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The Real “Resident Aliens”

The Real “Resident Aliens,” Part I

By Raymond A. Keller, PhD, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Series, published by Headline Books and available on, while supplies last.

Actor John Tudyk as the shapeshifting extraterrestrial in the Syfy Channel’s new hit series, Resident Alien.  See

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As an “old school” science fiction aficionado, I found myself strangely attracted to the Syfy Channel’s new series, Resident Alien, which comes across as a dark comedic blend of the Starman movie (Columbia Pictures, 1984), featuring Jeff Bridges as the extraterrestrial, and the My Favorite Martian situation comedy produced by CBS Television from 1963-1966 starring Ray Walston and Bill Bixby. Resident Alien is based on the comic book of the same name produced by the creative writing and art team of Peter Hogan and Stephen Parkhouse over at Dark Horse Comics.

The new science fiction series follows Harry, an alien who crashes on Earth and passes himself off as a small-town doctor in Colorado.  Resident Alien stars Alan Tudyk as the shapeshifting extraterrestrial, a veteran of such sci-fi productions as I, Robot, Abraham Lincoln:  Vampire Hunter, Rogue One and Doom Patrol, where he played a wide variety of roles.   According to a television survey conducted by NBC-Universal, the premiere episode of Resident Alien reached 9.3 million viewers.  The popular program has already been renewed for a second season.

It was the popularity of this Syfy program, Resident Alien, that inspired me to write the following article, insofar as many readers of my Venus Rising series of books have expressed an interest in knowing about the real resident aliens that thrive in our midst.  Hope you enjoy and find illumination in the following series of articles from my exclusive Venus Files.  -Cosmic Ray


They live among us…. The Reptilian Aliens.  See

Scary Reptilian Aliens: “Be afraid….  Very afraid.”

As early as 1953, the prominent anthropologist, Dr. George Hunt Williamson of Prescott, Arizona, warned about reptilian aliens from the vicinity of the Orion nebula arriving on our world with evil intentions toward all of us humans.   He outlined this information in Book 3, Chapter 6, titled “The Intruders,” in his opus work, Other Tongues – Other Flesh (Amherst, Wisconsin:  Amherst Press).   Wrote Williamson: “The nebula of Orion is within our own galaxy and is a diffuse nebula…. “and, “The ‘Serpent People’ of ancient legend are believed to have been Orion intelligences projected Earthward.  Is the fabulous ‘Rainbow City’ under the Antarctic region a central location for such projections?  ‘Serpent People,’ ‘Anti-Christs,’ or ‘Intruders,’- they all represent the same thing:  negative polarity.”

The good space people, primarily from the planets Venus, Mars and Saturn in our own solar system, then went on to describe the modus operandi of the evil beings from Orion, which Williamson relayed to inquiring minds on Earth in his conspiratorial book, Other Tongues – Other Flesh: “Orion is the great hunter of the Universe.  It is gorgeous in the skies and men of Venus know it very, very well.  It is somewhat erratic; and like a great hunter, it is always after its prey- especially Taurus the Bull.  Orion is surrounded by small round-ball bodies.  These are always in action between the Sun of our solar system and Orion.  They are always ready for action and looking for trouble.  Orion disturbs other planets and keeps them from operating in the correct manner.  Also, Orion is not too highly evolved scientifically because they use the old-style craft.  However, they are masters at projection.

“Orion interferes and holds back.  People of Orion are not our kind of people.  They do not belong to our Confederation. They interrupt and are unruly.  At present time, there is a small group of people on Earth working for Orion.  These people are sometimes small in stature with strange, oriental-type eyes.  Their faces are thin and they possess weak bodies.  They come among you to disperse all things not in keeping with their own ideas.  They upset our plans.  They run amuck and we avoid them.  They prey on the unsuspecting.  They are talkative; they astound intellects with their words of magnificence.  While their wisdom may have merit, it is materialistic, and not of pure aspiration toward the Creator.

“We have our own personnel who watch over these pirates of Creation.  They have their own Council and the Orion Confederation; but they know little through their own ingenuity for they are the universal parasites.  Disturbers, negative elements- soon they will be eradicated.  Watch out for controlled persons in your midst.  Our personnel will spot them and you will be informed of them.  They come often in disguise; but we of the Confederation are never deceived.  We know them!

“The Orion people are the Intruders in your world and they come from planets belonging to countless star-suns engulfed by the nebula of Orion.  If the Orion beings fail in their mission of disturbance, they return not to Orion, but to Sirius.  This is their cycle of return.  They must learn the Great Path.  They will learn; but in the meantime, w will not have them disturb our preparations and plans for the Earth planet.  We try to help them and suggest work to aid them; but they are a stubborn race.

“They cannot enter your atmosphere usually by spacecraft, but they can and do reach the Earth world by projecting their intelligence into weak Earthly bodies which they completely control for short periods of time in order to perform their disturbances.  Watch for them.  Their numbers increase as the ‘sorrows’ of Earth increase.  They will persist, but they will not succeed.  But we will succeed, for our mission of the Creator’s authority and by His will we shall prevail.  Worry not about these Orion influences if you are counted among those who serve the Infinite Creator.  Pity them.  Love them.  Pray for them.  Do these things, for those from Orion and those who serve their interests know not what they do.”

From this cosmic awareness, we come to understand that an effort has been continually underway among the agents of the Confederation of Light, which is led by the Venusians, to contain the influence of the Reptilian beings from Orion who were, essentially, snatching- as they could- the bodies of Earthlings by downloading their own intelligences into their brains, hence taking over their minds.  From at least 1953 until the rapid rise in alien abductions beginning with the well-known Betty and Barney Hill case in rural New Hampshire on 19-20 September 1961, it appears that the Reptilian agenda was kept in check by the Confederation of Light.  Interestingly, it was at this same time that the good news of the contactees was eclipsed by these horrific tales of alien abductions, complete with probe insertions and abusive medical exams, to include the embedding of implants by the nasty aliens for longitudinal surveys of their victims.

As the contactee era was coming to a close, some in the ufology community sensed this emerging trend toward further Reptilian disturbances.  In a letter dated 10 March 1959 to Gray Barker, publisher of the Saucerian Press in Clarksburg, West Virginia, UFO investigator George F. Haas of 2418 Dwight Way, Berkeley 4, California, wrote: “I am doing research in anthropoherpetology, that is, in the study of the Serpent Race or the reptile man, the anthroposaurian, the man-like snake.  Reference to him is found in the legends, myths and fables, and in the religions of almost all peoples in all lands and ages.”

Haas informed Barker that he was, “now turning to the flying saucer or UFO field in search of traces of him (the serpent man) and I thought perhaps here you could help me.”  In this regard, the ufologist specified that, “I am looking for UFO sightings or contact cases where the occupants are described as having Reptilian characteristics.  A perfect example is the Braxton Monster case that is described in the United Press story (page 16 of your book, They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers) as a ‘half-man, half-dragon,’ and with a foul odor.”

By the 1990s, the English conspiratorial theorist David V. Icke popularized the iea of shape-shifting Reptilians from another dimension in outer space controlling the Earth’s social-political-economic system through a matrix of mind control.



“Fight the Power!”

Got to give us what we want
Gotta give us what we need
Our freedom of speech is freedom or death
We got to fight the powers that be
Lemme hear you say

Fight the power
Fight the power
Fight the power
Fight the power
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Fight the power
We’ve got to fight the powers that be!

-Public Enemy (1990)

(Editor’s Note:  Keep reading this series for Part II of the Cosmic Ray’s Real “Resident Aliens,” where he explores the appearance of four flying saucer occupants at a South Pacific mission school.  -L.S.)

The Real “Resident Aliens,” Part II

By Raymond A. Keller, PhD, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Series, published by Headline Books and available on, while supplies last.


Reverend W. B. Gill’s drawing of flying Saucer and occupants as object hovered over mission school in Papua New Guinea on 26 June 1959. 

When Aliens Visited a South Pacific Mission School   

Rev. Norman Cruttwell, a canon in the Anglican Church, would certainly be considered, by most, to be a man whose sincerity was beyond doubt.  He assured a reporter from the Australasian Post of Melbourne, Australia, in an article that appeared in the 18 March 1965 issue, that “Strange things seen in the sky above Papua New Guinea were indeed UFOs, or- if you insist- ‘flying saucers.’”  He based his conviction on a mass of corroborated evidence that he had personally gathered and painstakingly assembled into an extraordinarily detailed report telling of people staring up in amazement at unexplained lights at night and by day, flying objects that gave every indication of being manned spacecraft.  This was particularly evident in one case where the apparently human figures aboard a flying saucer waved at the observers. 

In the week prior to the article’s publication in the Australasian Post, Cruttwell sat down with a reporter to go over some of the UFO evidence he had amassed over the years in his Box Hill residence, located in a suburb of Melbourne.  The reporter was especially interested in the details of the Papuan case where the UFOnauts actually waved at multiple witnesses.  Cruttwell expressed no doubt that the UFO cases he had assembled were authentic.  He insisted that he would simply discard any UFO case that he could not personally corroborate.  When Cruttwell was asked why he was so sure that the UFOs were physical craft manned by visitors from another planet, the reverend stated, “Where else could they come from?  America and Russia would not be wasting time and such huge amounts of money trying to perfect rockets and other flying machines, knowing that they were already outdated by this other flying system, whatever its principle (of propulsion) might be.  And if not America or Russia, what other country could it be?”

Of course, with Cruttwell being a theologian of high standing in the Anglican Church, the reporter wanted to know how a willingness to accept the existence of advanced civilizations on other planets affected this cleric’s religious outlook.  The canon smiled and told the reporter that people were always asking him the same question and that, overall, the acceptance of the extraterrestrial UFO hypothesis was not at all incompatible with reverence for the Creator of the universe: “We know that God created everything.  Nothing could change that.  There are some references to Our Lord which perhaps we have not yet understood properly, such as ‘In my Father’s House there are many mansions….’” (John 14:2, KJV). 

Cruttwell did admit that he did not always think this way about the UFO question.  It wasn’t until he first heard about the report of the manned flying saucer seen by another Anglican priest, Father William Booth Gill on 26 June 1959 at a mission school in Papua New Guinea, that he started to take UFO reports seriously.  Cruttwell had written in his personal diary that, “I could not believe the reports (of UFOs and aliens) were true and dismissed them as the sort of wild tales which often get around by ‘bush telegraph,’ and in which there is often little or no substance of truth.”  But soon after he received and read the contents of a “fat envelope of typescript” from Father Gill in the mission field detailing a close encounter of the third kind, Cutwell began to change his mind on this matter.

The cover letter to Cruttwell in the mailed package from Father William B. Gill began: “Here is a lot of material, the kind you have been waiting for, no doubt; but I am in some ways sorry that it has to be me who supplies it.  Attitudes at Dogura in respect to my sanity vary greatly; and like all mad men, I myself think my grey cells (brain cells) are OK….”  It is clear that Father Gill had kept a good sense of humor about the whole incident.  As to the material enclosed in the large envelope, Gill notes that, “This is the original data.  Please make whatever copies or photographs you like, but please send it back to me by return ‘Maclaren King,’ if possible, as I regard it with a sense of value….”  General reports of Father Gill’s encounter had been published before, but I felt privileged in tracking down the original material that was initially reported by Gill to his ecclesiastical superior, the Canon Cruttwell in Melbourne. 

There had been many reports coming from Papua New Guinea with respect to “flying things” and “strange lights in the sky,” even before the age of flying saucers ever began.  Such strange lights are referred to by the natives as being “like a Tilley lamp,” which is the usual form of illumination used in the islands when electricity goes out or is not available in more remote areas.  But it was on Friday, 26 June 1959 at 6:45 p.m., that Father Gill left his dinner table and walked out the front door of his mission home, overlooking a small patch of lawn fringed by a few trees including coconut palms.  Fifty feet below that was the shingled beach.  He glanced up at the clear night sky, looking for the familiar planet Venus, which he quickly identified.  But there was also another “sparkling object” out there, one that completely mystified him.  In his own words, the reverend explained that, “I saw Venus; but I also saw this sparkling object which to me was peculiar because it sparkled and because it was very, very bright.  It was above Venus and so that caused me to watch it for a while.  Then I saw it descend towards us.”

Two of the mission teachers also joined Father Gill in watching the UFO.  The three observed the “Tilley lamp-like object,” noting that, “It appeared to wax and wane in brightness, as though it were approaching and receding.”  One the UFO seemed to move in quite close, it paused and hovered at what was judged to be between 300 and 400 feet above the ground.  It was definitely circular and had a wide base and a narrower, upper deck.  Beneath it were what seemed to be a set of legs, or landing gear.  At times, the UFO would produce a shaft of blue light that shone up into the sky at an angle of about 45 degrees.  But strangest of all, four human figures appeared on top of the hovering object, beginning around 25 minutes into the sighting, at about 7:10 p.m.  Father Gill described the scene thusly: “As we watched it, men came out from the object and appeared on top of it on what seemed to be a deck on top of the huge disc.  There were four men in all:  Occasionally two, then one, then three, then four.  We noted the various times the men appeared.  And then later on, all those witnesses who were quite sure that our records were right and that they agreed with them and saw the men at the same time as I did, were able to sign their names as witnesses of what we assume to be human activity or beings of some sort on the object itself.”

On the following day, Saturday, 27 June 1959, what was presumed to be the same object, but not necessarily, showed up again.  This time it was around 6 p.m. and the Sun had just gone down behind the mountain, so there was still some light available.  Father Gill had emphasized that it would have been really dark just 45 minutes later, as it was on the night of the first sighting.  According to Cruttwell’s analysis, the time of the second night’s sighting “rules out any possibility of the object having been a planet, such as Venus.” 

Father Gill’s commentary on the second sighting follows: “We stood in the open to watch.  Although the Sun had set, it was quite light for the following 15 minutes.  We watched figures appear on top, four of them.  There is no doubt they were human.  Two of the figures seemed to be doing something near the center of the deck.  They were occasionally bending over and raising their arms as though adjusting or ‘setting up’ something (not visible).  One figure seemed to be standing, looking down at us (a group of about a dozen).

“I stretched my arm above my head and waved.  To our surprise, the figure did the same.  Ananias (one of the mission teachers) waved both arms above his head, then the two outside figures did the same.  Ananias and myself began waving our arms and all four seemed to wave back.  There seemed to be no doubt that our movements were answered.  All the mission boys made audible gasps (of joy or surprise, or perhaps both).

“As dark was beginning to close in, I sent Eric Kodawa for a torch (Australian term for flashlight) and directed a series of long dashes towards the UFO.  After a minute or two of this, the UFO apparently acknowledged by making several wavering motions back and forth in a sideways direction, like a pendulum.”  The canon wanted to know if the priest Gill had tried to communicate with the flying saucer occupants by voice.  Gill said he and the rest of the observers shouted and made beckoning motions for the UFOnauts to descend from their vehicle; but there was no response other than the waving of the occupants and motion of the UFO.  Interestingly, neither the men nor their strange machine made any sounds whatsoever. 

I asked the physicist Martin Gottschall of UFO Research Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, about this particular aspect of the case when I was working with a lighting crew at the World Expo there in 1988.  Gottschall remarked that the late contactee, George Adamski, when visiting Australia on his world tour in 1959, had informed him that the electromagnetic drive unit of the flying saucers was completely silent, and that most extraterrestrials, from planets in our solar system, at least, usually do not speak out loud in their first contacts with Earthlings, insofar as they (the extraterrestrials) possessed mental telepathic abilities and could, therefore, successfully impart their peaceful intentions to all concerned in any given area where their ships or bodily presence are being observed.  “As far as the Gill case goes,” said Gottschall, “I imagine that is probably the way it went down.”

There was a total of 38 witnesses to both of the UFO appearances at the mission, and 25 of these signed Father Gill’s report of the incident, attesting to the document’s veracity.  Among those that signed were five Papuan teachers and three medical assistants, so the encounter is certainly one of the most credible in the history of ufology.  Cruttwell emphasizes that the Gill case was certainly not a fluke in the islands, however, as he cataloged hundreds of UFO sightings from that once Australian trust territory.  In July 1959, with reports of UFO activity coming in from all over the islands, Cruttwell instituted a nightly sky watch, from sundown to 9 p.m. at his own mission house in Menapi.  However, when a UFO did zoom in at Menapi, it came in not at night but in the morning.  The Anglican canon made a notation of this event: “This was the first daylight sighting; and by incredible bad luck, I missed it by seconds.

“It was 9 a.m. on Tuesday, 21 July 1959.  I had been delayed by various duties and had not come up to the school line, as I usually do, but was still indoors.  The school children were just marching into church for their morning service.  About half of them and several of the teachers had passed into the building, but perhaps 100 children, two male teachers and six girl pupil teachers were still outside. 

“Suddenly, some of the children caught sight of a bright point of light moving in the clear blue sky.  It had appeared from behind the wooded hill to the west of the station and was drawing nearer and increasing in size.  Soon all the children and teachers were staring, fascinated. 

