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Venusian Spaceships Are Landing! (Part III of III)

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, a.k.a. the “Cosmic Ray,” author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising Trilogy

Too close to the truth for comfort, Hollywood pulled the plug on popular science fiction television program.  Roy Thinnes as the UFO hunter David Vincent in the opening sequence of ABC Television’s “The Invaders,” which ran from 1967-1968.  Photo source:  ABC Television Network, Burbank, California.


Hollywood Muffled about UFO Truth

The Invaders television program, a Quinn Martin production, ran for only two seasons, 1967 and 1968.  According to the Rev. Dr. Raymond Broshears of the Long Beach, California, Church of God of Light and contributor, along with contactee Dr. Frank Stranges, to that church’s official publication, the Light of Understanding, Vol. 2, No. 9, July 1968 edition, the cancellation of the program “was not due to poor viewer ratings,” as it had been previously announced by the ABC Television Network.  Broshears declared that, “The real reason was due to the impending resignation of Roy Thinnes from the title part.  It is said that Thinnes has been threatened on numerous occasions when the show dealt with topics ‘too hot to handle.’” 

The reverend, like Dr. Frank Stranges, the Earth contact with Venusian space commander Valiant Thor, had an inside track with the moguls of Hollywood.  He reached out to the executives at Quinn Martin Productions to put him in touch with actor Roy Thinnes, seeking his take on the situation.  “I have no comment other than the fact that there is more truth behind the TV plots than most people realize,” is all that Thinnes would say over the telephone before hanging up. 

When it comes to UFOs and the truth that is out there, it is safe to say that Hollywood is no stranger to the extraterrestrial connection.  From the very beginning of the flying saucer controversy in America, California has led the states in the sheer number of UFOs being observed and reported to news outlets, civilian research groups, law enforcement agencies and military authorities.   As recently as 28 December 2017, lifestyle reporter Paula Bolyard of PJ Media reported that California led all the states for the number of UFO reports coming in to the National UFO Reporting Center in Davenport, Washington. 

Bolyard wrote that, “California far and away submitted the most reports of UFO sightings, topping the list with 490 in 2017. Florida was next with 308, followed by Washington (192), Arizona (180), and New York (170). New Mexico, home to the famous 1947 UFO sighting in Roswell, came in at number 25 with 73 reported sightings. Perhaps surprisingly, Nevada, where the legendary Area 51 is located, reported only 55 sightings, coming in at number 29 overall. North Dakota, Hawaii, and South Dakota had the fewest reports, with 6, 13, and 16 respectively.”

Dear friends, keep in mind that the above-cited reports are indicative of aerial phenomena.  As to the landing of extraterrestrial, and most notably manned Venusian spaceships in the Golden State, please read on….

From the reels of Hollywood’s 1950’s retro sci-fi to real-time reports of UFOs, California leads the nation in sparking our imaginations about extraterrestrial life.  Pictured above are Venusian bodyguards sent by the Hierarchy of Light to protect a UFO witness that was being harassed by sinister government agents.  See

California as the Epicenter of UFO Research

In 1947, Americans began to witness the appearance of the flying saucers in greater numbers.  Many began to wonder about the nature of these aerial phenomena.  Were the flying saucers actually spaceships, piloted by beings from another planet?  There were rumors circulating of crashed saucers out in the desert areas of New Mexico.  These disc-shaped objects were allegedly coming down in the vicinity of nuclear test sites.   And on the night of 3-4 September, out at Desolation Valley in California, four campers phoned in a report to the local sheriff’s office reporting a “large grey object that passed over with a swishing noise and a rush of warm air.”  The constable actually came out to the campsite at the break of dawn.  What he and the campers saw in the light of day literally blew all of their socks off.  There was a circular depression in the ground with an estimated diameter of 50 feet.  It was right in the same area where the campers claimed that the object first appeared, seeming to lift itself up and hovering above the desert floor.  The details of this saucer landing were first made public in the September 1949 issue of Fate magazine.

In the month prior to the publication of the Fate article, however, it should be noted that about noon on 19 August 1949, two prospectors in Death Valley, California, reported seeing a “disc crash-land;” but that is not all.  They also claim that “two little men jumped out.”  The dynamic duo gave chase to the seemingly alien beings.  Unfortunately, they lost track of them in the sand dunes.  When the prospectors returned to their campsite, however, they discovered that the disc-shaped object had disappeared.  This encounter was prominently featured in the pages of the 20 August 1949 issue of the Journal American newspaper, published on the other side of the United States in New York City. 

