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Cosmic Plan

Dear Promise Friends,

This is the first publication of my newsletter with an auto post feature to all of my social media pages – the Mt. Shasta Summer Conference Facebook page, the Robert Potter public page and my Intstagram page. I think you will very much enjoy my next newsletters as I will be sharing some major updates about the Summer Conference.  
This is a critical release of information from very high level contactees working the brotherhoods of light on the inner earth in conjunction with the Venusians, the Pleiadeans, and Alpha Centauri in direct face to face contacts for many many years. I will be adding my own experiences to these messages as well.
This information is compiled mostly from contactees in South America.
Not every word herein is to be considered gospel, obviously, but for the most part this is a very clear galactic historical perspective of the earth including the various reasons and historical context of exactly what has been going on.  The long wait for clarity by people the world over is really being addressed here. I am very excited to share this with people everywhere.  The article describes the hierarchical playing field of who’s who, what’s what, and why things are as they are right now.
The quarantine, cataclysmic events, change in plans, and reversals of allegiance are played out for millions of years and takes us through the three previous epochs and root races. Millions of years.
Explanations of time and why earth is in its separate time reality bubble until we can rejoin the one true reality.
This is a long article and I will be commenting on these revelations and releasing this information in a series of posts.
The first release will be linked to the Corey Cobra interview as I feel this view is the most accurate and comprehensive description overall and it does not really negate anybody’s information.  It clarifies and reinforces all info with minor edits to human interpretations that have been held onto for so long.
For me this feels like a very big step in the disclosure process that feeds my personal understanding very well as it is inclusive of the spiritual aspect and the divine design and also covers a detailed report of the Earth’s history, explains the Sumerian visitations and many others, tells us who they were, what their interaction was when they arrived, and their intent.  Some of you will be able to directly confirm this info from your sources.
This information comes from a brother in Peru called Giorgio Pienza.  We have spoken and he has given me permission to post this. I will have him on my radio show at some point. I hope you all will be as excited as I am about the clarity presented here if you perceive it as such,
Warm regards,

By Giorgio Pienza
All Bold Type is added by Rob Potter and this page will receive more comments from me as time goes by. I have not had time to add much of my intended comments to this page yet. It will be coming soon.
(A summary of messages related to a complementary history of Earth and of Humanity as received by contactees and telepaths since 1974 until approximately 1995 within Mission Rahma. More information has been received since then by more contactees and telepaths working within Mission Rahma or closely associated contact groups)
In a way, the Mission Rahma began in December 1973 when a Peruvian family and friends interested in UFO research attempted a telepathic form of automatic writing after listening to a well-known parapsychologist dwelling on the possibility of using this method to communicate with space faring civilizations. Sixto Paz, his brother Charlie, his sister Rosemary, their parents Carlos and Rose, and several friends, couldn’t believe that the strong impulse to write experienced by some in this group was in fact due to genuine and successful communication with extraterrestrials intelligences.

The first extraterrestrial to come through referred of himself as Oxalc and claimed to come from a semi-underground technologically advanced marvelous community found in Ganymede, a moon orbiting Jupiter.
A clear and dramatic public verification of the two-way communication events took place in January 22nd and1974 when, after an appointment with Oxalc, a surprisingly clearly visible, structured, metallic flying spacecraft approached the group of young men and women that had gathered on a hill in a site then outside the town of Papa XIII located right next to a town called Chilca, about 40 miles south of Lima.

Since then, participants in this contact experience have multiplied across many (particularly Spanish speaking) countries and maintained a coherent and gradually unfolding relationship with those who have proven to be respectful extraterrestrial visitors who also work together with other benevolent and altruistic beings that have inherited a noble legacy from a vital and defining epoch in our far flung past.

Luis Maertens my dear friend has been part of these contacts and has visited the Golden Disc of the Sun in the sacred inner Retreat of the Great White Brotherhood as well as being transported to the Ganymede Jupiter Portal Station. He has been to Venus and has content telepathic communication and continues in his Rama mission. You may see more information from Luis on my site under events. He will join me this summer in Mt Shasta.

On several occasions, reporters from various news services have witnessed parts of the reality of these contacts that have been experienced by many individuals and that, on occasion, have even taken place inside inter dimensional semi-spheres, and physical otherworldly spacecraft. The following information reflects part of what motivates us to continue working to bring back to the world crucial knowledge that should help us to collectively remember our place in the Cosmos.

Throughout our contact experience we have learned that there is an extraterrestrial cosmogony, a Cosmic Plan that tells us how things began. It delves into how part of life on Earth started, our relationship with star faring civilizations and, more importantly, the sacred role human beings have in the concert of worlds.
In a broad manner, this plan first informs us that the Cosmos is divided into three great universes, each contained within the other. These are: The Material Universe, the Mental Universe and the Spiritual Universe. It becomes necessary to describe all of these things in order to understand the true or forgotten history of mankind and its cosmic origins.

The Material Universe
We live in a Material Universe of seven dimensions. In this universe human beings have seven bodies in order to function in these seven dimensions. Other than the dense, material Physical Body, we have an Astral Body which is the body of the emotions and desires and is connected to the physical body through an umbilical energy cord called the Silver Cord. The extraterrestrial guides also tell us that there’s a third vehicle which is the Lower Ego, of character and personality. When a person dies, its physical body dies and it is normal for the astral body and for the lower ego to die after three days. They all die with us and the Being moves on to the Fourth Dimension which is the Higher Mental or Higher Ego level. It’s as if a human being were like an actor in a play and when the play is over he leaves behind the makeup, costumes, stage and script and walks out into the street as the actor he really is instead of the character he’s portraying. How troublesome it would be if, once the play had concluded, the actor believed himself to be the character he had to impersonate, thus confusing himself with it.

We leave the character behind but assume all the experience accumulated in that incarnation. Extraterrestrials speak to us about a series of lives or about reincarnation but they don’t explain it -as some oriental religions propose- by teaching that a human being can incarnate in an animal. There’s no involution since this would amount to a case in which someone with problems in high school or at the university level would be sent back to pre-school.

We would rather have to repeat the same grade as much as is necessary in order to move ahead to the nearest upper level but we would never be degraded or sent to a lower level. They also assure us that sex (gender) is circumstantial and that in some lives we are men while in others, women. Thus, we move along all kinds of human experiences while utilizing planets as planes of evolution. When our level of evolution is sufficiently high, we’ll not reincarnate on this planet. They say that we, the beings who live on this planet Earth, are beings 3:3 or beings that are in a third physical dimension and a third level of consciousness.

The fourth vehicle is the Higher Mental. This is the body of the psychic faculties, the intuitional body. After this vehicle, comes the vehicle of the Soul, which is the cathedral of the spirit where the experiences from our previous lives are gathered. This is the inner master and one’s real being. Another vehicle is the Spirit, which is the accumulated consciousness and, finally, there is the body of the Essence. These are the seven bodies needed to act in the Material Universe.

In order to activate the consciousness in each of these bodies, there are seven energy centers called the seven chakras and these are stimulated by the breath. We don’t just oxygenate through the breath through it we also charge ourselves with electrons. In other words, we charge ourselves electrically and, somehow, that energy lodges itself in the nervous system and emits light.

When that light goes through the body as light goes through a prism, it forms a kind of color rainbow that cannot be perceived by simple eyesight but with the mind. In a simple way, we first see a halo which is the amount of energy a person has. There’s more of it in the mornings than in the afternoon or evenings and the quality of this energy is what we know as the Aura.

This aura is the bio-plasmic body, the electromagnetic belt that every human being possesses and which forms an immunity barrier or protective field. Then, learning to breathe is crucial to begin to activate those centers which are going to allow us to develop in a conscious manner each one of the seven vehicles.

The Mental Universe
As happens in the world of music, also in a higher octave beyond the Seventh Dimension, there is a parallel universe. It’s the Mental Universe and the beings that occupy it are not extraterrestrial, terrestrial, or intra terrestrial. They are ultra-terrestrial. They are what we would normally call angels, archangels, thrones, principalities, seraphim, and cherubim. These kinds of entities belong to this universe that has an eighth, ninth, and a tenth dimension.

They are known as the Hellel or Shining Ones, and are beings made of pure mental energy, believed to have been responsible for the material creations. About this particular point, the extraterrestrial guides have taught us that several creations have occurred in the Material Universe as part of an emanation from the Mental or Eternal Universe in which time simply does not exist.

Among the mental entities that live in this universe, we find the Creator Fathers who are responsible for the origin of that which is physical in the Material Universe. We also find the Keepers of Destiny or Guardians of Destiny who are also known in the esoteric lore as the Lords of Karma and who are entities that regulate the learning dynamics of the essences that live in the material plane as they grow in knowledge and consciousness throughout a series of lives.

The Spiritual Universe
Beyond this there would exist another universe, one with eleventh and twelfth dimensions that the extraterrestrials call the Spiritual or Inner Universe. Three universes altogether, one contained within the other.

In order to understand this as it relates to human life, for example, we can say that Man’s first three vehicles: the physical, astral, and lower mental bodies structure the plane of material consciousness and connect us with the material universe. The higher mental body and the bodies that correspond to the Soul and to the Spirit form the plane of mental consciousness and connect us with the Mental Universe. The seventh vehicle, which is of The Essence, connects us with the third universe, that is, the Spiritual Universe. For this reason, the Spiritual Universe is also called Inner or Essential since, as it were, is the beginning of all things and we cannot fathom or understand it, although we can feel it.

Regarding all of this, where does the concept of God rest? God, the supreme deity, lives in each one of these dimensions or manifestations of His Cosmic Consciousness, since all of Creation is part of His stellar heartbeat. This is the extraterrestrial vision as regards to the Cosmos and it is important to know it so as to understand the crisis that struck the Material Universe.

A Chronicle of Stellar Stagnation
After achieving an understanding of the preceding explanation, we can state that the Material Universe has had many creations. It is a universe that had a beginning and, will, therefore, have an end. It is analogous to a sphere, a finite universe but with no limits. The first civilizations that emerged in this last great creation were remote controlled, that is, they were strongly guided by ultra-terrestrial beings from the Mental Universe. These entities functioned as if they were the representatives of these other adopted sons or those that were being instructed and were the first ones to emerge in this Material Universe.

These first civilizations began helping others that came into existence after them and this continued in a great chain of solidarity. Let’s clarify that the beings from the Mental Universe, like the angels, have an evolution that differs from ours. Theirs is not due to merit as it is in our case, but to length of service.

Since they are beings that have been created within the Mental Universe, they are very mental in nature and know where things come from and where they are heading to. This means that they cannot deviate to one side or another and are, as it were, a bit square or set in their ways. This is the reason for which, in order to evolve, they require the evolution of the Material Universe. This helps or promotes them to reach higher levels as those of the Spiritual Universe.

The Consequence of a Mental Order
At some moment in creation, the civilizations from the Material Universe which received support from beings of the Mental Universe reached such high levels of evolution that they weren’t able to evolve any further. Those that reached the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth dimensions of consciousness and were helping others to move from the third to the fourth and to the fourth to the fifth, all of a sudden, became stagnant. This happened because they began very fast, with great enthusiasm and an auspicious development. Precisely because they received so much in so little time and without much effort (because they had always been guided and remote controlled), they weren’t able to improve by themselves and thus, the evolutionary stagnation was produced. Stagnation in a dynamic universe like ours, where everything is always moving, was something quite dangerous. This forced the beings in the Mental Universe to assemble in something akin to a council in order to try to discern the nature of the failure.

Chapter III: The Council of the Hellel
Once the ultra-terrestrials assembled in council, one them, the legendary Lucifer (also known as Lug or Luzbel ), proposed that the problem was that too much information had been given to the civilizations of the Material Universe. He said that access to knowledge had been made possible for those civilizations in too short of a time.
The error was that they had been instructed according to the ways of thinking of these beings from the Mental Universe. They had been instructed in a brainy or intellectual kind of way and, because of this, no civilization had been able to finally reach the seventh dimension of consciousness.
The seventh vehicle we all possess is the Essence and, in order to be able to have contact with the Essence (i.e., the plane of spiritual consciousness), it would have to occur through a highly spiritual attitude. This was something that the beings from the Mental Universe had not been able to teach precisely because of their strong mental nature. In fact, what’s needed is quite the opposite. They have to learn this requisite from us because, in truth, there is no one so wise that he/she doesn’t have something to learn and there is no one so humble that he/she doesn’t have something to teach.
Having received knowledge and abundant information in a direct manner made some of the civilizations of the Material Universe (such as the Orions) very attached to the technological and philosophical progress obtained. This occurred to such an extent that if they, their guiding principles or their scientific achievements were perceived to be menaced, they could become aggressive or violent. Later on, this excessive zeal became a breeding ground that generated stellar confrontations or extraterrestrial cosmic battles.

The Project for Free Will
Based on what was referred to before, and once a project to create a new kind of humanity, one capable of reaching by its own merits what its older brothers weren’t able to was on its way, the Council of the Hellel thought that it was time to place a group of entities from the Mental Universe in the role or function of dissociating entities for the needs of the Material Universe. This would make the access to information more difficult. These entities (also called demons) had these kind of functions and weren’t either good or bad. They would just hassle and make matters more complicated. The thinking was that, having to face more complications, material civilizations would exert a greater effort and this would reestablish the interrupted dynamics.

In spite of this, other beings from the Mental Universe opined that the rules of the game could not be changed once everything had been set in motion. This meant that free will would be applied to a new kind of humanity rather than to the older civilizations that were already in existence. For instance, let’s imagine, what would happen if, fifteen minutes before a game is over, the referee decides not to play with goalkeepers because the score is even. Also, what would happen if, one year before graduation, a student from a rigid and disciplined military academy is placed in a relaxed, undisciplined school bar.  Wouldn’t he probably fail?

If one is going to change the rules of the game and experiment with seeking new alternatives, one would have to do so with brand new civilizations or with civilizations that had not yet emerged. This was the suggestion from other beings of the Mental Universe. However, Lucifer wasn’t satisfied with this counter proposal because it meant that they would have to leave their old copies (such as the Orions) aside. In other words, they would have to leave alone those beings that had been receiving their instructions. This situation would take place so as to give an opportunity to newcomers or to new civilizations. In a very short period time, they would be able reach such high levels of evolution that they wouldn’t just match the levels already reached by their trainers, but would even exceed them, set a new course, and even become their teachers.

Lucifer’s Rebellion
Facing this information, we may ask ourselves, how is it possible that beings from the Mental Universe, that is, from a very high dimension, fell into the tricks played by games of pride and lack of humility? Although it is true that the higher one is the more difficult it is to fall, on the other hand, if one does fall, one hits the ground quite badly. So, Lucifer didn’t like the counter proposal and he disliked its implementation even more. When he rebelled against the idea, he also distanced himself from the Plan proposed by the others and, unintentionally, became that demon sought to generate the obstacles that would interfere with the access to information required by the new civilizations. These new civilizations were then created as an alternative or as a rescue link for those that were stagnant.

As part of this cosmic drama, Lucifer’s Rebellion (Lucifer means light bearer in Latin) against the decision of the Council of the Hellel motivated him to influence extraterrestrial civilizations from the Material Universe against the Cosmic Plan. As a consequence, he influenced them against the new humanity that was soon about to appear.

Chapter IV: Searching for an UR Planet
The Milky Way, our galaxy, possesses about two hundred billion stars. Generally speaking, these are also suns like ours is. There are blue, red, yellow and white stars and these colors depend on age, temperature. and composition. Most of the systems are binary or trinary, which means that they don’t have a single star like ours but, instead, two or three. In our galaxy, the number of single star systems like ours, is around15 billion, that is, about 15% of the total number of stars. Also, astrophysicists have calculated a number of at least 100 billion galaxies. 15 billion times 100 billion! How could there only be life in our planet?

Our galaxy is not a main galaxy or a central galaxy, but a satellite galaxy. Just like our planet travels around the Sun, the Solar System also travels around the center of our galaxy every 260 million years. As we were saying, our galaxy is a satellite galaxy and, moreover, it rotates together with seven other galaxies around a central one: The one officially catalogued as M31, better known as the Galaxy in Andromeda, or, simply, The Andromeda Galaxy located about two million light years away from us (one light year is 5.88 trillion miles or 9.46 trillion km).

Scientifically speaking, astronomers speak of a group of approximately 20 galaxies located around The Andromeda Galaxy as part of what they called The Local Group. Nevertheless, the extraterrestrials we have contacted just take into consideration eight galaxies traveling around the Andromeda Galaxy in order to define the astrophysical sector that relates to the development of The Cosmic Plan.

More exactly, this smaller Local Group was selected to develop the project from which the new humanity would arise in a different time frame, that is, within a time frame out of phase from the main time frame of the rest of the Universe. This humanity would have a psychic potential capable of opening doors to other dimensions, and a potential of Faith and Love that would allow it to open the door to the Plane of the Essence and of the Spirit.

This humanity would also serve as a communication liaison between the Material and the Spiritual Universes. The six-pointed star represents these concepts, symbolizing the principle of as above so below or the synthesis between the spiritual and the material aspects of life.

Worlds with a Blue Aura
Thus, within this Local Group, four out of a total of nine galaxies were selected and two planets were selected in each of those four galaxies. Furthermore, in order to put into practice the proposal which had emanated from the Mental Universe, some beings with a high level of evolution arrived from other parts of the Material Universe. They selected eight planets which had an UR category, planets that only exist in single-star solar systems. Earth is such an UR planet. These planets are unstable and sensitive and their instability makes the beings living in them also very unstable. Nonetheless, if these beings become able to stabilize or to balance themselves, they will be able to balance and harmonize the planet itself.