“As it drew nearer, it appeared elongated and became larger until it was clearly seen as a shining, metallic disc with a dark ring around it.  Teacher Augustine reckons it was a ‘little smaller than the Sun.’ 

“It passed to the north of the station at an elevation of perhaps 30 degrees, travelling ‘faster than an aeroplane’ and making no sound whatever.  There was no vapor trail at all….  Its transit must have been fairly rapid, probably no more than a minute, perhaps less.  Unfortunately, they were too fascinated to shout, and much time was wasted before Augustine took it into his head to look for me.

“He (Augustine) wasted more time by going into every room looing for me instead of calling.  When at last he had found my mother and she had shouted out, ‘Norman, quick, there’s something in the sky!’ I rushed out, snatched up telescope and camera and ran beneath the mango trees to the playing field.

“But I was just too late.  Everyone was staring at the point where it had disappeared.  Though we kept a watch all day, it never came back.

“This sighting cannot be doubted.  The object was seen by over 100 people all known to me.  They all agreed to the appearance of the object- ‘like a silver plate.’  I told Augustine and Abel, the two senior teachers, straightaway to take pencil and paper and draw what they had seen.  I made them sit at opposite ends of the classroom, unable to see each other’s papers, and I myself watched to see that there was no collaboration.  I drew up a report then and there, and the teachers signed it.”

Despite Canon Cruttwell having obtained from Father Gill the audio recordings of a majority of the credible witnesses in the case of the encounter with UFO occupants, critics in the Australian scientific community have not taken the UFO reports as serious as they should.  The Down Under scientists have opined that as objective skeptics they can rightly judge that sincerity on the part of the UFO observers is simply not enough.  This is because witnesses, though sincere, may be mistaken. 

(Editor’s Note:  Keep reading this series for Part III of the Cosmic Ray’s Real “Resident Aliens,” where the presence of extraterrestrial spies is uncovered during the historic Gemini 9 rocket launch at Cape Canaveral back on 3 June 1966.  -L.S.)


The Real “Resident Aliens,” Part III

By Raymond A. Keller, PhD, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Series, published by Headline Books and available on, while supplies last.


Aliens at Cape Canaveral?

On Friday, 3 June 1966, astronauts Gene Cernan and Thomas P. Stafford, manning the Gemini 9, were launched into orbit from the rocket base at Cape Canaveral, Florida.  But in the city of Cape Canaveral, there were rumors of two mysterious visitors, astronauts from another planet, who showed up on the beach, apparently to get a good look at the historic launch. 

Tom Longhurst, a reporter from the Orlando, Florida, Sentinel newspaper, was down in Cape Canaveral to cover the launch from the perspective of locals who live in and along the Cape.  His report of these strange events appeared in the Sunday, 5 June 1966 edition of the Sentinel

In Longhurst’s article, “Did Two Men Drop from Sky?” the Sentinel correspondent noted that there were three boys playing in the back of the Winslow Apartments in Cape Canaveral who allegedly sighted a “space ship” or a “flying sub” that landed just beyond the breakers.  There were also two strangely attired men on the beach who stepped onto some kind of powered disk that shuttled them off to the space ship, which they boarded. 

James Harkins of Unit 52 in the Winslow Apartments told reporter Longhurst that his two sons, Michael, age 6, and James, age 7, were playing with their 8-year-old friend Steve behind the apartment complex, which faces the beach, around 7:30 p.m., when they first viewed this unusual event, beginning with a “rocket or jet” that flashed overhead and apparently dove into the sea. 

“The three of them came in to the apartment and asked my wife if they could go over to the beach to see where it (the UFO) went;” said Harkins, then adding, “So, we let them go.”

The boys returned in less than five minutes.  They were ashen faced and frightened with what they witnessed on the beach.  The told the Harkins boys’ father that once they reached the beach, they saw two men standing with their backs to them about 30 yards away.  These two men were talking; but what was really strange about them was that they were wearing “glass-encased helmets, grey suits and what look like scuba tanks on their back.”  One of the lads let out a sharp whistle, which startled the men.  Then these “visitors,” for the lack of a better word, dashed into the water and jumped onto some kind of flat “round white thing” that sped them off to a mysterious vessel about 100 yards off the beach.  The boys noticed that this craft had windows in it through which they could “see people inside.”  There was also a gray star painted on its side together with the capital letters “HU HR PS RED.” 

James Harkins’ two sons told him that they started fleeing from the scene at almost the same time the two men did.  When they looked back, they expected to see the craft take off; but instead, it submerged and vanished. 

The father said that young Steve ran home to tell his parents about the sighting.  Therefore, he separated his sons to get their accounts independently; and later also questioned their friend Steve.  He got substantially the same story from all three of the boys.  “They all came up with the same letters each time I questioned them separately; and all mentioned the same details,” said Harkins, who dismissed the suggestion that the boys made up the story: “They are just not that type of boys.”  Harkins did concede, however, that perhaps his sons and their friend may have seen some “Navy frogmen exercises or scuba divers working from a submarine.” 

Harkins did call both the Cocoa Beach and Canaveral police departments insofar as he thought he had a duty to at least report the incident.  “But I didn’t want to make a big deal about it.  It sounds so crazy.”  He did, however, ask the police if they could contact Patrick Air Force Base personnel to see if they did have some type of advanced aircraft like a flying submarine.  Police dispatchers did make such an inquiry on behalf of James Harkins, but there was no comment forthcoming to affirm or deny the existence of such an aircraft or the carrying out of any frogmen operations in the area. 

(Editor’s Note:  Keep reading this series for Part IV of the Cosmic Ray’s Real “Resident Aliens,” where a real UFO creature showed up on a Lake Erie beach on 31 July 1966.  -L.S.)


Space X, 0; Aliens, 1”:  UFO that blew up Space X Falcon 9 rocket at 1 September 2016 Cape Canaveral launch.  See Kanishk Singh’s 3 September 2016 article,

The Past is Prelude:  UFOs interfering with space missions in the sky and possible alien saboteurs messing with these space missions on the ground at Cape Canaveral are nothing new under the Sun.   Space X Falcon 9 exploded in the midst of its launch countdown on Thursday, 1 September 2016, at 9:07 a.m. Eastern Time, which led to huge loss of capital and also disrupted other Space X activities. Several other launches were delayed after the explosion and the blast also destroyed Facebook’s satellite, disrupting all of its services.

Alien hunters are now claiming that a UFO interrupted the countdown of the Falcon 9 and was ultimately responsible for blowing it up. According to reports, the UFO had no wings and appeared similar to a standard automobile-size disk. What surprised the alien hunters is that if extraterrestrials are responsible for destroying this rocket, then imagine how much havoc they can wreak for other higher-level reasons.

UFO Sightings Daily (Mutual UFO Network, Cincinnati, Ohio) editor Scot C. Waring said, “This makes me wonder if Elon Musk has betrayed the public’s trust by allowing the United States government to load a spy satellite or weapons satellite onboard this rocket. You know, when you see aliens involved in an explosion of a rocket, that the rocket could have had massively bad implications on humanities future. It looks like Space X is becoming an arms dealer of weapons of mass destruction. Just lucky the aliens destroyed it before it started WWIII.”

The incident took place on the pad at Launch Complex 40, a rocket site in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The launch pad and the rocket have been destroyed and the equipment, worth millions of dollars, had been burned almost beyond recognition. Fortunately, no one was injured in the alien attack. 

The Real “Resident Aliens,” Part IV

By Raymond A. Keller, PhD, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Series, published by Headline Books and available on, while supplies last.

“UFO Creature” Sighted on Lake Erie Beach

Reports of a creature that emerged from a UFO that landed on an Erie, Pennsylvania, beach on the night of Sunday, 31 July 1966, made headlines around the world, thanks to a United Press International dispatch of 3 August 1966.  There were even reports that an officer from the United States Air Force was dispatched from Project Blue Book at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, to investigate this close encounter.  He was allegedly seen by multiple witnesses in the vicinity of the UFO landing site on Tuesday, 2 August 1966.  When news reporters called the offices of Project Blue Book about the Erie, Pennsylvania, case, their calls were transferred to the Public Affairs liaison at the Dayton base, Major William S. Hall, who casually informed that, “All findings resulting from the search must be released by the Secretary of the Air Force.” 

The story begins on the evening of Sunday, 31 July 1966, when Betty Jean Klem, 26, of Jamestown, New York, said that she and three friends were sitting in their disabled car on the beach in the Presque Isle Peninsula.  With their car broken down and nothing else to do, they were watching the sky when they saw what appeared to be a star moving in the sky in a contrary direction to the fixed stars.

“You could see it coming down,” said Klem.  “It was metallic, sort of silvery.  It faded between the trees.”

The others with Klem were Douglas Tibbetts, 18, of Greenhurst, New York; Anita Haisley, 22, and Gerald Labelle, 26, both neighbors of Betty Jean Klem in Jamestown.  According to Tibbetts, “The object appeared to be cube-shaped, whitish or metallic in color.”  He also noted that, “When the object landed, a series of lights turned on and a tripod array of landing gear could easily be seen.”



Betty Jean Klem went into shock when a six-feet tall “formless creature” emerged from this landed UFO and walked right up to her car.

While Tibbetts was able to keep his composure when speaking with a reporter from the United Press International, Klem appeared to be in shock, speaking incoherently when she began to describe the mysterious object.  Basically, what she related was that Haisley and her two children had been sitting in the car while Tibbetts had gone for police to come and investigate the landing area.  She also said that a “formless creature” appeared in the bushes, standing just five feet from her automobile.  The alien being was about six feet tall.  She could make out a head and shoulders but saw no legs, insofar as it was up so close to the car.  Klem then began peeping the horn, summoning Tibbetts to return to the vehicle.  He did so, in the company of a policeman, only to find Klem in total shock. 

When Klem was asked if the UFO made any noise, she replied, “It sounded like the noise in a telephone receiver, only louder, of course.”

In the light of day, depressions from the UFO’s tripod landing gear were found at the supposed sight where the object came down.  These depressions were photographed by Richard Vaubel of 2279 Westmoor Road in Rocky River, Ohio, and were published in the Cleveland, Ohio, Plain Dealer newspaper of 2 August 1966.  Plaster casts were also made of the depressions by an officer of the Erie, Pennsylvania, Police Department.   

(Editor’s Note:  Keep reading this series for Part V of the Cosmic Ray’s Real “Resident Aliens,” where the possible psychology of the extraterrestrials disguising themselves as Earthlings is examined.  -L.S.)

The Real “Resident Aliens,” Part V

By Raymond A. Keller, PhD, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Series, published by Headline Books and available on, while supplies last.



Did you ever get the feeling that you don’t belong to this Earth, that you are “trapped in a world you never made?”  If so, Howard the Duck, a current resident of Cleveland, Ohio, welcomes you to the club.  Source:  Howard the Duck (Universal Pictures, 1986). 

Alien Psychology Explored

Toward the end of 1969, many in the ufology community had already become firm believers in the extraterrestrial hypothesis of UFOs, i.e., that these objects were piloted by beings from other planets who have actually landed their spacecraft on Earth and, in some cases, may even be living among us in one capacity or another.  If this were the case, some ufologists began to speculate about the possible psychology of these strange visitors from other planets, at least so far in better understanding their motivations for coming here in the first place. 

John M. Frytz, a ufologist writing in the November-December 1969 edition of the UFO Report newsletter (Volume 1, Number 2), edited by Armand Laprade and published out of Worcester, Massachusetts, noted that, “Anyone who believes in the extraterrestrial theory of UFOs must have and support some other theory that will explain just why UFOs are here in the first place.  This assumes, of necessity, a motive on the part of the alien intelligence; and as motives are a part of psychology (a very involved part of it), speculation into the nature of alien psychology is then a part of every believer.”

Frytz’ article, “Alien Psychology,” is a classic in being one of the first to explore the UFO phenomenon from possible alien points of view.  Of course, speculation into even the known areas of knowledge can be a difficult enough task.  But the realm of alien psychology was then, and still is, so completely unknown that speculation has become pure guesswork.  In dealing with this subject, however, it becomes apparent that alien motives, from an Earth-bound perspective, can only be described in the light and knowledge of human motivations.  Therefore, Frytz must be commended for at least taking an initial stab in exploring this phenomenon.

Given the above, here are some possible motives that Frytz came up with that can be ascribed in explaining the UFO presence on our planet:

  1. Maternal:  A few writers in the past, and more so recently, have put forth the theory that the human race (and indeed, perhaps, all life on Earth) are offspring from a super outer space race, with UFO visitations the maternal watching over us.  This is a very interesting theory, but one which has little supporting evidence; and what evidence offered is of a nature as to be speculation based on many bits of an inconclusive nature, the kind of thing where all the unknowns can be molded to fit almost any preconceived idea thought of.  Although it certainly cannot be disproven yet, proponents certainly have a rough job ahead if they are to put their ideas out of the realm of speculation into theory based on a platform of solidly supported facts.

Comments:  Since Frytz expounded on this motivation, advances in DNA research have bolstered the probability of this theory being accurate.  Attention is invited to the sections “DNA Drama,” “Mystery of the Junk DNA,” and “Biological SETI,” on pages 237-246, of my book, Venus Rising:  A Concise History of the Second Planet (Terra Alta, West Virginia:  Headline Books, 2015).  Stepping outside a purely religious context, there are those in the scientific community who maintain that over the centuries alien DNA has managed to creep into the human genome, slowly transforming and “stepping up” our species to a higher evolutionary plateau. 

  1. Political:  Here many writers have suggested conquest as a motive for UFO visitations, particularly in the early years of the UFO phenomenon (1947-1957).  However, in this, I am in perfect agreement with the United States Air Force in their early statements that UFOs present, and have shown, no threat to the security of the United States, or for that matter, the world.  To what degree of alienness alien technology might be, it is hard to comprehend or understand why they have waited so long for their conquest, if that be their motive.  It is illogical to assume they wait for us to get stronger.  Indeed, if they have the means of crossing space, they should have the intelligence and the technology to vastly outdo us in military capability; so why not get it over with?  No, after all this time, conquest is surely not a viable motive, as it is in any alliance.  It’s unlikely that the UFOs and the government who built them want to form any alliance with the Earth since they must be so much more superior to us.  It would be like the United States forming an alliance with the bushmen tribes of Australia against the treat of World War III with Russia- Why bother?  And even if this were the motive, why the long wait?  Indeed, the failure of the UFO occupants to make contact with the Earth’s governments after all this time is the major stumbling block when assessing the motives of the aliens. 

Comments:  One can readily find agreement with Frytz’ assessment of the situation, as did a now deceased contemporary of him, the preeminent esotericist and Fortean researcher, John A. Keel (1930-2009), who reached the following conclusion regarding the entirety of ufology in 1969: “So the whole bag is far more complicated than just sitting around waiting for   the Venusians to land on the White House lawn.  If they were going to do that, they would have landed at the Vatican in 1600; or they would have landed in London in 1200, or they would have landed in Jerusalem, or what have you.”  The same can even more so be said of conquest by extraterrestrials:  If they were going to take over down here, they would have done it long ago.

  1. Adventure:  It is perhaps possible that a family outing to Earth might be to the aliens as a camping or boating trip is to us and perhaps could be very exciting for an alien- something new and different- a place to “get away from it all,” so to speak.  I can just hear an alien wife saying, “But dear, we’ve vacationed so often on Saturn’s rings and Jupiter’s moons are so common place; let’s go somewhere different this year- I know, Earth!  It’s not expensive and not dry like Mars.  I’ll bet it’s really fun to watch Earth barbarians and scare Earth airline pilots and besides, Klobbpy needs to get an unusual pet for school, which are abundant on Earth.  After all, the Jones’ did it last year….”

And, of course, I guess the mother or cigar ships could be alien cruisers or some such.  But it is a bit too much to take, and bit disrespectful, to perhaps think of ourselves as a tourist attraction or museum for aliens from outer space.

Comments:  Perhaps this ascribed motivation of adventure is not as far-fetched at Frytz seems to think it is.  Attention is invited to Chapter 3 of my book, Vast Venus Conspiracy (Terra Alta, West Virginia:  Headline Books, 2020), titled the “Kenneth Arnold Files,” where we explore various cases of the Venusians and other friendly extraterrestrials visiting the Earth for the purposes of camping, fishing, horseback riding, practicing nudism, swimming, and conducting various other outdoor activities.  There is also a section in that chapter, “Venusian Tourism on Earth, George Adamski Speaks,” where the late California contactee opines on the importance of educational and recreational visits of our nearest planetary neighbors to the Earth.  Adamski highlighted the importance of this motivation to the Venusians and other members of Confederation planets in coming to our world when he said that, “One never grows so old as to stop attending classes of instruction.  Periodic travel on their planet and elsewhere through the cosmos in their luxury space liners is enjoyed by every individual on Venus, regardless of age.  They have learned well that, although one can learn many things through the study of records and miniature replicas, travel is a source of unending practical education which gives not only pleasure, but lessons of lasting pleasure, never forgotten.”

