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Mysterious “Michael X” on the Venusians Among Us

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising series of books (Terra Alta, West Virginia:  Headline Books), available on while supplies last.

From Keller Venus Files:  Michael X. Barton (1937-2003), author of numerous UFO books and articles, on his home turf at an undisclosed location.

Throughout my 55-year career of investigating and writing about flying saucers, I have enjoyed meeting personally and working with many prominent ufologists.  After honorably serving in the United States Navy from 1972 through 1976, I moved to Orem, Utah, and obtained employment with the Mountain Bell Telephone Company.  In my off-work hours, I began to take classes at Utah Technical College and continued to investigate and write about the UFO phenomenon.  I wrote an article about our local UFO group and our membership’s interest in the contactee phenomenon for the college newspaper.   The newspaper even published an obscure flying saucer photograph taken by the late George Adamski that I had received from Dr. Gabriel Green, a California associate and UFO researcher from Yucca Valley.  A day or two after its publication, I received a call from a man who simply identified himself as Michael X. Barton, one of the most enigmatic figures in ufology to date, requesting to meet me in a remote location, an abandoned service station halfway between Provo and Manti along Utah State Route 89, in just a few days hence.

On the day of the meeting, Michael introduced himself and asked me to follow him to another location in central Utah, which I did.  We were at the home of a wealthy doctor with many clients in various levels and agencies of government, in addition to his having a strong Hollywood connection, evidenced by many original science fiction movie artifacts well-placed throughout both his office and splendid ranch home.  Michael introduced me to the doctor, who in turn explained to me their unnamed organization of believers’ concern about the incursion of rouge, shapeshifting reptilian and gray aliens into our society at large.  They knew that the Venusians and other human-like aliens from our own solar system were trying to keep the hostile extraterrestrials in check, and appreciated the efforts I and other ufologists were doing in keeping the UFO community informed of the situation. 

Michael was serving as the believers’ liaison with various UFO groups and investigators from around the world.  He noted that their organization had been watching me since 1968, when an article about some of my activities as co-editor of the Flying Saucer Report from Bedford, Ohio, as well as a UFO investigator for the Cleveland Ufology Project (CUP), appeared in an issue of Raymond Palmer’s Flying Saucers magazine, published out of Amherst, Wisconsin.  Since I shared in their trust of the contactees’ message in addition to the need for a curtailment of reptilian and gray (Orion group) subversion on Earth, Michael and the other believers wished to share their awareness with the readers of any UFO articles or newsletters that I might publish or be published in. 

This was the first and only in-person meeting with Michael X. Barton; but over the years, Michael continued to send articles to me that I dutifully published in the pages of the New Millennial Star, the official organ of the Outer Space International Research and Investigations Society (OSIRIS), of which I was the founder and co-editor.  For Michael’s part, I sent him exclusive information obtained from OSIRIS correspondents around the world with reference to the ongoing war between various Earth space agencies and the Orion aliens’ interference with launches at sundry sites as well as our space-faring nations’ surveillance and data collection on the Moon and other orbs in the solar system with their numerous space probes.  For instance, without the revelations from Michael regarding the installation of laser cannons on the Clementine Moon probe launched in 1994, no one in the UFO community would have paid any attention to that 115-day alien base-hunting mission, largely directed to the far side of that orb.    Michael would republish information he gained from OSIRIS intact or partially in many of his article submissions to other UFO newsletters or on-line sites, which began to pop-up by the mid-1980s and that continue to appear even to this day.  Remember Commodore 64 and TRS-80?

As to the Venusians, Michael had been well aware of their beneficent presence on Earth since first attending the second Giant Rock Interplanetary Spacecraft Convention at Landers Field, held on Saturday, 12 March 1955, run by the extraterrestrial contactee George Van Tassel, an aircraft mechanic that purchased that regional desert airport after moving out to California in 1947 to take up employment with Lockheed Aircraft.     Landers Field is located about 17 miles northeast of Yucca Valley, California.  Following this historic gathering, Michael was inspired to put together an educational and inspirational course of study dealing with interplanetary subjects.  Entitled Flying Saucer Revelations, it was published by the Futura Press of Los Angeles, California, in 1957, and intended to be read by “New Age individuals everywhere.”  Flying Saucer Revelations was based on scientific findings and UFO data accumulated by numerous researchers, as well as intensive personal investigations and mystical revelation received by the author from sundry extraterrestrials and interdimensional light beings.

At the time that Michael starting compiling the data and writing his Flying Saucer Revelations, he regretted that, “The average person is still inclined to consider the subject of flying saucers as a huge joke.  Mention the words to your next-door neighbor and you will instantly know, from the reaction you get, what I mean.” 

Clearly, Michael was one of the early pioneers in the field of ufology to recognize that flying saucers are, in no sense, a joking matter.  He noted that, “Flying saucers are realities.  Interplanetary flight is a reality.  And the Saucer People are also living realities.”  Michael dearly wished that he could more emphatically underscore these points as the time for jesting regarding this most serious of subjects had long passed.  The intrepid investigator wanted to help his readers learn the true facts and real meaning of the presence of the flying saucers in our skies, and all in the hope that we might come to accept the facts of the matter for what they are.

Michael X. Barton realized that flying saucers were continually appearing in greater numbers all throughout the world, with the largest concentration of sightings then taking place in Australia, England, France, Mexico, the Soviet Union, and, of course, the United States.  Like everyone else, Michael wanted to know why the saucers were coming here?  Also, where were they coming from?  Only after reading most of the then extant information from the contactees with flying saucer occupants did Michael muse that, “The inhabitants of other planets must realize that we Earthlings have the atomic bomb, and the even-worse hydrogen bomb.  They know that all-out atomic warfare on Earth could wipe out humankind almost overnight.  It could even hire dire effects on the entire universe, since all things interact in the greater cosmic scheme.”

From attending the 1955 flying saucer convention, Michael made a good friend in George Van Tassel, who informed him that the extraterrestrial beings visiting our planet are both etheric and physical in their nature.    This should be of concern to all because, Michael contended, “Not only might the Earthlings, in their stupidity, succeed in blowing themselves to bits, but they might also affect seriously the etheric regions which surround our planet and its stratosphere.  The Etherean beings certainly have no intention of permitting such an etheric disaster to occur, not if they can prevent it.”  Michael’s airplane mechanic friend informed him that on at least a dozen occasions the Space People had been known to land their saucers and converse with the people of Earth.  Excitedly, Michael stated that so far as he knew, “At least eight persons from Earth have assertedly been aboard their ships and had enlightening talks with the Saucerians.  Three persons, Dan Fry, George Van Tassel and Orfeo Angelucci assert they have only been aboard a space ship, but have enjoyed an actual ride in the amazing craft.” 

(Editor’s note:  To discover what Michael X. Barton learned from the amazing experiences of his UFO research associate, the contactee George Van Tassel, be sure and read Part II of this series by Dr. Raymond Keller on this website.  -L.S.)

Mysterious “Michael X” on the Venusians Among Us, Part II

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising series of books (Terra Alta, West Virginia:  Headline Books), available on while supplies last.

The legendary contactee George Van Tassel.  Photo source:  San Diego, California, Union-Tribune newspaper, 7 September 2018.

George Van Tassel’s Profound Experience

In Michael Xavier Barton’s metaphysical course of study, the teachings of the legendary Southern California contactee, George Van Tassel, were considered foundational for a true understanding of the Space People and their mission here on Earth.  For Van Tassel, the UFO experience began on 24 August 1953, out at his home that he built underneath the Giant Rock that was located on the property of the desert airport that he ran in Landers, California.   It was about 2 a.m. and Van Tassel was awakened from a sound and fitful sleep.  There was a strange visitor standing at the foot of his bed who spoke to him, declaring, “My name is Solgonda of the planet you know as Venus.   I would be pleased to show you our craft.”

This was no dream conjured up from some undigested potato salad; but still, there was something quirky about the entire incident.  According to Van Tassel, “From the time I got out of bed, until I returned to it, every time I thought of something to say, he (Solgonda) was answering me before I could speak the first word of any sentence.  This proved to me their perfect ability to communicate by thought transference.” 

As Van Tassel followed Solgonda outside into the crisp night air and they both approached the ship, which looked like a traditional flying saucer, the California contactee began to get the feeling of “butterflies” in his stomach just as soon as he was within 50 feet of the landed space craft.  And the closer that he got to the flying saucer, the more the hair on his body wanted to stand up on end.  Of course, being an airplane mechanic, Van Tassel realized that magnetic force fields of great strength could certainly create this very effect.  Therefore, he assumed that the flying saucer must have some type of electromagnetic propulsion system. 