These two reports straight out of California caught the attention of Ted Bloecher, the Research Director of the Civilian Saucer Intelligence of New York City.  Almost nine years later, during his public address in that metropolis’ Steinway Hall on 28 January 1956, Bloecher remarked that he was aware of some “very similar cases” coming to light from California.  He also felt that it was extremely important that the witnesses not be ‘exposed’ to publicity in the incidents he was investigating.  Notoriety can certainly cloud the view from any possible, objective lens; so Bloecher strived to avoid this type of contamination. 

Of some UFO events, Bloecher did feel free to discuss them.  It seems that three years back, on 20 March 1953 and once again on 20 May of that same year, two miners had reported a landed disc at the junctions of the Jordan and the Marble Creeks in Butte County, California.  One of the miners, John Q. Black, also witnessed the object once more on 20 June.  In this latest encounter, Black spotted a little man, perhaps a young boy that emerged from the flying saucer and walked over to the edge of a creek to fill up a pail of water.  The extraterrestrial visitor did not seem to be in any hurry after getting out of the craft; but after he caught sight of Black, he scurried back into his ship and sailed away in it, until it passed beyond the horizon.  Bloecher notes that this information was garnered from some press dispatches originating from Brush Creek, California, that appeared in the 25 July 1953 of the World Telegram and Sun of New York City.  This article pointed out that many of the residents of Butte County were expecting the mysterious object to reappear on the twentieth day of July, and were quite disappointed when it failed to show up and thereby meet their expectations.  Unfortunately for Black, since the flying saucer did not reappear, Bloecher tells us that, “Black was branded as a hoaxer, though he stoutly stuck to his original story.”  The Civilian Saucer Intelligence operative, who had later flown out to California to interview Black, was convinced that he was no charlatan or deceiver.  “In light of the witness’ good character for reliability,” Bloecher informed the crowd, all of our Civilian Saucer Intelligence researchers are of the opinion that the story is genuine.”

Sometimes the Venusians can get just as thirsty as Florida Senator Marc O. Rubio, taking a big swig of water while delivering the Republican response to President Obama’s 2013 State of the Union address.


Protecting One’s Precious Bodily Fluids

Spokespersons for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have announced plans to send astronauts to Mars, pending the results of space probes dispatched to that planet and programmed to search for sources of water there.  Any manned mission to the Red Planet would not be possible, with our current technology, if there proves to be no water already present on the surface of that distant orb.  One of the reasons that so many extraterrestrials are attracted to the Earth is that our planet is an outstanding and seemingly endless source of water, the one substance absolutely required to maintain and keep all of our precious bodily fluids in a harmonious balance. 

Venusian Water Run at Giant Rock

The following account of some Venusians siphoning off water from tanks out in the Mojave Desert first appeared in the February-March 1958 issue of the Proceedings of the College of Universal Wisdom in Yucca Valley, California.  This UFO report was filed by George Van Tassel, the prominent UFO contactee and organizer of the annual Interplanetary Spacecraft Conventions out at the Giant Rock at Landers Field, California, from 1954 through 1977.

Legible scans of the original document are provided at the end of this article.

The “Cosmic Ray” Keller operates a projector and explains the history of flying saucers over the city of Paradise, California, to the Paradise Friends of the Public Library on the night of 17 October 2017.  More reports of UFOs and close encounters of every kind emerge from Paradise and other cities in Butte County than any other areas of California, including Mt. Shasta.  Ufologists Dr. Raymond Keller and Krsanna Duran believe that Paradise and the surrounding area may be the focal point of an inter-dimensional rift connecting the Earth with our sister planet Venus.

Dr. Raymond Keller speaking in the Paradise, California, Public Library, drew a capacity crowd from throughout Butte County and the state.  He reintroduced the city to its glorious past in the history of the flying saucers over California.

Just last year I was up in the city of Paradise, in the same Butte County, presenting my two new Venus books in the public library to a capacity crowd.  It seems that Butte County has been one of the focal points for intense saucer activity throughout the years; and one of the first flying saucer clubs ever organized in the United States was constituted in Paradise by the pioneer contactees Pal and Dixie Garrett of Kibler Street of that beautiful mountain city.  Please check out my third book, Cosmic Ray’s Excellent Venus Adventure, for a complete rundown on the Garretts’ experiences with the flying saucer occupants, as well as their Paradise Interplanetary Space-Craft Club, as well as the meetings, sky watches and pilgrimages of that unique group. 

Radio Free Venus from Giant Rock, California

Question:  “What time is it?”  Answer:    “Revolution time!” 

