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A Venusian Friend of Mine Living on Earth Shared This Message About The Eclipse

the venus connection with alan s

Dear Friends of Venus, 

Please disreagrd all fake news and prognotications of doom and destruction promited by people wanting to be relevant to prophesize some deep state wet dream of www3  doom and gloom biological weapons or other plans. The Venusians Ground command and the office of The guardian have the darknesss well under control. rather use this time to make a personal effort to pray to god in your heart and to make a direct connectin to your own god Presence and christed self. 

A Venusian came to one f my talks on Maui 9 years ago. He came to acknowledge me and my mission he befirended me and spent some time with me in guidance in certsin spritual matters. This Venusian has decided to stay on earth for personal reasons  and now ages as we do albeit slower. He rarely contacts me but reached out to me prior to my experience on easter 2024. I mentoned about my experience with God he said I know. 

He then sent me this wonderful explanation of the eclipe on monday April 8-2024 

From The Venusian L 

“The week ahead provides a profound shift in consciousness for those who have completed their first life mission (karmic requirements) and are ready for the official New Earth experience.  This kicks off with the total Solar Eclipse on April 8th (the first 8:8 stargate of the month) which is presented as a powerful portal that offers a way out of the old earth dynamics and into the first (karmic-free) Cosmic Creation Cycle that became available to inhabit on the March equinox.
This means that those who are fully resolved of their past will now have the means to merge with their future to embody the Presence of GOD on Earth.  This shift in creation dynamics from past to Presence is one of untold blessings for only those of pure Heart will be able to participate, making the New Human Heart Grid a true place of purity and protection from lower forces on Earth.
As each participating member of the New Earth hologram is granted access based on these vital credentials of purification, Starborns are guaranteed a safe space on this planet for the first time in human form.  The separative forces will no longer apply to those crossing the boundary between dimensional worlds and entering a plane of existence where the rules & physics of the divided world no longer apply.
And so the days beyond “The Great American Solar Eclipse” are slated to begin a great new adventure…the adventure of a thousand lifetimes for those ready-willing-able to lead the Way-Truth-Life.  Those preparing to perform their Star duties on Earth are readying for deployment, steadily moving into position to enact new missions of Service that will require the applied skill & mastery honed in decades prior.
To achieve this, the New Earth Leaders must begin again as LOVE (unified Love·Light) to display the tangible reality of the Cosmic Christ in manifest form.  This is no longer conceptual but physical in the sense that those who are crossing the “event horizon” to enter the Cosmic Creation Cycle are now embodying the universal structures required to reshape reality in alignment with the Original Divine Plan for Earth & humanity.
This means that the first Cosmic Citizens of the new, enlightened society on Earth are preparing to receive/decode these new orders from on High to initiate the unfolding objectives of Operation Eden.  Once deployed, there will be no turning back, no returning to the old/to the way things were, and so we are encouraged to use this (Mercury) retrograde cycle for closure…to release the remains of our karmic past and realign with the Cosmic Current that is building to a crescendo point.
Those who do, those who hook into the Cosmic Current and ride the wave of the future into the present will be rewarded handsomely as the organic structures are now in place to support the new paradigm of authentic abundance by which our outer reality is a true reflection of our inner, purified landscape.
And so the prevailing guidance is to spend these final moments of the old earth creation cycle in full faith of its completion⇾ suspended in non-judgment, open to what may come.  The days ahead are no longer created from those behind and so for many, this moment is one to remember as the last of the karmic experience of life on Earth.  From this month forward, all that we have known will change dramatically as we shift to align with all that awaits us on the other side. “ 🌈

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