Upon entering the landed space ship, however, Van Tassel no longer felt the odd “butterflies” feeling, nor did his bodily hairs continue to stand up as if statically charged.  Solgonda then gave Van Tassel a tour of the craft, pointing out and explaining the sundry instruments onboard used for celestial space navigation.  Being familiar with the principles of aviation, Van Tassel was able to grasp at least something of the advanced technology by which the engine of the flying saucer operated.  Solgonda took about 20 minutes in highlighting the technicalities of his ship and then accompanied Van Tassel back to his home under the massive rock, whence the extraterrestrial being dematerialized in a flash of blazing light. 

Michael X. Barton, for his part, was convinced that not only was Van Tassel’s story true, but that it revealed to us “many things…. strange and wonderful.”  Of primary importance, Michael learned from Van Tassel that, “The beings from space are not warlike.  If they were,” the esotericist continued, “we’d have been annihilated centuries ago.  No, they are here to help, not harm us.  In fact, the very laws of the universe by which they live will not permit them to harm us.  It is through helping Earth beings to understand life, and one’s right relation to the Cosmos and fellow beings, that the masters of other worlds advance themselves in the great scheme of things.”

Michael, in the formulation of his esoteric course of study, wrote of the “planetary Schools of Life.”  These are all governed by a simple rule, that being that the closer a planet is to the center of a given solar system, i.e., its Sun, the more intense light it receives from that Sun.  The higher also, therefore, are its spiritual vibrations.  That is to say that the inhabitants of such a planet are filled with a greater degree of light and hence are more intelligent and spiritually inclined.  On the other hand, the farther away a planet is from its Sun, the less light its inhabitants will receive.  Thus, they are proportionately less intelligent and less spiritual than those dwelling on planetary bodies nearer the Sun.  “By ‘spiritual,’” wrote Michael, “we mean en-light-ened, or more powerfully charged with the light frequency that carries the ‘desire’ or the ‘will’ of the One Great Light that runs the Cosmos.”  Michael’s statement brought to my mind James 1:17 (NASB), where the apostle declared that, “Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of Lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow.” 

As to our own solar system, Michael noted that, “Mercury is that orb nearer to the Sun than any other of the planets.  It is number one in order.  Next in line of distance from our Sun is Venus.  The next is planet Earth.  Next is Mars, then Jupiter, etc., etc.  This would put Venus one planetary round ahead of us, and the planet Mercury two rounds in advance of us.  Mars, then, would be behind us in spiritual evolution or enlightenment.”

(Editor’s note:  To discover what Michael X. Barton discovered about the eons-long presence of extraterrestrials on Earth, be sure and read Part III of this series by Dr. Raymond Keller on this website.  -L.S.)

Mysterious “Michael X” on the Venusians Among Us, Part III

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising series of books (Terra Alta, West Virginia:  Headline Books), available on while supplies last.

Extraterrestrial Origin of the Flying Saucers

Michael Xavier Barton was convinced that the majority of the UFOs being viewed by millions of people on Earth were, in fact interplanetary spaceships, or as they were more commonly known in the vernacular of the late 1940s and throughout the 1950s, “flying saucers.”  Michael took note that, “They (flying saucers) have been seen by Earthlings for countless centuries, and so recorded by astronomers and historians of all races and countries on Earth.  All attempts to ‘debunk,’ the existence of the flying saucers,” he asserted, “in no way invalidates the authentic facts, carefully gathered from all over the world, which prove that unidentified flying objects of amazing character, and of a non-terrestrial origin have been, and still are being seen.” 

Bible and Flying Saucers

Michael X. Barton was one of the first in the UFO community to link flying saucers with the “chariots of the Lord,” as evidenced by his following commentary:

“The Bible mentions them many times.  It refers to them as the ‘fiery chariots of the Lord.”  Notice this sentence from Isaiah 66:15: ‘For behold, the Lord will come with fire, and with his chariots.’  And read Psalm 68:17: ‘The chariots of God are twenty thousand….’  And do not overlook 2 Kings 2:11: ‘Will he return from heaven as he went, by a whirlwind, and in a chariot of fire?’  Aren’t these ‘chariots’ merely another way of describing the objects that Kenneth Arnold named ‘flying saucers?’”

The esoteric researcher also pointed to Ezekiel 1:16 in the Bible: “The appearance of the wheels and their work was like unto the color of a beryl (bluish-green stone) and their appearance and their work was as it were a wheel in the middle of a wheel.”  Of course, Michael indicates that when one reads the entirety of Chapter 1 of Ezekiel, there is also a depiction of the unearthly occupants of the ‘wheels,’ a rank of angels known as cherubs.  This is one of the early conflations of angels with aliens.

Gods Displeased with Human Sacrifice

Michael then turns our attention back to Mexico in the year of 1519, C.E., when it was ruled by Montezuma, the Aztec king.  The Aztecs were in the heights of glory and had conquered most of the territory that today comprises the modern nation of Mexico.  Of the Aztecs, Michael wrote that, “They practiced human sacrifice to an extent never equaled by any race in the history of the world.  This was something directly contrary to all the laws of the Space People, as well as to the law of their own great teacher, Quetzalcoatl.

“In order to end the evil practice and disperse the powerful Aztecs forever, the exalted beings in the Celestial Hierarchy of Light sent a series of frightening ‘omens’ to the king Montezuma.  This was accomplished in a vision of the future gathered from the land of the dead by Montezuma’s sister where among these omens was included a prediction of the exact date on which the white men under Hernando Cortes would conquer the Aztecs.  And lastly, a brilliant light filled the night sky.”

Michael described this mysterious light in the following manner: “On the eastern horizon of Mexico appeared a tremendously large, brightly glowing object shaped somewhat like a triangle.  It was so brilliant that it lighted up the whole countryside and could be seen from midnight until dawn for a period of 40 days.”

In addition to the strange light, Michael described yet another omen provided to the Aztec ruler that consisted of the “disintegration” of two stone temples in which the human sacrifices were being performed.  This came about through the emission of “some powerful ray coming from the spaceship (referenced in the previous paragraph) which hovered overhead.”  Michael X. pointed out that references to these events can easily be found in most any book dealing with the legends of Old Mexico, definitely proving that the flying saucers and their occupants are nothing new to the inhabitants of the Earth.

UFOs Caught on Film

This was the cover of the June 1954 PIC magazine where clips and details of the USMC photographer Ralph Mayher’s 29 July 1952 flying saucer film appeared. 

Moving forward in history to the dawn of the Atomic and Space Ages, to the year 1952, and to be more precise, the night of 29 July, Michael authenticates the first movie taken of a flying saucer in flight.  According to Michael, “The place was Miami, Florida.  There had been a flurry of ‘sightings’ of flying saucers in the Miami area during both June and July, so one young United States Marine photographer was alert and ready with his movie camera to ‘catch’ a flying saucer on film.  PIC magazine (New York, New York) for June 1954, printed an article by Ralph Mayher, the determined young Marine photographer who proved on film that flying saucers are real.

“Mr. Mayher’s movie film lasted a full three minutes.  It showed a glowing, disc-like object in motion, which became closer and brighter in each frame of the picture.  It moved with an incredible speed.  How fast?  Ralph Mayher sent his movie film to the University of Florida Department of Physics for a calculated report.  7,550 miles per hour was their figure!  That’s at least 5,550 miles per hour faster than any of our high-speed, supersonic jets.  In his letter reporting the calculated speed of the object, the assistant professor of physics at the university expressed his belief that the ‘saucer’ did not travel at this high speed for the full three minutes.  Rather, it came into sight at a much slower speed, then accelerated into tremendous velocity and sped away.”

Keep in mind that back in 1957, when Michael X. Barton was writing about this UFO film, our own world’s fasted guided missile was only capable of travelling at a maximum speed of around 2,000 miles per hour.  Therefore, Michael questioned, “Then isn’t it only logical that these ‘UFOs’ have an interplanetary origin and do not originate here on this Earth at all?”

Movie film of flying saucer in motion, enlarged five times.  Starting at the top, object becomes closer and brighter in each frame, proving speed of 7,550 m.p.h.  Photo of movie clip from June 1954 PIC magazine. 

And just one year before compiling his study course, in February 1956, Police Sergeant Larry White of Alameda County, near San Francisco, California, witnessed some “spectacular purplish lights” in the sky as he glanced up from his patrol car on Stonybrook Road near Decoto.   The sergeant said that, “The lights were gigantic in size and could be seen for nearly 45 minutes between clouds.  They looked like giant ‘railroad flares.’”  Apparently, there were hundreds of other witnesses, insofar as the San Francisco newspapers carried countless reports of the lights in their following day’s editions. 

