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The Omnion


The Omnion, acts like a capacitor in that it is storing energies and acting as a transducer regulating and discharging the energies of the system with the moon cycles and connecting the entire system with the grid pathway of the entire earth. In this respect it acts as a capacitor in harmony for maximum power building the effect over the entire moon cycle or even several cycles for alchemical transmutation or healing mentally or to be projected to the reality around us. The movement of the Omnion, is like the movement of the ceiling inside the Kings and Queens chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza. The ceilings actually would raise and lower all the time to maintain the “Tuning” of this magnificent edifice to be resonant with the natural planetary and cosmic energies. There are many other functions of the Great Pyramid which I will share in the future in regards to its use esoterically as an initiatory chamber and rejuvenation system.

What is a Pyramid  ?

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In The Great Pyramid there was a series of other technologies that worked in unison together. These technologies were able to work in conjunction with various natural systems of cosmic energies both physical and multidimensional. The advanced knowledge of the ancient Sirians who along with the sensitive and more etheric and trans-dimensional population of the earth humans present on the earth at the time of their construction were able to build in many multiple purposes for the great Pyramid. 


The building of the that pyramid and many other pyramids used spaceships and levitation beams. The description of how they were built will be revealed in another blog. One of the purposes of the Great Pyramid was able to combine natural and manmade forces into a nonharmful wireless free energy system. This system was in harmony with the body and did not destroy or damage or act to entrain biological and subtle plasma energetic bodies and their attendant pathways that are harmful to our health like 5G does today.

The Venusians have assured me that when certain prerequisites are met that once again they will mentor us into this abundant and infinite energy to broadcast all over the planet with only a receiving station antenna needed to harness this energy from anywhere within the line of site. This is why there are many pyramids all over the earth as many of the people of the earth used the free energy provided by these pyramids. This was until mankind once again sought to destroy each other through the misuse of these powerful natural forces that were so foolishly deployed against their fellow man.

In fact, inside the Great Pyramid the Grand Gallery leading up to the Queen and the Kings Chamber there was a tank with treads that moved along a guiding track about ten feet above the now elevated manmade staircase present today. This tank was able to utilize the many precious gemstones that have been now removed to calibrate the specific frequencies of these gemstones with a type of fusion reactor that was inside the Kings Chamber.

The Omnion has crystals that I personally have gathered from all over the world. These crystals and stones come from many sacred sites and power places on the earth. These locations include. Mt Shasta, Haleakela on Maui, The great Pyramid of Egypt, Sakkara Egypt, Lake Titicaca- Island of the Sun and The Moon, Urmirri outer retreat of the Great White Brotherhood, Sajama Volcano in Bolivia, Illampu Mountain Great White Brotherhood Inner Retreat, Bosnia Pyramid, China.

This will allow the entire Promise Pyramid System to connect with these locations all over the world. When the System is set up and fully functional it can act as a natural portal in conjunction with the higher consciousness of the individual or individuals to effect great change on the planet.

A series of natural stones from the nearby environment placed inside the mixing chamber of the Mega Orb-Irradiators will active and connect with the natural vortices and natural portals connecting with etheric grid of the planet. This System technology is a great tool for the awakened populace of light workers to begin to use to activate their higher selves in harmony to alchemically transmute themselves into a more loving and aware human beings.
With Love
Rob Potter