Star Sheild Orb

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Star Sheild Orb


This Star Sheild acts to ground ELF waves and protect against smart meter pollution. According to the Pleiadeans, this will nullify the carrier waves sent along with the regular electrical network that is propagating frequencies designed to jam our body’s electrical fields. This Star Orb Technology will also act to Dampen 5 G which is particularly harmful and dangerous to human health. For installation instructions of the Star Sheild and Devastar see the tutorial video and the image gallery associated with this Product. No more bad “Power To The People” only “Good Power To The People Right On” Rob Potter

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What is a Deva Star Sheild  product ?
Deva Star & Star Sheild Tutorial

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This device is recommended to be of the first purchases when creating a Promise Pyramid System. It is used by hanging from the ceiling without touching anything directly. By hanging from a hook with a nonconductive source we achieve what is called a floating ground. This Star Sheild and Deva Star Sheild have a braided wire that is connected to our steel frame nickel and gold sacred geometry design.  Then the wire runs along the wall and is plugged into the electrical socket on the home. However please note the plug has been altered and there are no positive or negative prongs on this plug! This plug is a three-prong plug but has only one prong on it. This is the ground prong! See the image in the Product photo gallery.

Smart Meter technology which was considered as very invasive and harmful has been associated by experts with the 2018 California Directed energy laser weapons from space satellites. This was a direct assault by unknown forces to spontaneously combust to start fires. I speak this truth which may be a hard pill for many to swallow. However, time will reveal the truth. I have some other secrets to combat these technologies I can share if you are interested to contact me.

These carrier waves are very dangerous to our electrical biofield and overall health. The 5g is especially invasive and hurts our Aura or Etheric body wreaking havoc on our consciousness. This is not the innocent by-product of a technology being misused but is rather a planned harmful assault on our spiritual consciousness. Why these electrical companies would partner with such invasive technology is difficult to fathom. There are agendas by elites 1 percenters using this for social monitoring & mind control. We here at The Promise provide the countermeasure to stop this madness and protect you from the adverse health effects caused by these dastardly plans. We also offer what is called a Devastar a larger version of the Star Sheild that is designed to work in larger homes over 2500 square feet. The Devastar is also needed if you live in a building with more than one floor. Please contact us by email for questions.