For most people, the flying saucers were considered to be the biggest mystery of the 1950s, and they still are today.  “But the truth about flying saucers has been with us for ‘lo, these many years,’” remarked Michael, adding that, “You need only seek and you will be astounded.”

(Editor’s Note:  Ever wanted to improve your chances of sighting a flying saucer?  For some positive suggestions, be sure and find out what Michael X. Barton had to say on this matter in the next amazing installment of Cosmic Ray’s “Mysterious Michael X. and the Venusians Among Us, Part IV,” right here on this website.       -L.S.)

Mysterious “Michael X” on the Venusians Among Us, Part IV

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising series of books (Terra Alta, West Virginia:  Headline Books), available on while supplies last.

Many thanks to Virginia Hanley at for the wonderful flying saucer art. 

How to Sight a Flying Saucer

With the dawn of the Atomic and Space Ages, there is no doubt that flying saucer activity has substantially increased in every country.  Therefore, your chances of sighting one over your own neighborhood are deemed very good, regardless of where you happen to live.  Because of this, Michael X. Barton recommended that “you secure for yourself a small telescope, or at least a good pair of binoculars, or ‘opera glasses.’”  The early ufologist mentioned that he never travels without having these items in his car.  Additionally, Michael exhorted prospective UFO observers to, “Carry them with you on your person every time you go to the nearby hills, desert or beach resort.”  His methodology for sighting a flying saucer was basically the same as that followed by other contactees of the late 1940s, the 1950s and the early 1960s, to include such Southern California notables as George Adamski of Mount Palomar, Truman Bethurum of Redondo Beach and George Van Tassel of the Giant Rock airport and diner at Landers.  For your further edification, here are the steps that Michael X. Barton suggested that you, the seeker of viewing a flying saucer from outer space, pursue in your ongoing quest:

  1. Get away from large cities.  There is so much light and atmospheric disturbance around the big cities that it is practically impossible to detect any saucer phenomena in the skies.  Try to spend a full weekend in the country or out on the desert.  Your chances of sighting a disc will thereby be increased many times over.
  1.   Don’t try to see spacecraft during mid-day.  Sunlight makes them almost invisible.  Wait until afternoon or evening, or night, before scanning the skies.  You might even prefer to hold your “saucer vigil” all night long, then sleep during the daytime.  Remember, they glow at night, often resembling a full Moon of reddish-orange color.  Therefore, you will be able to spot them quickly if they should happen to cross the sky in your vicinity.
  1. If at all possible, go where the flying saucers are reported to have been seen by other people whom you believe to be reliable.  This would be primarily the desert areas of California, Arizona, New Mexico, etc., as these make the most ideal natural landing places.
  1. Form a definite habit of following your inner feelings.  Let the gentle voice of intuition lead you to the proper place where a genuine sighting of a flying saucer can be made.  Follow all leads.
  1. Be persistent.  Numerous trips to various localities might be necessary before you are rewarded with the amazing view you are now seeking.  On the other hand, you may be one of the fortunate individuals who might not only see an interplanetary spaceship, but contact the beings within it, also….  and all of this when you least expect it!
  1. Do not be skeptical.  This mental attitude cuts you off from the desirable, attractive state of mind that is essential to success.  Be open-minded.  So many sightings are on record now by qualified observers.  Very little “blind faith” is required.  With sightings now increasing instead of decreasing, your chances of personally seeing a UFO are getting better and better.
  1. Familiarize yourself with the various kinds of sky objects that are most commonly mistaken for flying saucers, but actually are not.  These include:
  1. Weather balloons
  2. High altitude balloons or “Sky Hooks”
  3. New type aircraft
  4. Unusual cloud effects

By knowing what these and other natural sky phenomena look like, you will be able to refute any arguments by “saucer critics” who may try to belittle your sightings by claiming you are not “up” on the new developments in aviation and science.  This information will also enable you to recognize a genuine UFO when you see one.  Remember, too, that the regular habit of looking upward “to the sky” will so strengthen your vision that you will be able to see higher and farther.

With respect to all of the above suggestions, Michael X. Barton pointed out that you only need observe a single one of these amazing space craft in order to know forevermore that they are real, and not just illusions, or worse yet, delusions, as some in the scientific community would have us believe.  “Nor are they simply ‘spots before the eyes,’” emphasized Michael, adding that it was his personal opinion that these flying saucers do exist and that all will eventually come to see them in the coming Golden Age.”  He felt fairly sure that if the seeker were to follow the directions that he posted above, they would more than amply be richly awarded, and in a wonderful way, at that.  “Be bold,” exclaimed Michael X, also signaling that, “Intuitively, you know flying saucers exit.  All that remains is for you to sight one, or several at once, for yourself.”

Michael felt that a glorious, new consciousness would come over all who did this, what he described as “an ecstatic feeling of dwelling in two different worlds at one time.  This feeling will persist with you for days after your first sighting of an interplanetary craft.”  The ufologist was quick to point out that his sincere desire was in reality, some type of prayer.    “So, if you are wholeheartedly desiring to discover an interplanetary craft, and thereby see a flying saucer, in due time you shall,” said the UFO hunter.  “It may not be tomorrow, but the day will come; and it will be one of the most thrilling days you have known on planet Earth!” Michael enthusiastically explained. 

(Editor’s Note:  In Part V, the Cosmic Ray takes us to meet up with a Master Teacher from beloved Venus, the planet of love.  Be sure and stay tuned to this website.  -L. S.)

Mysterious “Michael X” on the Venusians Among Us, Part V

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising series of books (Terra Alta, West Virginia:  Headline Books), available on while supplies last.

An experiment in mental telepathy up on the roof of his southern California home leads Michael X. Barton to contact with a Venusian light being.  Illustration source:

Michael X. and the Venusian

It was already the first week of April 1955 and several weeks had passed since Michael X. Barton’s eventful trip to the Giant Rock airport at Landers, California.  While he had not enjoyed the opportunity of meeting personally with any of Earth’s “interplanetary guests” at that second spacecraft convention, he did speak face-to-face with the sponsor of that wondrous event, the owner of the airfield and prominent southern California contactee, George Van Tassel. 

As to any future prospect of meeting an interplanetary visitor, Michael opined, “I was, however, hopeful.  When the time was appropriate for me to meet the Saucer People, the meeting would come about in as natural and normal a manner as possible.  I knew that it was up to me to take the ‘first step.’” 

Just how that was to be accomplished, Michael was not at all sure.  As he meditated on the problem of how he should communicate with the Space People, however, it suddenly dawned upon him like a flash of lightning out of the blue.  The answer was so simple as to seem almost childish; but here is the direction that Michael received: 

“We live in a mental universe.  That is, all space is filled with ‘mind stuff,’ or Ether, which can transmit mental vibrations in the same manner that it transmits radio waves from the broadcasting station to your receiving set (radio) at home.  Occultists know that by utilizing the personal energy known as ‘Vril’ it is possible to raise the personal vibrations to an ultra-high frequency or speed.  Thought vibrations may then be conveyed on that high frequency to any region in our solar system.

“As most students of esoteric science realize, there are seven Ethers.  The first four of these Ethers are called, respectively:

  1. The Chemical Ether
  2. The Life Ether (Prana)
  3. The Reflecting Ether
  4. The Light Ether

“The final three Ethers (5, 6 and 7) are of such a sacred, spiritual nature that only the highest adepts are permitted to utilize them for mystical and occult purposes.  For purposes of contacting the Saucer People, one need only make use of the Light Ether.  The reason for this is that they are ‘beings of light’ in the fullest sense of the word.”

Michael further explained that if you wished to listen to a particular radio program, you needed to ‘tune in’ your radio dial to the proper wave length or frequency.  Otherwise, you would get only some static along with a ‘scramble’ of all the various radio programs, i.e., picking up portions of different programs as you starting tuning the dial.  Only by turning to the right station could you expect to hear the desired message.  “The Saucer People,” Michael elaborated, “communicate by thinking on the wave length of light.  That means we must use the Light Ether to contact them, as well as to receive messages from them.  Ordinary radio waves are transmitted through the Reflecting Ether, not the Light Ether.  We are concerned only with the use of this Light Ether for transmitting thoughts.”

