going to pop in the next two years.
The demon force plans are almost complete! But who cares? They will not last. We are all collectively, overall in the mental sense, are like a huge tanker in a slow-motion disaster coming into the dock too fast! It looks like there is no hope because you know there is no way at the current level of realization of harmony amongst people of the earth that right now that we cannot possibly avoid the calamity! The boat simply can’t muster the props to overcome forces to reverse mankind’s collective thoughts he has set in motion.
The societal infrastructure is in opposition to natural and universal law. Of course, it will fail. This is why we are here now! let’s see these as challenges to overcome we will be remembered for our actions in the next 10 years especially. We simply need to create new systems of supply in food water and many other aspects of the human’s basic need for survival! This is going to take courage and fortitude to make this happen.
We will thrive and rise eventually but only through measured actions by the real leaders who silently create and forge new social contracts that reflect universal truths. We must live this reality and act and pray it into reality. These are not laws to be enforced these are ways of thinking and feeling that are realized and acted upon creating new platforms for interacting with each other. This is an individualized inside job that is based on faith prayer and actions.
The glorious future is coming to be realized and in truth, it is already done as the Victory of The Light is complete in the higher realms.I do hate to say this but I must be blunt because in the short term it’s going to get worse before it gates better.
It’s all good this is why we are here time to get F off the bench and be in the game. That said sorry if the tone is intense! Intense times are ahead let’s enjoy them and accept them as the societal catalysts to metamorphosis to the beautiful new earth just around the corner.
No fear! No cross no crown second time around!
Rob ✌🏾
Dearest Brother Robert and Friends of Venus,
This is Al-An of Abejar, Security Chief for the Angel Force in the Eastern North American Sector, speaking to you from one of our safehouses. Thank you for your patience in awaiting our answers to your various questions, which I will now answer on behalf of the Hierarchy of Light for the benefit of those in attendance at the Mt. Shasta Conference in the closing days of August 2021.
Our sincerest greetings to you and all in attendance at the Mt. Shasta Conference. Members of the Angel Force are among you, both visible and imperceptible to your physical senses.
Dr. Frank E. Stranges was correct in worshiping Jesus insofar as Jesus Christ is a physical manifestation of the Eternal God, who is a spirit and must be worshiped and honored in spirit and truth. Insofar as Jesus is the first and primal aspect of this Eternal God, it is right and proper that he should be worshiped, for those who have seen Jesus have seen and experienced the True and Living God.
As the Firstborn in the material creation in the Fullness of Time, no one is “like unto God,” coming the closest to His glory, but Jesus Christ, who has been known by many names through numerous incarnations on your planet. Jesus is best worshiped and honored through an acquisition of the knowledge he came to Earth to impart to us and applying it in our everyday lives.
The seeker can discover the identities of Jesus in these prior incarnations through a study of history and the theogonies of numerous peoples who have inhabited your sphere. Who were their great teachers? Who were their brave reformers? What themes did their messages have in common? This survey should be done with great care and attention to detail.
Your King James Version of the Bible contains the following in the Gospel of John, Chapter 1, verses 1-5:
1, In the beginning, was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
2 The same was in the beginning with God.
3 All things were made by him; and without him, was not anything made that was made.
4 In him was life; and the life was the light of men.
5 And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.
Comment Rob- I mentioned that: Question “It seems many researchers are finding it difficult to accept my claims of ongoing contact and the messages you have so graciously allowed me to share”.
Ahl-Lahn: Answer – Do not concern yourself with the skeptical attitude of some UFO researchers. They are too caught up in chasing lights in the sky and contending one with another in their bloated egos. Rather, look to the Father of Lights and seek for greater spiritual truths. The night classes aboard our Victor ships are still being conducted. Any recollections of these meetings outside the unconscious mind are triggered by the contemplation of heavenly things.
Rob-Comment – I was asking many hard questions about the dark side’s actions and planned destruction, in a way I guess was whining and feeling sorry for humanity.
Ahl-Lahn – Reply- Remember the Apostle Paul’s admonition in Philippians 4:8 (King James Version): Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.
R- Comment in other words Ahl-lahn was saying to me I am paraphrasing here “concentrate on the light -raise your vibration lift your eyes to heaven and the infinite plan for mankind”.
Dearest Robert: It is the light that pushes out the darkness. Do not obsess yourself over the goings on in the realms of darkness. We have these matters well under control.
Rob comment- Here again I was feeling down on the polarization of followers who were attacking other contactees. I lamented that people were polarizing against genuine light workers because someone they admired said something different! Instead of thinking deeply about the meaning of or allowing for differences, the flowers are attacking the other experiences on their own reaction of being triggered. I always do not deny another experience though I may have opinions about their version or interpretation each has a unique understanding. Below Ahl-Lahn in his wisdom explains his answer to my Question- Why don’t the confederations unify their messages to the contacts or allow us all a joint contact to unify those seeking the truth with the same message?
Ahl-Lahn: Of course, there are many contactees among the inhabitants of the Earth with countless variations of extraterrestrials and ultra-dimensional’s. These contactees interpret their experiences through the affective filters of their own consciousness, concepts of spirituality, science, history, politics, religion, etc. Each extraterrestrial and ultra-dimensional being has its own collective and personal agenda.
 Therefore, we of Abejar and those in the Hierarchy of the Galactic Confederation of Light feel that our loyalty to our queen requires us to speak the words of truth and light and let these stand alone. Those who correctly perceive the light of truth will naturally be impelled to move in our direction. It is best at all times to treat others with kindness so that they might someday be won over by the light.
Rob-Question: What is the best way to bring about advanced healing technologies? where should we place our focus since the deep state refuses to allow the already developed advanced healing systems?
Answer Ahl-Lahn: Healing technologies are slowly being revealed to gradually extend the human lifespan. Attention should be paid to the human atmosphere, what most of you refer to as an “aura.” Manipulation of the aura with light, sound, and electrical emanations can greatly benefit the human body.
Rob Comment- I here asked the Question: “Why I could only remember a small portion of my time aboard the Pleiadean Mothership when I was physically transported with Fred Bell?. In 1989 I was physically taken at about 12 am to a Pleiadian Mothership and I went through an acknowledgment and agreement process where I PROMISED and swore to faithfully work towards the “Plan” for the Victory of The Light. I returned at about 6 am in Fred’s living room with Fred beaming at me. He slapped me on the back and exclaimed; “Your The Master Now”. The experience was slowly erased from my memories when I told Fred he said: “That’s the veil it’s for your protection.. you will remember when the time is right. Well it’s over 30 years when will the time be ” “right” I asked?
Ahl-Lahn Answer: Your experiences with Fred Bell were genuine and definitely geared toward the Pleiadeans. A block was placed on your memories aboard their mothership to protect you from harming yourself and putting yourself in dangerous situations. Only a Pleiadean can restore those memories to you, with the permission of their own hierarchal structure.
Rob Question: I feel connected to the Pleiades but I now feel more intone with the Venusian information and through Raymond’s sharing and his loving ministrations and teachings I am resonating with the Venus Connection much more! Can you tell me as a Starseed where I am from?
Ahl-Lahn- Answer: You have sacrificed many incarnations to help facilitate this higher awareness on Earth. Your celestial identification is with Venus, to be sure. However, you may have lived through various incarnations in other star systems to garner workable intelligence that could be transmitted to the Venusians in later lifetimes, back on the home world.
Rob Question: Since you told me Gabe Green is living in the Alpha Centauri system can you please send him my fond wishes and thank him for his time tutoring me in my formative years as a contactee?
Rob- Comment: The knowledge Gabe shared reply helped me to integrate my experiences with Fred (Bell). I literally was asking about a friend whom they had told me had ascended and returned to his home world!
Answer Ahl-Lahn Brother Gabe sends his kind regards.
Rob Question. When Gabe asked me to come to his house years ago he told me that ascended Master Hilarion was sending a teacher to Gabe’s house for me. I asked the Venusians if they could arrange a meeting with him. The answer was not relevant because he was still a wanted escapee but he probably had been elevated to off-world activity as he was very psychically adept.
He taught me many things in the span of 36 hours it was all about reading people psychically that were under a demon-like situation of possession and filling me in on the grey abduction and the military’s working the fallen angels. I thought it might be cool to see him again. He arranged for Semjases ship to land in front of me with Gabriel Green Michael El Legion present. She confirmed my experiences with this landing and set me more at ease in my astral projection which was difficult to process but very frequent in those days.
R-Comment– This teacher was military personnel working in a deep underground base. He broke his mind control and I believe a Pleiadian maybe even Semjase, helped him escape. I am not sure if it was here who broke him out of prison or not. He was a special forces soldier working in a DUMB base when he was rescued by a “Hot blonde chick in a silver space suit” who broke him out of prison. When I met him he was a wanted man and was working clandestinely taking messages to individuals like me to help them in their development. He also was sent in as an adept to break up cabal plans and help individuals under attack.
Answer Ahl-Lahn: Involvement with any retired military officers would not be advisable at this time. Their divulgence of any sensitive information could be traced back to them and become the cause of serious complications for them and their families. Even Raymond has to be careful in that regard. Despite having been an NCO, he worked in sensitive areas of national security that should not be broached with him.
Robs Comment – You will tell by the tone of my question I was a bit upset at
their previous response and the lack of willingness to talk about the Mark of the Beast.” It may have been because of the fact-checkers and the polarization of many people who think the government did not have an agenda bout vaccines. I think things are better now with many people waking up to the real reason for vaccines being depopulation and control of the people.
Robs Question– why don’t you be more specific and tell the truth about the agenda of the vaccinations or mark of the beast other contacts are telling the truth and the fact you refuse to answer this question directly has me a bit flustered, to say the least!
Answer Ahl-Lahn: And now, regarding your additional question concerning the Covid vaccinations, you must keep in mind that there is presently a dozen that have been rolled out around the world, to be applied in various ways. There are also many more on the drawing boards to counter emerging variants.
Yes, some of the vaccines were created for purely profit and selfish motives, and none of them are 100 percent effective. And some are even dangerous to greater or lesser degrees. Our advice is that each individual should know his or her health situation and should speak to a doctor they trust about which vaccine, if any, they should or should not take.
We are not in favor of forced vaccinations, and we sustain the right of each individual to accept or reject any vaccine after measured judgment. We are sorry to see that a large health issue has become so politicized.
This is Al-An. We hope that you have found your questions satisfactorily answered.
We, Al-An and the Cosmic Ray are of one mind in these matters.
Given this 2nd day of August 2021, C.E.
Here now I supply some answers taken from some more personal questions I have asked
Rob comment: I had sent some Bee Broaches to act as gifts to the Venusians who had presented themselves to me in the past.

