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Very Important Inner Circle Blog-Contains All Venusian Q & A Includes My Friends From Venus Book

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Dear Promise Friend,

Thank You For your purchase of : “My Friends From Venus”

This purchase includes actual videos and recordings of Venusians answering my questions.  Here are your Links to my Digital E-Book & Recordings below.  I will ask that you keep these links private to show only those in your presence if you don’t mind this caveat.  Some of these links are mp3 sound files or mp4 Videos of my Venusian friends. This book is like a kindle book and is only viewable online.

The Actual Video interviews are available only available online as well. You cannot download this information but can only view online. Please realize that I do have a recorded message from Valiant Thor. However I am not allowed to share the recording except in public or in person with no recording ever allowed of this message. You will be able to read the transcript in the link provided below.

I hope you will understand I must follow these instructions to maintain my promises and integrity with them as a designated and trusted contactee.There are a few things of a personal nature that I choose to remain private. These also some exchanges that is considered private and are not allowed to be shared with the public at this time. Otherwise, I love to share this information and the incidences of my personal experiences with our space family.

 The latest questions and answers June-25th 2022 The Controversial answers to my questions THE TRUTH OF SOLAR WARMING + Valiant-Thor Message & Venusian-hierarchy-answers-questions.

Lady Columba and Lady Aurora Visit Cosmic Ray

First Public Recording of Venusian Queen Lady Orda  click below

Lady Orda Valentines Message 2018

This is the first ever camera recorded Message released to the public from any ET that I am aware of. Please do not be triggered by their references to sacred and divine affirmation of the life and message of the Avatar Jesus The Christ- The Venusians ARE NOT Religious! They are not concerned with dogma ritual or any of the trappings of any religion or religious control network. The do consider Jesus Christ as the highest possible incarnation possible on the 3rd Dimensional Physical Material Plane in this Galaxy. Click link below !

6th Dimensional Commander Aura Rhanes First Question and Answer Nov. 22nd, 2019      Excuse my star struck amazement

Lady Orda voice recorded Message To China on Tachyons

Personal Message From Lady Orda To Rob 

Here is The 2021 Summer Conference Message To The People click link below

Message from Venus To-the-Mt-Shasta-Summer-Conference-Aug-2021

Click Below For More Answers

The Venusians Answer More of My Questions

Another Dialogue with My Venusian Friends

This new Gospel of Thomas written by Thomas Jesus’s twin brother. This book is a very important book to understanding the truth of Christ as an Avatar sent to earth to reveal the truth of god and to worship god as a spirit. My introduction was written with the overshadowing and telepathic influence of the Venusian Angel Force.

Raymond was hand delivered the technology to interpret the Nag Hamadi library that included the Urim and Thummin stones by Venusian security chief Ahl-Lahn and the actual breast plate of Aaron. He was also given other special glasses and taught how to access this technology. This technology allowed him to write this Gospel by literally viewing the past. It is most accurate gospel of any gospel available to the public in my opinion. Much clarity can be had by reading this book with an open heart and an open mind.

To Read My Introduction to The Gospel of Thomas

Please the click Link Below,

  Please click this link here to read my  introduction to this Gospel of Thomas. This version is truly a divine gift as it was written through a technology that allowed Dr Keller to look into the past in a bilocation type of viewing of the book of life sometimes called the akashic records.

Click The Link Below to Read The Youth Gospel of Jesus

Here is a small except of The Youth Gospel of Thomas released with copyrights intact through the chosen messenger Raymond Keller’s permission. You can buy this book G.O.T on this website. See small excerpt Click here!

A Short Reply to Some Questions About The Gospel of Mary Magdalene click link below!

Rob Asks Venusian Ahl-Lahn About Mary Magdalene and The Divine Feminine

Click Link Below to See Conference Information

My Summer Conference 6-22-25-2023 Information Page

Read my short Version of my Book click link below!

Robs Book My Friends From Venus 

   My website

Warm Regards

Victory To The Light

Rob Potter

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