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Mt Shasta Ca. 96967, USA

Conference Changes For Guests


Dear Promise Friends, 

As usual the universe is throwing some curve balls into my conference plans but ALL IS IN DIVINE ORDER. Everything is under control and we will continue on to have what promises to be one most sweet Summer Conferences yet. When it comes to talented speakers we have pure gold. I want you all to know some important things that YOU MUST PREPARE For.  See Video after reading post

  1. Please go over the summer conference information page on my website on your computer. there is alot going on and you should read everythingSummer Conference Information Page
  2. Catered Meals dues to lack of sales there will only be one day of catered meals. I hope you will get your purchase for the speakers dinner or we may have to cancel.I have alternative solutions please see here.  Catered Meals Info

No Cell Service What Does This Mean

    3. No Internet No Cell Service – That means no wierd frequencies which is Good. It also means some inconveniniences as well. As I have Stated many times we are off grid 7 miles from the nearest homes. We are                          surrounded by a national forest. Cell phone service depending on your carrier is a miracle and is spotty.

Bring – Checks – Cash – Some Vendors May Not Be Able to Process Credit Cards – I Will Take CC By Forms

What that means is you will need to bring Cash and Checks and your ID for purchases. I personally will take credit cards and you will fill out forms by hand. We will require you to  fill out CC forms by hand. We will take photos of your id  and we need your phone mumber etc. We are really hoping you will all purchase your camping, workshop tickets etc. etc online prior to the 13th.   

Schedule Changes 

    4. We have had some speakers cancel at the last minute. As much as I wish this would not happen it always does so please check the schedule and the workshop schedules. We have had some shuffling so please be aware.

     5. Workshops – It seem finances are a very big concern this year for many but I am still quite surprised the workshops are not selling as many tickets we had hoped. Especially the Programmed contact on the mountain with Luis Fernando. Luis will bring in the space ships like he always does so I will encourage you to get ticket for at least one of the nights (Fri or Sat.)

      6. Please remember we are 2 miles from one of the most beautiful Glacial Lakes in the USA. The view of the mountatin is beyond belief. Be sure to bring sun block towels chairs clothes for hiking cold gear for the mountain at night night shorts for the day. Weather temperatiures fluctuate up to 35 degrees in the day and night depending on altitude. See Venus location. We also have limited electricity. Be sure to bring flashlights extra batteries headlamps etc.  Fresh water is limited so do bring your own water and containers please.  

       7. We are still loking for volunteers. Volunteer Information Page



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