  1. Social:  Might then, as has been suggested, UFO visits be social visits?  Is the Earth a place where aliens can release their castoffs, perhaps, or a place to help relieve alien overpopulation pressures?  This is very unlikely.  To use the Earth as their dumping grounds would presuppose the aliens to be able to exactly fit in with our society.  They would have to look identical to humans, which is incomprehensible.  Besides, what of past history?  What of birth certificates and all the pieces of identification one is blessed with in today’s world?  How would the aliens get that?  Certainly, it would seem to be easier for the aliens either to conquer us and then populate the Earth, or adapt to some other uninhabited planet than for them to infiltrate here in small numbers


Neanderthals in the Pyrenees Mountains of Western Europe 60,000 years ago watching aliens unloading intergalactic criminals on the Earth, a veritable “prison planet.”  Source:  Human Exile On Earth – Earth Is A Prison Planet (

Comments:  As has been suggested in various science fiction books and movies, perhaps the Earth has served as a sort of intergalactic prison colony, much as Australia once served the interests of the British Empire as a dumping ground for its criminal element.  While ufologist Frytz tended toward dismissing the social equation in UFO visitations, the DNA evidence and legends of ancient astronauts like the Annunaki creating humans as a slave race through interbreeding with local inhabitants, needs to be seriously weighed in the balance.  If the Earth is a penal colony and humanity is a slave race, then the prisoner who believes himself free, will not rebel against his slavery, he will merely bow his head in silent acquiescence, blinded by illusions, his mind ensnared, bound within chains of ignorance. If the Annunaki never left, are we still living under a matrix system imposed upon us by them countless millennia ago? 

  1. Self-Preservation:  Authors have mentioned that the UFO flux did not really begin until just after the world had entered the atomic age, hence a correlation or connection has been assumed, that UFO occupants are scared of us or scared of what we would do in waging atomic warfare and/or just using nuclear power in, and hence contaminating, space; and that is why UFOs occupants are keeping an eye out for us and on us. 

There is no real reason to believe that UFOs really became numerous after World War II.  That records and other observations from the past are not as frequent is true; but that does not mean that UFOs were not around in as great numbers.  Anyway, there is surely no proof of this and, no doubt, UFOs could forcibly stop us if they were so worried.  I’m sure that fact that we have nuclear bombs and other potential peaceful nuclear devices, like power plants, is of no great concern to the aliens, even if they are to ourselves.  Just as the bows and arrows of the Native Americans were of no great concern to the American settlers when compared to our rifles, so our A-bombs must seem primitive to UFO aliens.  And our nuclear capacity does not endanger the region of outer space to us through contamination, not compared to natural radiation already present in space.    

Comments:    Intelligence gathered on UFOs since 1969 has provided a contraindication of Frytz’ assertions.  That there are so many UFOs being reported near nuclear facilities and military installations worldwide—and why there isn’t more urgency on the part of the United States government to assess their potential national-security threat, have been top concerns voiced by a team of high-ranking former United States Department of Defense and intelligence officials, aerospace-industry veterans, academics and others associated with To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science. To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences is a company co-founded by Tom DeLonge, guitarist of Blink-182 and Angels and Airwaves; Harold E. Puthoff; and Jim Semivan. The company is composed of aerospace, science, and entertainment divisions and located in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The Academy team has been investigating a wide range of these sightings—and advocating more serious United States government attention.  For additional information, see the recently updated To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science official website at To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science (Accessed 7 March 2021). 

  1. Contact:  One universal favorite is the contactee; who, in this writer’s opinion, should be taken with a grain of salt.  In this category, it is assumed that UFO aliens are deeply religious and their mission is along missionary lines.  However, there is no pattern in UFO phenomena, nor any other reliable proof that aliens are religious or could even care less about converting us down here.  Anyway, if UFOs have been around for at least 22 years, with no attempt along these lines, excepting the very fortunate contactees, of course, it certainly seems they are not very ambitious at converting us- now are they?

Comments:  It seems to me that the UFO occupants may be more interesting in utilizing the contactees as a vanguard in planting the seeds of illumination preparing the human race for its coming transition into a greater galactic community.  Much of the knowledge imparted by the contactees about conditions conducive to life on other planets or even in other dimensions or planes of existence, have been vindicated with the ever-onward march of scientific investigation and discovery.

  1. Economic:  Although not thought of too awfully seriously, some writers have suggested interplanetary trade as a motive and a solution.  However, it is unlikely we would have anything of economic value to offer these aliens; and again, why have they not manifested themselves and stated their desires?

Comments:  Nuclear physicist and prominent ufologist Stanton T. Friedman (29 July 1934 – 13 May 2019) had another opinion in regard to the Earth as a source of natural resources with extremely important economic value to an alien civilization.  In addressing the 12 June 1971 Midwest UFO Conference in St. Louis, Missouri, Friedman exploded many misconceptions previously held by many in the scientific community about UFOs, including Frytz’ economic contentions:

The nuclear physicist declared: “I should stress that the Earth also has readily available supplies of substances which we weren’t aware of or at least didn’t care about until recently.  Hydrogen isotopes are here in profusion and might be used to fuel fusion propulsion systems.  Liquid water is a far more convenient form of hydrogen than a gaseous ammonia or hydrogen itself.  Water, incidentally, has more hydrogen per cubic inch than has liquid hydrogen, strange as that may seem.

“Many other isotopes are also available along with the previously mentioned metals; and others, many of which were only lab curiosities until this century, such as uranium, rhenium, tantalum and zirconium.  The density of the Earth and the presence of water vapor, oxygen, nitrogen and a magnetic field can be determined from off the Earth.

“The Earth is also an attractive site for the growing of a fantastic variety of substances requiring water and sunlight and fertilizer of one sort or another, especially if one has access to all locations with an Earth Excursion Module (Friedman’s term for an alien spaceship visiting our planet).  Just consider the variety of farming conditions available in terms of type of soil, latitude, growing season, altitude, humidity, etc.  The sunlight is free and readily available.  The atmosphere, ocean and surfaces also provide a convenient source of raw materials for chemical processing, either here, onboard the mothership or on the Moon.”

  1. Other:  The only thing that I can think of as “other” is the time-worn theory called the Hollow Earth theory, whereas the subterranean Earth is the home to another race, far in advance of us, who use flying saucers to journey around.  This idea has no supporting evidence for it and plenty of evidence against it, as anyone with a remote knowledge of geology, math and physics can testify or assert.  Only the extreme outer limits of the lunatic fringe have religious faith in it; and any further consideration of it here is a waste of time, energy and paper. 

Comments:  The idea that extraterrestrials have secret bases hidden from view, or even cloaked, undersea, in orbit, positioned on the far side of the Moon or stationed in vast subterranean caverns is not a new one.  The reader’s attention is invited to my book Lady Columba Venus Revelations (Terra Alta, West Virginia:  Headline Books, 2020), where 1950’s and 1960’s contactee Columba Krebs provides a detailed account of her visits to some of these saucer bases.  There may even be some evidence linking the presence of cavern dwellers to an ethereal region, as I noted in the series of articles on the “Riley Crabb Revelations” that I wrote for Lon Strickler’s Phantoms and Monsters website. 

  1. Scientific:  This leaves me with the final grouping of motives, presented last as I feel it has the largest potential for being the correct solution.  Other motives by themselves or in combinations together as listed above might be classified as sub-motives; but the motive is scientific.  Why?

For any race capable of advanced technology, curiosity, and hence an understanding of science, is a must of necessity.  If one word, in fact, could be applied to describe the human being, it would have to be curiosity.  The same should be applied to aliens.  Raw materials plus intelligence plus ability plus curiosity equals knowledge; and technology is probably a universal law scattered throughout the millions of extraterrestrial societies in the vast cosmos. 

It is curiosity in the above formula which led man to explore the universe and compel him to journey outward and explore everything which crosses his path.  The same must of necessity be assumed and applied to aliens.  Curiosity is the motive that I believe drove the UFOnauts here.  Perhaps our atomic explosions attracted this curiosity, although I believe UFOs have been around in fairly great numbers for more than just 22 years.  Perhaps it was a chance encounter by an alien ship that has now led to the armada of ships.  Perhaps it was a planned, routine survey taken once every 10,000 years in the monitoring of the Earth.

In any event, I do believe it was curiosity that led the UFOs here, much the same as curiosity makes man explore Antarctica.  Already and clearly, there is enough evidence available to indicate that the UFOs are carrying out a widespread investigation of the Earth.  Speculation into this area, along with reported UFO observations and data of UFO phenomena, could fill many volumes, to be sure.

It is doubtful the aliens have any personal interest in it other than a scientific one.  They would, perhaps no doubt, look at us as we do at a society of ants.  And it is my prediction that when the UFOnauts finish their work, whether for good or until the next routine survey 10,000 years from now, they will leave, leaving us with the unsolved mystery we have had for the past 22 years.  Attempts on our part toward communication will be unsuccessful since “they” have clearly no desire to talk with us.  Why should they?  And if they did, why haven’t they, in the last 22 years, even tried?  I neglect the unsupported fables of the contactees, of course.  It is funny we are spending such much time and energy to study UFO aliens, when most likely they are having a much easier time of it in studying us. 

Comments:  Clearly, there is something of great import in the message of the contactees for all of humankind.  Despite individualized apperception of the UFO phenomenon on the part of each contactee, the fact remains that they are the harbingers of a new age of enlightenment on the cusp of humankind’s more active participation in the greater cosmic community.  A true sense of this was captured as early as 1959 by the great Swiss psychologist Dr. Carl G. Jung in his classic work, Flying Saucers:  A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Sky (Brooklyn, New York:  Harcourt Brace, 1959).  Jung was particularly obsessed with the case of the California contactee Orfeo Angelucci, with whom he placed a lot of confidence. 

John M. Frytz predicted in 1969 that, “The work of the ufologist will not get any easier.  They cannot ‘prove’ the existence of UFOs now; and it seems unlikely they will in the near future; and that future shouldn’t last much longer as any day the aliens’ work or curiosity could be finished and satisfied and they will go back to where they have come from, leaving us to our frustrations.  Perhaps the UFO phenomenon of today will then become the “Atlantis legend” of a couple of thousand years from now.”

It was clear that Frytz had been overly sold on the so-called “scientific approach” to the UFO phenomenon.  It has now become apparent that UFOs and the search for extraterrestrial or ultra-dimensional intelligences goes far beyond the reach of objective science; and closely parallels sundry aspects of the paranormal, shifting the focus on the subject more to the realm of subjectivity.  UFOs and their occupants may have more to do with a consciously projected future of super science and abundance for humankind as explorers in space and time than it every did with any test tube analysis of crashed saucer material and dead alien bodies, insofar as physical trace evidence for their existence is concerned. 

(Editor’s Note:  Keep reading this series for Part VI of the Cosmic Ray’s Real “Resident Aliens,” where Dr. Keller looks at authentic cases of extraterrestrials successfully infiltrating various Earth cultures.  -L.S.)

The Real “Resident Aliens,” Part VI

By Raymond A. Keller, PhD, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Series, published by Headline Books and available on, while supplies last.

People from Other Planets Are Living Among Us

As the co-editor of the Flying Saucer Report (Bedford, Ohio, 1967-1972), I was always keeping an eye out for any references to extraterrestrials among us.  One of the more popular magazines at the time, dealing with paranormal phenomena of every kind and published out of Hicksville, New York, was Beyond; and I made sure that I snatched up every monthly issue from the local newsstand.  In their June 1969 edition, there was a letter to the editor from an individual, Miss V. Paxton of West Virginia, who claimed to be originally from another planet.  It read as follows:

Nyockha of Pegasus

“I am originally from Pegasus.  My home planet orbits a dense, compact star.  Our atmosphere is more like a bluish haze.  There are no clouds such as are found on Earth.  The terrain consists mostly of large, black craters and high, flat-topped mountains.  Plant growth is not green, as our planet is nearer to our sun than the Earth is to its own Sun; therefore, the plants take on more of a chartreuse shade.  I have been in spiritual contact with my original parents since childhood.  They brought me here to be born on Earth.  I even remember the trip here.  My soul-name is Nyockha.”

While the magazine only gave West Virginia as her Earth address, the editors had the envelope and knew of the exact location; but when they followed up on it and tried to get in contact with Ms. Paxton to conduct an interview with her for a follow-up article to her letter, nothing turned up at that address.  Martin M. Cummings, a staff writer for Beyond, reported in the November 1969 issue, that Ms. Paxton’s letter was not the only one where the writer claimed to be an alien.  Since the publication of the June issue until the November issue was out in print, four persons had written to the editorial offices with similar claims of extraterrestrial origin, either for themselves or someone they knew.

One letter came from a subscriber living in Lima, Peru, who told of a 64-year-old woman living alone on the outskirts of the small village of Cerrado, Peru, about a five-hour journey distant by car from the capital city.  The elderly, grey-haired woman, Carmen del Playa, was then working part time at the ceramic factory in Cerrado.  The Beyond subscriber insisted that her friend Carmen was indeed from another planet and had arrived on Earth 30 years ago in a spaceship made of organic material that disintegrated immediately upon contact with the surface of our world.  She has never been married and has neither children nor relatives on the Earth, at least none that anybody has any knowledge of.  According to her own telling of the story, she does have a father, a mother and two brothers living on a planet a little larger than the Earth, called Plazenile, that orbits a red star situated on the rim of the Andromeda galaxy. 

“I was one of three citizens chosen to undertake a space exploration in a specially prepared craft,” said Carmen del Playa to, adding that, “It was powered by an energy consumption system similar to that used by the human body itself and constructed of organic materials capable of withstanding pressure and producing oxygen and food through systematic growth on its walls.

“At the time of the craft’s departure from our planet, I was roughly 364 years old, or in early middle age according to standards of Plazenile.  My two companions were younger.  We were trained in the science of ‘Utente,’ or the gathering of knowledge through osmotic perception of environment.

“Our task was to explore any inhabited planets we found, and return to our own planet with information that could be used to solve Plazenile’s greatest problem- a shortage of water which may destroy all life there within the next few thousand years.

“Unfortunately, some ingredient in the soil of Earth caused our craft to disintegrate as soon as we landed one dark night in the jungle, not far from this village.

“In the confusion, I became separated from my companions.  I do not know what became of them.  But I wandered into this village and was fed and clothed by kind people.  Since I cannot return to my world, I have remained here ever since, leading the quiet and productive life which all citizens of Plazenile consider the highest and most noble.”

In Cummings’ article in Beyond, where he provides a synopsis of the lives of the four alien letter writers, he reports that the residents of Cerrado found Carmen sitting in the village square one morning in 1939.  She was wearing a dress of strange fabric that looked like something akin to “dried grass.”  At first, she did not understand anything that the people said to her and did not say anything in return.  After several days, however, she began to miraculously speak fluent Spanish, telling a strange tale of this other planet, Plazenile, and of learning to speak Spanish and obtaining a knowledge of Peruvian customs through Utente.

She was named “del Playa” because of the name she gave for her planet- Plazenile.  She threw herself into hard work and settled down in the village, becoming a good neighbor to all.  Everyone in the village said that, apart from her “crazy story,” she was generous, kind and extremely intelligent.  Cummings noted that everyone who came to know her, came to quickly realize that Carmen del Playa’s vocabulary and education were far beyond that of the average Peruvian peasant woman and that she never gave any indication of emotional derangement. 

Carmen noted that one day her friend from Lima asked her why she, a middle-aged 364-year-old on her home planet, had aged so rapidly in the past 30 years since her arrival on Earth in 1939?  She shrugged and replied that the organic environment on Earth was different from that on Plazenile and that her rapid aging was due to the lack of certain necessary hormones provided by Plazenile’s atmosphere.

“I am not sad about this, though,” insisted Carmen del Playa, noting that, “This is a good place and these people are kind; but I do not wish to live the average Plazenilean life of 700 or 800 years without my family, friends or home.”



Like the mystic Sufi poet Rumi, some come to an understanding early in life that Earth is not their real home.  Source:  Fodor’s Travel Guide (

Soul Traveler from Deruel

Another interesting case emerged from Perugia, Italy, where 79-year-old Arturo Senziadorro claims that he was transported to Earth by “soul travel” from another planet.  Like our dear friend Omnec Onec, the Venusian master from the Fifth Dimensional Plane of Venus (Venus Etheria, as it known among esotericists), Arturo maintains that his extraterrestrial soul had entered the body of a dying child, the real Senziadorro, at the moment when that child’s own soul had departed to the heavenly realms.  Of course, the strictly Roman Catholic residents of Perugia did not know what to make out of Arturo Senziadorro or his fantastic claims.  But all of his neighbors insisted that Arturo had been telling these “wild tales” ever since he was old enough to talk. 

“I was only a child myself,” wrote the white-bearded farmer Arturo in his letter to Beyond, adding that, “My real father was one of the most renowned metaphysicians on the planet of Deruel, far distant from the Earth.

“Deruel was dying.  Clouds of fire covered most of our terrain.  The sea was a turbulence of great waves and the land heaved and rocked with quakes.  Fire spouted from the barren, stone deserts north of our home.