The subject of the seven Ethers held a certain fascination with Michael, who believed that a study of them would unveil the details of a unique method for communicating with the advanced beings of another world.  “On any clear night,” he wrote in his Flying Saucer Revelations (Los Angeles, California:  Futura Press, 1957), “look up at the sky and you will quickly see Venus, for it is the brightest star in the sky.  Some people call it the ‘Evening Star;’ others refer to it as the ‘Morning Star,’ for it is easily visible at both night and morning.  I had long believed that mental communication between planets was not only possible, but that it would someday become almost as simple as our long-distance phone calls. So, I set about the business of attempting to reach the planet Venus by means of telepathy.”

After reading all he could about telepathic communications in many books on the esoteric sciences, Michael set about putting this information into practice on the night of 22 May 1955, whence he gazed up at Venus and projected a vibratory ‘beam of light’ from the center of his forehead to the mysterious planet whose influence upon Earth is far greater than humanity can imagine.  From his study of Theosophy, Michael learned that Venus is the Earth’s “spiritual prototype.”  In other words, wrote Michael, “Every wrong committed on Earth is felt by Venus.  She is the Guardian Spirit of the Earth and humankind.  Every change on Venus is felt and reflected by the Earth, as well.”

“According to the great Theosophists of all ages,” continued Michael, “every world has its ‘parent star’ and ‘sister planet.’  The Earth is the adopted child and younger brother of Venus; but its inhabitants are of their own kind….  All sentient (conscious), complete beings are furnished, in their beginnings, with forms and organisms in full harmony with the nature and states of the spheres they inhabit.  It was in line with these ancient teachings that I looked upon Venus as being Earth’s teacher.”

Communications Experiment

In his first attempt at space telepathy, Michael positioned himself comfortably on the roof of his home in the southern California desert, where there would be a minimal amount of disturbance as he concentrated his thoughts.  The dark and quiet solitude helped him in focusing on the mission of communicating with the inhabitants of Venus.  This was the message that Michael X. Barton decided upon to transmit to Venusians: “Michael of Earth calling Venus.  Come in, Venus.  Come in, Venus.  Over.”

Michael realized that this was the established form of communication language used by all the airline pilots of the Earth as standard radio practice.  While he wasn’t sure that the interplanetary beings that he was trying to contact referred to their own planet as “Venus” or our own as “Earth,” he nevertheless believed that somehow the inhabitants of our sister world would reach a “mutual meeting of the minds” with him and understand what he meant.  “This I was sure of,” asserted Michael, “since I would ‘transmit’ in the form of mind images and pictures rather than words.”

Michael had been up on his roof for half an hour concentrating on the mental transmission of his message.  At exactly 10:00 p.m., there was still no response.  But Michael did not become discouraged.  He broke up his periods of intense concentration into five-minute blocks, after which he would wait patiently five more minutes for an answer.  He did this for thirty minutes, until he just tired and went to sleep up there on the roof.  “At about 10:30,” he wrote, “I gave the whole thing up for the night and dozed off to sleep on a cot which I had hauled up to the rooftop for this special purpose.

“But at 2 a.m., an amazing thing happened.  A voice was calling my name.  ‘Michael, Michael,’ it kept saying in penetrating, melodious tones.  It was an extremely beautiful voice, clear and bell-like.  Instinctively, I opened my eyes.  No other human being was in sight.  I was entirely alone on my cot in the darkness and only the stars and the shimmering Moon were visible….”

(Editor’s Note:  In Part VI, Michael X. Barton reveals the profound message of the Venusian master.  Discover its significance for ourselves living in these latter days.  Be sure and stay tuned to this website.  -L. S.)

Mysterious “Michael X” on the Venusians Among Us, Part VI

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising series of books (Terra Alta, West Virginia:  Headline Books), available on while supplies last.

Photo of Venus taken by flyby of Japan’s Akatsuki space probe.

Through an experiment conducted by Michael X. Barton to contact beings from Venus, an angelic entity materializes on the roof of his southern California home to answer his questions about our cloud-shrouded, planetary neighbor. 

A Message for Michael

“A vivid dream,” Michael Xavier Barton thought to himself as he closed his eyes, hoping to get back to sleep.  Of this experience, Michael related in his Flying Saucer Revelations (Los Angeles, California:  Futura Press, 1957), “But then I knew this was not a dream, but a reality.  A voice was speaking to me, slowly and distinctly, repeating my name.  I responded by means of mental telepathy as best I could.”

Literally dazzled by the appearance of this glorious and angelic being of light, Michael asked the obvious question, “Who are you?”  Michael was thinking that perchance his mind was “playing tricks” on him. 

The angel paused for a space of about one full minute before answering, perceiving that Michael required some additional time to regain his composure.  Then the entity declared, “I am fundamentally a human being, much like yourself. My planet is the one you call ‘Venus.’  We have intercepted your communication by telepathy and are pleased to make this contact with you.  We are your friends.

“We are aware of your work along the lines of occult science and consider it good.  You and your companions are moving in the right direction.  It is our purpose, and privilege, to guide you, from time to time, without imposing our collective will upon yours.  I am not at liberty, however, to reveal certain details in regard to this planet; but questions of a general nature can be answered freely by us.”

Michael petitioned the exalted being.  “Tell me something of your science and culture.  Also, what is your means of power for interplanetary flight?”

The Venusian replied, “We are nearing the middle of what we all our Seventh Planetary Round.  You people of Terra (Earth) are in the midst of your Fourth Round.  In basic terms, this means we are nearly fifteen million years ahead of your planet in respect to global evolution.  As you know, every planet begins its life in an etheric condition.  Gradually, after several millions of years, it evolves into a sphere of physical matter that is hard and condensed.  Still later, when the planet reaches its Final Round, there is a reversal of the trend.  It returns to its original state of soft, etheric matter. “

The Venusian continued, “Consider a baby on your Earth.  At birth, the baby’s body and bone structure are extremely soft, pliable and almost ‘fluid’ in consistency.  As the body matures, however, the bones harden and become more brittle.  The entire form becomes tougher and appears more solid and lasting.

“Planets, too, are bodies.  They are also ‘beings,’ on their own life level, having an evolutionary path of their own to follow.  It is almost beyond the comprehension of Earth beings to grasp the tremendous knowledge that our people of Venus have attained down through the millennia of time.  Perhaps the first fact you should become aware of, insofar as we Venusians are concerned, is that all of our people have long ago discovered their correct relationship with the ‘Father’ of the Cosmic Universe in which we are living.  We know and use as a working principle the immense power of the Creator’s will which is expressed through the action of physical light in all galactic universes.”

The Venusian Master’s commentary was followed by a pause of five minutes.  Apparently, the Master desired his last telepathic transmission of knowledge to “sink in” to Michael’s mind.  The Master inquired of the southern California contactee, “Michael, am I clear?  Are you getting tired?”  Michael could see the being’s mouth moving, but he was hearing the Venusian’s words in his head, via telepathic transmission of thought waves.  Michael would later learn that the Venusian was bilocated at the time of this initial contact, i.e., the Master was simultaneously situated hovering immediately above Michael’s roof and standing in a column of etheric light in the center platform in a domed temple on the surface of Venus in that planet’s capital city of Azure. 

After Michael X. Barton affirmed that he was not tired and that he was receiving the thought transmissions of the Venusian teacher loud and clear, the Master continued with his answers to the contactee’s inquiries: “The will of the Creator is eternally active in all of his creations.  His will works through humankind by means of the ‘light within’ that ‘lighteth every one that cometh into the world.’  This is the positive or spiritual power in conscious man and woman.

“The mystic purpose all created human intelligence is to actively express love, which is the stabilizing power that harmonizes the impelling power of will.  This brings about a balance and is the primary law of the entire Cosmos.”

The Venusian message resonated with Michael X. Barton, being a Christian familiar with the Bible.  Michael remembered his Sunday school lessons where from his youth he learned that Jesus came to the Earth in compliance with the will of his Father and to do his Father’s work.  Your attention is invited to Jesus’ own declaration of purpose in John 6:38 (KJV): “For I came down from heaven, not to do mine own will, but the will of him that sent me.”  For Michael, then, everything in the Cosmos was seeking its fulfillment through the balance and rest brought about through Jesus and the angels on behalf of the Heavenly Father. 

The Venusian, picking up on Michael’s thoughts and understanding that he was ready to continue with the conversation, made a rather cryptic comment regarding the physics of flying saucer propulsion, “What you of Earth call ‘motion’ is the natural result of a universal need in all material things to achieve a condition of balance.  It is through voiding certain opposing forces that all things are able to move.  When the resisting energies have been fully voided, motion then ceases automatically.”