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Reply From Lady Orda The Venus Queen
Dear Beloved Rob,
 Many thanks for your gifts. They were well received upon their arrival on Abejar by all concerned. Also, thank you for your faithfulness in working for peace on Earth, and particularly for fostering it among the circles of light workers, the ones who should be setting the example that leads to the inclusion of your world in the celestial realms.
I have instructed Al-Lan to dispatch an “angel force” to clandestinely attend your specified events in the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco. All of these beings have enjoyed incarnations on the Earth plane.
Therefore, I am sure that you will recognize some of them instantly. In any event, Virgil will introduce you to some of these angels in the course of the two conventions. Further instructions will be provided by Virgil at a later date. They will attend strictly as observers and report directly to Al-Lan.
On presenting the truth, please know that when you are walking in the light, the Holy Spirit will prompt you in what you should say or do. Have no fear in that regard.
Virgil (Raymond Keller) understands that he is the “Cosmic Postman.” He delivers the message and what those receiving it do afterward is up to them. Virgil expects nothing in this incarnation; although contingencies for his financial and personal well-being have already been taken care of.
Of Semjase, she is a Commander in the Pleiadean Interstellar Forces charged with monitoring their own Earth contingent. Insofar as the Pleiadeans conform to the protocols established on Abejar for establishing Earth contacts, from time to time we have worked together. However, she is not aligned with Abejar or our own Confederation of Planets.

