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Excerpts from Cosmic Ray’s lecture series in China, “Life on Venus and Other Confederation Planets”

The following compilation, approved for publication by Dr. Raymond A. Keller, author of the Venus Rising book series, was edited by Robert Potter of Mt. Shasta, California, who accompanied Cosmic Ray on the 2019 Promise Revealed tour in the People’s Republic of China. 

“Cosmic Ray” Keller and Rob Potter with Golden Rose Metaphysical Study Group during 2019 Promised Revealed tour in People’s Republic of China.

Social Structure

          The planet Venus is both a communal and matriarchal society ruled by a queen in accordance with the social structure found in a beehive.  The Venusians refer to their planet as Abejar, which signifies the “World of the Bees,” and themselves as “Abejans.”  The humanoid population of Abejar finds its origins on a planet called Norca in the Tau Ceti system going back 25 million years ago.  The Abejans exist in a symbiotic relationship with the planet’s indigenous population of bees and even share in some of the DNA of the bees. 

          The reigning queen is aided in her duties by a regent and a council of philosophers and scientists hailing from 51 star systems in the Confederation of Planets, which represent 601 worlds.  They are all idealists and have nothing but the common good of the entire Confederation of Planets in mind.  They never misuse the power entrusted to them.  There are no national states on Confederation Planets.  All member planets have passed through that painful stage of strife in their cosmic evolution eons ago. 


          Each planet in the Confederation is intimately regarded by its inhabitants as a home.  All of its inhabitants regard each other as members of a family.  Therefore, the wealth of the planet belongs to all of the inhabitants of that world.  The private ownership of natural resources is nonexistent.  Everything is owned by the planetary government, referred to as the Collective.  Members of Confederation planets enjoy equal rights and access to the resources of any world on which they are living.  The Earth is not yet aligned with the Confederation of Planets or any other star alliance as we of this world have yet to achieve a unitary government. 

          There is no such thing as money on Abejar or any other planet in the Confederation.  Each individual is supplied according to their needs.  In other words, when your clothes start to wear out, you are issued new ones.  You are fed whenever you get hungry.  In this collective system, no one needs to take advantage of anyone else.  The Collective is cognizant of all your needs and aspirations.  There is even a Department of Happiness to assist you in fulfilling all your dreams.  Moral discipline is inborn.  All desire to help each other. 

          Do not confuse this communalism, for a moment, with the totalitarian types of communist regimes that regiment and enslave certain populations here on Earth.  Quite the contrary, the inhabitants of Abejar and other Confederation planets enjoy much more freedom than we of Earth could ever even imagine.


          All entities, human or otherwise, in the overall Confederation collective, are considered equals.  Regardless of any religious orientation, the respective planetary governments encourage their citizens to live up to the highest ideals of their professed faith and to strive and develop all the beneficent and creative powers latent within them.  Whereas on Earth, we talk a lot about religion, and even go to war over it, we rarely live in accordance to any of the higher precepts we were taught from our youth.  On Abejar and other Confederation planets, the old Earth adage stills holds sway:  “I’d rather see a sermon than hear one any day.  I’d rather one would walk with me than merely point the way.”

          Abejans do not worship anybody or anything.  But they do possess something much greater— understanding.  They consider themselves individually as divine sparks of a holy fire that encompasses the entire universe.  In this Cosmic Whole, there is no inside, outside, above or below.  It just is.  When an entity realizes that he, she or it is an integral part of the universe, he, she or it will not hurt any other part of it.

          Denominations and sects of various kinds are unknown on Abejar.  However, there are magnificent academies, forums, schools and universities for the enlightenment and uplift of the population, all to assist in the expansion of individual and hence collective horizons.  Study begins in childhood and continues on into the eternities.  Celestial glory is intelligence.  In the profound words of Venusian Moon Base Clarion Commander Aura Rhanes, “Work, study, and meditate on all good things!”


          The inhabitants of other planets are largely vegetarian.  On some worlds, however, animal food is consumed sparingly, or in emergency situations.  Cereals, fruits and vegetables are the main items in their diet.  Because of this natural way of living, sickness is rare. 

Physical Characteristics

          The inhabitants of other worlds are not all alike.  While humanoids predominate in the Confederation, there are other types of entities resembling recognizable life forms on Earth:  cats, insectoids, elephants, lizards, octopi, etc., and even human/other biological entity hybrids.  Of our humanoid brothers and sisters, some are dark while others are fair.  Some are tall; others are short; and some are of medium stature.  Respective planetary environments play a key role in shaping the evolution of these beings.

          The beauty and intelligence of the space people I have met is the result of millions of years of cosmic evolution.  Also, it is the result of selective genetics which has resulted in an augmentation of both mental and physical powers.  The population levels of Confederation planets are also maintained at certain levels so that there will always be enough food and resources for all to enjoy, and to not put too much stress on the natural environment.  Due to extensive meteor bombardment and volcanism on the surface of Abejar, most of the population lives safely and securely in vast underground cities constructed in played-out lava tubes. 

          As in a beehive, indigenous Abejans are born and raised in pods and channeled into areas of endeavor conducive to their genetic disposition and the needs of the Collective.  The inhabitants of Abejar and other Confederation planets mature quickly and live for hundreds, and in some cases thousands, of years.


          Most all females on Abejar and about half the male population converse mainly through thought transference, which is to them as natural as using a smart phone is to us.  However, I have heard native Abejans speak, those of Norcan descent.  It is reminiscent of Afrikaans or some German dialect.  Of course, there are many Abejans who have incarnated into Earth bodies to serve in various incarnations as teachers or avatars.  These speak standard Earth dialects from the countries where they grew up. 

          Their writing is a type of hieroglyphics. 


          The Abejan approach to science is somewhat different from ours.  For the most part, scientists on Earth assume that something cannot exist unless they can be shown proof to the contrary.  To the Abejans, however, everything is possible, given enough time and the right conditions.  No wonder they have advanced so far. 

          The key to the civilization of other planets lies in the Abjean understanding of basic energy configurations of time and space.  I have witnessed the applications of these energies to propelling spaceships, time travel and transiting dimensions.

Cosmic Ray in the court of the Dragon Emperors


          In my discussions with the space people, I have arrived at a sure knowledge that Atlantis and Lemuria were not myths, but real civilizations that interacted with the Abejans and other extraterrestrials.  I have also learned that there have been many civilizations that have risen and fallen on the Earth that we still have no knowledge of at all.   A greater gnosis will be enjoyed by all once open relations have been established with the Confederation.  At that time, we will begin to know our true history—the heights we have fallen from and our destiny in the stars.

Cosmic Ray explores the connection of the “Garuda,” a dragon-like creature native to Venus, with ancient Chinese culture.


Editor’s Note:  If you would like to ask the Cosmic Ray any questions about Venus or life on other planets, do not hesitate to send him an e-mail at  The doctor will be appearing with Omnec Onec, the Ambassador from Venus, along with premier ufologist Laura Eisenhower, at the Promise Revealed Meet the Venusians Mt. Shasta Summer Conference, to be held Wednesday, 26 August 2020 through Sunday 30 August 2020 at the Siskiyou Masonic Lodge, Mount Shasta, California.  For event information or to purchase tickets, please call Rob Potter at (530) 925-3502. 

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