Hence, Earth is an UR planet and it also possesses a blue aura. It is an unstable planet but with a potential geared for a higher kind of development which also allows for an enormous and unparalleled variety of life forms. In other words, Earth became the stage required for the growth or development of a corrected and enhanced version of its authors or playwrights. In the Psalms of the Bible, it is written because Man was created somewhat lower than the angels to seat next to God. Here, the idea is that, for angelic beings, this situation is difficult to achieve before Man does it.

During the formative stages, from the moment when the planet was cooling down, extraterrestrial beings were already arriving here since, for them, time doesn’t move like it does for us. What for us was hundreds of years for them was perhaps last year. They were present in The Primary Era, in The Archaic Era, and in The Secondary Era, when Earth had a very fragile crust and was in the midst of developing.

Chapter V: The Galactic Hierarchy
The extraterrestrials tell us that our galaxy, The Milky Way, possesses a government which consists of 24 beings whom we call The 24 Elders of the Galaxy. These 24 beings do not represent 24 different civilizations but, rather, evolution itself. All the more evolved worlds with the capacity to help themselves and to help others in their evolutionary path are governed under the supervision of these 24 beings. These beings are known as:
1. Amchall
2. Ankalara
3. Anko Bal
4. Archer
5. Asaraniel
6. Bropkol
7. Chermot
8. Gresidas
9. Ilrusi
10. Ilsalani
11. Inmalam
12. Kimrasi
13. Lembo
14. Lubieses
15. Oxil Kem
16. Preto
17. Ramanes
18. Sorcet
19. Ulkuyumi
20. Umi Tamil
21. Urlasa
22. Yansiremo
23. Yemiasa
24. Yesolma
The 24 elders also participate in The Council of Nine located in the Andromeda Galaxy, thus forming in total like a board of 33 members who represent The Great White Brotherhood of the Star.

The Council of Nine, is the governing body of our Local Group of nine galaxies and is headed by these beings:
1. Alcim
2. Gonamar
3. Leteon
4. Olmax
5. Oracel
6. Ralbot
7. Sag &Atilde & Plusmnac
8. Sullantes
9. Sumesla
Hierarchically speaking, under the Great White Brotherhood of the Star we also find:
1. Genetic Engineers, or Those who Plant the Seeds of Life : In the Bible they are called Elohim. These are extraterrestrial races and most of them are located in the Pleiades star area. They possess an amazing technological advancement that allows them to act as Planetary Architects or those who sow life patterns with the capacity to modify the physical structure of living beings. They also have the scientific capability to consciously manipulate the concept of time.
2. Guardians and Watchers : They are the right arm of the Confederation and are in charge to assume the protective needs of worlds in evolution such as Earth. They prevent the intromission of extraterrestrial civilizations with warlike or colonizing intentions or with the intention to conduct scientific studies without the authorization of the order established by the Confederation of Worlds of the Galaxy.

Generally speaking, the Guardians and Watchers possess orbital bases placed close to planets under observation or to those planets that are under quarantine. This is the case for Earth, which is observed from a space station called Celea located behind the Moon.
3. The Instructors or Guides : These beings are closer to us. Their function is to set the right course for missions of planetary assistance such as Mission Rahma which is structured to stimulate the awakening of consciousness in the human race and to prepare the human race for the New Time.
The guides undergo through a training period in order to understand the form of life they are going to assist. This preparation includes a deep study of the culture where they are going to assist and also the best way to get in touch with the people. For the explicit example represented by Earth, the Instructors educated themselves in places akin to space universities where they didn’t just delve deeper into their knowledge of Earth cultural concepts.

Here they also dealt with the best or more viable mechanism of communication. This mechanism, telepathy, would stir up Man’s dormant faculties in a progressive way. For this reason, in spite of already possessing telepathic capability, these guides were also trained as Mental Doctors in order to operate effectively in a world of dynamic energies like those of Earth.

All of them (beings from the Material Universe) received the assignment to come to Earth in order to speed up the life processes to create the adequate conditions for the emergence of intelligent life.

Chapter VI: The First Humanity: Our Antarctic Origin
The first beings which came to Earth from other parts of the Material Universe settled in submarine bases very near to The Antarctic Continent, when this land mass was located by the Equator, and in a time when the planetary environment harbored acidic seas. These visitors came from a planetary system in the Constellation Cygnus, some 6,000 light years away from our Solar System.
Around 3000 million years ago, they placed certain spores in our world in order to change our acidic seas into more alkaline, and therefore, to modify the chemical conditions of the planet. This first humanity thus came as an extraterrestrial civilization which settled on Earth. It is known as The Antarctic Humanity and also as the humanity of the so-called Ancient Fathers.

Seeding the Patterns of Life
Both the scientific extraterrestrial visitors and the Genetic Engineers from the Pleiades were qualified to encourage life on a planet. In this case, they would plant or sow life patterns from Orion, the most emblematic civilization of the Material Universe which, consequently, is also synonymous with the cosmic stagnation.
As a result, they left a self-replicating molecule on Earth, one that would subsequently lead to the development of more complex life forms. Leaving a self-replicating molecule of alien origin (from Orion in this case), was an attempt to produce a new terrestrial humanity under the same influences, challenges, and obstacles as those possessed by the preceding extraterrestrial civilizations.

The Earth Back Then
Before the arrival of the scientists from Cygnus, there were no living beings on the primitive Earth. The model currently used by many scientists gives us an image of a very hot planetary crust formed by primitive rock washed out by continually boiling seas under unremitting exchanges with clouds heavily loaded with water and static electricity which unleashed violent electric storms.

As the temperature decreased, gradually and not by mere chance (as scientific opinion tends to go), other substances needed for the appearance of the first self-reproducing molecules were formed. Some of these substances were tartrates, aspartates, lactate, glycine, riboside, adenine, and glucose.

How can these (complex) molecules form? Definitely none of it was the product of chance, but of extraterrestrial intervention. Also, the seeding of life patterns wasn’t only based on an incredible level of chemical knowledge, but also on its intimate and secret relationship with geometry. An example is the use of the tetrahedron. It is of interest to know that both carbon and oxygen are, fundamentally speaking, tetrahedrons or molecules that attempt to acquire this geometric shape so as to possess more stability when two electrons with opposing spin rest on the vertices of that shape. This fact is important since a different kind of structure would be less stable as well as less responsive to reactions with other atoms. Undoubtedly, those beings from Cygnus knew all of this.

In 1990, Christopher Chyba from SETI proposed that the water and gaseous contents of Earth’s atmosphere originated in collisions with comets and meteorites that also brought along amino acids as well as other organic molecules. Evidence for this possibility is that kerogen, ethane, and methane were detected in the comets Halley, Hale-Bopp, and Hijutake. As of today, this theory, called panspermia, points toward The Great Nebulae in Orion as the possible source of these kinds of molecules on Earth.
The presence of the scientists from Cygnus explains how these molecules arrived at Earth and, based upon what we have seen before, why Orion was chosen as a model for these seeds of life.

Chapter VII: The Second Humanity: The Hyperborean Consolidation
Millions of years afterwards, during The Secondary Era, a group of extraterrestrial colonists arrived at Earth and settled in the northern part of Europe and Greenland (the largest island of Earth’s artic polar region). They are establishing the mythic Hyperborea whose capital was known as Thule or Tollan.

Greenland, Iceland, and the Spitzbergen islands would be the geological remnants of that fabulous hyperborean continent which enjoyed a tropical climate and had an extraordinary flora. The significant fossil coal deposits underneath the ice in these islands demonstrate that, a long time ago, there grew exuberant vegetation. Ironically, Greenland means green land.

It could have been a home built by the extraterrestrial cosmonauts, a magnificent city which is now still remembered in legends.

The Watchers from Alpha Centauri
These particular kind of visitors were star travelers belonging to a category that corresponds to that of Guardians and Watchers. They were white skinned, tall, and robust with long hair behind their shoulders. They had come from Alpha Centauri, one of the stars which is closest to Earth (4.2 light years), although, in fact, they continuously move in space, peacefully visiting many of the worlds manifested by our Material Universe.

Precisely because of their experience in different planets, they arrived to ours during the Secondary Era in order to establish a temporary base to test how a civilization would be able to adapt to an unpredictable, dangerous and unstable UR world that undergoes continuous formative processes.

The Cosmic Impact and a Massive Extinction
The problem with UR planets is that, because they are so sensitive, they possess a great magnetic force, so to speak. This force attracts asteroids, comets, and other space objects capable of easily destroying them, and this is what took place.
An impressive cosmic impact took place on Earth and it menaced to destroy the life forms that had already developed. Some of these life forms were the dinosaurs. Actually, according to many scientists, had these large creatures survived, some may have developed into reptilian-looking, humanoid, intelligent creatures. They may have been quite similar to beings from one of the civilizations that inhabit Orion and this characteristic is not a chance happening because, as we have already seen, the life patterns that were sowed on Earth came from the Great Nebulae in Orion.
This cosmic accident affected Earth considerably. It happened about 65 million years ago and a remnant of this frightening impact can still be detected under water, across from the Yucatan Peninsula.

According to some scientists, 14 massive destructions have been recorded throughout Earth’s history and there were different factors that brought them about: biological, geodynamical, and asteroid-based. However, because life forms had grown more complex, none of them was as terrible as the one just mentioned.

In order to evaluate what this impact was like and also, according to rigorous scientific studies, the asteroid had a diameter of about 5.9 miles and collided at a speed of about 62,000 miles per hour. Everything was completely destroyed within a radius of 180 kilometers and the impact pulverized billions of tons of rock that remained floating in the atmosphere therefore inhibiting the light from the Sun. Once the dust settled, the CO2 accumulated in the atmosphere (one of the gases responsible for the greenhouse effect) trapped the heat and produced an increase in temperature. The glaciers melted, sea levels rose, and ecosystems were modified as a great number of species became extinct. It is estimated that about 76% of all marine species disappeared.

Having to face this situation, the visitors from Alpha Centauri fled making use of a certain type of inter dimensional door found in the northernmost area of the planet, an inter dimensional door that displays some activity until today. Only a few of these beings remained in our world, surviving in their subterranean refuges.

This civilization of extraterrestrial origin is known in Germanic lore as Hyperborea or Asgard. As if these traditions weren’t surprising enough, the episode of the impact just mentioned and the fleeing of the largest group of Watchers is also remembered in Nordic traditions under the name of Ragnarok, a word which, curiously enough, means The Decline of the Gods.

This cosmic impact (that could not be avoided), had the effect of turning the Earth into the first of the eight selected planets to be dismissed and declared outside of the Plan. For this reason, only three planets remained, but as time went by, those in charge of supervising the Plan remembered our world and decided to return soon realizing that, almost on its own, life had made a come back during the Tertiary Era. This phenomenon owed its success to the great Life Force Earth possesses.

Chapter VIII: Creating the Alternative Time
There’s an important point that we must not overlook. Those that observed and conducted The Life Project on Earth decided to send a group of extraterrestrial beings who were true interplanetary experimenters. They traveled into the past through cosmic folds or stargates. They did it by making use of a space contained within the overall Great Space following a cosmic route based on the spiral figure. This figure is also called wheel of time and is a representation of the natural evolutionary cycle of the Universe. In this way, they created a kind of temporal displacement for our planet, providing it with a parallel existence within an alternative time frame. We’ll be in this alternative time frame throughout many thousands upon thousands of years until we finally reconnect with the Real Time of the Universe.

Time Operators
Time is a mental form of the attempt to define the duration of things. It is an illusion based on the movement of the Universe in space. The idea of time is linked to the consciousness of a being. If a being’s perception limits itself to a third dimension, he conceives of time as lineal or a continuity. However, when the being discovers his multidimensional nature and enters to a fourth dimension, he realizes that time moves in a spiral and that it doesn’t exist beyond his consciousness. He also realizes that there are several simultaneous spaces within a greater space that we could call The Real Time of the Universe.
Since the Earth project required certain conditions for the Cosmic Plan to take place (conditions like the appearance of human beings), the Time Operators established this paradox in order to be able to create those civilizations with the specific characteristics needed for an accelerated evolution. This was so for the human race on Earth.

This space-time paradox had, as a consequence, the acceleration of time in some sectors of the Universe, where it would be possible for some races to evolve faster than normal. This information reminds us of a passage in the Bible that says and if those days aren’t shortened no one would be saved but, for the sake of the chosen, those days will be shortened (Matthew 24:22).

The Time Machine
Putting the alternative time in place had two stages. The first one took place when Earth was located as an UR planet. Through the mechanism of a journey within a spiral already mentioned, the Time Operators created the out-of-phase-situation with the intention to modify the nefarious future of unstable planets like ours. Sooner or later, our planet would have been destroyed if this hadn’t been done.

Nevertheless, in spite of what had been done, it didn’t suffice. The massive extinction of The Secondary Era demonstrated that there still was some kind of missing mechanism that brought Earth to adjustment with its own dynamics of time and survival. In this way, the second and conclusive stage was carried on by beings that came from the Pleiades. They were Genetic Engineers and Planetary Architects that installed a type of machine in a place where, later on, there would be a remarkable human civilization. This civilization is unknown by most people today and is known as Kayona. It was located in a tropical region where South America stands today, but Earth changes (in particular crust displacement and axial movement) buried it under the icy of part of what we know today as the Antarctic.

This machine is like a voltage stabilizer for the planet and is also like a device that stabilizes its artificial time, so to speak. In this device rests all the knowledge on how these beings mastered the concept of Time. This technology “magical to our eyes” – was installed in our world about 100 million years ago, following a new journey into the past, a journey which took place because the machine had to be working before the great impact.

Chapter XIX: The Third Humanity: Mu and the Rise of Man
At this point in our narrative we have reached The Tertiary Era, to a point in the past about 65 million years ago. After the extraterrestrial team had repaired the great loss of life on the planet as a consequence of the great impact, it established itself in a huge laboratory/spaceship/greenhouse, measuring some 31 miles in diameter. This object was located in a continent that has currently vanished. Part of this continent’s name derives from the land bridge that allegedly existed between Africa and the Island of Madagascar. The bridge was called Lemuria by the English zoologist Philip R. Slater. The scientific extraterrestrial mission was formed by a team of seven Elohim or Genetic Engineers. Their main mission was to set up the conditions required for the appearance of the first human beings.

The Androgynous Beings and the Appearance of Man
The first step was to operate on a group of proto-hominids, remote ancestors of man that were taken on board the huge ship. Then, as a result from this experiment, the Elohim obtained a variety of androgynous beings. It meant that these beings possessed both sexes. Nevertheless, and in spite of that, the initial project was not a complete success, the androgynous beings didn’t adapt to the density of the physical plane of existence on Earth. It could be foreseen that they wouldn’t be able to survive because they were so fragile and sensitive for the aggressively changing dynamics that ruled during those times in our planet. This pressured the space scientists into modifying the genetic project, thus operating on the androgynous beings once again to transform them, with sophisticated surgery, into single sex beings. In other words, they were modified into males and females.

The result was a group of Adams and Eves from the black race, the original human race of the planet that soon spread all over the globe. We must also point out that the extraterrestrial guides say that an Adam came out of an Eve and not the other way around. According to today’s scientists, Man probably appeared on Earth about three million years ago and not 60 or 65 million years ago, as the information received during our contact experiences suggest.

Nevertheless, science hasn’t been able to explain a series of time-related contradictions that point towards a much older time frame for the appearance of Man. For example, in the riverbed of the Palou River at Dinosaur Valley National Park, in Texas, and in the rocky plateau adjacent to it, several petrified human footprints have been found. What is even more surprising is that the footprints are found in very old geological layers. In principle, running water from the river should have quickly eroded and destroyed any prehistoric animal footprints but the fact is that some human footprints with a minimum age of 60 million years can be observed. Who were these human beings?

On the other hand, in 1977, geneticist Suante Paavo from the University of Munich took an arm fragment from a bunch of fossilized bones that are kept as a state secret. For the first time he studied the DNA from Neanderthal Man (Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis). Comparing the genetic legacy revealed clear differences between primitive and modern man (Homo Sapiens Sapiens), specifically, 27 mitochondrial differences were found. In contrast, among the different races that exist today, only up to 8 differences are observed. The explanation to the so called missing link is the extraterrestrial intervention.

There are definitely many contradictions in the field of evolutionary biology. If the dinosaurs extinguished, as was demonstrated, about 65 million years ago and our humanity supposedly exists, at the most, for only about three million years, the graphic representation of those prehistoric animals would have been impossible. If the current ideas about evolution are correct, no man could have ever seen a dinosaur and, therefore, could have depicted one in a cave.

Returning to our historical perspective, once the foundation for the first humanity was created, the seven Genetic Engineers got together with the groups of Adams and Eves inside their great laboratory-spacecraft. They told them that they could take nourishment from all sorts of things (let’s remember that this immense extraterrestrial vehicle functioned as a greenhouse), except from certain plants that were kept in a special area.

These plants had hallucinogenic properties and their consumption would accelerate psychic faculties in an uncontrollable way. Consumption would also affect brain neurons and start an irreversible death process that even these engineers wouldn’t be able to stop, eventually leading to abort the project of creating a humanity native to Earth.