(Editor’s Note:  In Part VII, the Venusian Master answers selected questions from a list previously composed by Michael X. Barton in anticipation of their meeting.   The etheric being discusses such matters as cosmic evolution, Venusian sexuality, Venusian principles of spirituality, conditions on Venus and other advanced planets, extended lifetimes and the development of the vast powers of the mind inherent within ourselves.  Be sure and stay tuned to this website.  -L. S.)

Mysterious “Michael X” on the Venusians Among Us, Part VII

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising series of books (Terra Alta, West Virginia:  Headline Books), available on while supplies last.

Cause and Effect in the Venusian Mindset

The Venusian entity was presenting ideas to Michael X. Barton that expressed an entirely different way of thinking that he was, as yet, unprepared to receive.  The Venusian thought in terms of primary causes based upon Cosmic laws, essential truths.  Of course, we of the planet Earth, for the most part, would not be considered as centered in true causality.  Rather, the Venusians and other advanced extraterrestrials deem us to be “off-centered,” i.e., only focusing on the effects.  What we learn from Michael’s Venus revelations is that the average Earthling has a fairly good idea of how things happen; but has not attained to the slightest idea as to why they happen.

For several days prior to his contact with the venerable Venusian, Michael felt somehow “compelled” to compile a list of questions to ask such a being, when the opportunity might afford itself.  From my own experiences, I have found that certain questions which deal with matters beyond an immediate scope of interest, or which are considered to be “restricted” by the Venusians, will ultimately be rejected from the question list.  This also happened with Michael, with many of his questions remaining unanswered.  However, the Venusian did answer a great variety of Michael’s questions, with most of the responses being both direct and simple.  The following are some of the questions asked by Michael and answered by his Venusian instructor who materialized one night up on the roof of his southern California home. 

Q.  What do your people (the Venusians) look like?

A.  Venusians are two sexes, male and female, as on your planet.  Most of our adepts, however, like myself, are androgynous, having both masculine and feminine polarities perfectly balanced in the physical body.  Our facial features are somewhat different, being smoother and broader, especially the forehead.  Centuries of mental telepathy have produced our characteristics, in this respect.

The etheric being informed Michael X. Barton that, “Venusians are two sexes, male and female, as on your planet.  Most of our adepts, however, like myself, are androgynous, having both masculine and feminine polarities perfectly balanced in the physical body.”  Illustration Source:  Unariun Wisdom

Q.  Physically then, you resemble to a considerable extent, a “humanoid?”

A.  Yes.  Our average height is 5’7.”  However, there is a difference in bodily weight and structure as compared to Earthlings.  Our bodies are more etheric, in keeping with the evolutionary stage of our planet and are, therefore, lighter in weight than yours.  The atomic structure is less dense and the radiation of the “light within” is greater, enabling us to appear young and beautiful at a much greater age than you of Earth are yet able to appear.  The humanoid form is found on almost every habitable planet in space.  The big difference between planets is largely in the mental and spiritual development achieved. 

Q.  Do the “visitors” from outer space all come from your planet Venus?

A.  Most of the space people who have landed on Earth do come from Venus.  Many are from Mars.  A great many extraterrestrial visitors also have come from other densities in the Cosmos.  Some have even come from other solar systems than ours.  They were on exploratory flights.

Q.  Is interplanetary flight as dangerous and difficult as it appears to be?

A.  This depends.  If you try to conquer space with rocket power or atomic engines, it would be utterly disastrous.  A space flight powered by free energy would be an entirely different matter.  You would be sure of getting to your destination because you could depend on never running out of fuel, since it is available in all parts of this solar system.  More importantly, by using free energy you would be able to get back to the original point of departure.  Space people have been travelling between planets for thousands and thousands of years.  To us, it is essentially a simple matter; and it is extremely rare that any of our ships are lost through space accidents.

Q.  Such accidents do occur?

A.  Yes, though infrequently.  As long as our space navigators stay within the vortex of this particular solar system, little danger exists.  It is when journeys are made between separate universes that miscalculations may be made.

Q.  What do you mean by “vortex?”

A.  A vortex is an energy field which has the shape of a whirlpool or spiral.  In our universe, the Sun radiates the “Master Vortex.”  This produces lines of magnetic force extending to the outermost ends of this solar system.  Within the Master Vortex is the sub-vortex of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, etc.  All of these small vortices within the Sun’s vortex are known as the “Great Serpent” or the “Solar Phalanx.”  Space navigators as a rule stay inside of the Solar Phalanx.

Q.  How do the flying saucers fly?

A.  I assume that you mean our space discs.  We also call them “fire ships” because of their glowing, fiery appearance in operation.  The means of propulsion is simple enough to understand if you first grasp the principle of the Master Vortex.  A space disc moves through space by generating a small vortex of its own, within the ship.  This vortex of energy is a miniature force field.  It is produced and sustained by the great vortex of the Sun itself.  When we extend this force field outside of the space disc, its lines of magnetic force cut across the primary lines of the Sun’s Master Vortex.  The effect of this is brilliant, glowing light.  Also, the space disc instantly goes into motion, following the lines of the Great Vortex.  It is trying to “void” itself by moving from the negative phase of the Vortex to the positive.

(Editor’s Note:  In Part VIII, the Venusian Master further answers some selected questions from a list previously composed by Michael X. Barton in anticipation of their meeting.   The etheric being discusses such matters as free cosmic energy sources, flying saucer propulsion, conditions on Venus, some of the Venusian principles of spirituality and much more.  Be sure and stay tuned to this website.  -L. S.)

Mysterious “Michael X” on the Venusians Among Us, Part VIII

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising series of books (Terra Alta, West Virginia:  Headline Books), available on while supplies last.

Amazing Space Secrets Revealed

Michael X. Barton and the Venusian Master continued their conversation.  Michael inquired, “How can the Saucer People remain alive inside a space disc, if the disc becomes a glowing, fiery light?”

The Venusian replied, “There is an opposite polarity between the outside of the disc and the inside.  This creates the effect of hot light on the outer surface or ‘skin,’ and gives a reverse effect of ‘cold light’ on the inside surface.  To simplify this in your mind, you need to know that force always moves, not in straight lines, but in circles, so that it always returns to itself.  Within our spacecraft, cold is opposing heat, so we remain cool instead of being as you say, ‘cremated.’”

As the Venusian spoke of temperature variations with the flying saucer, Michael wondered about temperatures on Venus.  After all, astronomers were saying back in 1957 that surface conditions on that planet were intolerable for life as we know it, insofar as they assumed that the surface was most likely being constantly “sand blasted” by super-heated, hundreds of miles-per-hour winds, being 26 million miles closer to the Sun in its orbit than the Earth.

The Venusian, however, was quick in dissuading Michael of these erroneous concepts.  “No,” he explained, “The scientists of Earth are quite mistaken about that.  Venus is extremely verdant and luxuriant with vegetation.  It has, however, a predominant blue color, whereas on Earth the leaf color is green.  Our atmosphere is heavier than that of Earth; so, we are protected from excessive sunlight.  Because your scientists could not see through our atmosphere, they assumed the worse.”

Insofar as the rotation of the planets was concerned, Michael wanted the Venusian to explain its cause.  “Each planet,” noted the Master, “is surrounded by its own ‘sub-vortex’ or force field.  This field is operative within the larger field of the Sun.  As a result, it intercepts the lines of force of the Master Vortex, causing the planet to manifest motion in an effort to escape from an unbalanced energy condition.  So, the sphere rotates.”

“Is that a form of perpetual motion, or free energy?” asked Michael.

“Yes,” said the Venusian, adding that, “It is free energy, or the power that runs the universe we live in.”

“Is there a simple key to use in order to understand how this free energy works?” inquired Michael.

The Master answered that, “The secret lies simply in gaining a basic knowledge of Vortexya, that is, the principles of vortices.”

Michael then wanted to know if the Venusians utilized free energy in other ways, besides propelling their spaceships with it?  “Yes,” remarked the Master, “Nearly all the advanced intelligences of the space worlds make use of the universal power of Vortexya in countless practical ways.  We use free energy to run our factories, light our dwellings, propel our vehicles, and perform a million other necessary services for us.  For instance, in our homes it produces light without the need for any containing globes whatsoever.”

When it came to the method that these light globes functioned, the Venusian explained to Michael that, “There is no need for wires or bulbs or vacuum conditions when you cross magnetic lines of force at right angles. That produces the same kind of light as the daylight of nature.  It is the light ether manifesting itself visibly.  We Venusians use this natural form of light in all of our buildings which, incidentally, are semi-spherical in shape and formed of a hard, translucent type of plastic.”