“My father knew that our world was doomed.  He had no thought for himself; and my mother was dead.  I, his only child, was the one he chose to send across the universe by soul travel to enter the body of a child.

“The immense mental and spiritual effort necessary for this made it impossible for my father to come with me, or send others.

“There may have been other metaphysicians who sent themselves or their loved ones to Earth, the planet chosen because of its similarity to Deruel, but I do not know of them.”

Arturo Senziadorro, who lives in a small, stone house about three miles outside of Perugia, claims that his soul occupied that of the dying boy when that original Arturo was but three years old.  The neighbors recall that once upon a time, when Arturo was three years old, he was desperately ill, suffering with a severe attack of pneumonia.  They were all surprised, however, when the child had a miraculous recovery, even after a doctor from Perugia had said that he didn’t think the young Arturo was going to pull out of his dire condition. 

When Arturo was old enough to talk in relatively complete sentences and make himself understood, when he was about four years old, he began to tell his neighbors where he was from and what had happened to him on the dual dimensional planes.  His story was essentially the same as when he wrote about it in his letter to Beyond.  Like Carmen in Peru, he has been thoroughly examined by doctors who have certified him to be basically sane, except for his one fixation about being an extraterrestrial.  “Though I speak with the brain and the tongue of another person’s body,” asserts Arturo, “I retain clear memories of my home planet.”

He further explained, “It was hot- much, much hotter than Earth; but we Deruelians were constructed to stand heat better than Earth creatures.  I don’t remember many machines.  I think our civilization was more spiritually advanced than Earth, but less advanced technically.  I was too young to know much about what went on in our world; but I don’t remember any talk of wars.  Everyone seemed to love each other more than on this planet. 

“My most vivid memory is of our food.  We ate only leafy plants which provided us with water so we didn’t need to drink liquids.  Our bodies were similar to those of Earth creatures, except that the heads were much larger.  Our homes, I think I remember, were all the same- low, mound-shaped domes made of some sort of stone.”

“Implanted ET Knowledge”

Cummings, the writer for Beyond, says that a correspondent from a prominent French newspaper sent him the following story about yet another extraterrestrial living their life out on Earth:    

Georges Drounelle, twenty-seven, an assistant hospital pharmacist, claims that he was born on another planet and transported here in a spacecraft several months after his birth. 

Drounelle, who was found on the doorstep of an orphanage in Nantes, France, insists that his still immature brain was “implanted” with the knowledge that he was of extraterrestrial origin.

He further says that the space craft, which left him on Earth, then returned to his home planet in another galaxy, leaving him to grow up on Earth and learn as much about Earth culture as possible.  At some undetermined time in the future, he says, the craft will return to pick him up and take him back to his home planet, where he will deliver his information about the Earth. 

Drounelle says he remembers nothing about his home since he was brought here as an infant, and only provided with the knowledge of his mission by “implanting” techniques he cannot explain.

He does state, however, that he is sure he I not the only child from his planet brought to Earth.  There are at least a dozen others living near enough to him to make him feel their presence, Drounelle claims.

Are the aims of his planet friendly toward Earth?

“I don’t know,” he says.  “It is no concern of mine.  My first allegiance is to my own planet, far away.  If they chose to be benefactors to this planet, I will help them in that also.”

In a series of tests given by a psychologist interested in Drounelle’s tale, he showed abnormal ESP abilities, and what was termed a “remarkable” ability to concentrate the powers of his mind and will. 

Once, at a theatre performance, when a hypnotist tried to hypnotize Drounelle, the curtain had to be rung down because Drounelle himself hypnotized the hypnotist and ordered him to set himself on fire, which he did.

According to those who know him, Drounelle also seems to possess an abnormally high amount of static electricity in his body.  Sparks leap from his fingers when he touches metal.

Crashed Space Capsule in Turkey

Another relevant report has been received from Ankara, Turkey, where police had been engaged in an all-out search, lasting six days, for the missing occupants of what has been termed a “space capsule” which crashed to Earth in a virtually deserted industrial area on the outskirts of the city. 

One of the occupants was a young woman of approximately 25 years of age.  She was found stunned near the remains of the craft and wearing a one-piece, blue garment of metallic cloth.  After being taken into custody, she told authorities that she had been accompanied by two others and that all three of them were from another planet.  This young female alien explained that the intellectual adjustments that were common to all inhabitants of her native world enabled her to easily speak Turkish after a couple of days.  She also said that she and her two companions were sent to Earth because it is a planet very similar in size and atmospheric composition to her home world.  She hoped that the some of the plant life found on Earth might prove suitable as a source of seeds that she could take home with her to help alleviate a possible food shortage on her own planet. 

There had been a flash of intense light streaking toward the ground, followed by a loud explosion in the area that brought police and crowds of onlookers rushing to the apparent crash site of a mysterious object.  Unfortunately, when her space craft, or what was left of it, had been found, there was nothing but a heap of shattered, twisted and totally unrecognizable metal at the scene, about the size of a large American car.  How that young woman, who initially was in a state of shock and unable to move, survived such a violent crash has not been determined.  As to her companions, the extraterrestrial woman said that they were unharmed, and after tending to her, moved out in a northerly direction to conduct a reconnaissance of the region.  They had planned on coming back to get her with help when it would be safe to move her.  Not believing her story about being an extraterrestrial, the Turkish authorities assumed the wreckage to be that of an automobile of unknown make; but they had been unable to explain her strange costume. 

In his article, Cummings stated that, “Reliable sources are pressing for a thorough scientific examination of the young woman, it having been suggested she could be the carrier of an as yet unidentified plant disease, which might result in disastrous damage to crops all over the world.”  In the meantime, she was help incommunicado and reports that were leaking out from of place of detention suggested that she had gone on a hunger strike.  There were other unusual reports, however, that declared that the woman did not need to eat any more than twice a month, as is allegedly the case with the all the other inhabitants of her native planet.

Cummings queried persons at the Turkish national intelligence service headquarters in Ankara and was told that a “security lid” had been placed on all information concerning the crash and crash area.  Authorities at the top of the organization even insisted that no such incident ever occurred, despite numerous photographs and documentation that appeared in local newspapers. 

Cummings also mentioned that the editorial offices of Beyond received one more alien report just before the November edition went to press.  It seems that an elderly man had been discovered in a small town on the outskirts of La Paz, the capital of Bolivia, who claims to have arrived on Earth from a distant solar system in an organic space craft fitting the description supplied by Carmen del Playa in Peru about the spaceship that brought her to our lovely planet.  Cummings reported that all the personnel at Beyond were already on the case, attempting to verify any similarities with Carmen del Playa’s story. 

(Editor’s Note:  Keep reading this series for Part VII of the Cosmic Ray’s Real “Resident Aliens,” where Dr. Keller probes the issue of illegal immigration, of an extraterrestrial kind.


The Real “Resident Aliens,” Part VII

By Raymond A. Keller, PhD, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Series, published by Headline Books and available on, while supplies last.



“What’s a president gonna do?  I built a 50-foot wall at El Paso and this smart aleck alien showed up with a 51-foot ladder!  Maybe Joe Biden will figure out a better immigration policy.”  See “Weird News,” Huff Post, 31 August 2015.

An Illegal Alien, of the Extraterrestrial Kind

Official UFO was a mass market magazine published nine times yearly during the 1970s and 1980s by Countrywide Publications (New York, New York).  In the May 1975 issue of this publication, editor Russ A. Rueger, Ph.D., revealed that one of Official UFO magazine’s staff writers was actually an extraterrestrial. 

“As you can imagine,” wrote Rueger, “staff come and go at the offices of Official UFO.  Government pressures, nervous breakdowns, and a generally stressful environment all contribute to the rapid turnover of personnel.  If you’re completely sane when you start working here, we like to say that you won’t stay that way for long!  Unfortunately, sometimes that turns out to be true.”

It was January 1975 and one of the ace correspondents for Official UFO was out on assignment.  Everything was fairly quiet around the office, so Rueger and the other personnel decided to leave early from work one Thursday afternoon.  But when they returned on Friday morning, they found an unusual manuscript on the desk of one recently hired staff writer, William Cobb, who was nowhere to be seen. 

In Rueger’s estimation, Cobb showed great promise as both a UFO investigator and staff reporter.  He was sad to see him go.  The editor and other staff had noticed that Cobb always seemed nervous.  He never wrote articles under his own name.  When Rueger asked Cobb why he was always writing under different aliases, the staff writer simply replied, “I needed to protect myself.”

The editor felt that it would be unfair to reveal exactly which articles were written by Cobb under the sundry aliases over the few months he had been working at Official UFO.  “With all due respect to Mr. Cobb,” wrote Rueger, “we will not divulge exactly which articles because some of them were risky and inflammatory.”

Slightly more than four months had passed since Cobb first disappeared.  “Since we discovered this manuscript, we haven’t seen nor heard of Mr. Cobb, and he hasn’t even returned to pick up his last paycheck,” noted the editor, who added that, “This was very unusual behavior, particularly for Cobb.  So, William, if you’re out there reading this, we hope that everything is all right and that you will get in touch with us.”

Despite editing a magazine that deals with exceptional phenomena, Rueger was of the opinion that the story Cobb left behind in the manuscript was “patently ridiculous” and only served to demonstrate what working in a hectic office environment can do in shaking up one’s sanity.  It was good, however, that Rueger went ahead and published Cobb’s manuscript exactly as he and the office personnel had found it.  A photo of William Cobb was published in the Official UFO magazine asking readers who might know where he is to make a report to the editor at the publication’s mailing address of 257 Park Avenue South, New York, New York 10010.  He never did check back in with the office; and here we have another case of one intimately tied to the ongoing UFO saga of completely disappearing off of the face of the Earth. 

The last manuscript of William Cobb, staff writer for Official UFO, follows, detailing information on the alien he was working with, side-by-side, on a daily basis and why he (Cobb) decided to disappear:

The Moon is out now; and I can see it coming in through the blinds.  It used to comfort me but it doesn’t anymore.  I’ve got to get out of here; but I guess I owe it to the readers of Official UFO to tell them what’s going on.  I hope I have a chance to finish it. 

I took the job as reporter here because I believe that the government is trying to suppress information about UFOs.  I have seen several of them myself at various points in my life, so I know they exist.  When I was young, I used to think that everybody saw them; and it wasn’t until later I realized that many people still don’t even believe they exist.  So, I finally decided to share my knowledge with the public through this magazine.  But the time has come for me to move on; so, I am telling my last news story.

One of the writers at this magazine has astonishing luck in getting great stories.  No matter what he sets out to investigate, he always comes back with an amazing revelation.  I have followed him in order to learn his journalistic secrets, but to no avail.  My first reaction was jealousy, but soon that gave way to stronger emotion.

Frequently, readers of this magazine have certainly read his material.  He writes under many names, most frequently “R. J.”  At first glance, he appears perfectly normal; but there is a strange glint in his eyes at all times; and he always seems to be laughing at some private joke that only he can hear.  One thing about him is certain, though, and that is he is one of the most important journalists of the decade.  People who work for this magazine do not get nominated for Pulitzer Prizes because the world doesn’t believe what we are telling them; but if we were, “R. J.” would probably be the first to be so rewarded.  Still, how he got his great scoops remained a mystery to me.

He kept strange hours, did strange things, ate strange goods- and soon I began to suspect the truth.  “R. J.,” a writer for Official UFO, was himself an alien!  Suddenly everything made sense.  He was not a reporter so much as a publicist.  When the aliens decided to reveal information about the human race, “R. J.” would bring it into the office, write it down and publish it.  Our entire organization was acting as a front for aliens.

I had not fully convinced myself of this by any means because it was admittedly a little far-fetched.  If aliens wanted to transmit information to Earth, they could disrupt our television communications or our radio waves without even trying.  When then, would they send an alien in human form to our offices?  The idea was too silly to consider.

Still, I began following “R. J.” with renewed vigor.  This was the story I had been waiting for.  If it was true, then I could…. could what?  Without knowing “R. J.’s” purpose, I would not be able to say anything.  One day I cornered him as he was putting on his coat at lunch time. 

“Why are you here?” I asked him; but all he did was look confused.  I don’t know whether he suspected what I was up to, but it was a stupid move on my part all the same.  If his intentions were hostile, he might have killed me right there.  I had to be more careful.

My golden opportunity for research came this month when “R. J.” was sent away on assignment.  He was investigating new evidence of ancient astronauts unearthed at the south of France and was not expected to return for several weeks.  I began staying late in order to pursue my investigative work.  I searched his desk and found nothing except some paper clips, a red pen, a sheet of Ko-Rec-Type and a prize from a box of candy.  I was amused by how mundane it all was and applauded “R. J.” for being so careful to cover his tracks.  He was sneakier than I thought.  I would have to work harder.

I unearthed every article he had written and began going over them with a “fine-toothed comb.”  I immediately noticed several things.  Most of the stories centered on ancient astronaut controversies and all the evidence that he reported supported the existence of aliens in our past.  Other stories involved locating alien interference at specific times in human history.  Still others reported finding evidence of aliens in everyday life.


William Cobb, a staff writer for UFO Review, right before he disappeared.  Apparently, Cobb knew too much about flying saucers, for his own good. 

What emerged from all these stories was the idea that aliens were beneficent creatures who had been helping mankind along the path to maturity since we were small one-celled lifeforms.  Aliens have always been with us and have always helped us, but always in secret.  They have chosen when to reveal themselves, more and more frequently in recent times.

If all of this was a well-kept secret, why was it being revealed in the pages of Official UFO?  Either “R. J.” was a renegade alien who was no longer a part of the extraterrestrial master plan or he was a major part of the plan.  Both views made sense; but the second one made even more sense than the first.  With the space program faltering and man wallowing in the 1970s, accomplishing nothing, the time had come for more severe measures to be taken by the aliens.  So, “R. J.” had come to the offices of Official UFO in order to start acclimating humanity to the idea of aliens.  Once humanity is sufficiently “prepared,” then the lid can come off and the aliens can reveal themselves.

That’s the story of “R. J.,” as far as I can determine.  On the back of one of his pads of paper, I found some doodling, but doodling unlike any I’d ever seen.  It was a solar system, but one totally unlike ours, with a pulsating binary star and six ringed planets.  Written underneath the drawing was something- I don’t know what- because it isn’t in any language I’ve ever seen on Earth.  So now I am writing this. 

Should I have revealed “R. J.’s” plan?  What will they do to me when they find out?  It’s obvious that I will have to develop a whole new identity.  I will also need a new job.  The world doesn’t need me to tell them about UFOs anymore.  They’ve got “R. J.”


-William Cobb

10 January 1975

New York City, New York

(Editor’s Note:  Keep reading this series for Part VIII of the Cosmic Ray’s Real “Resident Aliens,” where Dr. Keller speculates on the possibility that the UFOs themselves are living organisms.  -L.S.)

The Real “Resident Aliens,” Part VIII

By Raymond A. Keller, PhD, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Series, published by Headline Books and available on, while supplies last.

UFOs Themselves as Living Organisms

The man who inaugurated the “Age of Flying Saucers,” civilian pilot Kenneth Arnold of Boise, Idaho, when interviewed by a reporter from the Portland, Oregon, Journal (17 October 1975), stated that he was more convinced than ever that the nine UFOs he reported as flying in formation over Mt. Rainier in Washington State on 24 June 1947 were “something real.”  At the time of the interview, Arnold had turned 60 years old and had grown somewhat wary of media.  Arnold expressed concern that a synopsis of his views, if unaccompanied by an extensive background on the subject of flying saucers, would make him “sound like a crackpot.” 

To assuage his fears, the reporter said that he could present Arnold with written questions so that the flying saucer pioneer could take his time and write out all of his answers.  Arnold agreed to these terms.  Arnold informed the Portland reporter that, “I got into this thing (ufology) by accident; and I’ve been bugged about it for 30 years.  I have never tried to exploit this subject and I don’t want to be exploited.”

Arnold remarked that, “These things (unexplained aerial phenomena) have never really been investigated.”  Despite the alleged “scientific” conclusions arrived at in the so-called Air Force-sponsored “Condon Report” on UFOs conducted at the University of Colorado at Boulder and published in 1969, Arnold expressed little respect for the final document.  “Flying saucer is a misnomer, of sorts,” explained Arnold, adding that, “Most of these objects are raffe-shaped.  They look something like the axes that were used to behead people back in the Middle Ages.”

Since making the famous 24 June 1947 report, Arnold had five other occasions in which he encountered UFOs.  Based on these observations, he has developed his own theory about the true nature of the objects:  That UFOs are not spacecraft, but are themselves living organisms.  “It’s the way they move,” explained the experienced pilot.  “It’s more like something alive than a mechanical craft.  The Air Force never released the best pictures of these things.  They have a spot in the middle that pulsates like a heart.”

As far as the implications of this theory, Arnold was asked by the reporter, “How does a living organism do what UFOs do?”

“I don’t know.  I have no answers,” Arnold honestly replied.  “It’s a mystery; just as it is a mystery why the grass grows or a mystery how Christ walked on the water.”