Healing Technologies

Queen Orda- Yes, Brother Gabe shared an awareness that while those of Abejar and some other extraterrestrial planets do live quite extended lifetimes and enjoy a technology that those of Terra can only refer to as “magic,” we of these third and fourth-dimensional realms are not gods.

Genetic Enhancement Long Life Spans Explanations

About eighteen and a half million years ago, by the reckoning of Earth time, scientists on Abejar began to study the complexities of DNA and cell composition and its interaction with the electrical impulses which course through a human or even hybrid body.
To do this, they utilized the equipment of a long-lost colonizing force from the Aldebaran system. They were scrutinizing the essences of the vital life forces, or Vril energies. In this process, they came to understand that the exposure of nucleonic acids in specific cell structures to controlled radiation levels could induce the temporal interchange of sub-atomic particles.
This resulted in eliminating the aging process in living tissue. They also succeeded in regenerating damaged tissues through a subsequent acceleration of the healing process. The overall pattern of this process could thus be impressed upon every cell of a human or hybrid body through the infusion of higher levels of Vril energies. In turn, this resulted in significantly expanded lifetimes for all Abejans.
In some cases, this even extended for thousands of years. However, this process cannot extend a lifetime forever. That is why even the greatest masters in the third and fourth dimensions must eventually pass on and reincarnate in new bodies.
The immortals, or those you perceive as “gods,” exist in the lighter densities of the fifth, sixth and seventh dimensions, to which we all shall one day attain to. Ultimately, we shall all find ourselves in the unity of spirit totally beyond the boundaries of space and time.
We all began in a field of consciousness, in the lighter densities, and shall one day return there. Some philosophers compare this cycle to that of a drop of rain forming in the clouds, or the birth of the individual consciousness, then falling into or returning to the ocean, or cosmic consciousness, whence we came.
Your scientists are on the verge of discovering some of the keys to unlocking Vril energies and significantly extending human and trans-human life spans. When that time comes, you will be requiring our assistance in dealing with this properly, to ensure the smooth transition of your civilization into a new and exciting age of expansion in countless fields and areas of endeavor.
This is Al-Lan for the Queen, Orda of Abejar. We are of one mind.
This is Publius Vergilius Maro, Venus Historian, with Al-Lan of Abejar. We are of one mind.
This concludes this communiqué.
Here is another communique from  2020
Rob -comment- I had asked many personal questions that will remain private but I was worried about a magnetic shift the indicated to me for the first time that a magnetic shift is different from an axial flip and that an axial flip will not take place for hundreds of years. Thank God right we have enough to deal with right now!
Ahl-Lahn Answer:
Brother Rob,
Have no fears, my friend. The magnetic poles of Shan are always in flux and occasionally flip. The big problem will come with an axial slippage or flip. But that is an event further along in the mists of time, not in our lifetimes.
This is Al-Lan of Abejar.
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