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ET Encounters in the United Kingdom, Part I

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” author of the international, awards-winning Venus Rising series of books, available on, while supplies last

            In the modern era, reports of contact with the saucer intelligences date back to February 1942, when a seamstress, Eileen Arnold, was walking down High Street in Cheltenham, a borough on the outskirts of Gloucestershire, and suddenly went into an altered state of consciousness whence she was instantaneously “tuned into another reality.”  In this enhanced condition, Arnold obtained an awareness of being in the presence of a large, oval-shaped object moving slowly above the rooftops.  She noted that it seemed to radiate light from portholes in its side.  The UFO also detached light-emitting quills, one-by-one.  There was nobody else out on the street; and Arnold wondered if she was just imagining this entire episode, or perhaps observing some new type of German spy craft.  In the weeks following her encounter with the saucer, the witness arrived at the conclusion that the object was of other-worldly origin, as she had numerous other paranormal and psychic experiences. 

            As in countries all around the globe, UFO activity intensified following the conclusion of World War II.  Our planet was entering both the atomic and space ages.  It was clear to many in the emerging civilian flying saucer investigation and study groups that any extraterrestrials in the vicinity of the Earth would intensify their interest in human developments at all levels of our existence.  From 1970 to 1980, it was apparent that the subjects of the British Isles became the focus of extraterrestrial concern.  Saucer groups all across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales were inundated with reports of close encounters of the third kind.  The esoteric experience described by Eileen Arnold was being replicated in every nook of the United Kingdom.  Here are a few of the more intriguing encounters from my Venus files.

Psychic Contactee in Belfast

            The following case attracted my attention due to the similarities with Eileen Arnold’s encounter.  The witness was a married woman with three children who lived in a neat, modern and semi-detached house in the Andersontown District of Belfast, Northern Ireland.  In Arnold’s case, she was caught up in the throes of World War II; and with this anonymous witness, she was living in an area where violence was considered to be the norm.  There was always fighting going on between Catholic and Protestant extremist factions, drawn along economic and political lines.  Our UFO witness, like many other residents of Belfast sick and tired of the ongoing struggles, had become turned off by organized religion.  This mother had some college education and came to the conclusion that she could easily do without the advice of the orthodox religious authorities.  She could read the Bible on her own and make up her own mind about Jesus and his message of peace. 

On 4 November 1975, our anonymous UFO experiencer- let’s call her Mrs. X- was watching a television talk show featuring Miles Johnson, a representative of the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA).  Johnson was answering sundry questions about alien encounters that were taking place all around the world.  Johnson explained how BUFORA had both human and technical resources on hand to help UFO experiencers in the British Isles work through the distress generated by their encounters, or to just obtain a general understanding of the UFO situation.  Bringing to mind her own encounter with flying saucer occupants in early 1970, Mrs. X immediately picked up the telephone and called BUFORA headquarters.  A series of appointments were arranged with BUFORA investigators in the Belfast area.  A staff psychologist was also dispatched from London. 

Intensive Interviews

            Throughout the interviews, Mrs. X spoke with conviction.  She gave the impression that she definitely believed what she was saying about her UFO experience was true.  She claimed that she was aboard an extraterrestrial spacecraft and referred to its occupants as “my space friends.”  She asserted that she had met with these space friends on many occasions.  The BUFORA interviewers wanted Mrs. X to focus on the events that transpired during her first encounter; but she had a difficult time in doing this, tending to blur incidents from all of the encounters together.  Of the first encounter, Mrs. X noted that it took place at night.  She had been awoken from her sleep by a strong, dancing light.  It was bouncing over one of her children’s stuffed toy panda.  Mrs. X’s attention remained transfixed on this light.  Suddenly, she felt as though her spirit had been lifted from her body and transported into a new “spiritual body.” 

            “I was then in, not another world, but a spacecraft,” Mrs. X declared.  She then proceeded to describe the interior of the craft as a “large house” or “mansion.”  However, attempts to get a more detailed description had failed.  All she could remember was that, “It was white with circular furniture and was divided into lots of very spacious rooms.”

            On the first trip, it seems that she was just allowed to wander around.  Everywhere Mrs. X went on the ship there was a guide to explain what she was looking at.  There was one room that contained a lot of “dials and instruments.”  This was the pilot’s cabin.  There was another with a kitchen; and one of the entities showed her how some of the space travelers prepared and cooked their food.  She also looked out through a porthole and noted that the spacecraft seemed to be moving slowly over some multi-storied buildings. 

The Extraterrestrials

            Mrs. X described the extraterrestrial entities as being like “perfect human beings.”  They were allegedly dressed in casual, bright clothing of all colors.  They came in a wide variety of ages and had shoulder-length hair, both males and females, sporting a type of unisex look. The beings informed her that they came from various nearby planets and spoke to her in “unaccented English, like the Americans.”  Curiously, they called for a historian to ask her about the United Kingdom’s policies with regard to Canada and the European Economic Community.  He also inquired about Princess Anne and other members of the royal family.   She got the impression that the extraterrestrial historian was trying to fix their appropriate place along the timeline.