Arnold felt that he needed to clarify the last statement, so he commented that, “I’m not bringing religion into this.  I’m not a religious man, in the conventional sense.”


Two days after Arnold’s historic sighting of nine “saucer-like objects” flying at a high speed in the vicinity of Mt. Rainier in the Cascade Range, the Associated Press ran the above national wire story as printed in the Montreal Gazette (Quebec, Canada) on 26 June 1947.   The story gets a couple of facts in the case wrong:   Kenneth Arnold was a fire extinguisher salesman who was returning from a business trip when he spotted the UFOs; and Mt. Rainier is located in the state of Washington, not Oregon. 

(Editor’s Note:  Keep reading this series for Part IX of the Cosmic Ray’s Real “Resident Aliens,” where we follow astronomer Dr. J. Allen Hynek, the former top Air Force UFO consultant, in his on-the-spot investigation of several flying saucer occupant encounters. -L.S.)

The Real “Resident Aliens,” Part IX

By Raymond A. Keller, PhD, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Series, published by Headline Books and available on, while supplies last.

Aliens Are Landing in Flying Saucers

An interesting article in the 20 July 1974 issue of the National Star (New York City, New York) by Roger Langley, “Have UFOnauts Landed on Earth?” details how the world’s then foremost authority on UFOs, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, came to the conclusion that UFOs, for the most part, were manned vehicles from other planets and that in many cases involving the actual landing of UFOs, beings have been seen onboard the ships, disembarking from them or embarking into them.  Hynek, an astrophysicist from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, first became involved in UFO investigations when he was hired by the Air Force back in 1947 as a scientific consultant to investigate the phenomena for them under Project Sign (1947-1949), Project Grudge (1950-1951) and later Project Blue Book (1952-1969).    In all the time that he was looking into UFOs on behalf of the United States Air Force, Hynek investigated more than 1,200 UFO landings; and in 300 of these cases, beings or creatures were reported in or around the craft. 

In some of the more outstanding cases looked into by Hynek, there was or were:

  • Two fishermen in Pascagoula, Mississippi, who swore that they were taken aboard a spaceship and examined by silvery-skinned creatures with no eyes.
  • A police chief in Alabama, following a radio call to check out a possible flying saucer landing, took photos of a six-foot being in a metallic suit who ran off faster than the chief’s own police cruiser could possibly pursue it.
  • An Italian engineer who photographed an alleged spaceman emerging from a flying saucer.
  • An Anglican priest in Papua New Guinea who described in detail a UFO landing and some humanoids working on the top deck of the saucer-shaped craft.

Up until the closure of Project Blue Book in 1969, Hynek was bound to follow the Air Force directives to debunk the credibility of UFO reports on every occasion; but in 1974, as an independent scientific investigator, he was no longer bound by these restrictions.  To this astrophysicist, it was beyond reason to dismiss all of these UFO reports as “lies, practical jokes, hallucinations, hypnotism or mad delusions,” as the honchos at the Air Force had insisted that he do when he worked on the various UFO projects with them.  Back in October 1973, Hynek was down at Pascagoula in less than two days from the time that the two fishermen had reported their examination by strange creatures aboard a flying saucer.  “It was a terrifying experience for the men,” Hynek told National Star reporter Langley, adding that, “They were very shaken.  Neither of these men, Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker, had any sort of reputation as tellers of tall tales.  I was impressed with their general sincerity.  The general attitude in the town was that if Charles said it happened, it probably happened.  I honestly believe that they believe that it happened.  It might have been some sort of religious experience or something akin to that.” 

Of course, since Hynek did not outright dismiss the two gentlemen as “kooks” upon hearing of their encounter, it is not hard to see why he would stand head and toes above other UFO investigators of his time, who were always quick to cast aspersions on the credibility of the witnesses while ignoring the details of the actual UFO report.  In further discussing UFOnauts, flying saucer occupants and humanoid-like aliens, Hynek reinforced his objective stance by declaring, “I would gladly omit this part if I could without offense to scientific inquiry.  Unfortunately, one may not omit data simply because they may not be to one’s liking or in line with one’s notions.  We balk at reports about occupants even though we may be willing to listening attentively to accounts of other UFO encounters.

“Why?  Why should a report of a car stopped on the highway by a blinding light from an unknown craft be any different in essential strangeness or absurdity from one of a craft from which two or three little animate creatures descend?  There is no logical reason, yet I confess to sharing a prejudice that is hard to explain.  Is it that encounters with animate beings, possibly with an intelligence of a different order than ours, gives a new dimension to our atavistic fear of the unknown?

“Another thing bothers us:  The humanoids seem to be able to breathe our air and to adapt to our air pressure and gravity with little difficulty.  Something seems terribly wrong about that.  This would imply that they must be from a place, another planet, very much like our own.  Perhaps our own? 

“But how?  Or are they robots, not needing to adapt to our environment?  Our commonsense recoils at the very idea of humanoids and leads to much banter and ridicule, and jokes about little green men.  They tend to throw the whole UFO concept into disrepute.  Maybe UFOs could exist, but humanoids? 

“Are all reporters of UFOs truly sick?  Are they all affected by some strange virus that does not attack sensible people?  It would be helpful, one feels, if we could demonstrate that reports of UFO landings differ systematically from other UFO sightings.  Then we could, with some comfort, dismiss them.  But they don’t, except that the relative number of cases with more than one witness is somewhat less; and that there are not as many observers having any degree of technical training. 

“There are no pilots, air traffic controllers, radar operators or scientists who have reported humanoids, according to my records.  There are, however, people holding other types of responsible positions:  clergymen, policemen, electronics engineers, public servants, bank directors, military men, miners, farmers, technicians, mailmen, railroad engineers, medical doctors, etc.  Clearly, it is not only kooks who report humanoids.  Indeed, I do not know of a report of this kind to have come from a person of demonstrated mental imbalance.”

As to the fishermen from Pascagoula, Hynek explained that, “When I got there, within 48 hours of it happening, Charlie Hickson, the older of the two men, was still in a state of shock.  He was a very shaken man.  There was no doubt about it.”

Who could blame Hickson, or anyone else undergoing such a traumatic experience?  After Hynek’s questioning of the two, the following is a summary of the events that transpired with Hickson and Parker on that fateful night of 11 October 1973:

On the date of the event, Charlie Hickson was 42 years old and Calvin Parker was 19 years old.  They were both workers at the Walker Shipyards in Pascagoula, where Hickson was a foreman.  Both of the men had excellent work records and neither was known to be a heavy drinker.  After work hours, at around 7 p.m., the men decided to go fishing in the Pascagoula River off an old pier on the west bank.  No sooner had they reached the desired location, that they noticed a strange aircraft up in the sky that seemed to be emitting a bluish haze.  The object began moving closer until it was hovering about three or four feet above the water. 

“Then,” Hickson claims, “three ‘whatever-they were’ came out, either floating or walking, and carried us into the ship.  The things kept us about 20 minutes, photographed us and then took us back to the pier.  The only sound they made was a buzzing-humming sound.  They left in a flash.”

The fishermen described the entities as being “eyeless, silver-skinned humanoids.”  Each of the beings had a slit for a mouth and three, carrot-like protrusions instead of a nose and ears.  Parker says that he fainted when he first espied the three humanoid creatures climbing out of their spacecraft; and he did not regain consciousness until he had been released back onto the pier.  That night, after their release by the aliens, they reported the incident to Captain Glen Ryder of the Pascagoula Sheriff’s Department.  Ryder questioned the men; and at first, he thought that they were playing some kind of joke on him.  The captain called in some other deputies on duty that night and to assist him in further questioning the UFO experiencers, who had been separated, being placed in different rooms.  “We did everything we knew to break their stories,” maintained Ryder, “but both of their stories fit.  If they were lying to me, they should be in Hollywood.”

When Hynek arrived in Pascagoula he immediately went to the site of the fishermen’s UFO experience to see if he could find any physical evidence of the encounter.  “I was hoping to find some disturbed ground or some broken tree branches or something like that,” said the scientist. Being more specific as to what that “something” might be, Hynek explained that “Something would indicate something physical- nuts and bolts- had been there.  But I didn’t find anything.  The whole thing had a sort of dream-like quality.  No, dream-like isn’t quite correct.  Incoherent would be better.  I can think of no reason why these two men in rural Mississippi would fabricate such a story.  They certainly were not going to gain anything from it.  They got some notoriety, but they did not seem to be enjoying the attention.  I don’t understand the Southern ways and mentality; but they struck me as extremely simple folks.  They were without guile.  Charlie just told the story in a very unassuming way.

“I would characterize this case as not as good as some of the other cases I have come across.  It gained national prominence because of the abduction.  But it must be taken in the context of the wave of cases being reported around that time.  We (Hynek and the staff at the Center for UFO Studies, a non-profit organization established in Chicago, Illinois, in 1973, by Hynek, with himself as director) had about 1,000 or so cases during that period.  This was just one of them.  But it is the only case that we heard of that involved actual creatures.

“Charles Hickson kept asking me, ‘Do you think they’re coming back again?  What did they want?  Why did they pick me?’  He said it in all sincerity.  I will say, and I’ll stick to it, that those guys were scared as hell.  It was just as if they had been in a very gory automobile accident, a very traumatic experience that you are not capable of calmly describing all the detail.  Your conscious mind tends to block out large parts of it, and this is exactly the impression I got from these two guys.  They had undergone such a shocking thing that they could not put it exactly into words.  Whatever happened to them definitely affected their rationality.”

The sheriff’s deputies did take statements from Hickson and Parker and then left them together in a room with a hidden tape recorder, thereby attempting to check out the veracity of their story.  “That tape made when Charlie and Calvin thought they were alone was, I think, one of the most convincing things to me,” said Hynek.  “To hear them talk to each other,” the experienced UFO investigator added, “it was obvious that there was no sign of collusion.  And when Charlie left the room, one could hear Calvin praying to himself.  He was saying things like, ‘Oh God, it’s awful.  It’s hard to believe.  I know there’s a god up there.  Why did it happen to me?’  It was a real experience for them; but I can’t offer a shred of evidence that it was a real, solid, physical thing.”

The Pascagoula case also involved hypnosis.  Dr. James Harder, a scientific consultant for the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO), a civilian UFO research group operating out of Tucson, Arizona, arrived on the scene at the request of Hynek.  Harder, besides being an engineer at the University of California at Berkeley, was also an expert hypnotist and had previously assisted Hynek in several other UFO investigations.  Harder hypnotized both of the men and was satisfied that their accounts of the incident checked out. 

“The hypnotism added credence to their stories,” asserted Hynek, noting that, “Dr. Harder was quite successful in getting Charlie to describe his early birthday parties and other pleasant experiences from his past life.  But whenever he approached the UFO experience itself, Harder would say, ‘Well now, Charlie, you’re not going to be disturbed.  Everything is going to be fine.  Be calm.  Now tell us about the two men who fishing the other day on the Pascagoula River.’  Suddenly a tenseness would develop in Charlie’s body; and sweat would break out on his forehead.  And it was pretty clear that whatever it was, he did not want to relive that experience.  The fact that they would not talk about their experience while hypnotized strengthened my belief that for them, it had been an extremely traumatic experience, whatever it was.” 

At Northwestern University, Hynek served as director of the Lindheimer Astronomical Research Center as well as the chair of the Astronomy Department, so anything he had to say about UFOs carried quite a bit of weight in influential circles.  The fact that he placed so much importance on the UFO occupant sightings collected by Project Blue Book when he served as that government project’s scientific consultant, only served to heighten the credibility of those reports.  During one of the busiest years at Blue Book, Hynek recalled that out of the thousands of UFO sightings that were reported that year, 48 of the cases involved landings, in which there were 12 cases where humanoids were sighted coming out or going into a landed object, usually the typical saucer-shaped craft.  And apart from the official Air Force investigation that year, Hynek tallied 223 other humanoid cases coming in from various areas of the world, just from the files of one private UFO group, APRO.   

But in returning to the Blue Book findings, Hynek pointed out that, “Two of the 48 landings were attributed to hallucinations; six were ascribed to the somewhat more vague term ‘psychological;’ two were ascribed to ‘unreliable report,’ which in Blue Book terminology really means crazy; six were ascribed to hoaxes, but on slim evidence; while the majority was attributed to ‘insufficient data,’ a favorite term with the Blue Book when it appeared that it would be too much trouble to acquire additional data.  Generally, there was little or no follow-up in these cases.  There were nine cases of reported landings of unknown aircraft; yet no attempt was made to ascertain further facts.”

Of the majority of reported cases that involved contact between the humanoids from outer space and Earthlings, Hynek lamented that they were not given sufficiently serious scientific consideration because there was only one individual UFO experiencer. 

One of the more highly touted cases referred to often by Hynek was that of a police officer named Herbert Shirmer of Ashland, Nebraska.  Shirmer insisted that he had a close encounter with aliens who took him aboard their flying saucer and even demonstrated to him how it functions.  The Shirmer encounter took place on 3 December 1967, when a saucer-like object landed on, or hovered slightly above the highway, some 40 feet in front of him.  The police officer watched the UFO, and then reported that it took off at a high speed.  But when Shirmer filed his report, there were 20 minutes that he could not account for, no matter how hard he racked his brain.  Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, a professor of psychology at the University of Wyoming, who was also a state-certified hypnotist, was called in to examine the police officer.  Incidentally, Dr. Sprinkle wrote the introduction to my first book in the Venus Rising series, Venus Rising:  A Concise History of the Second Planet (Terra Alta, West Virginia:  Headline Books, 2015), for which I am eternally grateful.  As Dr. Sprinkle put Shirmer under hypnosis, the Nebraska police officer relived his UFO experience.  Until he was hypnotized, Shirmer had no idea what had happened for 20 minutes of his life; but after the session with Dr. Sprinkle, the officer understood that he had actually been onboard an alien spaceship.  Hynek was impressed with the Shirmer case; but like so many others, this one involved only one experiencer. 

With respect to Shirmer, Hynek told National Star reporter Roger Langley that, “Officer Shirmer was hypnotized and told a fascinating story.  But how does an impartial observer assess the reality of the situation?  The man is not lying.  For him, it was a very real experience.

“But what actually happened that night?  Was it a real, nuts-and-bolts thing that you could see, or was it some strange paranormal thing?  In a single-witness case, such as this, what can an investigator really do?  If you told me you had a dream about purple peach trees last night, how could I substantiate it or prove it?  This is the same problem with one-witness cases.”

Another case that attracted Hynek’s personal interest took place in Socorro, New Mexico, on 24 April 1964, and also involved a law enforcement officer, a New Mexico Highway Patrol Sergeant Lonnie Zamora.  This was the first case that Hynek investigated in New Mexico, the “Land of Enchantment.”  It concerned the highway patrolman’s encounter with an egg-shaped UFO that landed a little distance off the main state route in the vicinity of his hometown of Socorro.   Officer Zamora was just about to wrap it up for the day.  It was 5:45 p.m. and his shift was about to end in 15 minutes.  Out of the blue, a speeder raced by Zamora’s position, moving like a “bat out of hell.”   The patrolman was about to chase the speeder when suddenly there was a loud explosion coming from the rear.  Also, when Lonnie Zamora heard the fierce clapping noise, he turned around just in time to catch sight of an eerie light blue flash of light that washed over him, his patrol car and the surrounding desert shrubbery.

Zamora followed in his patrol car a dirt path to a small shack about 200 feet back from the highway, whence the blue flash and the explosion emanated.   That’s when he spotted the source of all the commotion, a shiny, ovular object descending from the sky with a smokeless blue and orange flame emitting from its underside.  The officer described the object as resembling, “a car turned upside down…. standing on its radiator or trunk.”  At this point, Zamora got out of his vehicle and started to approach the now landed object to within 100 feet on foot.  Two personages in white coveralls had disembarked from the strange object.  “One of these persons,” noted the highway patrolman, “seemed to turn and look straight at my car and seemed startled- seemed to quickly jump somewhat.”

Patrolman Zamora described the UFO occupants as “normal in shape, but possibly they were small adults or large kids.”  The officer radioed for backup but continued to keep his distance from the object and the beings that descended from it.  The oval-shaped UFO had no visible windows or even the seams for a doorway.  It sat upon girder-like legs.  The craft was marked, however, with a red insignia that was about two-an-a-half feet wide.  The UFO occupants, on the other hand, were not going to remain in the area for long insofar as the armed patrolman was there observing their activities.  In the next five minutes, the two aliens quickly terminated their activities, got back into their craft, and took off.  Zamora witnessed the UFO quickly ascend and then move over a mountain in the distance, whence it quickly sped out of sight, but not out of mind.  Just a few minutes after the aliens’ departure, fellow officer Sergeant Sam Chavez of the New Mexico State Police arrived at the scene in response to Zamora’s radio call for backup.  Officer Chavez, while he did not see the object, did observe the still-smoldering brush the UFO had landed and taken off.  He also noted four burn marks and four V-shaped depressions pushed into the ground where the object had rested.  These impressions were between one and two inches deep and each one measured eighteen inches in length. 