With Long John Nebel’s help, Venusian Commander Aura Rhanes broadcasts her communiqués to the people of Earth live from Giant Rock, California.  

Rare photo from Keller Venus files:  Always the “Rebel Girl,” the Venusian Commander of the Clarion Moonbase Aura Rhanes (center) interviewed by WOR-New York radio personality Long John Nebel (right) on his visit to Giant Rock, California, for the Fourth Interplanetary Spacecraft Convention, on 12 May 1957.  Gentleman to the left is contactee Kelvin Rowe, also being interviewed by Nebel.  Rowe maintained that beings from the Jupiter and Pluto systems were keeping in touch with him on a regular basis and that all the other inhabitants of the Solar System are standing behind whatever decisions the Venusians want to make regarding the wayward Earthlings and their tampering with vast cosmic powers.


California of Special Interest

Of all locations on planet Earth, the state of California was of special interest to our frequent visitors from Venus.  Joe Ramirez, a staff reporter for the Los Angeles Citizen-News, wrote an interesting article dealing with this very theme.  Appearing in the Friday, 20 July 1956 issue and titled Valleyites Tell of Venus Men, the journalist asked if three men from Venus, clad in green suits and riding in “something resembling a giant steel ball,” landed in the San Fernando Valley on the previous night.  Ramirez noted that three persons in the Van Nuys-Panorama City areas telephoned him Thursday night with this fantastic story.  The callers’ voices were filled with apprehension. 

“But anyway,” wrote Ramirez, “all three described the visitors to Earth as tall, about six feet, eight inches, with blond hair which fell about their shoulders, and wearing tight green suits that looked like leotards.”

The first of the callers was a Panorama City housewife.  She had been out working in her rose garden when the space trio showed up.  One of the trio announced to the gardening woman that, “We are from Venus.  Be not afraid.”

“At first,” the woman commented, “I thought this was some kind of stunt from a movie company; so I told them to just get off my property.”  When Ramirez asked for the female observer’s name, however, all he could get was her initials, with these being “M. J.” 

She explained it thusly:  “I’m sorry I can’t tell you my real name; but everyone, including my husband, would immediately say that I was crazy.” 

Then, just minutes after M. J.’s call, the reporter received another one, but this time from a gentleman who identified himself as a 27-year old telephone lineman.  He was working up in Van Nuys and also refused to give Ramirez his name.  He related some strange occurrence about some “big, strange ball that just dropped about a foot from the pole on which I was working.  I was so scared that I felt like getting on top of the pole, but instead, I climbed down and started to inspect the huge ball.”

“Just then,” the lineman continued, “three guys walked right through the ball and came toward me!  The visitors showed no hostility and they even shook my hand.  They said they were from Venus and here to help people.  They seemed to be holding some kind of mental communication among themselves, but they spoke with their mouths to me. 

“These guys said they wanted to help us with their power, and that which the other planets had developed, whereas the Earthlings were still freaks and very primitive.”

After finishing his story, he asked the reporter if he could please not call the police.  “Why, they will think that I am nuts.  And what is more, they’ll come and get me, lock me up in an insane asylum, and throw away the key!”

And then Ramirez received his third and still anonymous caller.  This was another gentleman from Van Nuys; and this one insisted that he met a “spaceman” last Tuesday morning, around 4 a.m. after he had been awoken by his two barking dogs.  He said that, “A huge ball landed in the tree on my front yard, splitting it in half as it settled down.  It went right through it, as if the tree were made of butter.  I never anything like it in my life.  Then three men walked right through it and approached me.  They told me they were from Venus and that they were friends.  The dogs kept barking so loud that these Venusians apparently became frightened, and left.  They just got in the ball and vanished.

“Yesterday,” the witness continued, “after convincing myself that the whole thing was a dream, I was lying in my back yard when I saw the ball again.  This time it was hovering over the house.”

What is intriguing about this article is that in all three incidents the witnesses described the Venusians as “looking like humans, generally, except that their eyes did not look real, but appeared to be made of stone.”  It seems as though all of these reporting individuals had encountered Venusians with orb technology.  That they could precipitate the walls of the orb at will is indicative of some type of wave phased oscillation, and perhaps time travel capabilities.  Their stone-like, gray eyes reflect the engagement of ultraviolet receptors in their pupils and not necessarily the natural color of their eyes. 

Ted Bloecher contacted reporter Ramirez to get clarifying details about the encounters.  The journalist punned, “All I can tell you, Mr. Bloecher, is that those Venusians sure have some balls!”

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