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Rob & Ray Confirm Valiant Thor’s Personal Relationship With Jesus Christ

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Watch Video With Rob & Ray Discussing Valiant Thors Relationship with Christ
Dear Promise Friends,
In this interview I felt it was important to confirm The Venusian Hierarchy of Lights relation to
the highest possible Avatar incarnation on the physical plane. There are many avatars sent at

various times to the lower density worlds to re-establish the truth of God and the teaching of
Love and forgiveness as the greatest power in the universe. Many of the teachers that
administer to the lower dimensions are Christed and teach the same universal truth.
The creator of our universe is called a creator son. We know him as Arch Angel Michael though
our perception and imperceptions are limited I will acknowledge he is” The Theophanic Angel
or The One Likened Unto God”. He is but a reflection of the Isness that always was Is and always
will be. The Knower, Knowing and The Known.

Essentially eternal and beyond all name and form yet with in all name and form. God is
everywhere in his creation as the Alpha and The Omega. This is a paradox beyond mortal
limited thinking and God exists within all of creation and is immanent and, also transcendent to
all his creation.

This individual spirit spark of God of the creator is within you as Christ. There is nowhere that
God is not. Therefore, we are All one with all beings as ourselves reflecting Gods Glory. We are
ignorant of this truth. This is the primary ignorance that is soon to be destroyed on our world.
This revelation will be felt known and understood as God wills that supra luminal light into our
damaged world.

Raymond and I hope that you will all recognize that this is not about religion or control or
dogma or superstition or fear. Nor is this about promoting a personality cult around Joshua the
Ascended master who held the reflection of The Creator Son Michael for 3 ½ years. He still lives
and exists managing from the many dimensions of time and space in our galaxy. Even to this
day on our humble little planet.

Our worship and effort should be to reflect the love and the mission of brotherhood that he
and ALL The Avatars of Christ have come to teach. This same spirit exists on worlds without end
and we are not to, judge or criticize the other great teachers of any religion. Worship Truth as it
is revealed to you in your innermost heart.

We hope this intimate relationship with the heavenlies enjoyed by many of our Star family
revealed in the presentation will inspire you to seek more knowledge. As we grow into the
reality of understanding our benevolent elders from other worlds who are going to present
themselves very soon we shall make great strides in our societal infrastructure. We also will
develop latent knowledge as we access long denied gifts of spirit. Be kind to one another and
do unto others as you would have done to you. It is really that simple for us to turn our world
into a splendorous world of abundance built on truth and brotherhood and respect for all life.
Keep an eye on the open sky and be not afraid as the darkness that has invaded this world is
loosing power rapidly. Do not curse the darkness light a candle.

In The Light of Venus
Rob & Ray

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