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Pre-recorded interview with Luis Fernando Mostajo

Pre-recorded interview with Luis Fernando Mostajo

July 31st, 2020 2:45pm PST.

00:18:40 Starts:

[Rob introduces Luis Fernando]

00:26:22 Question 1:

  1. From your lifetime of contact with the masters and the Guides of The Sky can you talk about the overall divine plan and how lightworkers can work to aid in their personal and the planetary healing working towards ascension in concert with this plan.

Luis: Rob, to talk about a cosmic plan in this time on earth takes us back not only to a year or two but thousands of years ago. What is happening is a consequence of a large process that these congregated in a great world’s confederation, come to help us. They are part of a cosmic plan. This cosmic plan has been designed by 24 solar regent consciousness, cosmic architects at the head so to speak of this organization of confederated worlds in our galaxy. They will be the ones drafting assistance plans to worlds in evolution such as ours.

Those aid plans have to do with what is now happening through some contact groups or isolated people that are spotted by these beings, and are contacted, taken to  theirs cities so that; being that the human being, since we are born, we learn by imitation, when we come in contact and communication with them we could witness something really important my dear friends.

There are civilizations that have overcome illness. There are civilizations that have overcome war. There are civilizations that have overcome the best of their aspirations accomplishing a world in harmony and balance, love and peace. So, this cosmic plan, what it tries to do is to show us that there are civilizations that have accomplished overcoming the problems that we as humanity are living now; as humanity and as society. We can do it too. This is in essence how this cosmic plan has been designed.


2.) In the light of the Planetary crisis and the purging of negativity that is ongoing in our world’s political and societal infrastructure what is your feeling on the restrictions and fear-based media culture and the fake pandemic that is destroying businesses and personal lives. How can we deal with this situation and what should our reaction be to inculcate more peace and harmony with our fellow man?

Luis: The guides were very clear by telling us that these first six months of 2020, were going to be a big test in the change and transformation that our humanity is living. Now, the interesting part is that they are being very clear that as how the tests are, the success comes. So, they told me specifically that all the sanitary crisis problem that we are living through what is Covid19 around the world, it has its highest peak by mid-year (June, July) – then the sanitary crisis will be controlled and we will overcome it. However, what is coming after is the most important part. Like the light at the end of the tunnel. What we are living is not either an isolated event. Just like the cosmic plan belongs to thousands of years ago, we are now living a transition and transformation as society, at the pollical, economical level among all the structures that our humanity is based, which are decades old.  Among that change and transformation process that humanity is living, and that it is taking us evidently to a collective consciousness awakening, and to a higher level of consciousness. There are seven years. They talk about seven years, between 2018 and 2025. Some of what I will present to you in a little bit, has to do with what the guides and masters call a countdown. Which can be constituted as prophesies given by this great white brotherhood and the extra-terrestrial guides for this time.

What we are observing, which could look like a pandemic situation orchestrated by the multinationals to have more control over our society, it is also coming to an end. We should not be in fear, or frightened. We know that the bigger the test, the higher the success, and on that note, we are creating a generalized note where we have to take control of our destiny.  Therefore we will start to see the balance move towards the events, product of the different movements that are being generated in the United States, Europe, South America, and in all countries of the world so that these great transnationals and these “hidden groups” to call them something, which have been arbitrarily orchestrating the keeping our consciousness as slave – so to speak- to the majority of our human collective.

The guides have told us that the best way to overcome this is with our own consciousness awakening. How can we do it? – Through all the Techniques and development of contact, first and foremost of us, with ourselves.  And, that consciousness awakening will allow us precisely to remove the veil from our eyes, open our mind to these new realities and see deeply what has been manifesting in the physical plane and the spiritual plane in its true dimension.

In other words, let’s not concentrate our energy in negative aspects, entering a panic situation and fear with this “pandemic” – so to speak – created, but let’s focus on the light, though the light and with the light, present and constantly because that will be our biggest and best protection, and force.


  1. What are the timelines and the projected future for humanity as we move forward? When will things get better and can you give us some hope and positive news now as many are frozen with a tremendous amount of fear!  

Luis: The guides and masters that contact me, have anticipated that in these seven years called the countdown, we will live many events that are definitive and defining, in this changing process that our humanity is living. In 2025, we expect to come out of the peak we have reached as transformation events, the eye of the storm and we can move together in a way that is coordinated and conscious, to set the new alignment for the birth of the new humanity and consequently the establishment of a new era. All of these is possible, they have accomplished it, why not us?