One of the chief skeptics of the era, Dr. Philip J. Klass, the editor of Aviation and Space Technology magazine, opined that Zamora had simply made up the whole story in order to increase tourism in the area.  However, in a report submitted to the Central Intelligence Agency by the then director of the Air Force’s Project Blue Book, Major Hector Quintanilla, the highest military authority on the UFO phenomenon declared that, “There is no doubt that Lonnie Zamora saw an object which left quite an impression on him.  There is also no question about Zamora’s reliability.  He is a serious officer, a pillar of his church, and a man well-versed in recognizing airborne vehicles in this area.  He was puzzled by what he saw, and frankly, so are we.”  Keep in mind that the Bluebook director came to these conclusions based on the field research out in New Mexico conducted by Dr. J. Allen Hynek on his behalf.


Sergeant Lonnie Zamora witnesses landing and takeoff of oval-shaped UFO, to include its occupants.  The officer also noted a bright red inscription on the side of the alien object.  See

The revelation of Dr. Hynek’s involvement in the Zamora case was leaked in the 30 April 1964 edition of the News-Sun newspaper of Hobbs, New Mexico.  Despite the official pronouncements by Project Bluebook personnel that there was no evidence linking UFOs to extraterrestrial spaceships, the Air Force’s overwhelming interest in this Socorro, New Mexico, UFO landing incident suggested otherwise.  The “genie was out of the bottle,” so to speak, and getting him back in was not going to be an easy task. 

Looking back on the Lonnie Zamora encounter, Hynek informed journalist Langley of the National Star that, “I visited the site several days after the actual incident and found landing marks and charred plants near where Zamora said the space craft had landed.  Although there were other reported witnesses to the UFO in the area, only Officer Zamora, like Officer Schirmer, was in a position to have seen the occupants.  At first, I tried to shake his story apart, but I couldn’t.  I was impressed by the high regard in which Zamora was held by his fellow officers.  Hynek noted that Zamora, like other people who claim to have had contact experiences with seemingly extraterrestrial beings associated with UFOs, remain “rock-ribbed” in their belief that their encounter was real. 

Two years prior to the interview with Langley, Hynek had just come out with a book, UFO Experience (Chicago, Illinois:  Henry Regency, 1972), in which he provided extensive background information on some of the more prominent cases he had investigated in his role as a scientific consultant to the Air Force for over 20 years.  “The reason I called my book, the UFO Experience,” said Hynek, “was that after 20 years or so with the Air Force, I questioned many hundreds of people, and by and large, these people were convinced they had had an actual experience.  They were puzzled.  They tried to explain it to themselves by some logical way at first and couldn’t.  Time and time again, they were very disappointed when I couldn’t give them an explanation.  They had sort of the attitude, ‘You’re the one from the Air Force.  You are supposed to know about these things.’  And when I said, ‘Well, look, I’m just as puzzled as you are; I don’t know what it was,’ they were really, generally quite disappointed.”  While Hynek wished he could have done more to assure the anxious and inquiring minds of these UFO experiencers, he soon realized that he was faced with the challenge of overcoming formidable mental blocks these experiencers had built around themselves based on their deep-seated and often paranoid belief systems they were carrying around in life like so much unnecessary baggage. 

Hynek explained: “I had a student at Northwestern who did a term paper on this very question.  He sent out 100 questionnaires to people who had UFO experiences at least five years before.  The questionnaire ran something like this: ‘Now, after five years, what do you think?  Are you still puzzled?  Have you found an explanation?  Do you still talk about it?’ 

“He got some interesting results.  He got about a 40 percent return, which is good for a questionnaire.  And with only one exception, everyone was still puzzled.  They still did not honestly know what they had seen; yet their belief in what they had seen remained unshaken.

“We are very glib about what we call real.  When the Angel Gabriel appeared to the Virgin Mary and said that things were going to happen, was that real?  Was it physically real?

“It was an experience.  And when people have a religious experience of one sort or another, it is real to them.  But maybe what we call real isn’t the complete story.  Maybe there are other dimensions to reality that we do not appreciate. 

“I know humanoid cases are more spectacular; but they simply have a lower credibility than others do.  I don’t know exactly why that is so.  Maybe solid citizens who have an experience like that would not report it, whereas they might be willing to report something that is less bizarre.  One just never knows with humanoid reports whether the creature actually produced an image on the witness’ retina or whether it was a just a plain, first-class hallucination.  Only when you have cases where there has been damage on the ground do you have something solid and physical to go on.”

(Editor’s Note:  Keep reading this series for Part X of the Cosmic Ray’s Real “Resident Aliens,” where Dr. Keller examines the mysterious linkages that persons with Rh-negative blood have with extraterrestrial beings. -L.S.)

The Real “Resident Aliens,” Part X

By Raymond A. Keller, PhD, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Series, published by Headline Books and available on, while supplies last.

Negative Rh Blood Factor Provides Genetic Link to Aliens

In January of 1977, contactees from throughout North America were coming together for the purpose of exploring a possible genetic linkage they shared with the extraterrestrials.  This connection with our space brothers and sisters was the Rh-negative blood factor; and the organization these contactees established was known as the Venus Venous Research Corporation, headquartered in San Lorenzo, California.  The corporation sponsored the publication of a monthly newsletter from its very inception, Bloodline, where readers exchanged ideas on sundry issues of concern to the contactee community. 

In an editorial by Mabel Royce, she gave the following instructions to fellow members wishing to get in touch with their higher self:

“You must first relinquish your ego before you can grasp the concept of a universal soul.  You can be so wrapped up in this life you are living today that you have no concept of the past or future.  You can only receive telepathic communication if your mind can accept concepts from without it.  You must be able to alter your way of thinking, to accept alien thought waves as your own.  Only the complete submission of self can achieve this.  You must be able to sacrifice your original personality to acquire a greater one.  No one can change you.  You must change yourself.  You can change yourself into anything you want to be.  If you will just look at yourself, you will know what must be done.  No one likes to look at themselves the first time.  But once you do, you will have help to change anything necessary.”

Thousands more were coming to the realization that they were immortal spiritual beings from higher dimensional worlds temporarily inhabiting physical bodies for the purpose of learning lessons of eternal value on this planet Earth, a type of cosmic schoolhouse preparatory for the soul’s advancement into realms of light.  Royce explained it thusly: 

“Once you establish a psychic link with the universal consciousness, any question you ask will be answered.  If you look, you will find the answers.  We must ask the previously unaskable.  The Rosicrucians teach about perspective.  Everything is relative.  It depends on your perspective as to what you see.  Picture a ballgame going on behind a fenced park.  The fence has a small hole in it.  If you stand with your eye to the hole, you can see the game on the other side.  If you stand back a few feet, all you will see is the fence with a hole in it.  It all depends on your perspective what you see….”

Much more on perspective as it relates to the observation and apperception of sundry phenomena was examined in the various issues of Bloodline, with articles by staff writers Mabel Royce, her sister Bonnie Royce, esotericist Ivan Boyes and many others with metaphysical leanings, but all sharing the Rh-negative blood factor.  As the role that these individuals would play in the organization and society at large, Mabel Royce wrote: “We hope we can help our people become aware of who they are and learn to utilize their powers.  We will gather all the latest scientific discoveries relating to our people through questionnaires and surveys.” 

As to the goal of such investigations, Mabel Royce noted that, “We will be presenting all the latest data on UFO contacts, Atlantis, Antarctica, Hollow Earth material, messages from our space brethren, psychic predictions on earthquakes and UFO landings.”

In helping members and readers explore their true points of contact with the wider universe, Mabel Royce recommended the following books, which even to this very day of 18 March 2021, I still heartily endorse:

Asimov, Isaac, Genetic Code (London, United Kingdom:  Orion Press, 1962).

Asimov, Isaac, Living River (London, United Kingdom:  Abelard-Schuman, 1959). 

Binder, Otto, and Flindt, Max, Mankind:  Child of the Stars (Greenwich, Connecticut:  Fawcett, 1974).

Blavatsky, Helena P., Secret Doctrine (London, United Kingdom:  Theosophical Society Publications, 1888).

Holtzer, Hans, UFOnauts (Greenwich, Connecticut:  Fawcett, 1976).

Keel, John A., Why UFOs:  Operation Trojan Horse (New York City, New York:  G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1970). 

Landsburg, Alan, Outer Space Connection (Sydney, Australia:  Corgi, 1976).

Lawler, Sylvia D., Human Blood Groups and Inheritance (Cambridge, Massachusetts:  Harvard University Press, 1951).

Steiger, Brad, Gods of Aquarius (New York City, New York:  Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1976).

Velikovsky, Emmanuel, Worlds in Collision (Garden City, New York:  Doubleday, 1950).

Von Däniken, Erich, Miracle of the Gods (New York City, New York:  Delacorte Press, 1976). 

Sacred Texts:

The Bible (King James Version), 1611.

Book of Mormon (Palmyra, New York:  Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1830).

Lost Books of the Bible and the Forgotten Books of Eden (New York City, New York:  World Bible Publishing, 1968). 

As to the ongoing work of the Venus Venous Research Corporation and its newsletter, Bloodline, that was distributed free to members (those with Rh-negative blood types), Bonnie Marie Royce put out a request in the first issue that, “Anyone who wishes to donate their help or knowledge in any way you can, we would be most grateful.  Just drop us a line and let us know in what way your talents lean.  No task is too trivial.  We need all of you, whether it is calling in often to your local radio-news, talk shows, etc., regarding the negative blood types; give our address whenever you can.  Each person you find will be another that you helped save.

“It will be a most gratifying experience, I promise you.  Any of you who will be in San Francisco in the near future are most welcome and needed to get the job done.  We must all pull together.”  Clearly, an urgency was felt to locate as many of the starseeds as possible.  Royce and the other members certainly believed that something would soon be going down that would significantly impact the lives of those with Rh-negative blood types, those having definitive extraterrestrial genetic connections. 

Royce continued: “It would be almost impossible for me to put on these few pages all the things I most immediately want you to know; but I want you to feel free to write me and ask me any questions.  I’ll answer all inquiries the best way I can and if it is something I don’t know, then I will do my best to tell you where you can probably find it.”

In order to help the seeker in better defining their paranormal connection, Royce added that, “If you would like some pen pals, just write and state you are most interested in, such as genetics, UFOs, Hollow Earth, Atlantis, visions, auras, thought transference, radionic therapy, cave drawings, ancient astronauts, etc.  First send your name and exact blood type.  Include an approximate number of how many pen pals you would like to write to.  In which case, we would appreciate your sending a photocopy of any interesting responses you get and mail it to us.  Every strange or amazing tale fits somewhere into this gigantic puzzle of life.”

Then Royce explained just how she and others at Venus Venous Research Corporation were going about in attempting to put the sundry pieces of this puzzle together: “We are in the process of trying to piece together and prepare ourselves for immortality.  There are so many things we could all learn if we had forever to learn it.  In my estimation, forever will be beginning very soon.  Are you ready for that great and glorious day?  The saints (we) have marched in.  The dead have risen.  All things are being revealed and this, the most important, the master key to the mysteries of the universe, is the one that comes from “The Two,” who are the fruit (children) of the olive tree (royal negative bloodline).”



The Cosmic Ray explores possible links between the UFO-based Heaven’s Gate religious cult and the activities of the Venus Venous Research Corporation.

This cryptic reference to “The Two” gave me some reason for concern with respect to the operations of the Venus Venous Research Corporation, however, insofar as the leaders of  Heaven’s Gate, the former Presbyterian minister Marshall Applewhite and nurse Bonnie Nettles, who formed that San Diego, California, UFO-based religious cult in 1974, began to claim that they were the two witnesses described in the Book of Revelation and occasionally visited churches or other spiritual groups to speak of their identities, often referring to themselves as “The Two,” or “The UFO Two.” They believed they would die as martyrs and then be restored to life and, in full view of the entire world via satellite television, transported onto a spaceship. This event, which they referred to as “the Demonstration,” was to prove their claims.  Was the Venus Venous Research Corporation being utilized as a recruitment arm for “The Two,” the latter-day UFO prophets of the Heaven’s Gate cult?

In any event, the first phase of this process, as described by Royce, involved a gathering in of those individuals with Rh-negative blood types.  These are the initial ones called apart because of their starseed connections.  Royce explained further: “I’d like to recommend to all of you who are interested in corresponding with other negatives or doing your new job:  Broadcasting the good news, as much as you possibly can.  There must be some of you who are ‘night owls’ nationwide, who can call in to all night talk shows and give out your post office box number over the air.  This is the best way to avoid kooks.  Please keep us informed of the brethren (negatives) you find.  Send a list each month with their names, birthdate, blood types, heritage and address; and if possible, have them send in a filled-out copy of our questionnaire.  We are constantly updating the questionnaire as it is constantly revealing and verifying life similarities among respondents.  For example, we recently discovered that exposure to neon lights affects negative blood type people by making them dizzy.

“We are currently trying to determine how many survivors of major disasters have negative blood?  This may give us some indication as to whether they are being watched over, or guarded by higher beings.  Also, from any of you who are into genetic studies, we would be most grateful for a report on the latest developments and statistics.  And for those experiencing the phenomenon known as stigmata, we would like to know what is the blood type oozing from them?  Until next month, this is your sister in blood, the goddess Venus-Thaddeus.” 

The self-proclaimed goddess reported the following astrological information:  She was born as Bonnie Marie Royce on 3 February 1941 at the Highland Hospital in Oakland, California, at 2:22 a.m.  She emphasized that she was born under the sixth of the Chinese Zodiac symbols, that of the Snake.

Canadian Representative

Besides the articles from the two Royce sisters from California, the Venus Venous Research Corporation’s Bloodline newsletter ran an interesting piece from their Canadian representative, Ivan Boyes of Toronto, Ontario.  Boyes was born in Toronto on 8 January 1946, and expressed an intense interest in all matters esoteric and occult.  Long before the technology of the so-called “med beds” came along, Boyes pointed out that ancient Egyptian scrolls and Mayan reliefs show what appeared to be “womb chambers for creation.”  As to the restoration of the technology behind these chambers of antiquity, the Canadian correspondent wrote that, “Through the rediscovered science of radionics, we too can start new creations of life forms on this planet very easily, just by utilizing the right frequency and several subjects we want to genetically cross; not mess with, just cross.  Put a negative photo of the two on the plate of the radionic instrument and broadcast.  New forms of plants will emerge within no time.”    

Boyes urged those readers who thought this to be insanity, or at best wishful thinking, to read Joseph Goodavage’s Magic Science of the Future (New York City, New York:  Signet Books, 1976).  The Canadian noted that he had already been able to cure diseases and regrow organs in the body with the application of radionics.  He also suggested that it might be used to help us regain all of those extrasensory powers that had been lost to us over the centuries, through suppression or underusage.  To the readers of Bloodline, Boyes asked, “Are other Rh-types already creating new life forms on this planet; and how do we explain the life forms appearing such as the flying moth men in the United States or the Bigfoot?  Is the Bigfoot another radionic creation to show us and these hominids that our extraterrestrial ancestors created us for adaptability to conditions on this planet?”

Boyes remarks that, “Ancient cultures that were predominantly Rh-blood types reveal in their arts and legends all forms of clues as to who we are.  The Hallstatt Culture of Central and Western Europe, going back as early as the 12th century B.C.E., displays Martian map designs on its pottery of the Hellas area and also is exact in where the equator is, polar areas and river beds of the Red Planet are located.  This latter was only recently confirmed by the Mars probes.  How did they now, unless they had been or were from there?  Romanian pottery of the Neolithic Age also shows star maps and migration routes through the stars to Earth.  The Egyptian texts say that Ra and his train came from a city on the Moon.  The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has allegedly discovered just such a space city on the far side of the Moon, but is keeping it a TOP SECRET in the interest of national security.”

Boyes also explains other anomalies about the Moon: “The NASA and Russian space program finds on the Moon show that it is artificial and hollow, and four times the age of the solar system (20 billion years).  It contains structures resembling those of the Memphites of Egypt and Monolithic structures in Peru.  Whoever built the Moon as a massive spacecraft and put these structures on it, also built those on Earth; and they were the Rh-space colonists, us and our ancestors.”  For additional information about the Moon as a space platform for launching ships used by the extraterrestrials in observing the evolution of humankind on Earth, Boyes invites the Bloodline readers to check out Don Wilson’s classic book, Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon (New York City, New York:  Dell Publishing, 1975). 

The astute Canadian researcher points out that, “Even as far back as the Carboniferous Age, machine shop metal alloy objects and man’s footprints have been found.  Also, on the Moon as well, by the Apollo astronauts.  Whoever built the pyramids on Mars and in Egypt?  Scientists now say the same people did.  Who sculptured the face on Mars and the some of the many mountains here in North America with faces and bodies?  Who built all of those now ruined palaces and fabulous temples being discovered all over the floor of the Atlantic Ocean?  Rh-people did; and they were space and time travelers.

