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Venusian comments on tachyon chambers

Venusian Spirituality:  Questions and Answers

By Michael LaRiche

          At various venues around the world, Dr. Raymond A. Keller has conducted presentations to ever-expanding audiences about his international awards-winning Venus Rising trilogy of books.  There are several slide programs for each volume that are tailored to meet the needs of the specific genres focused on by the inviting groups.  Following each discourse, the doctor will take anywhere from twenty minutes up to two hours, as time permits, to answer questions that attendees may have about his life and his mission here on Earth.  Many of the concerns involve the Venusian concepts of spirituality and how these differ from the dogmas and tenets of religions on this planet.  The following are selected questions and answers from these Venus lectures:


  1. In your books, you often refer to the connections of the honeybee with the planet Venus. Can you expand on this idea?
  2. Yes, the esoteric traditions of many cultures throughout recorded history inform us that the honey bees were originally brought to the Earth from the planet Venus. Many of the Hindu gods are closely identified with the bee.  Vishnu, Krishna and Indra, for example, are referred to in the Rig Veda as the madhavas, or the “nectar-born ones,” whose very essence is of the highest celestial realm of Shukra (Venus).  Also, the name for the Egyptian pharaoh was the “beekeeper” or “he who serves the bee;” and his emblem was a beehive. At the time of their installation, the prospective pharaoh would pass through various stages of initiation related to the bee goddess while he awaited the rising of the Morning Star (Venus).  And we know that in ancient Greece, the priestess in the temple of Aphrodite (Venus) was called the melissae, or the “one who serves the Queen Bee goddess.”  In addition, the Roman emperors embroidered bees on their robes in honor of the goddess Venus who guided the Trojan general Aeneas and his band to the site where the Eternal City of Rome was established.  The connections go on and on; therefore, you will need to check out any of my Venus books to find out more on this important subject. 


  1. I remember sitting in a car with you when a small bee was buzzing all around me. You just held out the top of your hand and talked to the small insect whence it obeyed and landed on your right hand, while you rolled down the window with your left hand and the little bee just calmly flew out on its merry way.  Many others have seen you exercise amazing power over bees of various kinds.  Your books sell very well at beekeeper conventions.  Bees just seem to be attracted to you and people are always asking me about the “Bee Man” from West Virginia.  What is the source of this bee connection?
  2. Before I began a series of incarnations on the Earth plane, I lived on Venus, which is known by its inhabitants as Abejar, or the “Planet of the Bees.” We of Abejar have strands of bee DNA in our genome.  I first discovered my intimate connection with bees when I was very young.  Bees would fly all around me and let me gently pick them up, examine them and talk to them.  My adopted parents didn’t know what to make of all it.  Back in the late 1950s, when I lived in Maple Heights, Ohio, I used to talk to a little blonde-haired girl all finely dressed in a white gown in my backyard by a crabapple tree every so often. Like me, she also had bee-powers and said she was visiting from another planet; but nobody else could see or hear her.  She said the bees were worried that someone might cut down the tree and that our bee friends would be greatly disappointed if that were to happen.


Alien Technology Applications

  1. On your recent China tour, a metaphysical group in Chengdu asked you about the Venusian Queen Orda’s position on the authenticity of tachyon chambers, devices of Pleiadian design being manufactured and sold by various people and groups here on Earth. What did you tell them?
  2. Queen Orda realizes that there are countless inhabited planets out there in space, and over 250 solar systems in the Pleiades Cluster alone with many forms of intelligent life abounding. She represents a confederation of 601 planets from 51 solar systems.  The tachyon chamber referred to is an attempt at replicating an invention from the planet Erra in the Pleiades, which is not a member of the same group of worlds whence the Venus queen presides.  As such, she does not wish to comment on technology from Erra.  But as to Venusian technology sharing, Queen Orda wants us to know that she has no problem of doing that when the overall consciousness and spiritual development of humankind has reached the point where they could be trusted not to use it in any harmful way against others, or even unwittingly against themselves. 

The queen has no awareness of the Pleiadians directly sharing their technology with anyone on Earth.  The Pleiadians have, up to this time, only telepathically channeled to inventors and scientists on our world ideas and vague images of their devices.  Most of their technology cannot be given to Earth because it could easily be misused to destroy our civilization rather than enhance it.  They cannot just hand out their inventions.  When they are invited by a unified and peaceful one-world government here on Earth, they will consider it. 

The Venusians have no problem in Earth persons, on their own initiative, trying to replicate alien technologies.  As to the tachyon chamber in Chengdu; it does produce a strong field of negative ions that could be beneficial in producing a more harmonious mood and bolstering better overall health and wellbeing. Serving as a tachyon attractor, it could also augment cosmic awareness and enhance extrasensory abilities. 


Spiritual Knowledge

  1. How have your experiences with Venusians helped you advance your spiritual knowledge and understanding?
  2. I have learned that I do not need to be a member of any cult or religion to attain spiritual knowledge and understanding. God gave me a good mind; and we have many wonderful spiritual texts from all the world’s traditions to ponder over.  As a rational and reasoning individual, I can study these and make up my own mind concerning matters of a profound, spiritual nature.  The world’s sacred scriptures present us with esoteric mysteries bound up in allegories, parables and symbols.  If our hearts are pure and we know what we are looking for, and if we are continually demonstrating loving kindness toward all whom cross our path, then we are moving in the right direction, moving into the light.  In the higher dimensions beyond time and space as we know it, our oversouls exist as beings of light.  The holy books present us with anthropomorphic and zoomorphic forms of gods and goddesses to help us get in touch with our transcendent oversouls.  This is the essence of Venusian spirituality.  There are temples on Venus that serve as schools of illumination, kinds of libraries; but there are no church pews to warm.  As such, all I can suggest to you is that you should start figuring this whole religious question out for yourself, no matter how many incarnations on the Earth plane it may take to do it.


UFO Daze

          Dr. Raymond A. Keller, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” will be a featured speaker at the UFO Daze being held at Benson’s Hide-a-Way, N4241 Boy Scout Road, Campbellsport, Wisconsin 53079, July 20, 2019, 1 p.m. – 11:55 p.m., on the shore of beautiful Long Lake.  There is no charge for the event.  Cosmic Ray’s Venus Rising trilogy is available on, while supplies last.  If you would like to schedule the doctor as guest speaker at your group or meeting, please write him at

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