This is the hope and alternative message they give us, with their sole presence in this time. We are dear friends, the architects of our own destiny, and as creators of our own destiny, we can cocreate a world to the size of our ideals. This is the goal, that we become participants, and protagonists of this transformational change, wherever we are.

Rob: [Introduces Asks to introduce PowerPoint.]

Luis: We are now demonstrating information that has to do with this that we are talking about. We are going to go in depth of how this seven-year countdown and how these prophecies given by the ancient masters of the great white brotherhood, given for this time, have been creating the frame of transformation for our humanity and planet. If you look at the screen, just like I mentioned on the first question you asked, this cosmic plan of which we are a part, was anticipated to my persona over forty years ago, in 1977, these beings were telling me that earth was going to begin to be influenced by energy surges coming from the center of the galaxy. These surges coming from the center of the galaxy were going to be detached by the central sun from the milky way known as Manasi Sun. These bubbles you are looking at are in reality concentrations X rays and Gamma rays emissions produced, probably plasma, a type of gas from the center of the galaxy. All these movement and concentration of energy is projecting ultraviolet energy and that ultraviolet energy is arriving as I was told more than forty years ago to our solar system.

In our solar system, the sun starts catalyzing this energy, it receives it and – what does it receive from the central sun in the galaxy through these ultraviolet energy surges? – Programs, live programs that have to do with the beginning of a new cosmic guide. Then, the sun receives them and projects them. Where does it project them? – It projects them specifically to the worlds that circle this wonderful astro.  In that sense, when this energy arrives to earth, to the atmosphere, it affects directly to what the constant wave of our planet’s vibration, known as Shuman Effect. This is interesting because, all these energies that the sun receives, and projects and catalyzes comes to our planet as programs. New life programs. And these new life programs have made the modification in the past years, my dear friends, Rob, what is the wave or Shuman Frequency.

For those who haven’t heard about the Shuman Frequency, let me remind you that, in the decade of the 50s, when they were developing the first space flights, the first astronauts – and maybe not too many people knows about this – but every time they went outside of the atmosphere and came back, they came back with a lot of emotional and physical problems. Shuman discovered that the human being, or Earth has a constant vibration of 7.8 hertz, and that when the human being is not in contact with that Earth frequency tends to displace and alter its physical, emotional and spiritual state.  In this sense, they develop a special machine that reproduces this frequency and overcoming this problem for the astronauts.

What is most interesting about all these my dear friends is that this Shuman frequency, while it started in 1950, to date, it has been modified and transformed; it is no longer 7.8 hertz, but it is 12, 13 and much more. How have we been able to see this transformation of the constant Earth vibration?  – Through an activation of the neural network of the Earth. The planet, just like us, is a living being, and it has a neural network (Chakras), central energy vortices, and these natural energy vortices which the guides and masters call them “Exons” – And let’s not forget that the exons are components of our own blood and also for the planet, in charge of transferring and storing information.  Those are found in our DNA and at the same time, it is manifested in the spiritual body of the planet and these planarian exons make out a whole neuralgic network.  Today are a product of the entrance of this cosmic energy to the solar system and from the solar system is projected through the solar wind to Earth via the ring of fire, specifically. It has activated what is called the igneous mass of the Earth. In the igneous mass of the Earth there is an incandescent sun, and that incandescent sun has the shape of a sphere. That sphere is known by the masters as internal temple of the planet and is called by them as the dodecahedron. This dodecahedron which is the spiritual center, the internal temple, the heart of our mother Earth, is the one that sends the signals of vibration change that are received from the center of the galaxy and are projected by the sun, so that Earth, especially in this shift, in this activation of all of its planetarium neural network begins to re-dimension by itself in a frequency, in an eight, superior state of consciousness and manifestation in its physical plane, etherical plane, spiritual plane.

How is this re-dimensioning of our planet manifested in this new vibration frequency? – Through the elements that make it. We find here that in the last years, the volcanic activity, product of the reception of these cosmic rays on Earth has increased. – Why is this important? – Because volcanos my dear friends are something like our radial nerve endings, which connect directly with our matrix, a few centimeters above the timo. This is how, these planetary neural network, just like our fingers connect to the network of our matrix of all our nervous network, centimeters above our timo, the volcanic network connects with what’s called the Ignea Mass of the Earth or the sacred temple of our mother nature known as the decahedron.

