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What The Receptor Does In Layman’s Terms – The Receptor is an advanced design given to humanity by The Pleiadean cosmonaut Semjase in 1975. This is part of divine intervention to help us help ourselves. We have made a finely crafted jewelry product that in its function acts as a battery charging device. Your body’s aura is the battery and the charge of the battery is directly related to your levels of energy. This energy is constantly assaulted by poor air, polluted foods, GMOs, impure water, toxins of all kinds taken in the body like vaccines and other nonorganic harmful substances. The Receptor technology makes the body bulletproof too many toxins in foods, the air, and the environment including various types of electronic and microwave radiation. This is a very natural yet in-depth subject to understand so please scroll down to the “long description” and click the many links of the history of The Promise Nuclear Receptor & Pyramid Systems.

The Promise Revealed Nuclear Receptor Manual      The Original Pyramid Systems Manual-1982,

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Please read all of these links to get the best understanding of The Promise Pyramid Systems & Jewellery Healing Technology.

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What is a Pyramid? Read More: The Promise System has a long history of over 47 years so we want you to have all the information necessary to understand the amazing device more thoroughly. Please Read Alana Declaration  Part 1Please Read Dedication To Fred Bell Part IIPromise Pyramid Systems Technology part IIIPromise Pyramid Systems Technology part IV



How It Works 

Both the Nuclear Receptor and the Nuclear Disc utilize radionic and precursing electrical vibrations. Radionics is the science of subtle energies while electrical pre-cursation is the Science of what happens before electricity is generated and transmitted within the human body.

(EPU) electrical pre-cursation is what makes the digestion and utilization of vitamins and food substances possible. All the Human, animal, vegetable, and bio-dependent chemical reactions are Electricity in on electricity. Living biochemistry is in turn dependent on pre-electrical parameters called science, etheric or sub-atomic.

The reason that People achieve varied results on consistent nutritional programs is that they fail to take into consideration EPU. Readers of scientific journals such as Scientific American should be well-aware of the results of sub-atomic experiments which yield results of particles that exhibit psychological characteristics These particles known as Quarks, Leptons, Hadrons, and others give characteristics that are labeled scientifically as flavor, charm, truth, and beauty. Surely even an average intellect can recognize the affiliation between EPU and human emotional response.

The DNA & Telomeres 

The Telomeres are like the end caps on your shoelaces, and they are at the top and bottom of your DNA. They keep the DNA from unraveling until it is time for the DNA to reproduce or split. This is a natural occurrence for the DNA to reproduce itself in cellular reproduction. Your, DNA is twisted and has several Steps between each spiral turn. When we are born, we have according to some experts our DNA has 46 base steps between the spiral turns. This ensures exact duplication of the cells when we are young. By the time we are 21 we only have maybe 26 steps between the spirals.

This means that the body is already severely degraded in its ability to be healthy. We are experiencing aging as the cell does not have all the proper information to reproduce the cells properly. By the time we are 55 we maybe have only 8 steps per turn, and we are well on our way to our next reincarnation.
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Why Is This Happening This cellular degeneration process can be slowed down or stopped by various means and the Nuclear Receptor is one way to slow this process down. When the ladder splits in mitosis each ladder sends out a scalar field and call to the body to send the proper amino acids to build the other half of the ladder that was discarded. This process takes place at various frequencies 7, 14, and 23 MHZ are key frequencies that support this important transformation in our cells, and it is all due to the DNA.

Semjase said that this gift of divine intervention was given for us to help ourselves naturally as the design of the Receptor is like a satellite in that it has a parabolic dish that is tuned to 23 MHZ! This combined with the 144 pyramids set in a Fibonacci sequence spiral directing energy into the gemstone is reflected into the body after being filtered through the backside of the Receptor design called a Cassegrain Wave Trap.

In essence, this design allows you to be impervious to a large amount of interference in your cell’s reproduction process. When your cells are reproducing, and you are breathing airplane glue for instance normally your scalar signal from your DNA during the critical mitosis stage is disrupted and your cellular reproduction is shorted out due to toxins in the glue.

The Receptor allows you to breathe the toxic glue, but the body ignores the toxins, and your cells reproduce as if the toxin did not exist. The toxin – glue still comes into the lungs but has no side effects, the body ignores it! This is true of electronic radiation of 5G smog and other toxins as well.

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Blue Lab Sapphire*, Blue Natural Sapphire*, Blue Topaz, Blue Violet Appetite, Blue Violet Tanzanite, Brown Champagne Diamond*, Brown Cintamani*, Green Lab Emerald*, Green Moldavite, Green Natural Emerald*, Llight Blue Aquamarine, Pink Topaz, Pink Tourmaline, Red Lab Ruby*, Red Natural Ruby*, Violet Amethyst, Violet Iolite, Violet Kyanite, Warm Red Garnet, White Diamond*, White Moissanite*, White Quartz, White Zircon, Yellow Canary Diamond*, Yellow Golden Citrine, Yellow Green Peridot, Yellow Lemon CZ

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