“These are only a few things being revealed so far.  What about the vast underground cities of the Inner Earth, right below our feet?  Under New York State, Arizona and the Black Mountains, also Mount Hood, Oregon- some of these cities are abandoned, others controlled by Deros or Teros.  Here is where we have to explore down into them and find out what has been left to us.  The ancient legacies of Teutonic myths state this is to be used by the direct descendants of Odin in the Age of the Wolf, or Space Age (Aquarius).  Bonnie, Mabel and myself are these direct descendants from the family of Bar, which means the same as “Royce” or “Boyes.”  Other translations of the name are Baradda, as of the Druids, Goth, Gin, or those of the race of the Blue Jann who came to Earth eons of years ago from the stars with the El race.  And this is the true House of Israel, through which the Biblical prophets came.  They too were like you and I, awakened Rh-negative blood types.”

Boyes revealed that the leadership of the Venus Venous Research Corporation was planning expeditions to the Hollow Earth from a base in southern Brazil; and that other people with whom the leadership of the corporation were in contact with would soon be presenting to their respective country’s government leaders and United Nations diplomats a petition to the United Nations granting official recognition for governments in place in the various Hollow Earth civilizations. 

“In the last year,” said Boyes, unknown forces have been at work, directing things- lectures for me and expounding Inner and Hollow Earth data, drawing those who were suppose to, to me; escorting me around North America to lost cities, showing another colleague the secrets of the Northlands and of space cities in the Arctic.   Finally, the Inner Earth people came out and said they were responsible.  Then I met Bonnie and Mabel Royce.  I knew I was to meet them months before.  I was told also I would soon go on the biggest mission yet.  This is it, to gather our own people together.”






Is Rh-negative blood an exotic bloodline or random mutation?  For further information, read the article by Caleb Strom on the Ancient Origins website,, dated 22 May 2020. 

The Canadian admits that he was once in the dark on all these matters, before he contacted Mabel and Bonnie Royce.  Being skeptical at first, Boyes wrote that, “As a researcher, I continued to look into all of their ideas, especially concerning Bonnie being the goddess Venus-Thaddeus (in her higher self).  With intense radionic scans and with the help of top psychics, I found out that everything they were saying is true.” 

While it was the fondest wish of all those at Venus Venous Research Corporation for all of its members to get to work right away in starting to build a new age, it was comforting to realize that each, in her or his own way, was helping their brothers and sisters with the Rh-negative blood type, to find their true birthrights among those to whom Otto Binder and Max Flindt referred to as the “Children of the Stars.”




From Keller Venus Files:  An artist’s conception of Ivan Boyes’ UFO experience.

Dipping into “Cosmic Ray’s Mailbag”

On 5 March 2021, the Cosmic Ray received a question about this very issue of the Rh-negative blood types and their connection with the legacy of interplanetary beings on Earth, sent to Rob Potter of the Promise Revealed and the special mailbag from a reader of the Venus Rising books, “Eilene,” that he forwarded to my e-mail.  The following was the Cosmic Ray’s prompt response:

Dear Eilene: 

     Many thanks for your timely and pertinent question.  

      It was Helena Blavatsky, the co-founder of the Theosophical Society, who first postulated in the 1880s that around 18,000,000 years ago, a Venusian contingent on Earth was responsible for creating the race of god-kings who populated the ancient continents of Atlantis and Lemuria.  She also claims that the Venusian bloodline was carried over into Europe by some of the survivors of Atlantis’ destruction.  Today we know their descendants as the Basques, inhabiting the area of the Pyrenees Mountains, situated on both sides of the French-Spanish border. 

A recent United Nations study confirms the highest concentration of the Rh- negative blood group on the planet as being situated in the Basque region of the Pyrenees Mountains. Brad Steiger, a paranormal researcher in the tradition of the late John A. Keel, was the first to point out that those with the Rh-negative blood factor possess an encoded extraterrestrial DNA and are, therefore, the prime candidates for contact by Venusians and other aliens operating on Earth.  The last chapter of my Venus Rising book, “Gods of Aquarius,” under the subtitle of “Dolores is Orthon, Here’s Why,” goes into much greater detail about the actual physical characteristics that differ between persons with the Rh-negative blood factor (alien component) from the general Earth population.

Hope this answers your question. 

Your cosmic friend, -Ray

(Editor’s Note:  Keep reading this series for Part XI of the Cosmic Ray’s Real “Resident Aliens,” where a Mexican doctor provides a medical examination for an extraterrestrial who walks into his office. -L.S.)

The Real “Resident Aliens,” Part XI

By Raymond A. Keller, PhD, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Series, published by Headline Books and available on, while supplies last.




From Keller Venus Files, sketch “Cosmic Brotherhood” by Canadian science fiction artist Gene Duplantier of Willowdale, Ontario. 

“No problem, Mr. Thor.  Take two tablets with breakfast and drink lots of water.  If you need any more, don’t hesitate to drop in to my office next time you visit Earth.”

Mexican Doctor who Examined an Extraterrestrial

The last few months of 1977 saw several member countries of the United Nations holding “high-level conferences” designed to look into the possibility of organizing a global network to investigate the appearance of UFOs all over the planet.  Unfortunately, the persistent efforts of some of those countries’ United Nations ambassadors to pique the interest of that international body’s General Assembly have gotten nowhere.  Each time that an ambassador brought up the issue of UFOs to the General Assembly, it was shelved for discussion at a later, but unspecified date. 

One of the more vociferous proponents for a serious study of UFOs on the part of the United Nations has been the Honorable Eric M. Gairy, the Prime Minister of tiny Caribbean island country of Grenada.  Speaking before the General Assembly at the end of 1977 on behalf of the ambassadors from numerous countries seeking an official inquiry into the UFO phenomenon, Gairy asked that the members of that body issue an official declaration of the coming year of 1978 as the “International Year of Unidentified Flying Objects.”  He also urged other member states of the United Nations to join Grenada in issuing postage stamps commemorating great moments in the history of ufology. 

Up until January of 1978, however, the Prime Minister was unable to persuade the representatives from the larger countries to cooperate in an international investigation of UFOs.  Nevertheless, sources close to Gairy informed a correspondent from the UFO Review, an independent tabloid newspaper published in New York City, that the door to initiating such an investigation may have been opened, albeit just a small crack.  Gairy allegedly informed the UFO Review’s reporter that in the forthcoming months, “There may be a big change in the attitude of certain countries, which will very likely come out and take a much more positive stand on the UFO matter.  When the next session of the United Nations General Assembly convenes, a special presentation will be made concerning close encounters in each of the countries belonging to that world body.  Top UFO researchers will provide the overwhelming documentation that Earth does, indeed, have visitors from afar” (UFO Review, Vol. 1, No. 1, 1978). 

Prime Minister Gairy stated that in the first week of April 1977, behind locked doors, the Ambassador of Grenada to the United Nations, Francis Redhead; the Assistant Secretary for Science and Technology of the United Nations, Joao F. da Costa; and the officer in charge of the United Nations Technology Applications Section, Bertrand Chapel, entertained a visitor from Mexico with a personal account of contact with an extraterrestrial being, a story that all of these officials took quite seriously. 

In the Mexican visitor to the United Nation’s account, it was during October of 1975 that a “gigantic mothership” was sighted by hundreds, hovering over the city of Guadalajara in Central Mexico.  Cars throughout the city had stalled.  As the drivers and passengers got out of their cars, they looked up in the sky and watched the huge, sleek craft as it glided over a nearby mountain range.  There were also additional UFO sightings at the time throughout Central Mexico; and the visitor to the United Nations described the people of that region as having suffered a bout of “UFO fever.” 

It was during the peak of this UFO flap that an established medical doctor in Guadalajara found himself confronted with a new, and what would come to be a most unusual patient.  It was a man who complained of being “seriously ill” and requiring the immediate assistance of the doctor.  The doctor immediately ushered the ailing gentleman into his examination room.  The patient further explained that he was feeling fatigued and asked the good doctor if he could carry out a complete physical examination of him.  The doctor then informed his new patient to strip to the waist so that he could check him over to appropriately determine the cause of his dire condition. 

According to the correspondent for UFO Review, “As the patient unbuttoned his shirt, the doctor noticed that the color of the man’s skin was unusually pink, almost like that of a child’s.  He also noted that there was not a single hair on the upper portion of his body (face, underarms and chest included), save for that on his head.  Taking his stethoscope, he listened to the heartbeat of the patient, but could find no irregularity.

“At this point, the doctor requested that the man strip totally.  When he was completely naked, the doctor again noticed the fact that his patient was entirely hairless.  The area around his genitals looked as if they were shaven clean.  In actuality, there were not even hair follicles on any part of his body, something that is completely unknown to biology on this planet.”

The patient sense that the doctor was flustered.  He then explained that, “I wanted to show you that I am not one of your kind,” at which time he started talking about the immensity of the universe, intelligent life on other planets and the reality of UFOs as spaceships from those far-off worlds.  The patient remarked that, “Alien beings from other planets, some nearby, have been visiting Earth on a regular basis and that the occupants of the flying saucers were particularly concerned about the Earthlings’ slow spiritual development that had lagged far behind our technological accomplishments with atomic science and rocketry.”

The doctor and the alien conversed for a brief period, in which time the doctor was informed of “many things of a technical nature,” things that he had no way of knowing on his own.  After their scientific chat and completed medical exam, the doctor was utterly convinced that his patient was actually an extraterrestrial being, so much so that he felt obligated to report the incident to “someone in authority.” 

The doctor called the local newspaper, El Occidental, and spoke to someone at the news desk.    “Who would I report anything having to do with UFOs and space aliens?” asked the doctor. 

The individual on the other end of the line said that she was only a secretary and heard of some UFO groups in Mexico, but didn’t know how to contact them.  “But there was an article about this United Nations ambassador from some Caribbean country who is presently in Mexico investigating UFO sightings.  If you standby, I will get his contact information.” 

The secretary asked the reporter who wrote the article and he gave the name of the ambassador, Francis Redhead, and the local hotel where he could be found, the Rui Plaza in the downtown district.  The secretary passed this information onto the doctor; and the doctor called the hotel clerk, who patched his call up to the diplomat’s room.  A meeting was agreed upon for the following day, whence the doctor went over all the details of his encounter with the alleged extraterrestrial for the benefit of Redhead.  So convinced was the ambassador with the doctor’s claim, that he invited him to go with him to the United Nations headquarters in New York City, all expenses paid by the government of Grenada, to tell his story to a special UFO investigations committee. 

The Caribbean country of Grenada, much to its credit, was one of the first nations to officially recognize that we are not alone in the universe and that we are truly being visited by intelligent beings from other planets.  The reporter from the UFO Review revealed that a high-ranking official of the government of Grenada had actually met with a flying saucer occupant in the summer of 1977.  The incident allegedly occurred while two UFOs were hovering over the shoreline.  One of the UFOs then landed; while the other remained in a hover mode about ten feet above the ground.  An extraterrestrial being emerged from the landed ship and conversed with the government official, a prominent politician on the island, for about fifteen minutes.  Then the entity got back into the landed UFO and both of the craft, each about 50 feet in diameter, took off for parts unknown.  The alien was said to be a beautiful, blonde haired woman, about 5’4” in height, who was “very human in appearance.”

(Editor’s Note:  Keep reading this series for Part XII of the Cosmic Ray’s Real “Resident Aliens,” where the author of the world-acclaimed Venus Rising series uncovers the existence of the “Zeroids,” metamorphizing beings of pure energy from an alternate dimension outside our own space-time continuum. -L.S.)

The Real “Resident Aliens,” Part XII

By Raymond A. Keller, PhD, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Series, published by Headline Books and available on, while supplies last.

The Zeroids are composed of pure electrical energy and can assume any appearance.  They can appear and disappear at will.  Photo source:  Wonderstanding TV.

Invasion of the “Zeroids”

Since the UFO pioneer researcher and pilot Kenneth Arnold speculated that some UFOs could themselves be living organisms, more and more ufologists were jumping onto his bandwagon.  Five years after Arnold proffered this speculation, in January 1981 leading space researchers announced a mind-boggling discovery vindicating the pilot’s theory on the true nature of the elusive UFOs.  According to these scientists, the bizarre beings that we have come to refer to as “flying saucers” and “UFOs,” are actually super-intelligent creatures that have been visiting Earth and roaming through the cosmos for literally billions of years.  They frequently manifest as bright balls of light in the sky. 

Needing a name to classify these enigmatic organisms, the scientific researchers opted on “Zeroids.”  What they discovered about them is summed up below:

  • They often look astonishingly different to each observer because they can telepathically project and appearance they want, from glowing lights to golden-haired space people.
  • They flash across the sky at tremendous speeds, making “impossible” 90-degree turns and disappearing at will.

Veteran ufologist and the author of numerous books on the UFO enigma and other paranormal phenomena, Brad Steiger (19 February 1936 – 6 May 2018), noted that, “After years of research, interviews with hundreds of credible eyewitnesses and actual personal sightings, which I photographed, I am totally convinced these creatures exist.”

Because Zeroids are composed of pure energy, experts like Steiger came to believe that these creatures were capable of amazing feats.  “They can appear and disappear at will,” remarked Steiger, adding that, “They can change their shape and size whenever they want.  They are a unique form of life which indicates a highly advanced intelligence.” 

Steiger’s research also revealed that the Zeroids have the amazing ability to project images directly into the minds of human beings.  He recalled a case in upstate Wisconsin where three people observed a Zeroid at the same moment, yet all three of these witnesses saw it and described it as a different creature.  Steiger put it this way: “One of the witnesses saw it as a hideous apparition, right out of a science fiction movie, with waving tentacles and bulging eyes.  Another witness saw it as a little green man; and the third observer said it was a beautiful space woman with golden hair and glowing eyes who talked of peace and love.

“The Zeroids,” continued Steiger, “can become luminous at will.  And they can switch off instantly.  That is what leads to reports that glowing UFOs ‘shot away’ at incredible speeds.  But they don’t shoot away.  They just become invisible.”

Dr. Frank Ruehl, a nuclear physicist, aerospace consultant and expert on extraterrestrial life, agreed with Steiger and declared: “There’s a wide body of evidence supporting the presence of such life forms.  These Zeroids are intelligent creatures who are able to survive in space.  They are made of pure energy; and since energy cannot be destroyed, these creatures are immortal.  The Zeroids are also super, super intelligent.  Nothing is beyond their power.  They can make themselves completely invisible.  They can also change their size, from microscopic to gigantic, and can change their shape.”

Another long-time UFO researcher, Vincent Gaddis, the author of the best-selling book, Mysterious Fires and Lights (New York, New York:  Dell Books, 1967), told John Blackburn, a reporter for the National Enquirer, that, “Infrared photographs, which detect the heat given off by the Zeroids, leave me in no doubt these sky creatures exist.  There have been many, many authentic, firsthand eyewitness reports.” 

Science writer and Zeroid expert Richard Toronto concurs.  He claims to have taken at least 25 infrared photographs of the creatures since 1975.  “They can make sudden 90-degree turns at high speed and erratic, zig-zag movements,” testified Toronto.

Yet another paranormal expert, John White, the former director of education for the Institute of Noetic Science, a research center founded by the ex-astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the Moon, in Petaluma, California, opined about these mysterious entities: “I have been investigating the Zeroid phenomenon for several years.  There’s no shortage of incontrovertible evidence that these creatures exist out there (in space).  They have been measured on sensitive electromagnetic detectors when nothing else was visible to the naked eye.  They have even been picked up on Air Force radar.”

Clearly, these researchers have based their startling conclusions on solid, scientific evidence accumulated over many years.  They attest that the Zeroids have been tracked on radar, photographed and filmed with special equipment and detected with the most sensitive instruments that were specifically designed to pick up electrical energy and heat emitted by the space creatures.


Strolling Down “Electric Avenue”

The National Enquirer article of 27 January 1981 prompted Leo Bartsch of 744 South 4th Street, Coos Bay, Oregon 97420, to submit a letter encapsulating his theories about the nature of the Zeroids, or beings of pure energy, to Gray Barker of Clarksburg, West Virginia, the editor and publisher of the Saucerian, a magazine about the UFO phenomenon.  While Barker never published the letter, it is interesting that he maintained the document in his files.  It is being presented here because of the increasing relevance that the esoteric theory of the UFOs themselves as being the actual space creatures has attained in the ufology community. 

Bartsch is intrigued that our eternal electric energy is still such a mystery.  “Why is it written, ‘God’s face has the appearance of lightning?’  And why are UFOs consistent in causing magnetic effects all over the world?”  He sees some definite spiritual aspects to the UFO phenomenon insofar as a spirit is invisible, and so is electricity, and sincerely asks, “Are UFOs trying to awaken our invisible, eternal and electric soul that still sleeps (Ephesians 5:14)?”  To find out the answers to these thought-provoking questions, read on in Bartsch’s speculations concerning the “UFOs as Electric, Living Creatures,” abridged and paraphrased:

The body without the spirit is dead (James 2:26).  His Spirit is found in the inner man (Ephesians 3:16).  And without Christ, ye can do nothing (John 15:5).  The most powerful particles known to humankind are called “electrons.”  These bombard each and every one of us daily and penetrate everything.  This includes our bodies, every minute.  Atomic particles are discovered that do not seem to fit any existing theories. 

