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Possible Methods of UFO Propulsion Examined, Part III

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising series of books All of Raymonds Venus Rising Books Can Be Found HERE

The Cosmic Ray explores the unusual electromagnetic effects associated with electrical wizard John R. R. Searl’s operational flying saucer, or “levity disk.” 


            John R. R. Searl’s advanced theories for the electromagnetic propulsion of aerospace vehicles certainly go far in explaining the effects of various UFO phenomena, some of which have been observed by Searl himself and others by the general public.  Below the reader will find a list of sundry effects associated with the Searl craft as made manifest during the operation of his so-called “levity disks:”

  1. Antigravity, or levity.
  2. Very high electrostatic fields.
  3. Peculiar magnetic effect: The Searl generator produces a direct current static field with negative polarity at the rim and positive at the center.  However, the magnetic field from the generator produces induction in conductive loops when there is no relative movement.  This effect was evident in a UFO detector used by a club in the British Isles.  This instrument, upon examination, was found to be a deflection magnetometer, i.e. a closed conductive loop.   The presence of a craft is indicated by the deflection of the magnet from the north to south line.  It seems, therefore, that the flux from the generator is continually expanding; and this implies an indefinite quantity of energy.
  4. Perpetual motion: Once the machine has passed a certain threshold of potential, the energy output exceeds the input.  From then on, the energy output is virtually limitless.  Searl explains this by stating that the machine collects solar energy.  The estimated power output of the generator is some modest 10¹⁴ or 10¹⁶ watts, which puts the figure too high for a solar source.
  5. Inertia loss: Above the threshold potential, which must be some 10¹ᶾ volts, the generator and attached parts become inertia free.  This, of course, jars with the accepted concept of inertia in mass.
  6. Drive: By altering the distribution of potential on the surface of the craft, it is possible to propel it.  The preferred direction of travel at ultra-high speeds is away from the planet, with the plane of the generator being at 90 degrees to the gravity field.  When in horizontal flight, the craft takes up an angle to the gravity field suggestive of a balance between like vector fields.  The generator may produce a gravity-type field of its own.
  7. Ionization of the air: This is a simple electrostatic effect.  It gives rise to a translucent glow surrounding the craft and glowing trails.  The intensity of the field is such that it is capable of excluding the ionized air, creating a a near vacuum around the craft.
  8. Permanent electric polarity: Searl noticed that after working near generators or craft, he experienced a “cobweb” sensation on his skin.  His clothes and bed linen clung to him.  This was accompanied by occasional crackling and lasted some hours.  This effect could be attributed to a permanent polarity of dielectric material.  In this case, the material being body tissue.  Little work has been done on permanent dielectrics; but reference may be found in the records of the Physico-Mathematical Society of Japan, 1920.  This work was carried out by Professor Eguchi of the Naval College in Tokyo. 
  9. Matter snatch during acceleration: This occurs when the craft is on the ground and the drive is suddenly switched on.  The rising craft takes a lump of ground with it, thereby leaving the well-known hole in the ground. 

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