It is a terminal, all of this neural network of volcanos known as the ring of fire. It is constituted by approximately 570 volcanos active and inactive. However, that re-dimension that our planet is going through is only being manifested through the volcano networks but also the wind, and all of these hurricane storms or mega storms which have been incrementing during the past years. We have to take into account something really important and that is that, it is not bad that this is happening. It is bad for us because it affects us in our way and lifestyle. However, what is really happening my dear friends, is that the Earth is re-dimensioning itself. In this new vibration frequency and it does it through the elements that make it, which are nature’s elements.

This is why we are seeing that most of the storms and volcano activities and bigger seismic movements, it is because earth itself, in this shifting is christifying itself. Here is when we start talking about what Robert was asking me a few minutes ago in this such important year which is 2020, and what is happening on earth with our world.

You’ll remember that May 4th had a very important event, or April 9, actually, and that is the fact that, in the early morning of April 9th, the NASA satellite stereo registered an alteration in the electromagnetic field of the planet. A tremendous distortion, as you can observe on the screen.

This distortion made that on the same day, simultaneously, (something that had never happened before) activate 15 volcanos simultaneously. Among them the son of Krakatoa, and this is how we’ve witnessed in April this change and modification in the geomagnetic field of the Earth, has activated simultaneously these 15 volcanos and this shows us that earth has arrived to an epicenter of transformational change in which it is crystalizing.

You probably would remember that in the past months the internet has been flooded and the social networks with rivers that used to be polluted, and now they have crystalline waters. The atmosphere has cleaned, thanks to the stopping of almost three quarters of humanity.

Earth, somehow in that metamorphosis or new birth in the physical, etherical, spiritual plane, has begun to crystalize itself. What is very interesting al well in this very special date, the stereo satellite was able to register how the moment that this proximity to earth happened in April and that there was this great solar flare, a mega infrastructure, a ship that sends a cone of light to earth, in a way of protection when this movement happens, this magnetic transformation and the activation of more than 15 volcanos. This shows my friends that we are not alone.

In this transformational process of Earth, and this consciousness awakening of humanity, we are not alone. We are being accompanied by these civilizations, in the great cosmic plan created and designed for our consciousness awakening since thousands of years ago and it is now being truthfully accomplished day to day.

This is why the masters and guides that are helping us since thousands of years ago, have given us clues, that are very concrete for the development of different activities and missions in this transformational change that we are living. Let me invite you to watch this presentation where the guides, since 2017 when I was in Novara, Italy. When we were with Ana, my wife, who I was working with in this anticipated consciousness awakening and contactees, anticipated to me that 2018 (I received this in 2017 in the north of Italy) – then, this Venusian guide known as Amani, here we have her – this is one 3D representation of how she is – Amani is a Venusian teacher, and she give me this message, where she tells me that in 2018, first of all, these confederated worlds that visit us, will begin a process of global contact. Do you think it is a causality that the pentagon and different countries at the global level are beginning to free their secret archives about the phenomenon r the presence of aero anomalies in different parts of the world?  – This comes perfectly to coincide with the fact that, the confederation vessels are each time more present in the places where these changes are taking place.

The Venusian teacher goes on to say “we will be with you along this humanity transformation, for what we know is an advance of what is already know in the collective of earth consciousness, that you are not alone and there are a group of civilizations that are with you now, just like in the past in your awakening.” – she goes one saying “seven years from 2018 to 2025, in a countdown of continuous assistance that will be set in the recognition of your true cosmic ascension.” – Our Earth, our humanity truly has stellar genetics. This is why these beings that are not new here but have been thousands of years ago are among us and with us, so we can remember the origin, the stellar essence of which we truthfully come from.

At the same time, they keep saying; “Light due to its intensity, will polarize many in the imbalance, taking them to a frenzy of conflagration and confrontation, which will end up sealing a past of pain and suffering, nothing will be like before.” –

This is very interesting because in this communication the extraterrestrial guides anticipate to me that in the month of September 9, 2018; there will be cosmic consciousness and solar ones coming into our planet, like in the past they would observe closely this process of transition of our Earth and humanity during these seven years from 2018 to 2025 to its new consciousness state.

We organized a programed contact for September 9, 2018 where Robert was a witness of, in one of the most magical places now a days in our planet knows as “the finger of God” – The tallest volcano in the world which is found in Bolivia and that would be the epicenter of power where the great white sisterhood is manifesting.  In that time, those who were present, such as our dear investigator and contactee, Robert Potter as well. Present on September 9, 2018.

