Irradiator and Mega Orb


The Irradiator and the Mega Orb are the key to the Promise Pyramid Systems and work much like a laser in which the energy/frequency is raised to a high velocity and projected. Except in the case of the Irradiator, a focused beam of multi-dimensional life force is sent out in a timeless scalar wave through all time and space.

In the Irradiator, we feed processed energy from some of the crystals. We then amplify the energy with Crystals and the Violet Ray floating ground Tesla Promise Power supply. This energy field then coalesces into a vertical beam and then is projected in a trapezoidal pattern. One of the secrets about the projection of fohatic force over a vast distance. These two devices work together with floating ground Tela Coils and the other products in the Promise Pyramid Systems catalog. Watch Video Tutorial: Irradiator Mega Orb Tesla Coil 

The Promise System has a long history of over 47 years so we want you to have all the information necessary to understand the amazing device more thoroughly. Please Read Alana Declaration  Part 1Please Read Dedication To Fred Bell Part IIPromise Pyramid Systems Technology part IIIPromise Pyramid Systems Technology part IV

Pyramid Protecting Against EMF 5 g ELF and Micro Waves showing the Farady cage effect of the pyramid.

Promise Pyramid Sytems Owners Manual 

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The Two Work As One

The Mega Orb and Irradiator Work Together these two products are a main component of the Promise Pyramid Systems III. Along with the Tesla Power Supply Crystals and Lasers, you have a very strong frequency raising technology to aid in your spiritual multidimensional growth process.


The mega orb is the second-generation orb that will handle multiple numbers of gemstones and includes the processing chambers where the horizontal eight-petal lotus field is polarized vertically and sent directly. Into the irradiator column.  The processing chamber is necessary because the addition of negative ion generators greatly accelerates the speed of the electron cloud from the chambers A quartz or diamond, crystal, or Gemstone is used as a processing gem.

The Mega Orb was specially designed for use only with the Irradiator. The reason for its conception was that when an ordinary Orb was used, with only one chamber, it severely limited the output of the Irradiator column. The regular Orb can be used by itself for an effect whereas the Mega Orb can only be used in conjunction with the irradiator column as all the stainless steel circulatory is of the closed-loop design.

The Irradiator
The Irradiator works much like a laser in that the energy is raised to a high velocity and projected out of the base in one direction only. Let us look briefly at the laser.

The action of the Laser (Light Amplification of stimulation of Emissions of Radiation) is similar to the generation of electricity, except that instead of a rotating magnetic field being the source of motion, we use random light as our source of motion. (See the book, DEATH OF IGNORANCE. ) The random light separates itself inside of a medium and depending on the medium used (ruby rod, helium argon gas, etc.), filters itself into one frequency. This frequency, being one of the seven primary colors, then leaves the crystal in a high-energy beam.

In the Irradiator, we feed in processed energy from one of the Orb bases, step it up, focus 1t into a vertical beam, and project it outward in a very tight pattern. One of the secrets in the projection of fohatic force over a vast distance via a pyramidical structure lies in grounding the apex of the pyramid with the feed wire coming up from the Orb column which is placed at the base of the Irradiator column.

Here we see the Horizontal Vertical relationship of the Mega Orb-irradiator combination. T1, T2, T3, T4, (occurring on the next node not shown) are determined specifically by what gemstones and negative ion sources are used to modulate combined outputs.


One of the amazing features of Pyramids is the negative ion effect. This is the special aspect of the pyramids’ sub-atomic transduction of the Anu or ultimate physical atom that provides prana or life force. The Pyra=Fire Mid=Middle or Fire in the Middle as I am want to call it is what helps the physiological structure of the body to balance itself when influenced by pyramid energy.

Though negative ions are not registered under a pyramid with traditional measuring electronic devices the Anu or prana-chi-orgone-qi force is nonetheless the same. This life force is what gives all beings life through the ferrous and ferric exchange of the respiratory process.

Therefore, all the Promise Pyramid Systems increase vitality and enhance longevity. Pyramids supercharge your body with lifeforce in fact pyramid energy is good for plants and animals and can be used in many ways. Animals love pyramid-charged water and is a great way to keep them healthy.

I hope you will enjoy your Promise Pyramids in all the applications suggested and IN ANY other way you deem appropriate.


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