The ET Message  

            Mrs. X asked one of her female ET guides about her religious beliefs.  She replied that, “We progress by death through many worlds.  In each world, we become more perfect until we reach a state of perfection.”  She continued, explaining that, “The Earth itself is populated by the rejects from the higher worlds.  In other words, they were put here for the opportunity of gaining a second chance.  God does exist, as a concept.  The devil does not exist; and the Bible should not be taken literally.”

            “That’s a good summary of what I’ve come to believe,” Mrs. X declared, further stating that, “From my experience, religious fanatics have made a hell out of Belfast.  They want to turn my neighborhood into a battleground for the next holy war.” 

            The ET guide explained that the brothers and sisters of other planets were working to help Earthlings in two ways.  First, they have infiltrated our society at all levels.  “There are already thousands of them in key positions around the world,” she said.  Second, they have communicated with select individuals (the contactees) to carry out specific missions on their behalf.  Mrs. X elaborated on this, avowing that, “Our space friends have proposed a solution for the ending of bloodshed in Northern Ireland.  They want me to write a book about it.”  However, Mrs. X had to decline as she was fearful of reprisals from both sides. 

            The extraterrestrial female, taken a bit back by Mrs. X’s refusal to work for peace, asked her, “Well, you do know that we can protect you, don’t you?  Be assured that if anyone tries to lay a hand on you, we are going to make sure that something much worse happens to them.” 

            “I know. That’s why I am very frightened of this,” replied Mrs. X, cautiously.

            The BUFORA investigators and psychologist pondered Mrs. X’s responses.  The psychologist noted that, “It seemed to me that she was describing a psychic experience rather than a real, physical experience.” 

The BUFORA investigators were also unanimous in their opinion that, “Perfect beings possessing a vicious streak seems inconsistent.” 

Technical Data

            The BUFORA investigators took note that several answers to questions from the interviews were of technical interest:

  1. Where do they come from?
  2. Various planets.
  3. Could you get us some of the names of the stars these planets orbit?
  4. They don’t come from other stars.  They come from planets that haven’t been discovered yet.
  5. Planets in our own system?
  6. I’m not sure what you mean.  Some of them come from the dark side of the Moon.  They tried to contact one of the astronauts orbiting the Moon; but the astronauts were so wrapped up in their technology from Earth that they have blinded themselves.
  7. Since they live on the Moon, don’t they need spacesuits to survive there?
  8. You wouldn’t need them.  If you were to go to the Moon, they would make you fit to live there.

Psychological Report

            The psychologist attempted to determine whether or not Mrs. X had or had not contact with the saucer intelligences.  He was not concerned about the scientific viability of her claims.  The relevant points the psychologist discovered are as follows:

  1. X was not at all puzzled by her experiences; and she was very certain about everything.
  2. Although Mrs. X said that she was not religious, per se, the message she imparted from the aliens was.
  3. The enthusiasm with which she preached the ET message suggests that she is herself convinced that what she is saying is the truth.
  4. Whenever the investigator tried to gain any hard, factual data from her, Mrs. X became evasive and slightly aggressive. At times, she criticized the investigator.

The psychologist surmised that while the witness definitely believes everything she was saying, she most likely built up her whole story as composite of other UFO encounters.  While lacking additional research, the psychologist was not completely sure of this.  However, he was personally of the opinion that, “She is not a bona fide contactee.”

BUFORA Evaluation

            As there was no hard, physical evidence in this case, the BUFORA investigators reluctantly concluded that there was no physical reality to this contact report.  All attempts to apply physical criteria in the questioning sessions resulted in unsatisfactory answers.  Therefore, the whole matters boils down to whether or not Mrs. X had psychic contact with intelligent, non-Earthly entities.

            And then there are the inconsistencies in the technical data.  The most glaring is Mrs. X’s assertion that the aliens can live on our Moon without life support equipment.  However, reality may not be too closely defined here.  We might consider the existence of other planes of reality.  In addition, do we really know everything there is to know about surface conditions on the Moon, especially the back side which remains out of view of our telescopes at all times?

            Since Mrs. X did not appear to be lying, BUFORA investigator Jenny Randles opines that Mrs. X was, in fact, in contact with the saucer intelligences.  “However,” declared Randles, “these intelligences are- for reasons known only they know- not telling a consistent or truthful story to the contactees.”  If this be the case, then the witness is, probably unknown to herself, not telling the truth.  It could also be that Mrs. X is telling the truth as it was told to her by the saucer intelligences, whom are lying; or both the witness and the ETs are telling the truth; and it is the investigators who are interpreting it incorrectly. 

            I’ll put my money down on the ultimate scenario. 

Editor’s Note:  Keeping watching this site for ET Encounters in the United Kingdom, Part II, where the Cosmic Ray explores the appearance of tall, angelic beings in West Yorkshire.


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