  • What happened those days? – Let me show you so you can remember it.

Rob: Yes, I remember.

From September 6th to 11th, there were able to register massive ships coming out of the sun as if the sun was a great portal. This is why many solar observatories were simply closed. There are many explanations given about this, the most important part is that, extra-officially, these amateur astronomers were able to register the entrance of these massive ships during the days that we had been announced.

  • Video playing: voice explains ships appearing from coming out of the sun. In both videos you can see the bigger ships and the smaller objects. They are not objects that are reflection from the camera but UFOs. Could this be the reason of the closure of seven observatories in the United States?

Luis: Just like they’ve anticipated to us, not only they appeared during those day, but the observatories were closed, and we were able to witness this in plain sun light how the ships were being present. 

In this gathering where Robert Potter was present in September 9, 2018, we were also presential witnesses of the manifestation of the guides and masters that were more than ever close to us. Giving us the start of what they call the count down from 2018 to 2025. We had sights that allowed us to see how close these confederated worlds are from all of us. These that you observe, was finally presented as a chronicle of the contact in England, months later by someone else like Robert Potter. An investigator, Sergio Gusberg, creates a chronicle of the contact, which you can observe here, practically it says – “from my personal experience and after finding Luis Fernando, I have no doubt that this man is 100% sincere and has had contact with extra-terrestrials and members of our spiritual hierarchy and he is telling the truth.

This is important because the contact as such, because true, just like they had anticipated before at the skirts of the highest volcano in the world called Sahama, and it gave the starting to a series of fulfilling prophecies untold events in our seven year countdown from 2018 to 2025 which is what we are witnessing now.

This has to do with the pandemic, and the release of information of extraterrestrial presence in our world. This is how, 2018, and beginning of 2019, the masters communicate with me again and tell me that 2019, in this seven-year countdown of 2018 to 2015, is denominated by them as the year of contact. – What does this mean?  – In 2019, an “ito” is formed. It is an “ito” for the galactic confederation for close encounters to our humanity.

It is not a coincidence that from 2019 to this quarantine with this UFO wave at world level, the manifestation of endless number of UFOs, and the registration of filming, even from the space station to our atmosphere. The registering of massive amount of ships to earth. This had been previously anticipated by the masters and guides and extraterrestrial beings as part of a plan of proximity and freedom of information to our humanity that we are not alone.

When I got this information at the beginning of 2018, they sent me information about this man called Chico Xavier. Who is a prophet, a psychic of Brazil. 50 years ago he had anticipated that the beings that contacted him, the guides that contacted him manifested too him that if earth, if humanity didn’t auto-destroy itself in those 50 years, then the worlds confederation where they came from, would open the doors of their center so we could incorporate ourselves consciously to this cosmic plan. These civilizations that help us in a conscious and coordinated way. This is exactly what is happening.  I invite you to watch this video.

Video plays: About Chico Xavier (46.19-49)

Luis: This is interesting because they are announcing something that happened in 1969 and anticipated that in 2019, 50 years later, it would mark the “ito” in the proximity of these civilizations that visit us and that will define our humanity in the knowing of our existence which is undeniable of this civilizations that are helping us.

You would remember that there are several videos that have been registered with massive ships that are coming into the atmosphere and that inescapably, as we can observe have gone viral on social media. They show us that in 2019 and 2020, and during this quarantine and confinement, we are being helped by an infinity of ships that have arrived in Earth as a product of this transformational change that we are living.

Dear friends, 2019 was pre-fixed 50 years ago to be the year of the beginning of massive oncoming that would push for the release of information in the different world leaders that have it as secret, and the way is happening now. How it is now being placing the pentagon so that all the information be released, all the information stored about the presence of extraterrestrials in our planet.

Why is this important? – Something very special happens in 2019 as well.  You’ll remember that in April of 2019, we were able to register for the first time, what is considered now a days, a historical photograph for our humanity. This was possible due to the synchronicity of eighth telescopes, so that they could register for the first time what is known as the black hole.

How is this relevant and the transcendence to have been able to register the physical presence of this black hole?