The Venusian Master informed Michael X. Barton ten years before The Graduate was premiered in Hollywood that he should look for a greater role for plastics in Earth’s future.  Below:  From the 1967 cult classic movie, The Graduate (Embassy Pictures), Mr. McGuire (Walter Brooke), a successful businessman, informs the young man and college graduate Benjamin Braddock (Dustin Hoffman) about the many possibilities inherent in “plastics.”  See

What the Venusians Expect of Us

The nature of the conversation then shifted to what the Venusians expected of us.

Q.  Can you tell me why your Space People are coming to this Earth and what they desire of me and my fellow beings?

A.  We come to guide humankind on Earth into the more harmonious, spiritual life.  Our purpose is to show Earthlings the secret of all evolution into a higher, grander form of expression and awareness.  We are here to inspire humans to a complete dedication of self to the purposes of the Creator.  This is, in truth, the great work to which many are called but few are chosen.  Your mind is God’s mind, whether you realize it or not; for there is but One Mind in the Cosmos.  When you consciously know that, you begin to serve the higher ideals which your spirit already knows.

(Editor’s Note:  In Part IX, the Venusian Master further answers some selected questions from a list previously composed by Michael X. Barton in anticipation of their meeting.   The etheric being discusses such matters as the Venusian understanding of the Creator, sundry universal concepts, food sources on other planets and sustaining good health practices for longer and more fruitful lives.  Be sure and stay tuned to this website.  -L. S.)

Mysterious “Michael X” on the Venusians Among Us, Part IX

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising series of books (Terra Alta, West Virginia:  Headline Books), available on while supplies last.

Extraterrestrial Theology

Those familiar with the Judeo-Christian scriptures will recognize these wise words of King David from ancient Israel: The fool hath said in his heart, ‘There is no God.’” (Psalms 14:1, KJV).   Michael Xavier Barton, like many in the community of American ufologists, probably wondered what the extraterrestrials, and especially the Venusians, thought about the existence of God.  Many astronomers, even musing today about extraterrestrials coming from a civilization of an advanced super science, millions of years ahead of our own technologically, might surmise that they long ago abandoned any religious notions as pure superstition.  But such is not the case.  For one of the more important questions dealing with this subject was presented to the Venusian during Michael’s first encounter with this extraterrestrial, ultra-dimensional intelligence up on the roof of his southern California home on the night of 22 May 1955. 

The Venusian master and Michael X. Barton’s conversation continues below:

Q.  What is God’s “will” for humankind?

A.  More life, love, truth and beauty.

Q.  Does the universe have a lesson to teach humankind?  As you know, we humans are often fearful, anxious and despondent.

A.  Yes, the universe teaches us to seek the center of peace and harmony within us and to regulate our lives from this one center.  That is how the life of the entire universe with all its planets and suns is regulated.  What beauty resides at the center of things, such an ordered system!  While the great machinery of life goes on throughout the vast Macrocosm, here at the starting point of all is peace.  Here unending harmony abides, a repose which no calamity can disturb.  Worlds may end, terrible disasters may happen, wars may be fought and great quakes shake the face of planets.  But still, the universe moves ever forward.  The pulse of life never stops.  The center remains unhurt.  Humans need this calm serenity.

Q.  Do you suffer from diseases of any kind on Venus, or during space flights?

A.  Our people have long since learned the inner causes of disease and are aware that destructive thoughts or negative emotions such as fear, hatred, jealousy, resentment, revenge, etc., cause an unbalanced physical condition.  Why?  Because they cause a state of contraction in all of the bodily cells.  On the other hand, constructive and harmonious thoughts produce expansion in all of the cells.  We realize that contraction is death and expansion is life.  So, we choose to expand into continually greater life. 

Space flights no longer cause us any physical difficulty.  This is because our spacecraft produces its own synthetic gravity during flight and also produces its own air of the proper warmth and density.  The external cold of outer space cannot hurt us since we utilize the principles of Navaz, or Night-Side forces, to maintain healthful and comfortable living conditions inside our spacecraft.

Q.  What do you mean by “Navaz?”

A.  That is our term for the Night-Side of nature.  This refers to the circular progression of the forces of the Vortex from the Sun.  The lines of force follow a circular path out from the Sun and then return again.  Moving from the Sun, they belong to the “Light-Side” of nature; but when moving back to the Sun, they belong to Navaz, or the “Night-Side.”

Scientists on Earth know practically nothing of the forces found in the Night-Side of nature.  When they do discover these subtle forces, they will have the secret of “repulsion by levitation,” as well as other secrets that humans of Earth have not even imagined.  Neither earth, air, the depth of the seas nor those elements of interstellar space will hold secrets from that individual who approaches from the Godward side to gain knowledge of Navaz. 

Q.  Do you require any special kind of food to sustain you on long flights from one planet to another?

A.  For space travel purposes, we take along with us a concentrated type of food resembling a round, flat wafer.  On Venus, these wafers have been subjected to a mind-wave process we call “thought conditioning.”  The effect of this is to give the wafer whatever special food taste we desire to enjoy.  For example, if we are hungry for a certain favorite food, we merely think of that and the wafer will taste like that food.  An Earthling, for instance, might think of generic roast beef or even Kentucky Fried Chicken, with its unique blend of herbs and spices, and upon eating the wafers would experience precisely the taste reaction in her or his sensory nerves that she or he would if that individual were enjoying the real thing.  Confidentially, I’m partial to Kentucky Fried Chicken myself when manifesting in an Earth body.  (Both Michael and the entity had a good laugh about their mutual love for Kentucky Fried Chicken, being so appreciative of Colonel Sanders’ efforts to please palates all throughout our galactic sector. -Cosmic Ray)

Some Venusians enjoy partaking of Kentucky Fried Chicken during their sojourns on Earth.  When in outer space or back on Venus, they condense the flavor of their favorite chicken franchise’s product into small but nutritional wafers.

Then the two resumed their conversation, taking on a more serious theme:

Q.  What effects are resulting in the universe from the series of atomic blasts we have been setting off on Earth?

A.  Atomic and nuclear explosions on your planet Earth are a most serious matter, far more so than your scientists realize.  Each explosion disrupts the etheric levels of life, such as Atmospherea and Etherea.  That is another reason why space ships are landing on Earth in constantly greater numbers.  We seek to prevent this kind of destructiveness; and we also have our operatives working behind the scenes in both the United States and the Soviet Union.

Atomic and nuclear testing in the United States and Soviet Union were becoming more expansive and dangerous in the first decade of the Cold War.  The Venusian master expressed concern and told Michael X. in 1955 that extraterrestrial operatives from the Confederation of Planets were working behind the scenes in both belligerent countries to stem this damnable tide of destructive force. 

(Stay tuned to this website for Part X of this series, where Michael X. Barton reveals Venusian secrets of life extension, the development of the etheric powers inherent in human beings, and the promise of future profound revelations from the exalted beings hailing from our sister planet Venus. -L.S.)

Mysterious “Michael X” on the Venusians Among Us, Part X

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising series of books (Terra Alta, West Virginia:  Headline Books), available on while supplies last.

Televangelist Benny Hinn heals an ailing attendee to his India crusade in 2004.  While many put their trust in human faith healers, others like Michael X. Barton sought after the healing and life extension knowledge of the Venusians.  Photo courtesy of News 18 in Bangalore, India, Indian Broadcasting Network. 

Unending Miracles

Michael Xavier Barton continued his rooftop conversation with the Venusian master:

Q.  How do you accomplish your mental and scientific “miracles?”  I have heard that the Space People have learned to forestall physical death for centuries.  Could you give me and my friends some hint as to your advanced techniques?

A.  Yes, I can.  We have attained mastery of the universal forces as yet unknown to your Earth scientists.  Indeed, they cannot, in their present state of mind, at least, hope to discover these subtle powers because they are approaching them from the side of the “physical eye” instead of from the side of the “spiritual eye.”  In the realm beyond magnetism are yet other forces, superior and more intense in vibratory frequency.  These forces are operated by the mind.  Mind is of the Creator and is the sustaining, creating source of everything that exists.  An adept learns how to raise personal vibration up to the higher levels of the “Odic” or Mind Force.  This has sometimes been referred to as the “Vril” and is a wonderful power to acquire.  By its use we can almost instantly recreate the cells of the physical body, with all of this being done by the conscious direction of thought.  With Vril, a human being is enabled to retain his or her physical body for a life span of anywhere from 300 to 1,500 years.