Gadreel: a Contaminated Elohim
The Adams and the Eves accepted with great self-discipline the recommendation not to approach these harmful plants. However, one of the seven Genetic Engineers, an extraterrestrial physician named Gadreel (also identified with the serpentine symbol of the medical/mercurial caduceus) got together by himself with our ancestors and told them that he and his colleagues needed to observe their behavior under the effect of those hallucinogenic plants. He supported secretly, hence sponsoring humanity’s first drug consumption experience.

The Adams and Eves had a terrible experience. Their blood pressure plummeted, they felt cold and when the other genetic engineers found about the problem, they thought that humans were unpredictable, that their curiosity was quite dangerous and that they could even place their own safety at risk. Therefore, they decided to abort the Earth Project for the second time and left in their huge spacecraft.

The Creation of the Tsoonkees
Gadreel (a name that in Aramaic means God helps me) was an extraterrestrial that had secretly joined Lucifer. Since Gadreel was faithful to Lucifer’s interests, he sought a way to boycott the program, inducing these first human beings to use the forbidden plants. The drama that was played out by this Elohim agrees well with concepts utilized in the field of angelology in which he is described as the Serpent of the Garden of Eden.

Later on, when the other Genetic Engineers found out what Gadreel had done, he was abandoned on our world in a place that resembled a subterranean prison. He wouldn’t be able to leave until his companions returned for him and saw that he had understood his fault. And so, it was. During this period, and after intending to correct his mistake, Gadreel created a race of humanoid creatures called Tsoonkees. They became an elusive intra terrestrial humanity that still lives inside the planet.

They are important due to the fact that they are the main dwellers of the subterranean world. In some other text, we will explain more about this elusive intra terrestrial humanity.

Once the Genetic Engineers left taking Gadreel with them, they left behind the groups of Adams and Eves who had to fend for themselves. Soon these Adams and Eves would mate and hybridize with other beings that were already dispersed throughout different regions of the Earth. In this manner, the so-called origin of the races began.
The unpredictable dynamics of the spontaneous growth of humanity encouraged to resume of the Earth Project one again in spite of all its troubles. This resumption was important because, even after the complete destruction of four other UR planets due to their basic instability, the three remaining chosen planets had also been definitely abandoned due to the rise of further dangerous dependencies on the extraterrestrial Watchers. In some esoteric circles, we have come to know the first human race, native of planet Earth, and the foundation of all else that followed, as The Lemurian Humanity.

Chapter X: Satanaels Rebellion
The influence of the ultra-terrestrial being Luzbel had endangered the Earth Project by involving Gadreel in an extremely dangerous activity. Nonetheless, the efforts of this entity of the Mental Universe attempting to sabotage the Cosmic Plan would not end here. The next target was Satanaels l, an extraterrestrial Watcher from a star called Rigel found, from our observing point of view, in the Constellation of Orion.

Satanaels had originally been a high-level master in Orion. He had contributed to establish peace in that region of the Universe after an event known as The Ancient War which implicated 33 extraterrestrial civilizations. This space war, in which beings from Orion opposed those from the star system of Antares (in Scorpio), arose due to an illegal action that occurred when those from Antares took samples from the Great Nebulae in Orion in order to conduct research on life sources.

The Orions, upset by the fact that that this action had taken place without their consent, decided to expel their visitors in a violent manner. This war, which also unleashed the destruction of entire worlds, could have been worse if Satanael hadn’t been able to convince both the councils in Orion and the one in Antares to put an end to the conflict and to establish peace.

It is necessary to know about all these events so as to understand who Satanael was before he was influenced by a dark maneuver from Lucifer. Lucifer (or Luzbel) was able to convince the old general of the Orion Watchers with the idea that Earth’s humanity was a forbidden civilization, a civilization gifted with a free will not possessed by the Orions. Moreover, he was also told that human beings were their descendants because the first life patterns had been seeded with organic molecules from the Great Nebulae in Orion.

The Uprise in Rigel
Luzbel’s ideas and philosophy filled Satanael with envy and jealousy toward Earth’s humanity, to the point of clouding his vision and making him sympathize with this ultra-terrestrial boycott. The obscure arguments of this Hellel polarized the extraterrestrial Watcher from Orion who then became his loyal follower and one of the main characters in the saga associated with the Cosmic Plan.

In the end, Satanael led an insurrection in Orion. This was a situation that became similar to a Civil War since several extraterrestrial civilizations were involved. These civilizations were tempted to participate in the rebellion when they saw that one of the most representative Watchers in this star region was leading it. Obviously, Luzbel had known in advance who to try to influence. If he was able to absorb Satanael into his cause, it was predictable that other extraterrestrial civilizations would also be absorbed.

When the project was restarted after the timely intervention of the Genetic Engineers, two extraterrestrial civilizations were appointed under The Cosmic Plan to watch over our planet. These were Orions and Pleiadeans. At that time, Satanael was about to be appointed leader of the Orion project to watch over the Earth. However, given that a rebellion of some of these Orions had taken place under Satanael’s leadership, the Galactic Confederation decided to replace them with beings from the star Sirius (8.6 light years from Earth), located in the Constellation Canis Majoris.

Chapter XI: The Transgression of the Watchers
After the Pleiadeans and the Sirians had taken over the task to protect the planet, Luzbel’s influence was felt again. This time it was over a group of two hundred Pleiadeans under the command of one named Semiasis. These beings transgressed the established order, allowing themselves to be carried away by the sensuality appropriate to a paradisiacal planet that also demonstrated what for them were unusual vibrations. Therefore, they committed a serious infraction by having sexual relations with human beings from Earth. This activity had been a strictly prohibited activity because of the serious consequences that would once again endanger the realization of the project. The event here referred to took place at Mount Hermon.

The Book of Enoch
The uncanny thing about this story is that it is recorded in a very old book called The Book of Enoch. This text (supposedly written by an Old Testament character called Enoch) was mysteriously lost after the Council of Laodicea in the III Century AD. However, it reappeared about 200 hundred years ago. Out of the three copies recovered by the famous explorer James Bruce (as he was returning from a six-year working period in Abyssinia), there are two translations into English.

These were made by R. Lawrence (1821) and by R.H. Charles (1912). In the following years, several sections of the book in Greek were known, and later on, together with the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in Qumran, appeared seven disjointed copies in Aramaic. Now, these copies are found at the Museum of the Book in Jerusalem, confirming the text in the translated copies.

A scene of the arrival of 200 Watchers is described by Enoch, but this event didn’t take place just a few thousand years ago as is believed. It occurred in more distant times. To have an idea, let’s remember that Genesis cites Enoch as a long-lived patriarch who lived during a seventh generation beyond Adam (Genesis 5:18). Later on, other well-known names appear, names like that of Methuselah and Lamech (father of the celebrated Noah, who we know as a survivor from Atlantis). If Enoch was able to describe what happened at Mt. Hermon it was because this was an ancient event.

The Covenant at Mount Hermon
The Book of Enoch describes 200 angels landing at Mount Hermon (which is located in today’s Syria, Lebanon and part of ancient Israel). They were led by a being called Semiasas and they mated or joined with the daughters of men.

Let us join with them and have children with them (Enoch, Book of the Watchers 6:2)
Having to face this proposal, Commander Semiasas replied that the idea was sheer madness, that they were angels (as the text mentions, although we know that, in fact, they were Pleiadean cosmonauts) and that they shouldn’t mate with humans. He told them: If you do it, God will blame me because I’m the Commander and the one responsible for all of your sins.

Nevertheless, then, all of them pledged to become involved in this act and the pledge was called The Covenant of Mount Hermon. They joined with those women and had giant sons and men of renown. In the meantime, according to the Book of Enoch, the archangels Michael, Uriel, Rafael, and Gabriel observed these events from heaven, and upon noticing this havoc, said to themselves, “We must inform God about what is happening.” (Enoch 9:1-11)

Chapter XII: Atlantis: The Fourth Humanity
Facing this situation, the Confederation immediately intervened, in an attempt to correct the serious mistake committed by the Watchers. For this reason, they waited for the birth of the hybrids. Later on, these offspring were placed in a group of ten islands found in the Atlantic Ocean, the largest of which was called Undal. In these islands, their extraterrestrial parents committed themselves to educate their offspring, a fact that gave birth to the legendary Atlantean civilization.

The Evidence for a Submerged World
Plato in his Dialogues affirmed that, beyond the Pillars of Hercules there were lands as vast as Asia Minor and Libya together until, in a single day, this world which harbored an advanced civilization, perished under the waters of the ocean. This vanished civilization is remembered as Atlantis although its original name and its history have been lost from times immemorial.

It is interesting to know about a study carried on by scientists from the Lamont Observatory of the University of Miami. Through this study it was determined that there were abnormal geologic changes in the Atlantic Ocean, changes dating back to about 11,500 years ago. These conclusions correlate rather well with the general date given for the destruction of Atlantis.

Another interesting piece of information is the existence of a mountain chain that runs along the central Atlantic zone. Formations like these are known by geologists as dorsals or ridges. The mid Atlantic Ridge is one of the best pieces of evidence supporting the existence of sunken lands. In many cases, the crests of the ridge rise above sea level and form islands. There, we find coral reefs and sediments typical of shallow waters which suggest to us that, in a remote past, these lands were close to the surface.

Adding more arguments for the existence of a submerged world we could mention that Tachylyte was found in 1898. This is basaltic lava which cooled down very quickly, something usually deemed possible if it is exposed to the air. The formation of tachylyte isn’t generally considered possible with lavas that cool off in the depths of oceans. This observation was sustained by P. Termier, a geologist from the Oceanographic Institute of Monaco. Termier concludes that the lava must have submerged on a date not older than 15,000 years ago. Nonetheless, we must say that these studies are not uniformly accepted and that there also are many detractors of the existence of Atlantis.

We also find other no less important pieces of evidence in ancient texts. For instance, there is clear reference to lost islands. Let’s remember Homers Echelon and the enigmatic Tarsi’s of the biblical prophet Ezekiel. Also, the Maya and the Aztec refer to an island called Aztlan which was allegedly found east of Mexico. It would be conceivable that they were referring to Plato’s Atlantis, the island we know in Mission Rahma as the home of the hybrids and of the Watchers.

Chapter XIII: The Orion Deportation and the Destruction of Atlantis
The Orion rebellion which took place some 25,000 of our Earth years into the past had been put under control by the Galactic Confederation. The beings that had joined with the violent attitude adopted by Satanael were deported to Earth to help in the project as if under forced labor. In this way they would contribute to the human races learning process.

They were sent to our planet in groups and not all of the rebels arrived in one journey. The first group that arrived at Earth did so not long before the transgression of the 200 Watchers at Mount Hermon and the last group of deportees (led by Satanael) arrived at our planet during the beginnings of Atlantis.

Cloned Bodies
A phenomenon that that had already been experienced by the first group placed the Confederation on alert. This phenomenon was premature ageing and was caused by the fact that these beings possessed cloned bodies. It was also caused by what for them was to live under the strange energy influences of our planet. The idea of premature ageing is not that silly if we take into account that one of the problems currently facing human cloning is, precisely, premature ageing.

Because of the evolutionary advancement achieved by the Orions (and by other extraterrestrial civilizations), when these beings die and are reborn, they don’t lose the memory of the experience acquired in the previous life. They possess a continuing consciousness and, for this reason, using a procedure that we cannot yet understand on Earth, they decided to build their own cloned bodies or their adult copies in order to occupy them if their material vehicles were destroyed or became useless. This process was like changing clothes.
To understand this, let us imagine a being with an incarnated consciousness of 3000 years having to reincarnate again as a baby and having to go through that process repeatedly until finally being in possession of an adult body. Needless to say, the situation is different on Earth because we are on a different learning path, forgetting who we were on a previous existence and growing up in different realities, geographies and families on the road to finally embrace the enlightenment that takes us back to God. According to the extraterrestrial guides, we still don’t have the necessary preparation to remember all the things we have done. If in just one existence we are so affected by those people that hurt us, by those we love, those we lose, and by various shocking experiences, what would happen if we could remember those same experiences in 20 or 50 lifetimes? We would not be able to endure it.
Being aware that, in truth, we are cosmic beings would be the only fact that capable of allowing us to incorporate this information.

The Prison-Crystals
Since they had come from Orion, upon ageing prematurely and dying, the spiritual essences of the deported beings would have had to return to their place of origin. If this had taken place, they would have possibly reincarnated in the adult cloned bodies ready made for them in the worlds of the great constellation.

Nevertheless, to avoid such an event, the Pleiadean Watchers left some rhomboid-shaped crystals on Earth. These crystals were bright green colored, a color that is also associated with our planet and with plants. They buried the crystals lower section and their upper section was exposed in a manner that formed the base of a four-sided pyramid.Nonetheless, during recent personal contact experiences, we have come to know that not all of the Orions, whose essences were trapped in another dimensional plane by these crystals, died of premature aging.

When Satanael saw that they were quickly growing old on Earth, he was able to circumvent the protection of the Pleiadean Watchers and established underground laboratories for the purpose of finding a cure or an antidote. In spite of this, the Watchers detected this initiative and, under orders from the Galactic Confederation, upon perceiving the violent and persistent attitude held by the Orion deportees, decided to destroy them.

The decision was also predisposed by the fact that new physical bodies could also be created for those that had already been trapped by the crystals. The laboratories that were hit by the Pleiadean Watchers were installed in places that, due to our contact experience, we know today as Paititi and Mount Shasta. This explains why it is precisely in those places that those crystal-prisons are found and why in those places we have the presence of the White Brotherhood on Earth.
After these events, the dimensionally trapped Orions declared a psychic war on humanity, and considerably affected the Atlanteans who already had much to digest or deal with in terms of the knowledge inherited from the Watchers who were also their parents.

Maldek and the Destruction of Poseidon 
The Atlanteans became a warring, colonizing race, extending across the planet and imposing their advancement and technology. They even found themselves in conflict with an autonomous civilization from what had been ancient Lemuria. Moreover, if this wasn’t enough, they also found themselves with an internal conflict. The reason was that Atlantis itself had split into two sides. One kept the spirit of the Light alive and the other was influenced by darkness. This situation ended with the destruction of the ten islands of the Atlantean archipelago, leaving only three as surviving remnants. Among these three which had been left was the main center referred to by Plato as Poseidon.

Due to this situation which could not be controlled by the Watchers, it was thought that to reorganize the planetary project, it could be convenient for the Atlanteans to leave the planet. It was thought that, although they were semi-terrestrial, in time it could be possible to keep these hybrids disconnected from the Earth process. This meant that when the moment arrived, the entire Atlantean civilization would be moved to Maldek, a planet that existed a long time ago between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. With this in mind, some other Atlanteans were sent to Mars to establish a working liaison between Earth and that planet. Unfortunately, this attempt produced terrible results because not long after their arrival, an abusive situation was generated by the Atlanteans against the Martians, consequently producing a terrible clash.

Because of the Law of Vibration (which means that like attracts like) all of the tension generated by the Atlanteans first in Mars and then in Maldek, attracted an erratic space object towards the inner regions of the Solar System. It went by very close to Maldek. Also, due to an unknown effect, perhaps caused by the planets own strong magnetism in connection to its large size, the Atlantean weapons of mass destruction, which had been mainly placed in Maldek, exploded on their own.

This event destroyed the planet with a violent explosion and the consequences were catastrophic. Since the fragments were expelled towards Mars, they made impact sending a great fraction of its atmosphere and its water into space. This incident destroyed most life on the surface of the red planet. All the same, we should mention that nowadays, there is still life on Mars but that its inhabitants live inside the planet.

The fragments didn’t just arrive to Mars. They also reached Earth and many of them crashed against the Moon which is Earths natural shield. At that time, the Earth trapped two large chunks which orbited for some time around our planet. This is why we can state that there was a time in which we had three moons: The moon we know today and two smaller asteroids.

These asteroids were later attracted to our planet and one of them made an impact in the Pacific Ocean. Then, much later, the other asteroid made an impact in the Atlantic Ocean and in the Caribbean region, thus producing deep cracks in places where the Earth’s crust is fairly weak. In this way, dangerous electromagnetic vortices were formed. They are known today as The Bermuda Triangle and The Dragon’s Triangle.

We must briefly mention that those fragments didn’t immediately fall on our planet. In those times, the Atlantean’s technology and their mental power was quite considerable. Therefore, they were able to exert control over these moons. For this reason, they placed a pyramidal structure (called by them a Tagmatron) in what today is known as the Caribbean Sea. This structure was accompanied by a large crystal sphere that, acting as a huge energy machine, sent a beam of light into space, and kept those space bodies in place.
A similar crystal structure was placed in a region of the Pacific Ocean, in a spot that once had corresponded to Mu, a lost continent whose remains can now be associated to the enigmatic Easter Island. These pyramids concentrated such an astonishing amount energy that it can hardly be imagined today. Nonetheless, as mentioned before, due to the satanic influence, the internal social strife within Atlantean society reached such uncontrolled levels that some beings attempted to free their companions and even to attack the Confederation.

This attempt led to a reversal in the power of the pyramids, which then began to exert an attraction on celestial bodies that should have remained distant. That’s why they made impact forming, not only ocean abysses but inter dimensional openings that communicate with another time and space. These holes open up when those (currently submerged) pyramids concentrate a great amount of energy which is then liberated by the recurrent storms in the area.

