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What is a Pyramid?

A large volume of magnetic concentration exists within the pyramidal boundaries which helps protect the human body from adverse effects of negative energies and radio frequencies. With regular use, the pyramids help create a beneficial environment for your body to function properly.

Pyramid energy properly defined is: Progressive energy transfer through geometric focusing and dynamic electrical amplification over measured plane of coordinates. Simply stated, the pyramid shape acts like a lens and focuses the earths magnetism.

The Pyramid is shaped like the Carbon Atom which is one of the base structures of creation. The Carbon Atom is a tetrahedron and has the inherent characteristic that when aligned to magnetic north is rings and sings!

The pyramid shape acts as a prism and refracts the earths magnetism into seven levels of energy. Unlike a prism the Ray energy at the top of the pyramid would be red, the 2nd layer would be blue, the 3rd layer would be green, the 4th layer would be yellow, the 5th layer would be orange, the 6th layer would be purple and the 7th layer would be violet.


Everything on the material plane is composed of the four building blocks of nature. These are carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen. Earth, air, water and fire would be how the shamans and indigenous peoples describe these forces.

The ANU or divine masculine feminine vortex light fractal “Heart Wave” that is reflected in the Merkaba and the entire holographic universe!

All shapes have energy fields. It just so happens that the pyramid has the optimum energy field for the human body. The pyramid produces the ANU or the ultimate physical atom. In modern scientific terms, the pyramid produces a negative ion effect.

Note: This is a diamond, which like an iron molecule, has an octahedral shape, as does gold! This is why gold and diamonds and even crystals are valued because of the scared life force energies which are inherent in the pyramid shape. This is known by ETs so all of the world’s temples are adorned with these sacred healing stones and metals, so that humanity may be exposed to this sacred metal of the Sun, which carries the divine masculine, magnetic healing properties!


Silver is the metal of the Moon and has the divine feminine, electric healing vibrations. This why we use them in our healing technologies! Some religions and people have degraded these materials by hoarding them in greed or using the stones as accessories to vanity and arrogant displays of wealth.


Gold has even been hoarded in vaults so people may not benefit from the healing pyramid energies. I hope this ignorance will end soon. Negative ions are the life force carriers in oxygen. When we breathe air, we extract a free electron or electrical charge from the air which powers the hemoglobin in our bloodstream. The hemoglobin actually contains an iron molecule in the center that is shaped like an octahedron.

Spiraling off this octahedral center like a starfish’s arms and the radial arms of a galaxy is a series of heme chains. These heme chains move and spiral through the blood picking up toxins and distributing life force throughout the body. This is also called the ferrous and the ferric exchange, which takes place in the alveoli of the lungs when we breathe.


The cellular membrane is so thin there is an ionic exchange between the blood and the air we breathe! So, in essence we are breathing an electrical charge from the air that powers our body. This life force is called many different names by many different cultures. Hindus call it Prana, the Japanese call it KI, the Chinese call it Chi, the Tibetans call it Tsumo, the Germans call it Odedic force. Wilhelm Reich called it Orgone! Science might call it Negative Ions however upon measuring the pyramid structure for negative ions none would be found! The reason for this is because the actual life force field that is contained in the negative ion is so small that it cannot be measured.

This is why it is said that the pyramid produces the negative ion effect! To help you understand what negative ions feel like, it is best to know how they are produced. Negative ions are produced by water meeting air, lightning, plants as well as pyramids.

We all know how good we feel when were exposed to the fresh air down by the seashore where the waves are crashing. Another example would be next to a waterfall or even in the desert after a fresh rain. On the open ocean when the wind is blowing across the sea, the freshness of the air and the euphoric feeling is undeniable.

Because plants produce negative ions, we always feel good when we are in the middle of the rain forest with plenty of trees and natural foliage all around us. In the ocean, algae is actually the number one source of the negative ions on the planet.

Unfortunately, mankind is polluting the oceans, cutting down the rain forests and polluting the air. This has led to a critical condition where that balance of the negative and positive ions in the atmosphere has been destroyed. Worldwide we have way more positive ions than negative ions in the worlds atmosphere today than we did 50 years ago. Negative ions build cells and are responsible for life. Too many positive ions cause sinusitis, rhinitis and various other allergic reactions. Positive ions also affect the serotonin levels emitted by the pituitary gland. This affects the attention span and the body’s ability to handle stress.