Jesus once said, “I have many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now” (John 16:12).  And now this mysterious eternal energy called electricity is like a living angel to a human being when transformed into television eyes and sent forth, from the Earth to Mars, and to return from 40 million miles away; and just 100 years ago, who could bear this kind of talk?  God is a Spirit and a consuming fire (Hebrews 12:29).  We only see the result of that which He does.  Electricity is invisible and we only see the result of what it does.  God touches the hills and they smoke (Psalms 104:32).  When lightning touches the hills, they smoke and this smoke smells like brimstone (Yes, brimstone). 

When the Lord descended in fire upon Mount Sinai, he warned Moses not to let man or beast even touch the border of the mount (Exodus 19:12-21).  So, what was the whole mount charged with?

When Jesus spoke to Paul, his light was brighter than the mid-day Sun (Acts 26:13).  And Jesus said, “For as the lightning shineth from one part of heaven to the other, so shall the Son of Man ‘be’” (Luke 17:24).  He shall be revealed from heaven in flaming fire (2 Thessalonians 1:8), and he destroys with the brightness of his coming (2 Thessalonians 2:8). 

So, if we want to know what UFOs are and where they come from, we need to first find this mysterious, eternal energy called “electricity” is and where it comes from.  Are you ready?

The letter is signed; and in the margins Bartsch notes that, “Electricity is still a mystery” and “Electric eels can generate shocks of 1,000 watts, powerful enough to stun a man or possibly kill a horse, according to Encyclopedia Britannica.” 

Bartsch is of the opinion that, as the Bible states in 1 Corinthians 1:27, that, “The weak and the foolish will confound the wise and mighty.”  It is no wonder to this electrical wizard and theologian that the first shall be last and the last shall be first.  However, since Bartsch informed Barker that, “This will be updated,” and since the Saucerian publisher never received the follow-up letter, it is no wonder he omitted the contents from being disseminated in any of his periodicals.  Also, the heavy religious overtones may have discouraged the Clarksburg, West Virginia, publisher as well, at least insofar as he was not known to favor a spiritual approach to the UFO phenomenon over a physical “nuts and bolts” approach. 

(Editor’s Note:  Keep reading this series for Part XIII of the Cosmic Ray’s Real “Resident Aliens,” where you can check out an ancient fossilized rock with the proof of an extraterrestrial presence on Earth millions of years ago and follow the investigations of UFO occupant reports with the premier Spanish ufologist, J. J. Benitez. -L.S.)

The Real “Resident Aliens,” Part XIII

By Raymond A. Keller, PhD, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Series, published by Headline Books and available on, while supplies last.

Aliens Helped Spawn Life on Earth

Aliens may have been walking around on the Earth millions of years before humankind ever started to evolve on this planet.  At least that is what B. W. Saylor of Licking, Missouri, a reader of the UFO Review newspaper (New York City, New York) had come to think after coming across a set of strange footprints imbedded in a solid rock that he estimated to be anywhere from three to five million years old, not too far from his home.  Saylor took a photo of the rock and sent it to Timothy Green Beckley, the editor of the UFO Review newspaper, which was published for the first time in the number 13 issue of that periodical, simply dated for 1982. 

“The peculiar thing about the rock is a human-like footprint smack dab in its middle.  This is a left-footed print,” wrote Saylor, adding that, “There is also a right heel print on the edge of the rock.  The prints are imbedded six inches into the rock and the center-located one is over ten inches long. Not only can you clearly see the imprint of a human foot, but it looks more like a shoe than anything else.

“The imprinted rock was found on a steep hill where a bulldozer recently made a road.  When this track was made, the earth in this area was completely flat.  No animal on Earth then or now had such features,” noted Saylor, adding that, “During the time these features were made, humans probably were not even crawling out of the sea.

“The imprint may have been left behind by an alien.  This should prove that humankind did not originate here on Earth.”  When Timothy Green Beckley, the editor of UFO Review, interviewed Saylor on the telephone, he asked him to elaborate on that theory, to which the Missouri fossil hunter and photographer replied, “I think that giant UFOs thousands of miles long and hundreds of miles wide- each one a sort of interplanetary Noah’s Ark, spawned life on this planet.”

Rocking in the free world….  Missouri fossil hunter finds ancient alien footprint.

Source:  UFO Review, Issue Number 13, 1982. 

Spanish Ufologist Tracks Alien Encounters

J. J. Benitez, Spanish ufologist.  See

Gary Richman, a European correspondent for the National Enquirer (Lantana, Florida), wrote a fascinating article in the 11 September 1984 edition of that weekly tabloid periodical, titled “Incredible Encounters with Space Aliens,” based upon his interviews with the prominent, world-renowned ufologist Juan Jose Benitez of Lejona, Spain, the author of 20 books on alleged contacts by Earthlings with otherworldly beings. 

Benitez explained to Richman that, “Alien beings have frequently been seen by witnesses from all walks of life.  The extraterrestrials vary in appearance, which leads many people to think UFOs come from more than one source.” 

Huge Creature on Spanish Air Force Base

One of the more amazing encounters investigated by Benitez involved an actual shoot-out with a huge extraterrestrial creature that occurred just outside the perimeter of a Spanish Air Force base.  From what the diligent ufologist could uncover, three guards at the Air Force base heard a high-pitched, whistling sound that was so acute that it actually hurt their ears.  As they cupped their hands over their ears, however, their attention was diverted to the sky overhead where there appeared an enormous burst of light.  Suspecting a possible attack by saboteurs, the guards went in search of the source of the weird noise; and in a small clump of trees close to the base, the air patrolmen came face-to-face with a 10-foot-tall being bathed in a bright, green light.  One of the guards tried to fire his automatic weapon at the horrific creature.  Before he could even begin to aim his rifle, however, he lost control of the autonomic functions of his body, became blinded and fell to the ground, completely paralyzed.  His two companions immediately opened fire on the enigmatic being, getting off about 50 shots between them, before the alien shimmered and then vanished into thin air. 

A spokesperson for the Spanish Air Force said a follow-up investigation of this alleged incident failed to turn up a single bullet or find even a bullet hole anywhere in the vicinity of the purported encounter.  Fortunately, the guard who was blinded by the creature did regain his sight, but later suffered recurring bouts of momentary blindness.  Air Force doctors were unable to treat this problem, according to the air patrolman, who just had to learn to live with the condition.

Bizarre Beings Sighted Along Spanish Mountain Path 

Yet another encounter in Spain involved a woman, age 20, who claims she encountered two bizarre beings while walking along a mountain path en route to her grandmother’s house.  All of the sudden, she could not take another step and sat down on a large rock beside the trail.  She closed her eyes, hoping that when she opened them the two mysterious entities would have disappeared, whereby she could simply dismiss them as mere figments of her imagination.  But when she opened her eyes, she saw the two beings standing right in front and over her; and she was also completely paralyzed.  According to the witness, “They (the beings) were dressed in strange, shapeless tunics.  The beings did not have lips, only a straight line for a mouth which moved and uttered unintelligible sounds.  They had two slits instead of a nose, large eyes and slanted brows.”  In Benitez report on this incident, he notes that the woman informed him that the two beings seemed to be talking to each other for several minutes while taking turns in pointing to her.  Then they simply vanished right before her eyes, at which time she was free from the paralysis and just ran home in terror.  Afterwards, she lost her appetite, suffered from insomnia, as well as a strange eye irritation for several weeks.

Benitez later discovered that around the same time that the Spanish woman was having her encounter, a Spanish amateur astronomer and photographer, Ricardo Rodrigo Lora, snapped four amazing photos of two UFOs while he in the process of photographing the Moon from the observatory that he had built at his home in the mountains. With a telephoto lens, Lora was able to obtain two photos of a large, red UFO with a smaller one at its side.  The Spanish photographer says that the smaller object seemed to merge with the larger one, at which time the now integrated UFO changed color to white with a reddish halo, before it disappeared completely from view, passing beyond the horizon. 

Lugging Water for UFOnauts in South Africa

From a rural area of South Africa comes the next close encounter of the third kind.  An engineer from the British Isles working in South Africa, identified only be his initials of “H. M.,” was flagged down one night as he was driving down a lonely country road, looking for a shortcut that he never found.  Suddenly, in front of the headlights of his car, appeared a man who waved him down.  H. M. stopped his rented car and the man who flagged him down went over to the right-side window and made the request, “I need water.” 

“OK,” said H. M., inviting the man into his car, whence he turned back to a small bridge that crossed a stream about a mile back.  H. M. grabbed a flashlight and the two walked safely down to the edge of the stream, whence his water-seeking passenger filled up a can that he had brought with him.  Then H. M. drove his passenger back up to the place where he had picked him up.  It was then that the engineer noticed a strange, landed object about 300 feet from the road.  It was saucer-shaped, about 30-45 feet in diameter and rested on struts.  Invited by the man he had helped, H. M. entered into a large circular room inside the saucer where there were four beings, one of whom was lying down with the other three standing directly over him.  The engineer’s escort explained that the one who was lying don on the floor had suffered a small accident, burning himself.  The escorting alien then took the can of water and handed it to the attending extraterrestrials.  According to the testimony of H. M., “The beings I saw in the room were wearing large, beige laboratory jackets, slacks and shoes.  They had pronounced foreheads; soft, feminine hands and no whiskers.”

H. M. was permitted to stay for about 20 minutes until he was escorted off the ship.  He returned to the landing site on the following day; but the only indication that the flying saucer was there were some strange marks on the ground, apparently left by the landing struts.

(Editor’s Note:  Keep reading this series for Part XIV of the Cosmic Ray’s Real “Resident Aliens,” where Dr. Keller takes a look at the darker side of UFO occupant encounters and a possible link of these entities with the demonic realms. He also offers clues for helping you identify authentic extraterrestrials at your worksite, and puts the spotlight on interplanetary beings living next door to a frightened Pennsylvania retiree. -L.S.)

The Real “Resident Aliens,” Part XIV

By Raymond A. Keller, PhD, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” the author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Series, published by Headline Books and available on, while supplies last.

Was she plagued by an extraterrestrial or a demon from Hell?  Illustration source:

Italian School Teacher: “The Devil made me do it!”

Rosa Amuso, an elementary school teacher from Palmi, a city in the Calabria province of Italy, claimed that an extraterrestrial had burrowed into her head and was commanding her to do all sorts of things that she could not resist carrying out.  In the 13 March 1984 edition of the tabloid Sun newspaper of American Media in Boca Raton, Florida, an article appeared highlighting Amuso’s travails with this pestering alien.  Titled, “Space alien takes over girl’s brain,” the article says that in early 1984, the then 26-year-old teacher traveled to the island of Sicily and visited a Catholic priest specializing in exorcisms, Father Teodoro Tomaselli at the cathedral in Messina, a city not far from the Mount Etna volcano. 

Previous to seeking out the priest, Amuso’s mother Erminia, age 50, had taken her to several psychiatric doctors in Palmi and the surrounding area.  While some of Rosa Amuso’s neighbors thought that she was insane, the medical experts felt differently, speculating that she was only temporarily traumatized due to suffering through some jarring incident in her life that she wasn’t ready to discuss with them, as yet.  The priest, however, felt differently.  After meeting with Rosa Amuso, Father Tomaselli decided that she was possessed and had to have an evil spirit exorcised out of her body. 

Rosa believed that her mental torment was due to incurring a split personality.  “I wanted to be exorcised,” she explained to a reporter from the Sun.  Rosa Amuso was aware that she was doing all of the deviant sexual acts that the creature who lived inside her was telling her to do; but she did not have the will power to resist.  Her mother said that this was because, “Rosa is a nymphomaniac.  She chases men around, undresses on the street and copulates in public.”

Sadly, Rosa affirmed that what her mother was saying about her was true.  “The Devil won!” she cried, adding that, “I am his slave!”

According to Erminia, her daughter’s problems began back in 1977, when Rosa was on vacation in Sicily.  “Suddenly she felt a pain in her head.  She started vomiting and felt dizzy.  We thought she’d had a heart attack or a cerebral hemorrhage.  But a few days later, Rosa knew what had happened.  She heard this voice in her head.  It said, ‘Well, here I am; and I am taking you over.’  It was a creature from outer space, from another planet, that had burrowed into her head and lived in her stomach.  I believe it is really the Devil who is living in her in the guise of an extraterrestrial; but Rosa says it is really an alien.”

Erminia noted that the creature living inside her daughter had done some things that left no doubt in her mind that he is really the Devil.  “Once the voice told her to go to a cemetery to find a young man who had been killed by his fiancée.  The voice wanted her to see the grave because it belonged to the one had possessed before her.  The voice told her all kinds of details, names, ages, things my daughter could never have known.  When she got to the grave, she found out all the facts were correct.”

The mother and daughter seemed to have exhausted every avenue of approach with regard to this dire situation.   While the first exorcism failed to work, Erminia stated her belief that, “Maybe we should try a better exorcist.  Maybe Father Tomaselli did something wrong.  I think, at this point, that exorcism I our only hope.”

Graphic from Cold War Era.  Source:  Library of Congress.

Office “Space Cadet” May Be an Undercover Alien

Maybe there’s a weird gal or guy at the office who occasionally gets on your nerves.  Now UFO experts are saying that such individuals may be spies from outer space.  Back in early 1990, Brad Steiger (19 February 1936 – 6 May 2018), the famous paranormal researcher and author of over 100 books on such phenomena as ghosts, bigfoot sightings, ESP, UFOs, etc., told a reporter from the Globe tabloid newspaper of Boca Raton, Florida, in an interview that took place at Steiger’s residence in Phoenix, Arizona, and as published in its 27 February 1990 edition that, “Space aliens work everywhere, from small businesses to large corporations.  By working in ordinary trades and professions, the aliens gain invaluable insight into our society.  To identify a co-worker space alien, you must look for behavior patterns and personal habits.”

The ufologist Steiger provided a list of ten ways in which a space alien, operating in disguise, can be identified:

  1. Aliens do not understand our style of dress and may wear shorts on a cold day or a plaid shirt with a striped blouse.
  2. Aliens display bizarre eating habits, such as putting cream in soda or ketchup on toast.
  3. Aliens call in sick frequently or are often late.  Aliens find it difficult to adhere to a strict work schedule.
  4. Aliens do not understand Earth humor and may tell jokes that no one understands.
  5. Aliens display intense curiosity.
  6. If a co-worker is constantly taking notes, he or she may be a keeping a record for his or her alien masters.
  7. An alien never talks about its personal life.
  8. An alien may use a screwdriver to open a letter or try to make soup in a coffee pot.
  9. An alien has difficulty in getting ideas across.
  10. An alien becomes elated or depressed around machinery.

Putting the Spotlight on Alien Neighbors

Art Bell: “If you are not paranoid by now, you haven’t been watching the news.”  See

Arthur Brown has literally succeeded in “alienating” his neighbors in the city of Heritage, Pennsylvania, located in Mercer County some 60 miles north of Pittsburgh.  In an article appearing in the 2 November 2015 issue of the National Examiner tabloid, published in New York City, New York, Brown, then age 78, informed that publication’s correspondent Malia McCarrick, that he has taken somewhat drastic steps to deter unfriendly extraterrestrials, who had moved into his neighborhood.   First, he wrapped his home in tin-foil, to keep the aliens and those under their spell from psychically penetrating his domain and reading his mind.  Second, he began shining intense spotlights onto all of his neighbors’ properties. 

One of his neighbors, living directly across the street from the paranoid Brown, and interviewed by McCarrick, the then 72-year-old Nancy Raich, noted that, “Over the years, he (Brown) has become a real problem.”  She then explained that, “He has a lot of issues fearing aliens.  Little by little, we learned that he thought we were ‘they,’ and that we are the ones the aliens were contacting to get to him.”  Raich had since become so frustrated with Brown that she put her home up for sale; but no one is interested in purchasing it since they, too, would probably have to start putting up with Arthur Brown’s shenanigans. 

“Who wants to buy my house when this yahoo across the street decides he wants to shine lights on me?” rhetorically asked Raich, adding that, “I’ve had a lot of nice couples come and look at my house.  You can’t get a second look until that’s cleaned up with the ‘alien lights guy.’”

Another perplexed neighbor, Donna Misinay, commented that, “He used to have an alarm that would go on and off and on and off and that was very annoying.  He finally had to get rid of that.  Now his new thing is to come out here and chase you with a spotlight.”

Early in 2015, a judge from Mercer County ordered Brown to take the lights down.  If he failed to comply, the judge said that he would impose a $500-per-day fine.  Unfortunately, the alien-fearing defiantly refused to obey; and as of November 2015, his fines have amassed to a total exceeding $20,000.  Since Brown would not comply with the county judge’s order, the city of Hermitage sought an injunction to get the lights removed.  The city manager Gary Hinkson insists that, “It’s a violation of the city’s zoning ordinance to have excess lighting that adversely affects neighboring properties.”   

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