The Psychic War
The forces of darkness did all of this and more against the Earth Project. In those times, the planet was going through severe problems due to the imbalances caused by those immensurable collisions. The Orions must remain trapped until the end of the redemptive plan. In other words, they either repent and fulfill their obligation to help us or they won’t be able to leave. For this reason, these beings have declared a psychic war against humanity and, as we’ve already seen, since the times of Atlantis (when they almost succeeded) they have done whatever they have been able to do to destroy us.

Let’s remember that this psychic war isn’t just mentioned by the extraterrestrials for us to be aware of the snares attempting to manipulate us. Paul the Apostle also mentioned it in his letter to the Ephesians (Eph 6, 11-12) when he wrote:
Put on the whole armor of God, so that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For our struggle is not against enemies of blood and flesh, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers of this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in heavenly places.

Since they cannot manipulate all beings, they manipulate a few people who are related to politics, religion, the economy and military commands. Through them, they maintain global chaos of hopelessness, lack of balance and a level of anxiety. These trapped satanic beings and their servants sustain and form a Negative Inner Government in our planet and base their hold to power on ignorance.

All of humanity’s great archives have been systematically destroyed, from the Great Library in Alexandria to the records that existed in Cuzco from the Mayan and Aztec codices to the works that were lost due to German fascism and barbarism. All that which could shed light and help us remember that we are part of a cosmic project has been silenced in one way or another. On another note, it should also be clear that we are not laboratory animals. We really are more like test tube babies. Also, our world is not like a farm where we are being fattened to be included as part of someone else’s diet. Our world, rather, is like a nursery home where the teachers hope to learn from the disciples by observing their experiences.

Chapter XIV: Establishing the Great White Brotherhood
12,000 years ago, after the destruction of Atlantis, an interplanetary force arrived at Earth in order to establish what would become The Great White Brotherhood of our world. This was necessary to achieve the necessary balance that human beings needed in order to continue their process of evolution. 32 extraterrestrial spiritual masters situated themselves in the subterranean galleries of a secret region of The Gobi Desert of Asia, founding the mythic Shamballa, the matrix and hub of the intra terrestrial world of Agartha. From there, they would watch over the Fifth Humanity. There were 32 masters rather than 33 because Satanael, who had to represent Orion, had polarized himself towards darkness.

Each of these 32 masters represented a space faring civilization. Their profound wisdom and abiding love for all of life qualified them as the most suitable ones to continue the mission of incorporating the seeds of Light, Love, and Wisdom into our world.

Shamballa and the Subterranean World
To speak about a super civilization living in the depths of our planet might generate serious doubts in the skeptical reader, possibly because it is also taught that the responsibility to assist humankind in its journey toward the infinite rests on these beings shoulders. Maybe one of the most famous experiences in relation to Shamballa was that of Nicholas Roerich, a Russian artist and explorer who, in 1925, undertook an expedition to Central Asia and Tibet. In this region, he was invited to visit the subterranean world. Also, during that year, Roerich witnessed a bright disc (a UFO) moving across the sky above the Karakorum and the lamas traveling with him assured him that it was a sign from Shamballa!

After Marco Polo, Nicholas Roerich, the Swedish citizen Sven Hedin, and his Russian ancestor Nikolai Prevails were the first westerners to venture so far into the Orient.
In the history of different peoples on Earth, we find distinct intimations of that inner-Earth world, a place where great wise men gather. They are the so-called Rishis or Mahatmas, who only grant entrance to those that have been summoned. By all means, in the Orient we have the greatest number of references about the subterranean world.

Thoth the Atlantean refers to these intra terrestrial masters of the light in The Emerald Tablets when he states: 32 of the children of the Light are found there. They are those who had come to live with humanity seeking to free humanity from slavery and from the shadows of those that were trapped by the force from beyond.

In truth, the star ship that brought the 32 extraterrestrials to establish Shamballa in The Gobi Desert was designed for 33 Cosmic Teachers. Each teacher represented a different civilization from the Universe. All the same, since Orion was the 33rd civilization and it took a leading role in a space war, the arrival of its star system representative (Satanael) was forbidden. For this reason, and due to the fact that, to some extent, we are children of Orion, human civilization from Earth was designated to replace Orion as the 33rd civilization.

The gods appeared in their corresponding flying vehicles to witness the battle between Kripakarya and Arjuna. Even Indra, the lord of the sky, arrived mounted on a special flying vehicle that could carry 33 divine beings. (Bhagavata Purana, ancient Indian text). For good reasons, number 33 is related to Man’s life in many ways: From our place in the galaxy (33,000 light years from its central Sun) to the Manna that fell from the sky assisting the Hebrews for 33 days. An observation: Maybe the word Manna is connected to the phrase Manasic Sun as is used within Mission Rahma groups in relation to the Central Sun.

Continuing with the vital appearance of number 33 in relation to humanity, we know that the human spinal column also functions as an energy antenna, an antenna that has 33 vertebrae. Also, related to this point, we notice that in different esoteric schools, like the Rosicrucian and Masonic, the highest degree in their initiation hierarchies is represented by number 33. Furthermore, according to some scholars, Master Jesus died and rose from the dead on his 33rd year of life. Furthermore, the legendary escape of the Incas away from the Spaniards and into the legendary Paititi may have taken place in the year 1533.

After the Mentors or Instructors of the Light established themselves in their Halls of Amenti (intra terrestrial temples that had been prepared in advance by beings from Sirius) located in the Gobi Desert, they built a remarkable metallic disc out of a strange alloy that combined terrestrial and extraterrestrial minerals.

The Creation of the Great Solar Disc
The Solar Disc is a key that opens the doors between the dimensions and can carry along with it the entire planet into the Real Time of the Universe. Also, the Solar Disc represents the Central Sun of the Galaxy, an important source of energy that reaches our entire Milky Way, bathing her with the transmuting force of The Violet Light. Needless to say, the solar or Cilial energy that radiates from our own Sun is also channeled by this powerful disc of the masters. There is a pattern in this because the power of the stars is made well used in the evolved worlds.

The Solar Disc thus became the sacred emblematic symbol of the White Brotherhood and is graphically represented by three concentric circles which remind us of the three basic planes of existence, the three universes, the Holy Trinity and the triangle.
Those beings from the hierarchy that arrived from space knew that they couldn’t remain in their physical bodies indefinitely. For this reason, the 32 Mentors of the Light saw in the extraterrestrial-human hybrid instructors called the Estekna-Manes, a perfect replacement.

These beings are surviving Atlantean instructors that escaped the Atlantean destruction by moving into subterranean bases. Many of them, being wise priests that work for the Light, had already migrated to different regions of the globe, avoiding their own demise and the disappearance of their sacred archives during the holocaust.

They arrived at Central America, South America, Africa, India and Europe. Thereafter, from the inner reaches of these places and, working hand in hand with the extraterrestrial guides under the design inherited from the 32 Mentors, the Estekna-Manes began to nurture a seed intended to rescue the consciousness-awakening process of humanity. This effort would bring knowledge and the lost history closer to humanity. This history is now under their custody.

Chapter XV: The Arrival of the 144 Planetary Instructors
One of the first human groups taught after the destruction of Atlantis (also referred to as the universal deluge) was the Sumerian. As part of this plan, 144 extraterrestrial instructors landed in Mesopotamia to unite people from the Zagros Mountains and from the Caucasian region. They began to work with all of them who also represented different races and this planned action was called The Sumerian Project.

The Legacy from Sumer
We find that, in a short period of time, men began to live in cities and that they engaged in mathematics, astronomy and metallurgy. Sumer was the first civilization in the world born after the deluge. Because of the conscientious care needed to avoid dependencies, the so-called Enki or Patesis (peoples emissaries) were chosen as the only ones in contact with the Planetary Instructors who transferred all the knowledge to them. Now, let’s go through a quick review of this ancient civilization.

Mesopotamia (from Greek words meaning between rivers) is a region positioned between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates. It became one of the first centers of urban civilization and today is mainly occupied by Iraq, but also, in part, by Syria and Iran.
Mesopotamia’s natural wealth has always attracted the attention of nations situated in poorer, surrounding regions and its history is one of continued migrations and invasions. Throughout most of this region, rainfall is limited but, when the fertile soil is irrigated with canals, crops are abundantly produced.

The need for self-defense and for irrigation led the ancient Mesopotamians to organize themselves and to build, not just canals, but also fortified settlements. From 6000 BC onwards, these settlements increased in number, transforming into cities approximately in the IV Millennium BC.

The first settlement in the region was probably Eridu, although the most remarkable example is Uruk (the Biblical Erech). Uruk was located to the south and its adobe temples were decorated with fine metallurgy and carved stones. The development of administrative procedures also promoted the sciences and mathematics, Art, architecture, handicrafts plus religious and ethical thinking flourished as well.
Sumerian became the main language in the area and its inhabitants invented the cuneiform writing system, a system that was originally pictographic and gradually became more stylized. This writing turned into the basic means of written communication in the Near East for about 2000 years. The Sumerians were probably responsible for this first urban culture that expanded to the north of the Euphrates River. Other important Sumerian settlements were Adab, Isin, Kis, Larsa, Nippur and Ur.
Thousands of years ago, the Sumerians knew that the Earth traveled around the Sun and that the planets moved while the stars remained in place. All of this is in great contrast with the period of grand intellectual mistakes dating from Tolomeous to Copernicus. Surpassing their interest in astronomy, the Sumerians also created the first mathematical system in the world.

Compared with our use of the decimal numerical system, the Sumerians system was hexadecimal. This means that, instead of a system with base 10, theirs was in base 60. Although, on first thought, this system may seem quite inflexible, we state that this system allowed the Sumerians to divide in fractions and to multiply into the millions, to calculate roots or to raise numbers to several powers. In many ways, the Sumerian system is still superior to the one in base 10 used today because 60 can be divided into 10 whole numbers while 100 can only be divided by 7.

Now, a clue we launch for the careful reader: This hexadecimal system is the only one perfect for geometry. Why? Well, let’s not forget that in geometry we are already dealing with this hexadecimal system and that for this reason a circle has 360 degrees.

Few people know that the Sumerian system with base 60 hasn’t just influenced the way we do geometry, but also the manner in which we measure time. The origin of the 60 minutes and the 60 seconds is substantial evidence for it. And to this we should add the 24-hour day, the 12 months of the year, the 12 inches of a foot and the dozen as a unit. If we were to track all this knowledge back to its early stages, we would undoubtedly meet with Sumer. Even more intriguing is the fact that their tradition mentions that the gods taught them all of this after they came down to ancient Mesopotamia with their shams or star vehicles.

The fact that the Sumerians managed this wealth of knowledge before the Egyptians shouldn’t surprise us. It is well known today that knowledge of the processional cycle of 25,920 years, divided into 12 segments of 2160 years (the so-called Houses of the Zodiac) is one of their undeniable contributions. One must understand this because a significant part of the information we use is rooted in this star-based legacy that lit Sumer six thousand years ago or even earlier.

Nevertheless, unfortunately, the Sumerian Project didn’t take hold as planned because too much knowledge was given in a short period of time, thus creating a form of dependency with the beings that came from the sky. When this happened, the Instructors ceased to arrive to attempt to sever the umbilical cord thus created. This situation was taken advantage of by those of the Negative Government who immediately appeared to the Sumerians, posturing as gods that ought to be worshipped. Also, as a result, although the Sumerian civilization was in some ways technologically advanced in comparison to others of that time period, it was conquered by others like the Acadian that was very violent. This turn of events ended the hope that had been placed on the evolution of consciousness.

When the project that was established to work with a social group or with nations failed, the extraterrestrials decided to work with an elite group of individuals. This is how the Egyptian Project got started, although, as we shall see further on, the Egyptian lands had already been the stage of other extraterrestrial visits

Chapter XVI: Mission Rahma
While the Sumerian Project had been under way, in the year 4200 BC, another mission of planetary assistance, planned for the benefit of the world’s future, was established. This mission called RAHMA was an initiative of the Council of 24 Elders of the Galaxy. It would be one of a number of missions designed to jog the memory and to send a clarion call to committed individual souls that already are part of the Cosmic Plan.
We say that Mission Rahma is a contact endeavor. As such, the foremost contact is with our own souls, then with our family, our group, humanity at large, the extraterrestrial guides, the Universe and, of course, with God himself.

In this endeavor, relatives from other worlds assist Man to become aware of His mission, advising to undertake an integral form of preparation on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels. They suggest that change can be achieved with an attitude of persistence and discipline so as to expand ourselves outward into the world like suns that radiate Light and Love for humanity and for the planet. For this reason, in one of its best known meanings, the word Rahma means to be like a Sun on the Earth. (RA = Sun, MA = Earth). Letter h stands for humanity and its connecting role between Earth and the Cosmos and among the Physical, Mental and Spiritual Universes.
The Future Goals of Mission RAHMA on Earth
Mission Rahma attempts to activate a contact program, the same program that has been unfolding on Earth for millions of years. Remaining steadfast and persevering with respect to the original goals of this mission would be the adequate choice needed to conclude what was originally planned by the Elders.

Needless to say, there are many other missions on our planet. They differ in form and objectives but, in Mission Rahma’s case, these objectives are specifically the following.

The Grassroots Community:

It refers to the creation of groups whose participants share affinities and interests while working towards a positive state of mind. This common unity isn’t just based upon a physical group of people because this unity also takes place on mental levels when everyone visualizes and foresees the same goal.

The Awakening of Consciousness:

It consists of activating the Key to Remembrance, a key that will explain the moment of history we are living, in order to begin to understand the existence of a Cosmic Plan that places aside a destiny of great importance for human beings. This awakening of consciousness must begin with ourselves and be shared or radiated onto our neighbors.
The Preparation for a Possible Catastrophe: If we analyze the word catastrophe in Spanish, we see that catastro is a form of evaluation and that fe means faith. Thus, we understand that this possible catastrophe doesn’t just refer to a possible cataclysm but to an evaluation of our faith, as we face situations of chaos and doubt. The great amount of new information that will be available will raise questions in the human development of every field of knowledge.

Only the iron will of a resolute person will be like a torch capable of separating the kernels of truth from those of confusion. If there was once lack of information, now there is an abundance of it, albeit not necessarily correct. Many will lose their course because of this information when they find parts or aspects attractive and in agreement with their personal expectations.

The Conclusion of the Encounter with the Great White Brotherhood of the Inner Retreats: This encounter will take place during the mission’s final moments. It could represent humanity’s admission as the 33rd civilization. With this encounter, we would change from being disciples of the Great White Brotherhood to ultimately reaffirming ourselves as the Instructors of the New Period.

Receiving the Book of Those with the White Robes: This is Mission Rahma’s supreme and final goal and, its accomplishment, would help humanity to obtain the true history of Earth. This knowledge would free us from our cyclical dependence on error.
The development of Mission Rahma required observing the evolution of potential spirits on Earth, spirits that, thousands of years later, could be incorporated to work in this mission for the good and transformation of humanity.

Chapter XVII: Egypt and the Memory from Orion
When the Sumerian Project failed, the Planetary Instructors decided to work with an elite group of individuals in the Giza Plateau. However, the Egyptian Project was born on a stage that had already been disturbed by visits from extraterrestrial Watchers during Atlantean times.

Before the appearance of the first pharaoh Menes, who may have appeared on the world’s scene around 3100 BC, gods inhabited Egypt. This is what one can assume about the region of the Nile during an era called Zep Tepi when there lived a beautiful race of beings called the Neteru (a word meaning The Watchers or Guardians). Also, dating back to those ancient times, there is reference to a hybrid race that came about as a product of the affairs between the gods and humanity. We are referring to the Shemsu-Hor or Sons of Horus, clearly mentioned in the well-known Turin Papyrus. Could these beings have been the Atlanteans? All the same, this account is taken by historians to be just a myth since the copyists clearly left out references of these earlier times in which the gods mingled with men. Fortunately, we at least know that the gods came from a specific place: Orion.

The Mystery of Orion
Orion (the great warrior) might be the most beautiful and astounding constellation in the sky. Earth scientists situate it between 300 and 1500 light years away. The bright stars from the giants shoulders are: BETELGEUSE and BELLATRIX. The stars from Orion’s Belt are: ALNITAK, ALNILAM, and MINTAKA. These are also known as The Three Marys by some or as The Three Wise Kings by others. Finally, the two stars marking the feet of the giant are: SAIPH and RIGEL, which can also be clearly seen.
The most precious object in the Constellation of Orion is the famous Great Nebulae. In the Messier Catalogue it is defined as M42 and is located about 1500 light years away.

Although the constellation is hundreds of light years away, we don’t need to undertake a long journey in order to understand the enigma hiding behind it. The answer can be found in our own soil since we can keep track of its signs in the archaeological sites of the oldest civilizations. Some of these civilizations possessed a mysterious astronomical knowledge and aligned their temples and obelisks toward the stars, from where their gods came. This offers a key to understand the extraterrestrial visits to our planet and its connection with the dynamics of the Cosmic Plan.

Now, going back to our discourse on Egypt, we see that, during the so called first times, or the era known as Zep Tepi (in which the gods lived in the Giza Plateau), a special codified form of knowledge or key was set aside. This knowledge can be sensed today in the three pyramids that rise as silent witnesses of a cosmic past. It might be wise to say that these silent witnesses may not be so silent if we know how to listen.