The relevance is as follows: Like the scientist don’t know what happens to all the stars, – that this hole – which are disseminated throughout the galaxy and universe. Every 48 hours it eats a star. Where do they go? What happens? No one can give a real explanation, but the truth is that these black holes are the limit and the most external part of our physical universe, as the extraterrestrial beings that help me. When we, just like 500 years ago, Colon integrates America to the official history of the civilized world, the same way (we know that Vikings got here first but officially it was taken historically the arrival of Colon to America) to make a linear history of what happened after his arrival. The same as 500 years ago America was discovered (let’ just call it that, the American conquest) – the same way, 500 years later we are able to open our borders in the four latitudes of the atmosphere that surround us to the cosmos and we begin to take consciousness about a new reality and we stop from being the homo sapiens to the homo galactic. That being that is waking up in its true essence and nature, divine and stellar.

When we register the furthest most confinement of our septennial physical universe which is the one, we share with these civilizations that help us. The same way we begin to start contact and communication with this new spiritual, ethereal reality that goes beyond the black holes and that the masters and extraterrestrial guides know it and name it as the eternal universe and beyond that eternal universe, they claim that there is an essential universe.

The most interesting thing about this my friends is that this eternal universe connects with the base of an energy which is the co-creator, the fundamental essence of everything that is created in this material universe which is the Christyc energy, which is the energy of love. In this way, in this time of changes and transformations that we are living, in this time of maelstrom in which changes and transformations are happening at an accelerated pace. If we are not attentive to everything that has been happening, we are simply letting the wisdom that these times bring us to be lost as the water slipping through our fingers -very quickly.

In this context, this Christyc energy begins to be operative and active as in the past, with the arrival of this solar consciousness, in this seven-year countdown with our humanity in this time.

It is very interesting that the guides, being in Italy last year precisely in the Alps in Monte Rosa; the guides and masters communicate to me again and tell me that in 2020, withing this seven year countdown will be considered by them as the year of communion. When I received this, I couldn’t understand what they were trying to tell us really, when they said that this year would be considered as the year of communion.

They said, “The year 2020 will be a year of great communion, which will allow a great light to be liberated over humanity, stabilizing erratic energies in magnetic fields of peace and harmony.” Here comes the interesting part. At the same time, they anticipated mid last year, – the masters had anticipated this that we are living. – In 2020, you’ll see how with the magnetic change of the earth, there will be alterations in nature’s order, and the sky never seen before. Coming to a peak of closing and extreme expansion. Everything will come as the anteroom of a new order and new light which will settle the bases of this now new time.”

This is very interesting because it anticipates to us, last year that this year, we’d see things never seen before. And that all these has to do with the alterations of the magnetic field of earth and the nature’s own order which will help generate events as we are seeing now, events never seen before. Arriving to a peak of closure and extreme expansion. When the masters tell us, in this received communication, over a year ago in June last year. That this was for them considered as the year of communion, when finally, thanks to the sanitary emergency, this 2020, three quarters of humanity are confined in their own homes, I understand what the masters and extraterrestrial guides were talking about. In this moment, we’ve been confined in this time, so that each one of us starts to live in our own internal fires, within its own heart, and its own consciousness. That catharsis and real union with themselves and loved ones, with their siblings, parents, children, husbands, wives. Then, in this confinement time, we are really living a luck, like the planet of catharsis. If we really after this sanitary crisis that we are living.  – Forgetting this was orchestrated or not by dark interests. The fact is that it has happened, it is happening, we are living it, and after this process that we are living we come out the same, then we need more time to reflect. 

We have been confined so that, the same way our planet is living it, this crystallization, this christifying, we could live this catharsis, this communion, in our most intimate core.

Just like the guides and masters had anticipated in this communication, that we’d see events never seen before, have begun to show in different parts of the world, videos, showing situations as natural phenomena. I leave you with this video that was registered in Birmingham just a month ago.

Video plays: Music only.

This is not the sun, is not a reflection of the glass. You can observe the lock of the window.  This is an energy bell. Look how the object comes out of there.

Here in the quarantine we are living, we’ve been able to register the presence, equally the presence of the confederated ships that exist, coming specifically from Venus. This typical ship, which is a great cylinder with two big spheres. We’ve been able to observe at close proximity, whether during the day or at night.

In fact, in more than one occasion I’ve been able to see this ship come down and I’ve been in contact with them directly. At the same time, I recognize the origin and the origin of this object as being from Venusian origin.