In nature, high serotonin levels are caused during the full moon and when hot winds blow across the desert. This positive ion condition is known to cause an increase in car accidents and criminal activity. There are more deaths during the full moon and generally people have a shorter tolerance for stress. In fact, these winds are known by various names around the world. In Germany, they are known as the Foehn, in Southern California they are called the Santa Ana Winds, in Colorado they are called the Chinook, and in South America they are known as the Witch’s Winds.

In the Middle East is called the Hamsin and translates to the number 50. This is because 50 is the average number of days per year that these hot desert winds are blowing across the desert. It is actually considered a mitigating circumstance if you commit a crime during the Hamsin. In other words, the middle eastern courts will give you leniency because they understand that you went a little crazy on this day when the winds were blowing across the desert. The scientific reason is because the serotonin levels in the blood were raised by the positive ion conditions.

This is why in the late ’70s the Russians were seen wearing pyramid shaped hats on their head on the Manchurian border in the late ’70s. A pyramid worn on the head can help mitigate the effects of a high positive ion atmosphere. A pyramid is shown to act as a Faraday Cage which can protect the body from radiation. This is evidenced in sleep when we jerk at night as our life force astral body is shocked back into the body due to electrical interference from modern day technologies. Sleeping under a Promise Portable sleeping pyramid can prevent this.

The pyramid is resonant to the Earth’s magnetic field and creates a life force energy. Pyra is from the Latin word for fire, and mid, is from the Latin word Mede, which means middle. So, pyramid is actually translated as: Fire in the middle!” Fire in the middle is an apt description for the natural life force that is found in the center of the pyramid.

In the Bible there is a passage, Isaiah 19:19: “In the heart of the land of Egypt, in the midst, on the border thereof, there lies an altar to The Lord.” This is, of course, is in reference to The Great Pyramid.


Pyramid Principle:
Metaphysically speaking, the pyramid is a principle of matter made flesh. It is a material object yet has an aura like living things like humans plants and animals.

The Christ Principal: The Christ principle is the principle whereby Mind conditioned by matter in flesh through time and space returns to the spirit!

Pyramid as Trans-dimensional Portal:

The pyramid itself is a trans-dimensional portal and is considered extremely important in inter-dimensional physics on many worlds throughout the Galactic Federation of Light, the pyramid is used understood and respected as responsible for enhancing life and is utilized in a multitude of ways!

On each world, the number of sides and the angles of the pyramid are different. The type of life, the geological make-up and specific gravity and consciousness that exists on these worlds will determine the exact dimensions. However, among-st the Galactic Federation of Light, it is common knowledge that the level of culture and consciousness upon a planet can be ascertained by observing the condition of the pyramid temples that exist on that world.

There is a universal spiritual order called the order of Melchizedek. This order contains both male and female priests who have dedicated themselves to serving others before they serve themselves. These beings exist in various pyramid temple societies located throughout the galaxy and act as counselors to the various peoples who reside thereon. I am honored to have been asked to join this order. I was inducted into “The Royal Order of Melchizedek” by Venusian who was present and was sponsored by Dr. Frank Stranges and commissioned by Commander Valiant Thor.

Valiant Thor is the Gentleman holding the papers he is the Commander of the Victor Class Fleet in charge of the Venusian Mission to aid the earth. Next to Val is Donn Thor, Jill I have personally met all 3 of three of these Venusians at various times in my life. They all serve earth from onboard Victor One which is the flag ship of the Victor Class Fleet & Valiant Thor is the Master in charge of all Venusian and Federation assisted operations on the earth.

Alaska HAARP Station in Full Power Mode


Why do we need these tools?:

Unfortunately, we live in a world of electromagnetic pollution, and the world is filled with universal discord and anxiety. So many assaults on our luminous light body have left most of us frazzled and fried. Especially nowadays in the workaday world of modern society, we are assaulted by impure water, chemtrails, chemicals of all kinds, Insecticides, pesticides, fluoridated water, ELF, 5g and Smart Meters, unhealthy genetically altered foods, smog, chemicals, vaccinations and electronic entrainment mind control from the TV and media, just to name a few of the auric de-stabilizer’s.

Unfortunately, these technologies are being used in a deliberate attempt to jam the frequencies and connection to our higher self. The assault on our physical lower personality vehicle is from all fronts and is quite effective on those who do not have these technologies available. Our bodies can resist and overcome these attacks if we can use our common sense and the right protective technologies. Of course, the solution is to remove these technologies from our society completely and to correct our societal infrastructure.

If we lived in a perfect world, this type of technology would not be needed so much for healing and the stabilizing of the Earth’s vortexes. However, the way things are right now it is clear that these devices are wonderful gifts, tools and agents and adjuncts to divine intervention.