Already in 1994, Robert Bauval, a Belgian engineer and amateur astronomer, threw a direct punch to orthodox Egyptology when he demonstrated that the three pyramids in Giza were aligned with the so-called belt in the Constellation of Orion, more specifically as that constellation appeared in the sky in the year 10500 BC. Although there was great opposition to this discovery, the thesis of the correlation with Orion has been gaining more scientific acceptance over time.

What would be the reason to align the pyramids with Orion’s Belt? Who was looking to the sky 12500 years ago? How could these colossal monuments be built with so much precision if we assume that, close to those ancient times, there were no representative civilizations?

The Face on Mars, Maldek and Orion
Some 30-40 years ago, in the 1980s and 1990s, it was fashionable to speak about a photo taken by the Viking Lander probe during its 1976 mission to Mars. This image shows what seems to be a human face or, at least, an almost human one. Many argued that it was a simple play of lights and shadows which created this kind of likeness on the surface of the red planet.

For this reason, at the end of the XX Century and, in order to verify whether the image was indeed a face or a playful coincident happenstance, the Mars Global Surveyor was given the command to take a more detailed or in-depth picture of Cydonia, the region where the face was found. The results were conclusive and demonstrated that a great percentage of the features of the so-called face were, in fact, due to the play of lights and shadows. These results shattered all insinuations about a deliberate or symbolic structure. This was, at least what NASA pretended the world to believe in order to free itself from the bothersome Martian face.

What scientists didn’t realize then was that, because of the great number of pictures taken of that specific area, something even more surprising would be revealed. At first sight, it appears to be just another region of the rocky planet, but after paying close attention to various quarries that seem to be dispersed without any particular order, perfectly fitting dots have been detected. These dots represent the Constellation of Orion and that of its neighbors, Canis Major (Sirius) and Canis Minor.
Could it be that someone placed structures on Mars in the same manner and order in which the pyramids of Egypt were placed? Let’s remember that the extraterrestrial guides told us that both Mars and Maldek had been settled by Atlanteans. Taking that into account, and knowing that after the destruction of the fifth planet, we built pyramids on Earth as stabilizers, why not consider that others could have done the same in Mars after having been close neighbors with Maldek?

The Pyramids
Be as it may, it is appealing to realize that the Egyptians gave their pyramids the name of Ikhet which means Glorious Light or that the Mayans called their pyramids Pirhua Amenco, which translates as Revealer of Light. We also know that in Sumer, the ziggurats or step pyramids were called Esh, which means Source of Light. Maybe for these reasons, the word pyramid in Greek (PIRA=fire or light, MID= Measure) also means: That which Measures Light (or energy?).

The Egyptian pyramids would have been built by people under the supervision of Atlanteans. Among them was Hermes Trimegistus, also known as Thoth. This accomplishment would have taken place about 12000 years ago (Rob: 13500 years ago) instead of in 3500 BC, a date given in modern scientific circles. They had the function of stabilizing the planet, something necessary due to alterations in its axis of rotation and to the formerly mentioned impacts. They were also needed as energy capacitors and originally possessed rock crystal tips.

Now, in spite of it all, and in spite of this legacy of information and cosmic assistance, the Egyptian Project didn’t prosper. The intermediaries or priests began to manipulate knowledge which, as time went by, was twisted and lost. This result can be noticed even in the Egyptian buildings. For example, the older ones look cyclopean and perfect. However, later edifices, instead of demonstrating an improvement look like crass imitations of Egypt’s cosmic and Atlantean past. Moreover, influence from the dark forces may have also taken place in Egypt’s far flung past. These forces attempted to use the power of the pyramids to attempt to free the deported beings bound to Earth by the Prison-Crystals. Even if this attempt was unsuccessful, it was indeed a dark chapter that the Egyptian civilization had to face.

The Egyptian Project was finally abandoned and the Galactic Confederation considered that it was opportune to change the mode in which Earth’s humanity was being assisted and instructed. Now the effort wouldn’t center on a human elite group, but upon individuals. That is, upon special and sensitive individual human beings.

Chapter XVIII: Abraham from Ur: A Project and an Individual
Due to climate changes, three thousand years before Christ, Semitic people migrated from what is now known as Saudi Arabia. They settled in a series of clans throughout a widespread area along the Fertile Crescent, an area located between Canaan and Chaldea.

Abraham’s family was part of those clans. It was a Semitic clan from the Eber or Hebrews. They first settled in the town of Haran, in the region of Arampadam which is now part of modern-day Syria. Later on, Abrahams father, Tareh, migrated towards Ur of the Chaldeans, a large metropolis in those times.

The economic collapse mentioned as an anecdote in the Talmud induced Tareh to return to Haran where, upon his death, his son was contacted in order to help him make the decision of migrating toward Canaan, an area that had already been reserved for the accomplishment of something unique.

Abraham and the Programming of a People
That something unique was, basically, to accept being personally programmed for great consequences in the future. Thus, Abraham allowed himself to be selected, and with this decision, he also allowed the multiplying of his own spiritually guiding qualities and those of his descendants.

Abraham was a very intelligent person who accepted the idea about God that was transmitted by the extraterrestrial instructors. The idea was that of an incomprehensible, immeasurable, non-encompassed, and non-manifested God. Let’s make it clear that this wasn’t an idea about an extraterrestrial god that lived on another planet, but of God as the origin of everything. This is precisely the idea that humanity holds about God 3800 years later.

Nevertheless, in those early times, the widespread general idea was quite the opposite since there were thousands of temples and thousands of gods that were adored and rendered tribute. Abraham grasped this message and took it upon himself. He was a unique person because he was well developed in telepathy and in extrasensory perception. For this reason, he was able to contact the Guides or Instructors without the need for approaching spaceships or the like.

Once Abraham accepted his role, he was also genetically programmed so that a human group capable of spiritually guiding the rest of humanity would be created through him. These people would function as guides for the rest of humanity, not thinking of themselves as better than the rest but, rather, at their service of the rest.

We have to mention that, according to what has been transmitted to us by the extraterrestrials guides, the Earth and humanity as a whole are the chosen ones. It is so instead than in relation to a particular ethnic, cultural, or political community within humanity. In other words, Israel’s case is not that of the chosen people but, rather, and from its inception, the case of a selection in relation to Abraham and his descendants so that, with awareness of their mission, they would be able to function as spiritual guides and as living examples for the rest of humanity.

Unfortunately, as time went by, these recommendations were unheeded and due to unfortunate attitudes, the message transmitted across generations lost its universalism, therefore becoming a source of disunity among people and also encouraging elitism and even greater differences.

The idea behind this plan was to place Abraham in Canaan due to the fact that this region is the crossroads between Asia and Africa. It is a passage which many peoples would have to use, people like the Egyptians, the Hittites, the Syrians, the Babylonians, and the Persians, among others. In later periods, even the Greeks and the Romans were bound to cross through this inevitable geographic region. What better place there could have been to place a human group with entrenched spiritual, moral, and ethical principles capable of contaminating the rest of humanity?

The Encounter with Melchizadech
Abraham wasn’t just guided by the extraterrestrial instructors but also by members of the intra terrestrial or subterranean Great White Brotherhood. On a day, when Abraham was returning from a battle in which he defeated a coalition of kings, Melchizadech came out to meet with him and to bless him. Melchizadech is one of the members of the Inner Positive Government of Earth and is also the King of Salem (an old name for Jerusalem and, according to some researchers, one of the secret names given to Shamballa, the residence of the King of the World). At that moment, Abraham gave him one tenth of everything he had acquired in battle. Generally speaking, the project was overseen by the Inner Positive Government of Earth and, in addition, advice was given through encounters like these.
One of the recommendations given was to protect the blood line or not to combine it so as not to alter the genetic program. After this we read that the patriarch Abraham couldn’t have children with his wife Sarah and yet Sarah conceived with the help of the physical angels (extraterrestrials) that visit her. In this way she gives birth to Isaac. Then, Isaac marries Rebecca who also cannot have children until, due to assistance from above, she conceives Jacob and Esau. Jacob marries his cousin Leah and then Rachel whom he really loved in spite of the fact that she couldn’t conceive.

Then, once again, with a helping hand from those of heaven, he brings Joseph into the world. Joseph is the Hebrew leader who had dream premonitions and possessed the gift of prophecy. Hence, as we can see, there are too many births from barren mothers, a blood line of many children with an altered genetic program.

This continuity of programmed children also demonstrates the stability desired for the project, with efforts to keep it going and suitably on track. It was the best way to supervise the persistence of the genetic program. It was a way to make certain that, in the end, and through this blood line, its people and its communities, the materialization and manifestation of the Christ Consciousness would take place within a highly evolved and illumined terrestrial human being. In a specific moment in time, he would be willing to offer his seven constituent vehicles, sheaths or bodies in order to incorporate a being from the Mental Universe, a being that exists at the level of The Sons of God.

Chapter XIX: Moses and the Ark of the Covenant
Although the Hebrew Project focused on the person of Abraham, it also counted with the participation of another extremely important individual: Moses. The role he played in the liberation of the Hebrews (called Habiru in Egypt) was transcendental and what he did, as that which was done by other unique cases in human history like the ones we have already been considering, relied on the assistance of the visitors from heaven. This role included building The Ark of the Covenant, an object which keeps a close relationship with the deepest goals of the Cosmic Plan, as we shall see.

Mount Sinai: The Mountain of the Watchers
Observing Mount Horeb from a distance is breathtaking. Its solid, red mass contrasting against the empty, blue sky is daunting. The surrounding landscape is also quite captivating. Curiously enough, from a certain angle, the Horeb takes the appearance of that famous rock formation seen in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. In fact, it wouldn’t be a far cry to relate it to the UFO phenomenon if we take into account the surreal scenes described in the Bible. These scenes show Moses climbing to the mountaintop in order to talk face to face with Yahweh who was simultaneously surrounded by a strange cloud.

Later on, this cloud didn’t just protect Moses, but also the Hebrew people during their escape across the Red Sea (actually the Sea of Reeds), appearing as a pillar of smoke during the day and as a pillar of fire during the night. This narrative is a good instructional way (especially during previous historical periods) to describe the maneuvers of a mother ship which usually appears displaying a cylindrical or tubular shape.The extraterrestrial guides have explained that Moses really had a close encounter with beings from the Pleiades. They were the authors of the instructions needed to build the mysterious Ark of the Covenant.

Who Was Moses?
Freeing the Hebrew people and taking care of them as part of a genetic project that has its unraveling in the birth of Christ is a chapter in the Cosmic Plan that the extraterrestrial guides have described to us through various kinds of experiences and messages. However, the relationship between many of the key personalities in history and our contact experience continues to be a mystery.

For instance, today we know that many of Jesus apostles reincarnated later as extraterrestrial beings that would be included in the plan to assist Earth. According to information disseminated throughout the mission, the extraterrestrial guide named Oxalc (who established the first contact with Mr. Sixto Paz Wells, his family and friends in Lima, Peru in 1974) may have also been the prophet Samuel, who was born in the city of Ramah which is, curiously enough, found on the 33rd parallel. It’s even more attention-grabbing to read in the Old Testament about how Samuel wakes up to God’s call during his sleep precisely inside the tabernacle where the Ark of the Covenant was being protected.

Going back to the story of Moses, we find that his existence is particularly intriguing and, as mentioned before, vitally transcendent. Apparently, only the Bible refers to his existence and neither the Syro-Palestinian inscriptions nor the cuneiform texts or the Egyptian archives refer to him. According to some researchers, Moses was born in the year 1570 BC. Although in his heart he never ceased to feel like a Hebrew, he was educated in Egypt, receiving the predictable influences that might entail.

His education took place after he was rescued from the Nile River while he was just a baby that had been abandoned inside a reed basket. On his 120th year of life, Moses heart finally stopped beating at the summit of Mount Nebo after contemplating the Promised Land. His feet never treaded upon the land that his people finally reached.
Many make an association between the divine concept of the one and only God transmitted by Moses and earlier by Abraham with the unique heresy of pharaoh Anemopsis IV, also known as Akhenaten. This person modified Egypt’s religious traditions as he built a new capital city and attempted to organize a different kind of society, basing his entire effort on the existence of one God. His entire adventure only lasted 17 years.

Like Moses, Akhenaten was inspired by an extraterrestrial encounter with the Disc of Aten. His experience unfolded in a desert, echoing Mission Rahma’s experience thousands of years later, a mission that in its external (or formal institutional) expression also concluded 17 years after its inception. In fact, for us, number 17 represents death, change, and transformation or the transition between one stage and another.

If we conduct an in-depth analysis on the importance of what was accomplished by men such as Abraham, Moses, Akhenaten, and many other humans who can be considered programmed, we’ll find a plot that will finally lead us to the very essence of the Cosmic Plan.

The Ark of the Agreement with Heaven
Without a doubt, the greatest mystery bequeathed to us by Moses is the Ark of the Covenant, an uncommon object built under celestial instructions. But why was it built? After the sudden disappearance of the Ark from Solomons Temple due to king Nebuchadnezzar’s invasion, it undeniably became one of the most important sacred (and allegedly supernatural) objects mentioned in the Bible. According to tradition, it contains the stone slabs with the engraved Ten Commandments received by Moses at the summit of Mt. Horeb.

However, regardless of what it could be really hiding, the mystery it entails and its forbidden whereabouts has launched a wide variety of archeologists and researchers chasing after its secrets. Either by making use of the most progressive hypothesis or with the more rational alternatives, no one has yet found the sacred ark. Some maintain that it is to be found in Ethiopia. Some others claim that it rests inside a cavern in Mount Nebo, in Israel and, not an immaterial number of people think that it is located in the south of France.

Could it be that, facing the destruction of Salomon’s Temple, the Ark of the Covenant was somehow protected by the White Brotherhood? Could it then had been taken to the place where the instructions were first given, that is to Mt. Sinai? This possibility shouldn’t be too surprising if we consider that a similar situation took place when the Solar Disc was rescued from Cuzco and taken to Paititi, so as not to allow this sacred tool to fall into the hands of the Spanish conquistadors.

The Ark of the Covenant was built at the foot of Mt. Sinai using acacia wood and under the instructions of the beings that contacted Moses. It was coated with gold on the inside and on the outside, forming a special device that became the trusted repository of The Alliance given that the Ark was built under these circumstances. If the ark was also built to collect (perhaps as a capacitor?) an alleged source of power, this would explain the deadly discharges manifesting before the priests as bolts of lightning. Could the growth of boils also be explained by an implied radioactive or burning effect? Let’s just remember the fatal experience of the sons of Aaron: Nadiad and Abiu. By disobeying explicit instructions, they went with metal incense burners into the Sancto Sanctorum (the Holy of Holies) of the tabernacle and then they were hit by a flame (a high voltage discharge?) that shot out of the ark, instantly causing their death.Also, what was the alliance Moses was told would be protected, inside the Ark of the Covenant?

The Connection with Jesus
During the Last Supper, Jesus said:
Drink from it, all of you, for this is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins.(Mt 26:27) This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many.(Mk 14:24)

Tradition tells that Joseph of Arimathea, a secret disciple of Jesus, had retrieved the Holy Grail with which the Master drank in that famous heartfelt last supper with the apostles. Tradition also tells that during the most dramatic moment of the crucifixion, when Longinus the Centurion thrusted his spear into Jesus side, Joseph reached out with the cup to fill it with the sacred blood that poured out of the open heart. As we shall see, in this event there is a symbol pertaining to the Lord of Time.

Why did Joseph do this?
Some researchers have suggested several theories to explain where the Holy Grail could have ended. Some have also attempted to explain what’s even most intriguing: the meaning of Jesus blood. When we were as a group in the Sinai area, we perceived that Joseph could have visited the Horeb to meet with emissaries of the White Brotherhood. These emissaries would have finally placed the blood inside the sacred ark which had survived the destruction and looting of Solomons Temple. We also perceived that the ark could be found inside a secret chamber under Mt. Sinai.

It is also quite remarkable to discover that, besides story about Moses, the Horeb already was a contact site known by initiates. For example, a story is told that Elijah spent some time living inside secret caves in this mountain. However, the existence of hidden entrances to the subterranean world in Sinai shouldn’t be so extraordinary. We know that the extraterrestrial master guide Joachim communicated to us in his messages that these entrances really have an extraterrestrial origin.

Making an association between the blood of Jesus and the Ark of the Covenant is actually not too farfetched. As it were, already important archaeologists like Ron Wyatt have suggested a connection between the Ark of the Covenant and the Blood of Christ. According to the extraterrestrial guides, the blood of Jesus is the most significant archive protected by the White Brotherhood. An unambiguous understanding of this will be difficult if we don’t first give further details about who Jesus was, why he came to the world and what his mission was about.

Chapter XX: Jesus, the Man
Jesus was an Earth person, not an extraterrestrial but a truly extra-ordinary person who, through multiple incarnations, had reached a high degree of evolution. He didn’t need to incarnate again but, nonetheless, out of love for humanity, accepted to return in the same manner as a bodhisattva such as Maitreya or the Buddha of Compassion might. He did it to share his enlightenment with all and to guide humanity towards the peace and true happiness which are based upon love and service.

It was extremely important for someone of this level to come and remind us about the great expectation that exists on a cosmic level in regard to our planet. For this reason, he returned once again leaving behind his seat as The Great Lord of Shamballa where he had already been spiritually leading the Great White Brotherhood of Earth in the inner or subterranean world.