We had this years ago, in mid-day, and in this trip Robert Potter was with us as well in this trip of solar activation that we had at the Andes mountains and Titicaca Lake, to which we are inviting you to participate next year, 2021, by mid-year, probably in August to be able to live together these experiences of close encounters with the extraterrestrial guides that are assisting us; the ancient masters of the great white sisterhood. We can observe this ship, with two spheres rotating in its own axe in plain daylight.

Video plays: testimonials of eyewitnesses (01:05:05 to 01.05.35)

These are testimonials that I am sharing of experiences like the one we had last year with Robert Potter and Sergio Gusberg in September 2018.  Because furthermore than what I can state that I am a Contactee by the masters and extraterrestrial guides, in particular the Venusian guides. The testimonial of third parties, like in the case of Ana, like you saw in the video, where she gives faith and testimony that I received a communication where they mentioned a specific place and time, and at that time and in that place, the ship appeared supporting the group of contact.  This is important because it’s not because I say it, but they are the ones that constitute the presential witnesses, that the experience was anticipated, and it became true. The ones that make the essence and give it the personality, so to speak to the experience of programmed contactee. Defining in particular 2019 as the year of contact, where I had in America, United Statas, South America and Europe, programmed contacts in more than five opportunities.

Video plays: Testimonial from French person (01:07:30 to 01:10:00)

With these life experience testimonials, in the last group in Malaga, and the different viewing filmed this year during the quarantine, give statement that the experience is real. This is happening now; the contact is happening. Look here; these triangular ships which we saw in another opportunity with Robert Potter, at the Andes mountains here is Bolivia, two or three years ago, there was a presence. – Look here, in Siberia and Russia April 6, 2020.

Video plays: (01:10:40 to 01:11:16)

That same ship on the same month of April 1st at 9:30 p.m. we see it furrow the space above our home here in La Paz, with the same characteristics, in formation; forming a long triangle with one of these spheres as we can observe in the photography, signaling the direction of this object.

To reaffirm this experience is really happening and contact is really happening as this last viewing in July, on July 1st, 2020. Being in contact with the masters the minute this object aligns vertically with me, simply in a way of greeting. This ship starts its fuselage in such a spectacular way, greeting, and making us feel its warmth and energy and the proximity with which the masters and guides are with everyone and each one of us.

All of this why and for what? – Because we are living in a time, my dear friends of changes and transformations that gets us closer like never before to what are the steps of our beloved master Jesus the Christ.

When Robert starts this dialog, this presentation, this conference and interview and makes allusion to the introduction of my most recent book “The seal of the dragon” -words that I am very grateful for dear Robert, to the mentioning you make to all the trajectory we’ve been sharing with the masters and extraterrestrial guides from the great white brotherhood. All of these angelical group, this great solar consciousness that are now an implicit part of our day to day, our awakening. When you introduce this book, which happily is now translated to English, so that we can all internalize on what is happening with the great white brotherhood, with this Christyc cosmic energies, now active and operating on earth. When you introduce precisely to this wonderful experience which is “The seal of the dragon” – To give you a summary to all of you who are watching and listening, this is a trip, a way to conscious awakening that gets us closer to our most intimate forum which is found and resides in the deepest parts of our hearts and consciousness. It is that internal crust, that internal master that has to do with a called “The sword of Michael” which is found specifically in the context of that planetary neuralgic network that is now more than active in Europe. I was guided by the hand of the great white brotherhood and taken to go through and observe all of these places, initially from England in 2011, and then to Italy, France, Greece, to conclude in the three years of ministry that had our beloved master Jesus in the holy land. All of this to be aware that the limit that those eight telescopes photographed about the black hole, the most distant confinement of our physical, material reality in this universe septennial, which has to do with the presence; it manifests this wonderful Christyc energy, the energy of love. It has gotten us closer to that solar consciousness that are now active and operative on earth, and that have to do with the awakening of our consciousness and that communion that has to happen with each one of us but with ourselves. This being said; I invite you truly that we all together reflect in a real communion with our own heart where all the answers are, where all the truths are manifested. It is not far nor distant from each one of us, dear friends, it is within ourselves, with us, and withing ourselves. The infinite love, the wonderful Christyc energy. Of which are equally carriers our extraterrestrial guides, the masters from Venus. The Venusian guides be the firm holders that in this year, in this time, we are starting a new voyage of awakening of consciousness in the biggest sense of expression. Please receive a strong and warm hug, from the Andes Mountains, and the Titicaca Lake, your friend, and true brother. We are in contact.

Thank you, Robert.

Rob: [Closes the interview.]

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