All of a sudden, a feeling of complete weariness seemed to overcome Michael X. Barton, who thought that perhaps this was due to the length of time that had elapsed since first establishing communication with the Venusian.  Sadly, Michael brought the conversation with the master to a conclusion, having received a telepathic reassurance from this exalted being that they would meet again in the near future, whence further light and knowledge would be imparted to him.  “There is much more to talk about, Michael, ad much more to learn,” said the Venusian, who then provided parting instructions to the contactee of when and where their next such communication should take place.  Then the conversation concluded and Michael fell into a deep sleep that lasted for many hours.

“For days after the communication,” noted Michael, “I felt glorious.  That sense of living in a great universe of light, electromagnetic waves of light, wherein all things are possible, became constantly real to me.”  In addressing those in attendance at his UFO lectures, Michael added that, “I thought of you, dear friend, who listens to this experience, and want you to know that I see you moving ever onward, upward and Godward to the highest Realms of the Mystic Light with the ‘Elect of Humankind.’”

Undercover Venusians at Giant Rock in 1960

True to the master Venusian’s instructions as given in 1955, Michael was at the designated place for the next communication on the previously agreed upon date of appointment, the Giant Rock Airport at Landers, California, on the morning of Saturday, 28 May 1960.  It was the start of the Memorial Day weekend and as fate would have it, the largest crowd ever had already showed up for the opening ceremony of the seventh annual Interplanetary Spacecraft Convention, to be presided over by the famous contactee, the proprietor of the airport, none other than George Van Tassel.  Rumors were circulating that a saucer had landed somewhere out in the desert to the southwest of Landers and that some Venusians disguised in Earth clothing had already made their way to the airfield and mixed in with the early-bird crowds to check out the proceedings and intermingle with the UFO aficionados coming in from all over the world.   Some people still recalled the first Interplanetary Spacecraft Convention held on 4-5 April 1954, when it was reported that Dolores Barrios, an alleged Venusian accompanied by an elderly gentleman, supposedly carried out a reconnaissance of the area, being escorted by the prominent contactee and friend of Commander Aura Rhanes, the now incredibly popular Truman Bethurum of Redondo Beach, California, who was scheduled to be one of the speakers at the most anticipated event. 

As Michael X. Barton was getting out of his parked car, going to the trunk of the vehicle to secure his camera, note pad and a new fountain pen he had purchased for the occasion, he was approached by a tall, slender gentleman dressed in tan slacks and a plaid shirt.  At first glance, Michael estimated his height to be about 6’2”.  To Michael, the man bore an uncanny similarity in appearance to the late actor George Reeves, who played Superman on the television series, Adventures of Superman, but died of a gunshot under mysterious circumstances almost a year ago at his home on Benedict Canyon Drive in Los Angeles. 

“Remember me?” inquired the stranger.

“Not particularly, friend,” replied Michael, “Should I?”

“Yes, my name is Mentar of Venus.  I didn’t give you my name back in 1955 up on your roof insofar as I was manifesting in my higher, multi-dimensional form.  Now I am simply assuming one of the human aspects that I temporarily occupy when operating here on Earth’s physical plane.”

“You look a lot like Superman, Mentar; but I’m sure everybody tells you that.”

“Yes, you got that right.  I was looking for a good aspect with a compatible genetic structure that would fit right in with the extraterrestrial community operating here on Earth.  George wasn’t going to need his genetic substance for a while, so you can say that I just borrowed it for a time to constitute this new form.  After all, Superman was a Kryptonian, a ‘strange visitor from another planet with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men.’  It rather suits me, don’t you think?”

“You’ve got a good point there, Mentar.  But since George Reeves is presently ‘indisposed,’ so to speak, what do you call yourself now?”

“Just call me Wilbur…., Wilbur Miller.”

“OK, Wilbur.  I’m glad to see you again….”

Three Doors Down….  Michael X. Barton met “Wilbur Miller” at Giant Rock Airport in Landers, California, on 28 May 1960.  Mr. Miller bore an uncanny resemblance to the actor George Reeves, seen above, who played Clark Kent/Superman on the popular television series, Adventures of Superman (1952-1958), and died of a gunshot almost one year prior under mysterious circumstances. 

(Stay tuned to this website for Part XI of this series, where Mentar of Venus informs Michael X. Barton what humans can do to improve conditions on the Earth and reveals startlingly accurate predictions about our planet’s future that are only now beginning to take place.  -L.S.)

Mysterious “Michael X” on the Venusians Among Us, Part XI

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising series of books (Terra Alta, West Virginia:  Headline Books), available on while supplies last.

Michael X. Barton:  One of Jehovah’s Witnesses told me that we can expect only 144,000 to be saved. 

Clara John, editor of the Little Listening Post UFO newsletter (Washington, D.C.):  Well, Michael, I think that missionary was a little too optimistic.  Anyway, Commander Aura Rhanes gave us our tickets out, so let’s celebrate, shall we?

Michael X. Barton, in the role of a latter-day UFO prophet, predicted the intensification of flying saucer activity as a sure sign of the coming Apocalypse.  Art source:

Preparing for Doomsday

Throughout the first day of George Van Tassel’s Interplanetary Spacecraft Convention on 28 May 1960, as Michael and Mentar, the Venusian clone of the late Hollywood actor George Reeves, strolled through the Giant Rock airport at Landers, California, visiting all of the kiosks of flying saucer club vendors and listening to the speeches from the sundry contactees, they took the time to get to know each other better and also to discuss deteriorating conditions on Earth and the coming Apocalypse.  What follows is a gist of their pertinent conversation.

Mentar:  I’m sorry, Michael, if I have come across as too harsh, too critical of you Earthlings.  There are some qualities which humans certainly manifest from time-to-time, and seem worthy of praise. However, I do not now wish to take an attitude of either criticism or praise with you, or any other human being, for that matter.  Rather, I wish to encourage you, Michael, and commend you in a few simple things.

Michael:  All right, Mentar.  Please explain.

Mentar:  I am speaking not only for my myself, but also on behalf of all the brothers and sisters from many planets and star systems, as well as those extraterrestrials who walk among you.  We are all asking just one thing; and that is that you, collectively, become aware of what you can do to improve the situation of your planet.  But do not underestimate yourself, Michael.  I sense that you are doubting what you, yourself, as a single individual can do to improve the situation.  You think yourself a small man in a rather dull, ordinary job.  But no, you are much more than this.  Many listen to you, Michael, for you are indeed well-placed in a position of influence. 

Michael:  Many thanks for your confidence, Mentar.  I did notice that most people go around as if they were in a stupor, asleep at the switch as the world careens towards a certain destruction.

Mentar:  I will agree with this assessment, in the case of most of you.  But do not forget that if you do not begin the proper thinking which must be followed by the proper acting, with yourself and your own immediate surroundings, this thinking will not elevate itself to the governmental levels locally, nationally or internationally, to accomplish the collective good that is required. 

Michael:  What do you see as the greatest threats facing the Earth at this time, Mentar?

Mentar:  First of all, you must not, if you are to continue in your world at all, go on with your present system of nationalism.  You know this as well as I.  The major governments of the world, including your own, naturally, are fighting the last battle for their national identity.  And as surely as you are here with me, this warm sunny day, the time of national government, the time for national monetary systems, the time for all boundaries is limited.  I do not have to tell you this, Michael, because if you are logical, you can see it plainly from your newspaper, television, motion picture newsreels, national magazines and all other sources of world news.

Michael:  What do you see, Mentar, as the greatest problem facing the United States in the world today?

Mentar:  There are three major powers that exist today; and you will be surprised at how I group them.  I do not consider that China, in its present state, is a part of the Russian empire.  It is a power separate and unto itself.  I will group Russia and its small satellites as another power and the balance of the so-called Western World as the third.

Michael:  Are you telling me that you do not see the leaders of China in Peking (Beijing) as taking their marching orders from the Kremlin in Moscow?

Mentar:  That is exactly what I am telling you, Michael.  Believe me, your future depends upon the combination of these Western powers and the country which you call Russia, combining “behind the scenes,” regardless of the rattling of the sabers.  The minds of these powers are aware of this.  And if you are to pick out a physical enemy, it shall come in the form of the Red Dragon.  Remember these words and open your minds and hearts to that country which now is your strong enemy, but which with proper handling can become your ally.  There will come a time when the people of Russia will realize the folly of their Leninist leadership and return to the gospel of Jesus, the Christ. 