Jesus was an extraordinary being that advanced with great effort throughout several lifetimes in our planet. The Messiah had also reached a level needed to accept suffering in his own flesh, actually, Earths own purifying pains through extremely difficult tests in the material, moral, psychic and spiritual levels. These supreme tests he was subjected to dealt with the unconsciousness, the lack of understanding, selfishness, ignorance and thoughtlessness of others.

In sum, these things are nothing but fear of change and transformation. However, this was the only way to lift humanity from its error and to assist humanity to remember its collective responsibility, demonstrating as an alternative the example of understanding and love synthesized by forgiveness. Jesus example became such a force that it even overcomes physical death and grants spiritual power over matter.
Jesus had to set ablaze the emotions of other people, thus initiating a spiritual chain reaction and stirring them with his attitude and example, into attempting the same, transcending established ways, prejudices, dogmas and everything that decreases freedom of the mind, the heart and the soul. Moreover, Jesus life was in itself a lesson on practical and down-to-earth spirituality in which the most profound teaching consisted in reminding us about our place, that seat of honor assigned to us by the hierarchies of the Cosmic Plan.

As we know, Earth unfolds in an alternative time frame with respect to the Real Time of the Universe. Jesus presence (also identified as The Lord of Time, due to his mastery and authority over the Fourth Dimension) allowed our world to begin reconnecting the two-time frames. The Jesus event assured continuity in the process and was necessary because events taking place in our world were getting too complicated and were escaping from any possible guidance or control by the extraterrestrial Watchers.

As a result, the possibilities for an eventual reconnection were diminishing and this fact could cause a space-time paradox that could have resulted in an immediate suppression of Earths time frame and process. For this reason, the request for a volunteer was placed in the higher planes of existence. This volunteer was meant to incarnate and to manifest through his life humanity’s mission, the Cosmic Plan and the cosmic connection, hence, showing the way to follow. This was Jesus authentic being.

The Virgin Mary
Mary was a new soul, condensed from the most precious aspects of the so-called cosmic reservoir. This reservoir is the place where natures kingdoms are distilled to constitute a human spirit or human essence. Mary was also a synthesis of the spirit of our planet, someone who, due to her soaring strength and simplicity, would be humbly willing to accept being part of the designs from heaven. In a symbolic and effective way, Mary represented the feminine aspect, including within herself, the planetary spirit and the energy that expresses in nature or that which we call Mother Earth. Therefore, Mary represented the Earth and Jesus represented Heaven or the Cosmos.

Jesus had prepared himself for a great time during his previous material incarnations to become a vessel for a being from yet another higher dimension during three years of his public life. It was an external entity with whom he coexisted during the last stage of his life’s mission. Furthermore, this entity left him alone to face his greatest test at the crucifixion. This was done so Jesus, representing humanity, could seal this mission with his own merit.

The situation of the Virgin Mary is also that of a programmed individual, from her remote ancestors to her parents, Joachim and Anna,in particular. Her parents, beings with a high degree of consciousness and spirituality, were also sterile and committed themselves to kindle the necessary conditions for a special being coming through them, a being capable of much service to a greater plan. For this reason, and since childhood, Mary was a virgin, consecrated and dedicated to the Temple and she never had sexual relations with a man.

After Jesus resurrection, Mary was the cohesive element of the entire Christian Community and, when she passed over, she was also raised onto higher dimensions. Later on, she incarnated on other planets and returned during the last centuries by means of inter dimensional vehicles from the Confederation for the sole purpose of guiding the collective awakening of humankind.

However, let’s go back to the beginning of Mary’s life by mentioning that, when Joseph married her, he was already an old widower. He had had several children and some of them were even older than Mary. Joseph belonged to the third order of the Essenes, an order consisting of married people and, therefore, had a deep religious formation. In spite of criticisms from the Essene priests at the temple, Joseph was able to accept requests and the recommendations from cut off or secluded individuals. These individuals asked him to get married with Mary under unusual circumstances. Also, a series of paranormal events and the presence of angelic beings led the priests to realize that that girl had come with a special mission.

For this reason, her marriage was accepted but only with the purpose to cover appearances. Therefore, it was a marriage that had to take place in order to protect her until her destiny became clear.

Through astral means or in dreams, Joseph, who also was a wise and just man, was foretold that Mary’s pregnancy was programmed from the Highest. He was told that his role in the Plan was to offer shelter, guidance and assistance to Mary because, only in this way, what had been foreseen by the highest could be accomplished. Consequently, let’s be unambiguous in stating that, more than a marriage, it was like an adoption.

Mary’s pregnancy was accomplished through remote artificial insemination, with a technology structured to provide an electromagnetic kind of transmission. Now, to highlight Mary’s human nature, the semen that was also utilized in the process came from a reservoir made with contributions from the most notable representatives from biblical history, individuals such as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses, among others. Thus, from all of these patriarchs, an adequate sample was selected because the outcome had to be a very special kind of body, a body capable of withstanding the entity and the energy that was to function through it.

Arriving to Bethlehem
In the region of Judea, during the third week of March of the seventh year before our common era, the climate was getting hot. Due to diminishing winter temperatures shepherds were already taking their flocks outside at night. Only a few hours before, all of Josephs family had taken refuge inside a grotto used to protect flocks from the wind.
Mary had just reached her fourteenth birthday and was already expecting child, a child whose conception would be shrouded in mystery for everyone except for her who had accepted being fertilized in a remote manner by an unusual light. Mary’s fatigue and birth pangs intensified and this hastened the small traveling group that was related by circumstances and to her as kin. They hastened to seek refuge and to regain their strength. Stopping along their journey didn’t allow them to reach the small town of Bethlehem that had also been the birthplace of King David. Night was falling and it was quite dangerous to continue.

Anguished by the attention required by the maiden, Joseph sent out some of his children to try to find a midwife in Bethlehem. Since, they hadn’t returned after a long while, necessity made him out send the rest of the group so as to expedite the arrival of the midwife. For this reason, he remained alone with the lady in childbirth, only to become a witness of extraordinary events.

Due to his extreme anxiety, Joseph came out of the grotto, looked at the distance and then, somewhat more relaxed, up into the sky. This just man had had to endure all kinds of gossip and, also, the judgment of the priests for daring to follow a dream-based vision in which he was asked to agree to a Higher Plan about this strange conception. Out in the open, he saw the presence of a beautiful bright star in the clear, starlit sky. This star didn’t remain motionless but began to make all kinds of zigzagging movements. Then, the star positioned itself exactly above where he was and then descended abruptly accompanied by an explosion, while letting go of a strange mist-like vapor that quickly changed into a sharp and brightly lit cloud.

The Birth of the Messiah
The fall of that celestial body proved to be too much of a strange event for Joseph to handle. Therefore, he ran away and distanced himself from that place with no clear direction in mind. Then, he soon reached some nearby hills where he had observed a lit fireplace. There, a group of shepherds were gathered near their animals and Joseph, in his distress, didn’t even introduce himself. He just wanted to call their attention and to make them see how that cloud had come down over the improvised shelter at the grotto. He hadn’t even regained his breath or calmed down from his fright when, as he was stridently spoken to by that group of tough men, he noticed that the flames in the campfire were still, the wind had subsided, the shepherds were motionless, and the flock had grass in their mouths and yet it wasn’t eating or moving at all.

It seemed as if time had come to a standstill in order to allow the presence of a new reality, the reality of hope. A portal or entrance to the Fourth Dimension had formed. It was as if in that instant the Universe had descended on Earth, as if it had compressed in its head, leaving just a window into nothingness or into everything that was. Josephs fright was great and he then immediately remembered having left Mary by herself. He thus, returned from where he had come, as fast as his worn-out legs allowed him to.

As he approached the site, he could see that, out of the cloud that was hovering about 10 meters (33 feet) up in the air and encompassing most of the grotto, a bright beam of blue light came down and inside of it, came three luminous human-looking beings as well. These beings were too tall in comparison to the foreigners that used to travel along the roads of that Roman province. These beings wore dazzling white robes and went straight into the grotto. Subsequently, Joseph, overcoming his fears, went inside after them.

Mary was lying inside on the straw that was also used for animal feed. She received these beings sent from heaven with great keenness and relief. The burden for the responsibility and lack of understanding from others throughout the months after her pregnancy had been insufferable. Nevertheless, she trusted that she would be comforted in due time.

Two of the luminous beings placed themselves on the right and left sides of this maiden while the third one stood before her in the middle. Immediately, the three visitors bowed before the Virgin Mary as a sign of respect and recognition of her stature as a person and of her sacrifice. She was representing and, at the same time, incarnating the New Woman, the new Earth, and the Cosmic Mother.

The beings by her side extended their hands over her womb from some distance away while the being in front uncovered it in a respectful way. Then, this being raised the hands, putting the palms together and separating the fingers. At that moment, a powerful energy resembling a sphere of light concentrated between these hands. Then, upon lowering these hands towards the maiden, a completely aseptic cesarean operation was performed and the predestined child was delivered from his mother’s womb. The umbilical cord was immediately severed with the same moving energy and the baby was also immediately cleansed and placed in his mother’s arms. Then, the being that had performed the operation also sealed the wound with that same light so that Mary, the virgin from the Temple, was a virgin before, during and after delivery. The exact date was March the 19th.

Let’s remember that placing a date for Jesus birth before what is traditionally assumed is substantiated by other historical antecedents. The date has been ascertained based upon two alleged mistakes found in the documents where the events were recorded. The first mistake occurred when Emperor Charlemagne ordered the first modification to the calendar in order to avoid using as its beginning the date given for the foundation of Rome. He replaced it with a date given for the birth of the savior. He had this date coincide with the death of King Herod the Great, an event that took place 4 years after Jesus arrival into the world. The second mistake dates back to Pope Gregory’s time and, here, the calendar was modified without considering the census that the Roman Emperor Octavius Augustus had ordered across Judea. For this reason, 3 more years were added to the date which was already out of phase.

On the other hand, Jesus wasn’t born in December either. The confusion stems from the fact that, in Rome, the 25thof December was celebrated as the pagan Festival of the Sun, an occasion in which children were regaled with gifts. Since Jesus exact birth date was unknown, when the Roman Empire converted to Christianity, this date was arbitrarily chosen to be taken as Jesus actual birth date. Accordingly, the tradition to celebrate during this time of the year would not be lost and Jesus birth date would remain closely associated with this popular holiday.

Now, returning to our narration, let’s remember that some resplendent, special beings from the stars were the first to pay homage to the one who, possessing the same level as they did, had come to Earth to become more than them.

The Kings from the Brotherhood
Two years had gone by and Jesus family had settled in Bethlehem because of the great portents that were experienced there. At that time, the so-called Magi of the Orient, members of the previously mentioned secret positive world order known as the White Brotherhood of the Inner Retreats, arrived at Judea. They had come following a mysterious star that was nothing but a spaceship transporting the messengers from the stars that can also be deemed as some of the angels of olden times. This craft stopped above the place where Jesus family lived.

These saintly men had arrived at that place having left Mesopotamia two years before, after performing all kinds of astrological measurements. They brought to the child objects that had belonged to him in a previous lifetime, objects that Yeshua (or Yehoshua in Aramaic) ben Yusef was able to recognize without any difficulty from among other more attractive ones. The calculations that had been performed and various synchronicities had been enough to know that this baby was the one that had been sent from above, the liberator, the expected Messiah, he who had been anointed from ancient times to bring humanity out of the only original sin it drags along: Ignorance.

The Master Magicians then proceeded to bestow Jesus family with economic resources to be able to settle down in Egypt for a few years and, consequently, to save the child’s life. After doing this, they praised God and went back home taking a different route with the awareness that a new time filled with hope had begun and that, someday, humanity would understand and assume the challenge of its own process to become Christ-like.

In order to understand Jesus mission more clearly, we must remember that we live in a Material Universe composed of seven dimensions and that, for this reason, we also possess seven bodies capable of acting in each of these dimensions. Now, most of the people living in our world are individuals who are represented by the numbers 3, 3. This means that they act in the third dimension operating mostly with their first three vehicles: The physical body, the astral body and the mental inferior body.

Jesus was a 3,6 because in his previous incarnations he had been able to develop his spiritual consciousness, in this case represented by the number 6. On the other hand, most of the extraterrestrials visiting us are beings represented by the numbers 4,4 and 4, 5. This means that they move within a fourth physical dimension and travel across time and space with the greater awareness of their psychic potential. On the other hand, the specific beings that assisted Master Jesus birth were represented by numbers 6,6.

After Jesus resurrection, he became a being represented by the numbers 4, 7. Until then, no one in this Universe had been able to reach this seventh level of consciousness. Jesus thus opened a door of possibilities for humanity’s greater achievements.

The Child, the Man and the Christ
Jesus family quietly left Bethlehem and its province and relocated to Alexandria, Egypt, next to The Essene Community from Alexandria, also known as The Therapists. They stayed there until the child Jesus reached five years of age. Then, they considered that the proper time to return had arrived and reestablished themselves for a year inside a Bedouins tent located next to the religious community at Qumran, by the shores of The Dead Sea. In this way, Jesus family and, especially the child Jesus, received an education and guidance based upon a search for genuine purity, perfection and kindness.

The history of the Essenes dates back to 200 years before Christ. At that time, they were known as The Nazarenes, a word derived from the Arabic Nasrani meaning Keepers of the Covenant. They formed small communities settled on the shores of the Dead Sea and near great cities like Tiberias and Canaan. In these places they lived under strict observance of The Law through vows of purity, celibacy and service to God.
Between the years 175 and 150 BC, the sect located itself in the remnants of a fort that had been built by kings Ezekias and Josias. Around the year 137 BC, a second group of Essenes, called the priests of Sadoc, arrived from Leontopolis in Egypt. There, a Jewish colony had been established in the year 154 BC, under the protection of King Oniah III. This group was considered part of the direct lineage that derived from the high priest Sadoc. Furthermore, it is known that the biblical manuscripts under their control served as templates for the work that was conducted by the copyists in Qumran. The founder of this sect was called Moreh Sedek, also known as the Teacher of Justice, who restored the Law of Israel and founded the Community of the Covenant whose mission was to recover the essence of the doctrine through the spiritual life.

Later on, Joseph and his family definitely settled in the place known as Nazareth where there was a small village also formed by Essene families that owned workshops and offered their professional services to other towns and neighboring villages. Among these was Josephs carpentry and cabinet-making workshop where Jesus worked alongside his half-brothers. Jesus departed from Nazareth for some of his journeys of preparation where he sought to remember his past initiations. From the age of seventeen onwards, he alternated working during some seasons in carpentry and cabinet making with living occasionally with the Essenes and also traveling along with caravans to Mesopotamia, Persia, Afghanistan, the Himalayas and India. During this period of time Jesus had repeated contacts and close physical encounters with the extraterrestrial Watchers and Observers, with the White Brotherhood of the Inner Retreats, with masters from diverse schools and religions, and also with exotic peoples and cruel and harsh realities. He also had countless important astral and spiritual experiences.

The Temptation of the False Kingdom
During Jesus forty days of isolation in the desert where he fasted and prepared himself for what would become his public mission, he was tempted by demons or the planets dark forces. These forces, for instance, told him to turn stones into bread in order to placate his hunger. Nevertheless, he replied to them that man was not to live by bread alone but by every word coming from the mouth of God. In this way he also let them know that one can stop eating but not breathing because the Word is the Breath.

He was also taken to the Temples cornice and told to throw himself off the edge with the idea that if he is about to begin a mission as dangerous as the one he has planned; it would be better to know right away how close God really was in his life. Jesus replied: it is written that you will not tempt the Lord your God. By this he was not saying don’t tempt me because I’m your God. What he was saying is that he was not going to fall into tempting God to achieve a demonstration of how close He is to him.

Afterwards, Jesus was taken to the top of a mountain and, after being shown everything underneath, he was told that all of those things will be given to him if he knelt before the devil and adored him. Jesus replied once again by saying, it is written that you will only kneel before God and that you will only adore Him. By this he didn’t say no, no, you go ahead and adore me instead. Naturally, that was the reply of a being like him who was not going to fall for a game of vanity and egos, especially when he already had a clear understanding of the role for which he had made a most serious commitment.

Michael: The Shining one who lived with the Son of Man
The moment when John baptized Jesus in the Jordan River was not the exact moment when the Son of God incorporated into the Son of Man. This took place gradually afterwards when Jesus began to gather his disciples. Jesus offered his seven bodies so that, coming from a higher octave, an ultra-terrestrial being from the eighth dimension and beyond contributed to show the way for humanity.

The Cosmic Christ is that entity from the Mental Universe who, assuming responsibility for his role in the Plan, shared Jesus human life during the three years of his public life. This being is the one we also know as Archangel Michael and is one of the Luminous Creating Fathers of Universes. He is a being who is not God but, rather, a manifestation of God, like all of us. Besides this, in spite of Jesus spirituality and of his extraordinary level of evolution, it was naturally difficult for him to go on with life being well aware about the final drama of his existence. That’s why this high entity from the Mental Universe held Jesus in a supportive way so that he would be able to live with this knowledge and, therefore, to be able to face it.

During his preparation stage, Jesus had an idea of what his process would entail, but upon entering his public life, the exact information and details of everything that was going to transpire came to him. It was like a gloomy vision that produced an exceedingly heavy and distraught emotional burden. This was the reason for Michaels solidarity with Jesus, because He was also required to feel or to experience the difficulties in this dimension as well as all that had been forged in it. Remember that the good and the bad have stemmed from the Creator Fathers themselves, who, for having come down closer to their own creation, are now divided and in conflict amongst themselves.