George King The Voice of Interplanetary Parliament, Contactee and Founder of The Aetherious Society


Promise Pyramid Systems Divine Intervention Technology

A Gift From Semjase From The Pleiades:

Divine intervention, as I understand it, is the ability of awakened and enlightened mankind, working in synergistic harmony and cooperation with advanced extraterrestrial races to Anchor the light. Anchoring the light is an experiential process whereby Earth people act as intermediaries and transmitters of the spiritual life force into the heart of creation and the life force of the planet itself. We simply use pyramids to enhance and increase the individual’s connection to the natural trans-dimensional portals of life force which are all around us every day.

This activation or enhancement of the Earth’s portals and vortexes has been going on for thousands and thousands of years. Many different spiritual groups and contactee in the Earth’s history have taken part in portal activation and spiritual regeneration of the planet’s life streams through various forms of group gatherings and prayers.


Sincere Prayers:

Rainbow Family
In our present-day, the Native American Peyote meetings are particularly effective as are The National Rainbow Gatherings which take place every summer. These gatherings are seven-day events designed for world healing and prayers for peace. Sincere invocations of spiritual light bear fruit regardless of the particular religious sect to which the aspirant identifies with. The mighty I AM presence of God is ever-present everywhere and this eternal relationship between our earthly life and our soul is never separate from the eternal present. “Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door will open.”

On other worlds, this technology is used in other ways. Pyramidal arrays were seen in Richard Miller’s photographic “Tour of the Galaxy”. His camera was taken and the ET groups returned it to him after they had taken pictures with his camera while they toured the galaxy. In one particular picture, there was a photo of what I call an Irradiator and Mega Orb.

These are samples of gemstones and crystals that could be placed in the Irradiators & Mega Orbs that act as the base stations for the Light Towers Scalar field transmissions.

This is one of the charts of correspondences which relate to the Auric body or Mer-Ka-Ba Light body.

We all are responsive to vibrations from sound light and color. We all know there are 7 notes in a musical scale and 7 colors to the rainbow. This resonance to nature is a primal aspect of this advanced technology. The Light Tower is totally natural, totally healthy, safe and 100% positive healing energy.

Here below you will see various aspects of my pyramid technology and how it is used this information is available from Dr. Fred Bells’ book Rays of Truth and Crystals of Light. There are many exciting pictures below look through all of them if you are interested in any of this amazing healing technology please do not hesitate to call me anytime. You may also email me.

I am always available for presentations and workshops to reveal the mission of love that is in progress to enlighten mankind. Make no mistake we are now in a struggle for truth and justice. We will eventually triumph in this battle within ourselves to overcome hate ignorance, superstition and fear.

An educational background is valuable for the public to realize that eventual open contact with our space family is real. In my opinion, this teaching is urgently needed so that more people can have their own experience and gain what I consider is a most vital gnosis to help them through this process of awakening.

For this reason, I am available for speaking engagements on a variety of subjects from what I call Space family 101 to the more complex nuances of processing the disinformation scheme of the leaders of our world. The political situation we are now witnessing is a cause of great concern and more and more people are waking up to the absolutely real plan of the enslavement of humanity that is underway.

Most people involved in executing this plan have no idea their actions are supporting the demise of freedom and liberty. This is an insidious and unfortunate situation that must be overcome by our right actions and loving service.

Those principalities and powers that are the hidden hand and manipulate and control are experts in deception and confusion and do so with impunity through very enhanced technology and subtle forms of mind control. The general populace is herded like sheep toward limited thinking and lack of knowledge and truth consciousness towards despair through confusion and helplessness.

Light is knowledge and knowledge is power this is the crux of humanity’s problem an ignorance of the truth is how these manipulators stay in power. I hope to add a small donation to the truth consciousness revolution that all are seeking.

If you would like to learn more see my upcoming events or look at my YouTube channel, research this website or better yet contact me to arrange a talk or presentation. I can share information guide with tools. How to use my products to develop and strengthen your spiritual light bodies. I can help not only mentally though understanding revelations of truth. I can also help you by teaching you how to use my pyramid and crystal sound light and color technology.

In these Pyramid Systems Category you will see the various devices we have created from the Pleiadean, Venusian and Andromedean technology given through face to face contacts designed to help us help ourselves to develop our spiritual consciousness towards a healthy, peaceful, prosperous and harmonious life.


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Victory of The Light
Rob Potter

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