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Possible Methods of UFO Propulsion Examined, Part VIII

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising series of books All of Raymonds Venus Rising Books Can Be Found HERE.

Trevor James Constable (1925-2016) at the 1957 Interplanetary Spacecraft Convention at Giant Rock Airport in Landers, California.  Trevor was the first to propose the idea that UFOs were themselves ethereal beings from a quantum dimension projecting only the image of physical spaceships. 

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The 1951 annual award of the Gravity Research Foundation (GRF) of New Boston, New Hampshire, went to Myron Jordan Lover, Ph.D., Thermodynamics, of Ozone Park, New York, for his essay on the “Thermodynamic Aspects of Gravithermels.”  According to Lover, “In spite of their many shortcomings, the concepts of thermodynamics still enjoy referee status for problems concerning heat and other forms of energy.  It is sometimes fortunate,” he noted, “that the laws of thermodynamics are based on experience rather than pure reason.  Thus, when we pose the question, ‘Is it possible to discover any alloy the temperature of which can be affected by gravity waves?’ thermodynamics replies with a resounding affirmative, but only after we have subjected specific systems to its scrutiny.

          “It is comforting to realize that such alloys are neither startling nor unprecedented.  Thermodynamics anticipates their discovery, sanctions their use by reference to systems currently accepted in our philosophy, and even tells us the properties we ought to seek in order to discover the most efficient alloys.”

          Lover created the term “gravithermels” to designate those alloys which may be heated or cooled by gravity waves.  The scientist maintained that his coining of this word followed the modern practice that has produced such words as “thermistor” and electrad.”  And in his broadened definition of gravithermel alloys, Lover included non-metallic systems that allowed for the removal of needless restrictions put on the practical application of his ideas, with conclusions independent of the chemical nature of the materials involved. 

With respect to the UFO phenomenon, this opens up some interesting possibilities.  Trevor James Constable (1925-2016), a native of New Zealand and communications officer for ships of the Matson Line, was also known as one of the contactees of the 1950s and frequent speaker at George Van Tassel’s Interplanetary Spacecraft Conventions out at Giant Rock Airport in Landers, California.  As a pioneer ufologist, he advanced the “space critter” theory in his book, They Live in the Sky (Los Angeles, California:  New Age Publishing, 1958).   The author describes his own telepathic contact with an invisible being, and how, at the suggestion of this ethereal intelligence, he began experimenting with infrared film in conjunction with the elementary principles of spiritual science.

From this entity, Constable learns that flying saucers operate mainly in a quantum universe, unseen by humans but on rare occasions.  Some of the UFOs that we do observe, however, consist of both physical craft and living, biological creatures.  The book shatters many misconceptions generally held by ufologists and offers, instead, the twin premises that these UFOs are ultra-dimensional and living organisms that take on the appearance of spacecraft when they materialize in our atmosphere, possibly playing off the observer’s shared conceptions of flying saucers and their occupants in the collective consciousness.  These entities, emanations from a quantum universe, would certainly have ethereal bodies that defied the known laws of our reality.  In one sense, these entities can be viewed as consubstantial with the perceived UFOs, thereby exhibiting the ability to morph into anything they wish to project to us.  This is where a tie-in comes with the work in thermodynamics conducted by Dr. Myron Jordan Lover.

Ultraviolet camcorder footage of bioenergentic phenomenon similar to that described by Trevor James Constable taken by paranormal researcher Nik Hayes from the roof of his home on the outskirts of Oxford in the Untied Kingdom on 18 July 2016.  See Journal of Psychiatric Orgone Therapy, 15 July 2019,  

On the other hand, Constable does not discount the possibility that some of the UFOs may, indeed, be extraterrestrial spaceships of a physical nature.  Examples of the physical material from these types of UFOs may have been recovered by Air Force’s Space Reconnaissance Office, headquartered in Dayton, Ohio.  The universe is a big place, after all.  There is a plenty of room for a endless multitudes of intelligences at all planes of existence, all densities, all dimensions, all modalities. 

In returning to Dr. Lover’s essay, however, we see that he provides the equations which demonstrate that substances varying in temperature under the influence of gravity waves were already known.  The question, therefore, is reduced to one of degree rather than kind.  Thermodynamics pointed out the way to the production of alloys which may be on the orders of magnitude more efficient than previously known, or even suspected.

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