If LOVE is experienced in its true dimension and magnitude, it is also capable of connecting parallel universes. As such, it is capable of sending us to higher dimensions and of transforming us. This consciousness of love also manifests when, as a function of service to others, a being raises his personal vibration to the point of awakening his potentials or his dormant faculties while at the same time discovering his capacity to act by making use of his dimensions of consciousness and of the seven constituent bodies or vehicles corresponding to his planes of expression.

During his three years of public life, Jesus transmitted a message of liberation through Love and Truth. He taught that the Kingdom of Heaven is a state of consciousness that one can have access to through Will and Faith so as to survive death by means of a new alliance between the eternal and the internal.

The Outcome and the Victory of The Light

Jesus was able to withstand the merciless flagellation and all the related anguish, discouragement and fear of his ordeal because he was not alone. In spite of this, he still felt pain and suffered because, otherwise, his sacrifice would have been less worthy. All the same, Michael left and separated from the Son of Man at the time of the cross. Therefore, it was during the agony of the crucifixion that Jesus expressed his restlessness because he felt lonely and abandoned. It was necessary for this condition to take place for the material being to die and for Jesus to attempt -with enormous effort and merit- to seal his great spiritual accomplishment by reaching the seventh level of consciousness through an act of supreme love of unparalleled cosmic repercussions. The violent expression of his death occurred because humanity needed to be able to be emotionally stirred by injustice. Humanity must also learn to have solidarity and, oftentimes, one rates the value and importance of things as a function of how much rejection or contradiction they produce.

At the time when Jesus could have cursed his captors or those that betrayed and abandoned him, he instead used this situation to intercede for all of them with forgiveness in a transcendent and definitive act of love. This superhuman triumph gave him such spiritual strength that, later on, he experienced a physical resurrection and, still later, was raised into a craft from the Confederation and taken toward the center of our local group of galaxies. There, already outside from our time frame but representing it, he made a connection with the Real Time of the Universe.

For three years, Jesus had preached the doctrine of love, taking his message to its last consequences and transforming his martyrdom into a spiritual triumph that had unsuspected end results for humanity. In this way, the Master showed us the path to follow and now its everyone’s responsibility to find ways to make use of it in our personal relations and in the daily events of our lives.

After his triumph, Jesus was taken by Joseph of Arimathea, John, Nicodemus and some servants to the meadow of Gethsemane. This meadow was adjacent to a cave where Joseph had had others excavate a tomb meant for himself and for his descendants.

A portentous event took place during a Sunday. It was three days after Jesus death and it happened while the Roman soldiers were keeping at his tomb. Jesus body began to levitate and a beam of light ushered out from each of his cells, in the same way as when photons accompany the birth of a star. Following this event, the vibrations in matter reached a point even beyond that of the speed of light. This caused the collapse of the stone slab blocking the entrance of the sepulcher and, in that instant, in the midst of a very bright glow, Jesus dematerialized and transferred himself into hyper space.

When the members of the Sanhedrin found what the Roman soldiers had seen at the tomb, they rushed to find an impostor. They sought someone who resembled Jesus as much as possible among the thousands of pilgrims that were arriving to Jerusalem for Easter. After convincing the chosen one with a large sum of money, he was sent away in a caravan, as far away from Judea as possible, with the assignment to say along the way that he was Jesus and that he had escaped from people that had wanted to kill him.

The false Jesus eventually settled down in Srinagar, in the Kashmir region, a place known to be a caravans hub and also the enclave of a Jewish community. In this place, he lived and died and committed the rather simple but significant mistake of getting married. This was a mistake because Jesus had made vows of celibacy. The reason was simple. Since he understood very well the process in which he was involved, it would have been irresponsible for him to have created the sort of ties related to marriage.

After his resurrection, the Master shared time with the apostles for forty more days during a time similar to a period of purification and seclusion. This was done in order to prepare them for the mission that would fall onto them and to assign various roles as well as responsibilities. Furthermore, the Great White Brotherhood of Earth was entrusted to John, who was also called the beloved disciple for being the youngest and, in a way, Jesus spiritual son. This responsibility would last while Jesus prepared to fulfill the promise of his great return as The Cosmic Christ.

Chapter XXI: Rendezvous with Time
Since Jesus is the Lord of Time and the Earth is going to be reconnected with the Real Time of the Universe (an event closely related to the return of The Christ), we must now mention other extraterrestrial projects on behalf of human civilization. Now, these projects unfolded in America. One of them, of particular importance, was the so-called Mayan Project.

The Mayas and the Magical Calendar
According to their own chronologies the Maya appeared in the history of Earth in the year 3113 BC, becoming one of the most advanced cultures in Central America and the world. Nonetheless, the entire historic legacy about Mayan thought is almost nonexistent since because, besides the architectural work and a few narratives, we only possess three out of hundreds of codices that were burnt by the Spanish preacher Diego de Landa.

The Dresden and Tro-Cortesian codices have revealed the feats these people were capable off and its sad to think about this lost legacy which had been treasured by the Mayans for centuries. It’s especially sad to think about the influence this legacy could have exerted in the Old World.

Time was carefully measured by the Mayan priests and the peoples beliefs were rooted on astrological beliefs. The need to follow patterns of life which were ruled by their gods who, according to tradition, had arrived from the Pleiadean stars, inspired them to create The Tzolkin (account of days). The Tzolkin was an astrological calendar of 260 days divided into 20 months of 13 days each and it governed the people’s daily affairs.

Hunab Ku is the center of the galaxy and, for the Mayans it is also the heart and mind of the Creator. Although there were other minor essences such as the rain god Chac, Hunab Ku was at the center of everything and the Mayans focused on it by using the Sun while studying the stars. This ancient knowledge confirms what the extraterrestrial guides have been telling us about the energy emanations from the Galactic Central Sun and its significant influence over our lives.

Thus, the Mayan legacy is gradually being discovered as more of us are astonished with these astronomers, mathematicians, physicists, engineers and builders who, according to our immature understanding of the cosmos, possessed a rather primitive civilization. Nowadays, being more aware about the Mayan numerical system and about their knowledge in general, we must understand that they understood as much or, perhaps, more than our contemporary scientists.

Moreover, their astronomical measurements proved to be so precise that, in contrast to those made by NASA, they differ just slightly by thousands of a second. For example, according to the Mayans, Earths complete cycle around the Sun is 365.2420 days while NASA measured it as 365.2422 days.

However, the most significant legacy left by the Mayans has been their warnings for the future of humanity.For some reason, during the height of their bright civilization, they abandoned their cities, leaving behind palaces, astronomical observatories, works of art, hundreds of monuments and stele, practically disappearing in a mysterious fashion.

The Synchronizing Ray
The Mayans tell us that every 5,125 years, a synchronizing beam comes out of the Center of the Galaxy (Hunab Ku). This beam synchronizes our Sun and all of the planets with a powerful emanation. With respect to the Solar Systems complete cycle around the Galaxy, the Mayans divided this elliptical figure into two. Each segment had 12,812 years and, in a manner resembling the division of day and night on Earth, the one closest to the center of the galaxy was called Day, while the one farthest away from Hunab Ku was called Night.

Moreover, this ellipse was divided into five periods of 5,125 years each and they were called Morning Noon Afternoon Dusk and Night. According to the Mayans, precisely during the millenniums beginning, we will be entering the galactic morning, also aligned by Hunab Ku’s synchronizing beam.

In 1997, NASA discovered that massive amounts of energy were being emitted from the center of the galaxy. Could this be the energy from the Manasic Sun referred to by the extraterrestrial guides, an energy that, according to our contact experiences, can also be channeled with Cesium Crystals?

The Mayans tell us that the intermediate period before the shift lasts 20 years and is called The Time of No Time. It is the period in which great changes take place. In this period, we should be capable of transforming ourselves and this transformation implies something as significant as the choice to evolve energetically, consciously and completely.

Scientific data gathered during these recent years may support this idea. For instance:
1. In September of 1994, all of Earth’s magnetic lines suffered disturbances, diminishing and shifting and causing many whales to run aground as well as migrating birds to become lost. Moreover, in relation to airports, maps had to be printed again and airplanes had to land in manual mode.
2. In 1996, SOHO, a satellite that had been sent to study the Sun, discovered that our star didn’t have a north and a south pole anymore but that it had developed a single magnetic field and that that the polarities had become homogenous. In that same year, a staggering magnetic movement took place, causing our magnetic South Pole to shift by 17 degrees from its basic position in a single day, and then, to behave erratically.
3. In 1997, there were great magnetic storms originating in the Sun, storms that even destroyed satellites that were orbiting the Earth. Moreover, according to some comparative magnetic field measurements, Earth has sped up and lost a great deal of its magnetic energy. The acceleration of Earths so called Schuman’s resonant vibratory frequency is demonstrated by the fact that in 1997 it was 7.9 Hertz while by 1999 it went up to 11.5 Hertz.

The key date in this important process, or rather, its beginning, is the year 2012, when the Time of No Time ends. It may be worth mentioning the interesting coincidence that, according to Paracelsus mathematical research on the so-called End of Time, the period of time understood by beginnings and endings, also took place exactly between the years 2012 and 2017.

As the extraterrestrial guides have taught us, this means that we are living in an extraordinary period of time, a period in which the different time frames will reconnect, in a way similar to what Jesus did.

The Mayan Civilization received these keys of knowledge as a legacy from the celestial messengers who, curiously enough, had come to Earth from a star nowadays called Maya which is found in the Pleiadean Constellation. These messengers had specifically arrived to teach the Mayans that we live in a world that runs with an illusory or artificial time. This is why it is not a mere coincidence that, in the Orient, the world of illusion is called Maya and it is believed to be a world out of which humanity must awaken.

The Inca Project and the Protection of the Solar Disc
Speaking about the reconnection of times lead us also to speak about the Solar Disc. As we already mentioned, this disc was built by the White Brotherhood from space, a brotherhood that arrived thousands of years ago to the Gobi Desert. The previously mentioned 32 cosmic masters are currently in a state of suspended animation. Their bodies are sleeping while their essences are in a permanent astral condition for the purpose of balancing the conflict of powerful forces acting in our planet. Their physical bodies still remain inside their great triangular spacecraft under the sands of the Gobi Desert.

These cosmic mentors passed the relay, so to speak, to the surviving priests of Atlantis. This was done in order to protect the knowledge and to bestow physical continuity to their mission on Earth. It meant that they entrusted to these priests the safety of the Solar Disc, a disc which had been built by them and was like an inter dimensional key. That’s why the Solar Disc was placed in a subterranean temple near todays Lake Titicaca in Bolivia.

The Eternal City or the Legendary Wimnaymarca
This place was called The Eternal City and was the ancient Wimnaymarca of the great Huyustu’s, the first Grand Master of the priests that had been rescued from the waters during the end of Atlantis. The Eternal City remained active for thousands of years and its fabulous architecture arose out of underground galleries, showing through the frozen Andean surface with its colossal walls ornamented by delicate rock engravings. This spiritual center, the Wimnaymarca of ancient Andean lore, once glittering near the sacred lake, sheltered a lineage of wise men, inheritors of an ancient knowledge and of a noble responsibility. Thus, this is how the Eternal City was the only evidence for it is now based upon legends and on the cyclopean ruins of Tiawanaku.

In this place, a high civilization of giants may have developed, as described by Pedro Ciera in the year 1550. He mentioned that this place had been built before the deluge in a single night and by unknown giants. Father Bernard also makes reference to giants in his chronicles and, according to his narration, a certain man called Juan de Vargas, found the remains of one of them, among the ruins.

Of interest is the etymological meaning of the word Tiawanaku. Here we have Tio, which in the language of the Aymara Indians means god. There is ti-wan which would translate as from god. Then, we have aka which means this so that, finally, Tiawanacu would be like saying this is from god. As a result, the name reveals what was this legendary city used for: As a sacred temple. In spite of its high level, Tiawanakus pacifist and harmless organization turned it into an easy target for other war-like tribes that emerged. The same had also taken place with other civilizing projects, like the Sumerian and the Olmec, even before the appearance of the Mayans. Facing this threat, the Tiawanacu masters took the Solar Disc to a safe place and sealed the entrance to the subterranean temple that housed it. The invaders were never able to find the sacred enclosure, although they killed several priests from the city.
One of the direct descendants from Huyustus traveled to an island located in the great sacred lake, knowing beforehand in what exact place (of today’s Island of the Sun ) there was an ancient tunnel that would help him escape from danger. This capable and intelligent man was later known, according to some legends, as the Inca Manco Copac or, according to some other legends, as Ayer Manco.

According to our observations, there are numerous tunnels in this island, but they have unfortunately been sealed and buried due to the superstition that reigned during Bolivia’s feudal era. The same thing happened in Peru and Ecuador. However, after several inquiries, we found one of the possible (yet also sealed) entrances to the tunnel said to communicate under the lake with the Island of the Moon and, moreover, even with the city of Cuzco, in Peru.

Anyone observing this cannot help but think that Manco Copac and his siblings traveled to Cuzco in an underground manner, emerging at the caverns of Pacitambo and then walking to their final destiny: Mount Huanacure, where the Inca Empire ultimately began. As he traveled, Manco Copac confirmed that many people lived in a state of uncivilized savagery and he took pity on them, noticing their violent life rhythms. For this reason and, guided by a higher force, he decided to help them to know the light of civilization. The Galactic Confederation approved of his intentions and gave him the necessary support to begin what would later be called The Inca Project. It would be pertinent to say that Manco Copac was not alone. With the help of his blood sister, mentioned in the Andean legends under the name of Mama Oyo he began this project which relied upon examples and instructions.

The Sons of the Sun
According to legend, Manco Copac and Mama Oyo emerged from Lake Titicaca under orders from the Sun for the purpose of putting into practice their intention to be as guides and beacons of many people living in a state of savagery. These enigmatic individuals possessed a gold staff and, wherever they rested, they nailed it into the ground. When this staff sank completely in a specific place, they found the adequate place to initiate the development of one of the most important cultures in the world. The Empire of the Tawantinsuyo had begun (in the Quechua language, Tawa means Four and Suyo means Region).

We must say that Manco Copac and Mama Oyo had been previously prepared away from Earth from childhood by the celestial messengers. Therefore, their mission of sowing the seeds of an advanced civilization in South America was already part of a larger project that attempted to activate the legacy of the White Brotherhood and of the future protection of the Solar Disc. In other words, the Incas supreme or ultimate mission was to protect this disc.

The relationship with the subterranean world is very important here. For instance, there is a legend in relation to the origin of the Incas in which reference is made of four brothers and their women coming out of a cavern in order to establish the Empire of the Sun. Once again, the main character is called Manco Copac who, finally, accomplishes his mission. Be as it may, both narratives place us before a beginning defined by similar particular characteristics that bring to life this wise civilization.
The Inca Empire was a great empire that, broadly speaking, occupied an extension ranging from the southern part of Colombia to the central part of Chile and from the Andes to the coast. The chosen place to establish the roots of this new civilization was called Qosqo (or bellybutton), a magnetic site that held the necessary conditions needed to serve as background to this culture.

The first years of what could be called the second Inca dynasty (being that the first one corresponds to Tiawanaku) elapsed with immense happiness, peace and abundance. The Incas developed an economy based upon the intense assembly of rows of terraces on the mountainsides and, in them, they achieved mastery over irrigation and hydraulics. They possessed an efficient administration and dealt with dexterity with the arts and with the refinement of forged metals. Their architecture was effective and sober and contrasted with a unique and exquisitely detailed textile production. Additionally, an extraordinary craftsmanship in ceramics complemented the various art forms they used to express themselves.

In a superficial, but adequate review of the Inca religion, we could say that, in principle, it was simple. They worshipped Viracocha, whom they considered the creator god. They also worshipped a few other gods such as: Inti (the outer and inner Sun), Mama Killa (the Moon), Illapa (the thunderbolt), Pacha Mama (the world or Mother Earth) and Pachacamac (the lord of earthquakes).

Viracocha was also called Illa Viracocha Pachanchani and was considered the original splendor and The Lord Teacher of the World. In fact, it was the first divinity of the ancient Tiawanacu from the Lake Titicaca region. He had created Heaven and Earth and also the first generation of giants that had lived in that area. The cult to the creator god presupposed an abstract and intellectual concept and was only reserved to the nobility. Like other gods, Viracocha was a nomad. It had a winged companion called the Inti bird, a kind of magician-bird, knower of wonderful things and also of future events.

Already in 1997, archaeologist Maria Scholten shook the foundations of academia by publishing for the first time her research on the Route of Viracocha. In this study, Mrs. Scholten demonstrated that various archaeological sites in Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador, mentioned by the legends as stations along the way of the reveling teacher god Tecsi Viracocha, were geometrically aligned in a superb way, demonstrating the scientific knowledge of old Andean cultures. This becomes particularly interesting because the first thing one tends to ask is: Who was really Viracocha? He was one of the celestial instructors.
From Manco Copac to Atahualpa: From Light to Darkness
A short time passed before Manco Copac revealed the existence of the Solar Disc. Before his death, he confided to his successor Sinchi Roca, information regarding the entrance to the secret subterranean chamber on the shores of Lake Titicaca. This was a place known in olden times as Mamacota or Puquinacocha (which translates as the place of origin). Soon the disc was found and it was immediately transferred to the Koricancha Temple in Cuzco, a gold temple dedicated to the Sun.