And then go one step further, and realize that this force which divides you is present at all levels and is only represented in force by certain governmental organizations.  This force of which I speak has been taught to you under the name of the “Devil,” perhaps, or some other word in some other religions or languages.  But it is a power, a negative power, which derives its ability to operate from those who allow themselves to be used by it.  And then, going one step beyond that, there is no other way to accomplish the unifying of the world and the working out of the problems which will prevent many of the catastrophes which are in your future as things stand now. 

“It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine….”  The Venusian Master Mentar foretold a Russian resurgence of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as a sign that we are entering the long-prophesied “latter days.”

Michael:  How can we begin this work of bringing the world together?

Mentar:  The only way to start this unification process is to begin from right where you are.  Such a good group as is gathered here today at Giant Rock is being duplicated all over the world.  The time will come, and must come, when your strength is felt, when your voting shows your integrity and your wisdom and the proper people are put into the proper offices and there is once again the Spirit of Peace, the power of God your religious leaders refer to as the Holy Ghost.  Without this Spirit, the essence of this thing called “Peace,” there will never be a lasting and actual condition on your globe called “Earth,” which shall be recognized as a peaceful state and worthy candidate for entry into the Galactic Confederation of Light. 

Michael:  Then how will we know that the time of the end of this world system of things is coming to a close?

Mentar:  Dearest Michael, when you hear of frightening things, such as those written about in your holy books by the prophets and apostles of old, remember that you in your small circles of likeminded friends are given power from on high to exercise influence on your planet far beyond the power of your small numbers.  In the final analysis, you will be held as responsible as the leaders of your world if things do not go the way that you want them to go.  The time for “blaming the leaders” of your Earth will have long ago passed.  As it is said in your game of baseball, “It is time to step up to the plate.”  And swing away, Michael, when it’s your turn at bat….

(Stay tuned to this website for the final segment, Part XII of this series, where Princess Felichia of the Council of the Seven Lights in the Galactic Confederation of Light offers a prayer for the preservation of Earth and delivers a message of hope for the future of humankind. -L.S.)

Mysterious “Michael X” on the Venusians Among Us, Part XII

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising series of books (Terra Alta, West Virginia:  Headline Books), available on while supplies last.

Twin Flames

On the following day of Sunday, 29 May 1960, the last day of the seventh annual Interplanetary Spacecraft Convention, Mentar did not show up alone when he met up with Michael X. Barton.  Meeting again by Michael’s car, Mentar introduced his twin flame, Princess Felichia of Venus, whom he said goes by “Elahna Lane” when she is manifesting in a physical body on the Earth plane. 

Lady Felichia of Venus manifests as Elahna Lane on the Earth plane.  Painting source:

Felichia of Venus Speaks

“Before we begin this day, dear Michael, I ask that you and Mentar join me in repeating this simple prayer for the preservation of the world.  It has only five lines, this prayer; but it speaks what is in the hearts and minds of the vast majority in attendance at this flying saucer function today.  Let us now lift our hearts together in gratitude and praise to the Father-Creator of this planet Earth.

Prayer for the Preservation of the Earth

“God our Heavenly Father,

Help us to preserve this world.

It was created in the Spirit of Thy love;

And in a moment of Thy creative power

For all eternity….”

Special Message Delivered

Following her prayer, the Princess requested that during the next few minutes Michael and Mentar maintain their attitudes of reverence and silence.  “Let us now put our minds to the message that I will now impart to Michael, preparatory to receiving further light and knowledge from all the speakers we shall also be hearing from during today’s proceedings of the Interplanetary convention, that will commence just two hours from now.

“Michael, here is my special message for you:

“From the Council of the Seven Lights, we greet thee in divine friendship and love.  Harmony, peace, tranquility and deeper transition of Earthly friendship and understanding into divine understanding and friendship now shows forth within this exclusive and divinely appointed moment.

“Beloved one, how thy soul is blessed by understanding, cooperation, harmony and peace within so many multitudinous and different ideas.  Channeling, interpretation, surrounding and circumventing about you, yet spiraling a single, glorious and triumphant funneling.  As God is One, our accord is One.

“Dearest one, all channels of God, the Brothers and Sisters, the Masters, any loving term you choose to call us, speak to you now in words of love.  But taking into account your medium of time, more than the average praise and divine love is sent winging and beaming into your heart and soul.  Praise from the infinite for this harmony.  As we so gratefully commune with you, allow all of the Infinite Ones to thank you in their way by sending all of the energies that a man can now take within his entire being.  Accept them, blessed one, in any small or gigantic way that your consciousness can accept.

“Look back with us now, a few moments, to very beginning of your first perceptions of our existence; and note rapidly the divine plan running through.  The harmony not only in behavior and thought and receptivity, but in the building up and the giving forth of wisdom, one following the other in beautiful, harmonious sequence.  Thereby, the apex is reached only by one and then taken by another.

“Beloved one, come to realize that all of your Space Brothers and Sisters, your Master Teachers, your angelic beings, come to you as waves of vibrational love and light.  They are spinning thoughts of creativity into your soul, tapping into your deeper infinity, the greater you.

“Thus, we are sensing all of you, sensing the deep harmony, humility, understanding and cooperation that extends far beyond that which most of Earth have comprehended in a large group setting.  Hence, it is given thee for more than one reason.  As your planet changes its directive and comes more within the radiations of divine understanding, allowing all life to expand, to grow, to bloom in divine comprehension, to accept more, then cometh the light of understanding unto your entire globe of Shan, your Earth in a higher octave of a more advanced consciousness.

“This is only one reason, but a truly great one.  One which taketh away some of the trying situations which heretofore for many eons of time kept humankind from quick evolvement into soul acquaintance.  But now, blessed one, this seemingly physical fact, although being planned millenniums of time before your seeming time, is now at the zenith; and now all of you, as all of Shan, may accept even more than your consciousness would dream possible, all of this through the light of your inner consciousness, wherein lieth your deep perfection, wherein moves Earth and the stars themselves, within you, for you in actuality are of God, the God substance. 

“As these words are sent, the frequency also is sent to all who may choose to comprehend.  As a spiraling circle now is it placed at the solar plexus area, allowing those who have already telepathically or vibrantly received of the cosmological spheres, to experience this whirling, the expansion.

“You, too, Michael, can do as this One.  Just think of the great times of inspiration that you have experienced.  Become acquiescent to the knowingness that telepathically, clairvoyantly, with clairaudience, and in multitudinous other ways of transmission, is brought through inspiration.  These actualities are reached by you by two frequencies- through the psychic level, which cometh through the subconscious area, or through the intuitional, which channels in more actuality through soul attunement. 

“You and many others here at Giant Rock have awakened in your souls.  All of you unknowingly are using the soul factor in the choice of your friends, in the radiation of love and understanding, and in the cultivation of better and more firm judgment. 

“We come as many, so gratefully expressing, giving you this day pointers to those things which we have spoken, yet only in a different way.  Perhaps reaching a ‘few extra,’ you might put it, who heretofore have not quite raised the wide expansion into Cosmic Realization.  Humankind, for many, many hundreds of years on your plane of existence has grown sluggish, even lazy with the use of God’s gift of mental powers.  Dearly beloved, the power of concentration will bring forth to you, here and now, a proof of your own ability to access higher levels of transmission from Infinity’s spheres. 

“Words such as I have imparted to you, and such as many others make through channels of divine transmission, are made through the intuitional level and may surely be depended upon.  As in the wise words of Polonius, “To thine heart be true.”  Within the depths of thine own heart lies the understanding with which to fulfill the heart’s desire.  Through a greater awareness of God, the beloved one, through a firmer daily, momentary but actual taking of His Spirit within, through a concentration of a deeper sort, seeking and finding the light of the inner consciousness, which literally lieth within as a candle, as the light of a sunburst that opens all into a great expansion of the Christ Consciousness, through these lighted ways is thy heart’s desire fulfilled.”

From these blessed words of Princess Felichia, Michael X. Barton came to the immediate realization (gnosis) that, “Planet Earth itself has already begun advancing into a higher vibration of Christ Awareness.  All life on Earth will be affected by this, more and more, during the remainder of the twentieth century and beyond.” 

This is the way to push back against the gloom and doom.  Herein lies the way to acceptance, both individually and collectively into membership in the Galactic Confederation of Light, and a glorious future into the eternities. 

The contactee George Van Tassel, the sponsor of the Giant Rock Interplanetary Spacecraft Conventions, explained the role of the “Council of Seven Lights,” whose members constituted a body of the celestial hierarchy, in his book whose cover is depicted above (Los Angeles, California:  DeVorss Publishing, 1958.)   

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