Unfortunately, the warrior-like nature in the Inca blood began to emerge. Guided by Sinchi Roca (interestingly, Sinchi means warrior bitter and excessively strong) they went ahead with an expansionist plan, attempting to extend the empire beyond the known limits. In this way, the first years of this second Inca dynasty came to pass and, throughout this period, they went from peaceful governments like that of the statesman and accountant Lloque Yupanqui to that of the powerful and conquering Copac, who extended the borders of his kingdom beyond known lands.

Between the seventh Inca, Yawar Huaca and the ninth Inca, Pachacutec,there were long periods that were spent dealing with external and internal wars. Pachacutec would be particularly remembered as a great builder of majestic temples. He would also be remembered for urban planning and for the strategic defense of cities.
All the same, the countdown to the end wouldnt be delayed for long and it began to tick with the arrival of the tenth Inca, Huayna Capac. The Great White Brotherhood residing in its retreat in what today is the Peruvian department of Madre de Dios, east of the Empire, was aware of the events that were about to unfold.

The Secret City of Paititi
Inca Huayna Capac was the father of Inca Huascar and of Inca Atahualpa. He ascended to the throne in the year 1481 at the age of 30. He was affable and much beloved by his subjects. He was also admired by his courage and prudence and was feared as an unremitting conqueror. He had sired more than 100 male children and about fifty female. With the daughter of the main lord of Quito he begot Atahualpa, while Huascar who was born in Qosqo (Cuzco) was the product of a union with the Coya (the Inca main consort and a noblewoman) named Rahua Ocllo. This lady was also his sister and his second legitimate wife, because the older Coya had not been able to bear children.

Huayna Capac governed for more than three decades, continuing with his expansionist policy and strengthening the organization of the state, a task that his father Tupac Inca Yupanqui, a great conqueror and statesman, had begun. In order to widen the limits of the Empire towards the Antisuyo, this Inca attempted an ambitious military expedition in the dense jungle area of Madre de Dios with more than 40,000 warriors.

However, as demonstrated elsewhere, the fierce resistance of the aboriginal tribes, the difficult geography of the torrential rivers, the dense and impenetrable forests, the exceedingly hot climate and all sorts of varmint and parasites, forced the decimated Inca hosts to reach an agreement with the great Yaya, the lord and chief of the tribes in the Paititi region.

According to legend, to bear witness of this agreement, a city called Paiquinquin Qosco (twin city of Cuzco) was built in the Plateau of Pantiacolla. This was the last frontier post in the jungle and it was connected to Paucartambo (an important Inca citadel) through seven tambos (rest lodges) and some pucaras (fortresses) along the way. A square-shaped lagoon was built right under the city to secure water resources. This place, considered sacred by locals, was located next to a great waterfall and next to a mountain pierced by deep caverns. Nonetheless, we must not confuse the Inca penetration into the jungle with the real foundation of Paititi. In fact, the real Paititi is a subterranean city established, before the appearance of the Inca Empire, by survivors from Atlantis.

Legends also tell that very tall men wearing white or ochre-colored robes were seen coming out of the caves. Consequently, the Inca vanguard, not only had to request authorization from the local indigenous people but also from the subterranean inhabitants who are also referred to as the original guardians. It was said that these people (called Paco Pacuris in the Quechua language) were survivors from a civilization that extended throughout the Amazon region in representation of an inner Earth civilization.

The Twilight of the Tawantinsuyo
While Huascar and Atahualpa were engaging in a dispute to take control of the empire, their secret or less known brother, Choque Auqui, a young, good looking, intelligent man of medium stature was concluding the Incas mission after it had been adversely influenced by the wrong use of power. The Incas had conquered without measure and by Law of Cause and Effect, they would end being conquered.

Three emissaries arrived at the Empire. They came from the central location of the Hierarchy, a place that, as said before, had been built under the jungle in what corresponds to today’s state of Madre de Dios, in Peru. They warned about the fatal outcome about to unfold. The Inca wise men knew that the emissaries of the inner world were right because various signs or portents had already been observed, pointing towards the end of the empire. Consequently, after the emissaries had gone, the elder Quipucamayoc (wise record keepers) hid all of the archives of knowledge from Andean cultures they were able to gather. Similarly, they took the Solar Disc to a safe place. Also, in order not to provoke suspicions, a disc that was identical to the original but made of pure gold was placed as a replacement on a wall of the Temple of Coricancha.
For this reason, the prince Choque Auqui secretly convened the amautas (master teachers) and proposed to them with the possibility of a joint flight towards safe haven, that is, to a place where the Paco Pacuris (the original guardians) had taken the Golden Disc to protect it and to avoid it from falling into the hands of the conquistadors.

In order to materialize this escape, Choque Auqui relied on the help of the city inhabitants, the priests and the mamacunas (selected female priests) living in a temple near the Coricancha. From this temple, the envoys went into the Coricancha during the night in order to go into the Great Chinkana (great labyrinth), a subterranean, snake-like tunnel that runs under the city towards the Fortress of Saccsayhuaman. After emerging, they continued their journey through another nearby tunnel, going in the direction of Paucartambo. From Paucartambo and traveling on the surface and overcoming a very harsh geography, they advanced toward the jungle region of Manu.

The Awakening of the Solar Disc
The disc, which is now safeguarded by the masters of the White Brotherhood in Paititi, is like a cosmic tool that acts like an inter dimensional key. This key can take with it the entire planet towards The Real Time of the Universe, when the time frames reconnect. For this reason, the masters say that, the disc, in fact, doesn’t represent our Sun, but, rather, the Central Galactic Sun. Furthermore, now we also know that it is not the only one of its kind.

Besides the Great Disc from Paititi, there are 12 other discs which were built by the ancient civilizations in America under the supervision of celestial messengers. These discs will form a real energy network which, bound to the Solar Disc in Paititi, will raise the Earth to another level during the climax of the galactic connection.

Today, these discs are protected in the Inner Retreats of the White Brotherhood, in places like Mount Shasta (USA), the Valle de las Siete Luminarias (Mexico), Ciudad Blanca (Honduras), Guatavita (Colombia), Roraima (Venezuela), La Cueva de los Tayos (Ecuador), The Atacama Desert (Chile), Lake Titicaca (Bolivia), Sierra du Roncador (Brazil), Talampaya (Argentina), and other key enclaves in South America.
These 13 discs form what is called The Network of Time and, curiously enough, for the Mayans, number 13 actually represented time. Also, the concept of a magical priesthood was represented by one master and his twelve disciples, as in the case with Jesus and his apostles. Under this symbolism, the Disc of Paititi represents Christ and, as a result, Christs return is identified as the return of the Lord of Time.

Chapter XXII: The Cosmic Plan Today
Within the last few hundred years of human history, the activities of the Galactic Confederation have taken a more cautious and discreet course. Members of this organizing body realized that we had to achieve what they had not been able to and that, by doing so, reestablish the lost order in the Cosmos. They realized that we could not be interrupted in this undertaking which had to be fulfilled and crowned by our own merits. Otherwise, what meaning could the Cosmic Plan possibly have? For this reason, the Galactic Confederation strengthened the planetary quarantine that had been in place, although more flexibly, since the Atlantean period of strife and tensions. The step taken to increase Earths protection was established due to the Second World War and to the use of weapons of mass destruction.

The Planetary Quarantine
The development and deployment of destructive weapons could attract other extraterrestrial civilizations with a similar vibratory frequency as that of Earths. In other words, it could attract belligerent and colonizing civilizations that could come to Earth, seeking it as an attractive planet due to its energies and its natural resources.
Without a doubt, one of the extraterrestrial groups that had pretended to break through the protection of the Guardians has been that of the Zeta Reticulans coming from Ursa Major. In fact, these little grey men are members of a cloned race, a creation of the Orions during The Ancient War that was mentioned earlier. They originated in a time before Satanaels rebellion, a time in which they were used to serve in that great cosmic conflict. When the Ancient War ended, these tiny men that had been utilized to operate great spaceships and also war-based technology were transported to Zeta Reticuli.

These automaton-like beings fell under Satanaels control because, right from his astral level prison located in our own world, he still exerts influence over them. He induces them to come to our planet to rescue those beings that have been deported and are now trapped here. To accomplish this rescue, hybrid bodies are being created to allow the dimensionally incarcerated beings the possibility to incarnate and then to return to Orion. This rescue plan is made evident in abduction cases, although a great percentage of these cases have been a product of the manipulation of real events and others have been mere fabrications. The genuine abductions are an attempt to use human genetic material for the creation of these hybrid bodies.

The Watchers from the Confederation have effectively neutralized most of the interventions from these beings which are also now popularly called the grays. They have done so by intercepting and destroying their ships in space. This explains the cases of spaceships that have crashed on our planet, as in the famous 1947 case from Roswell, New Mexico, in the U.S.

Among other genuine cases of spaceships falling to Earth because the Watchers intercepted them are these:
1. Laredo, Texas (June 19th, 1953): Three bodies were retrieved.
2. Brighton, England (May 5th, 1955): Four bodies were retrieved.
3. The Sahara Desert (July 18th, 1972): Three bodies were retrieved.
4. Chihuahua, Mexico (August 25th, 1974): An almost intact spaceship was recovered
together with an indeterminate number of bodies.
There were other cases. Among them: in Bolivia (1978), in Afghanistan (1988) and in South Africa (1989).
In spite of these UFO incidents, what we really know about the situation is little or almost nothing at all. Part of the reason is that the satanic forces have infiltrated in the echelons of the worlds leadership, influencing political leaders, military brass and even corporations that are part of a great conspiracy that tries to hide from human beings knowledge about their real nature.

The Conspiracy of Silence
Silence is evils most powerful weapon, said Maurice Margaret Le Sang de Toulose. His way of thinking outlines the current situation quite well. So essential is the truth for human beings that dark forces have been exerting an obscure influence to obstruct humanities recognition of its mission. It’s no coincidence that all those things which could have shed light upon our cosmic origins and upon the related processes that have been undertaken, have also been destroyed, except for the archives that are kept by the Great White Brotherhood.

For instance, if the Library at Alexandria were still to exist, we would possess many answers about our common past. According to the deceased famous cosmologist Carl Sagan, a book titled The Real History of Humanity for the Past 100,000 Years was also kept in the Library at Alexandria, in Egypt. Unfortunately, Julius Caesar and his hosts plundered the city and set its buildings on fire, thus destroying its archives. Needless to say, Caesar was just one of the first arsonists in a long list, because there were further attempts to burn the same library. In its heyday, this library housed more than 700,000 parchments and manuscripts which, thanks to an edict by Pharaoh Ever get II ordering that every book reaching Egypt was to be kept in Alexandria. These parchments and manuscripts had been gathered from different regions and cultures.
Unfortunately, we find other deplorable destructions before the first fire in The Library in Alexandria:
In the year 213 BC, the Chinese Emperor Shi-Hoang-Ti ordered to burn all ancient books, except the ones he kept for his personal library. Moreover, as if this wasn’t enough, he gathered 460 writers and buried them alive, warning other writers that they would suffer the same consequences if they were to keep any written tablets. Without a doubt, this act was due to the emperors ignorance.
A century earlier, in the year 330 BC, Alexander Magnus, burned the Library at Persepolis. The fire destroyed archives that would have given us greater understanding about the ancient Persian wisdom. Then, King Nebachenuzzar doesnt fall far behind as a participant in this list of atrocities. In 747 BC he decreed the elimination of all the chronicles in the Library at Babylon. Many other ancient documents suffered the same fate and very few were rescued from these reckless destructions. If we were to go further back in time, we would reach the Atlantean era in which a great part of the records were saved thanks to the Estekna-Manes that lived at the time.

Just to mention a few more cases, we could remember the destruction of:
The Sibylline Books of the priests of Apollo, the very ancient texts from the Avesta, the Rune-based writings of the Celts, the books from ancient Djul (also known as the Thebes from the Orient), the books of the Cathar, the sacred codices from ancient Mesoamerican cultures such as the Maya, the Quipus or information records of the Inca culture, the thousands of treatises of strange sciences burned (along with its holders) by the Holy Inquisition, the books on general information destroyed by the Third Reich in 1939 and the stealing of manuscripts at Qumran, among other depressing cases.

This conspiracy continues in our time and its perhaps being led by a powerful group that has the world largely in its grip. They decide when to have a war, what new viruses to create, how to break a country’s economy, how to monopolize the natural resources of the world and, therefore, how to plant the seeds of a New Negative World Order. This group is known under the name of The Illuminati which, due to its name, intriguingly, prompts us to remember that resplendent being from the Mental Universe known as Luzbel or Lucifer whose name in Latin means: He who bears the light.

According to the extraterrestrial guides, some of the Orions that were deported were able to incarnate on Earth, not to escape but to lead a gloomy initiative that goes back many centuries and has been influencing the destiny of nations out of darkness. It should be pointed out that this conspiracy is not the sole domain of any particular country. It is the domain of a group of individuals that have known how to make their evil seed and scheming networks position themselves among the most powerful nations on Earth in order to accomplish their objectives. However, and, in spite of it all, the Light is prevailing over darkness.

The Positive Inner Government of the Planet
Just as there is this influence of darkness, there also is a force of light that opposes it: The White Brotherhood.
The extraterrestrial missions of assistance for Earth (such as Mission Rahma) have concentrated their efforts on the gradual awakening of human consciousness. This is done with the purpose that we come to understand that we are not alone in the Universe, that we are part of a Cosmic Plan and that our future is built by our thoughts and by our actions as we continuously interact with this future as the craftsmen of our planetary destiny.

The message is clear: The world is not going to end or to be destroyed. It is transforming and, in order to contribute in a positive way with this transformation, we must be capable of beginning our own transformation. This process is also related with remembering who we really are and what we are capable of becoming. Even as darkness operates assisted by silence, conspiracy, manipulation and ignorance, the forces of light do it with truth. For this reason, Jesus said: I will give you the whole truth and the whole truth shall set you free.

This truth, this sacred knowledge, is the spiritual treasure that The White Brotherhood protects in its Inner Retreats. For this reason, the main goal of our contact experience is to expedite the delivery of the real history of this planet, which is symbolically called by the masters:

The Book of Those with the White Robes.
The Return
Since the beginning of our contact experience in 1974, we have gone through different stages and experiences that have eventually led us to the brotherly encounter with the masters of the White Brotherhood. In Mission Rahmas current seventh stage (also called The Seventh of RAHMA ) our work deals more intensely with the guardians of the subterranean world and with the spiritual treasure they protect. The importance of this treasure, explicitly, the Planetary and Cosmic History, is crucial. If we were to understand our real past, as a logical consequence, we would understand the present and, based on this, build a different future.

Humanities reception of this sacred legacy will be accompanied by the act of freeing the information withheld by the most powerful nations and religions of the world. This act will go hand in hand with other revealing and important scientific discoveries and will lift the veils that hide our true identity. Needless to say, all of this will be partially due to a positive influence from the White Brotherhood and also due to the effects of our own efforts.

Today, as in the times of the Essenes, The White Brotherhood announces the return of the Light to the world, the so-called galactic dawn referred to by the Mayans. This great return, which also points toward the reconnection of the timelines, is the advent of the Cosmic Christ himself.

Numerically speaking, the Code of The Return, expressed by the activating number 14, foretells of an extraordinary and positive event for the planet. He who came, taught, died, rose from death and spiritually triumphed for humanities sake is returning to our planet to evaluate the process of the developing seed that He sowed.
Part of His legacy is that which the White Brotherhood at Mount Sinai protects: The holy blood inside the Ark of the Covenant, the blood which contains both genetic and light-based information.

The latter information was recorded by a phenomenon of impregnation during the life of the master and it grants the necessary keys required to understand a human beings ascent to the seventh level of consciousness. At this point, we won’t dwell on this mystery which also relates with the Nazi obsession to possess objects like the Spear of Longinus, the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant itself, all in connection to Jesus blood. We won’t also dwell at this point on the pending missions that will take us, for the purpose of remembering, to some of the most sacred places on Earth, places that range from Paititi to Egypt or from Roncador to The Gobi Desert. What matters is to become aware that He promised to return and that He is returning. Therefore, we must prepare His return by being positive examples with our own lives.
By healing its own interrupted order, the Cosmic Plan begins to be fulfilled through love and human effort.
Let it be so! It shall be so! It is so!
There is complex evidence that different extraterrestrial civilizations are indeed semi covertly interacting with humanity in different manners and it would behoove us to grow up as individuals and as a civilization to the point of being able to establish a mutually respectful, sovereign relationship with all of them. However, due to the long-term, amicable and communicative relationship established with a variety of extraterrestrial beings by simple people of good will (a relationship in which various degrees of concrete evidence about its reality has been offered without serious levels of fear or any major traumatic events), it might be more exopolitically convenient to prioritize more open, first contact efforts with suitable representatives of the same association of beings contacting humans within Mission Rahma (and closely associated contact groups). A more public type of contact with more human-looking and human-compatible, beings (in favor of protecting the flourishing of our greatest potentials) might be easier to culturally and politically process and assimilate with these types of beings even if (as other varieties of beings) they have acquired what could be called a Fourth Dimensional Level of Consciousness in which crude dichotomous perceptions are understood under a more integrative and complementary perspective.

Rob -Again this was put together by Giorgio Pacienza from information given to Various Contactees from South America. Most notably Sixto Paxto Wells nd Luis Mostajo Maertens.  

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