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UFO Kontackt summary

California girl or flying saucer occupant?

Disco Ufology:  In the early 1970s, ufologist Cosmic Ray, publisher and co-editor of the Flying Saucer Report, was living in San Diego, California.  Sometimes it was difficult for him and other ufologists to distinguish the extraterrestrials living among us from the native Earthlings.

Disco Ufology (1971-1972)

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising series of books


          As the publisher and co-editor of the Flying Saucer Report during the period of 1967-1972, I enjoyed trading publications with the editors of other UFO periodicals from around the world.  One of my favorites was Major Hans C. Petersen’s UFO Kontakt, published out of his home in Vejle, Denmark. 

        Major Hans C. Petersen was a pioneer in European ufology, founding one of that continent’s first investigative groups in Denmark, Scandinavian UFO Information (SUFOI), in 1957. 

Petersen first became acquainted with UFOs in 1952, when he was sent to Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, as part of an officer exchange program among allied nations in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).  It was clear to Petersen that American Air Force officers took the UFO phenomenon quite seriously; and he henceforth wanted to learn more about it.  In the mid-1950s, while stationed at the Skydstrup Danish Royal Air Force Base, Peterson followed a bogey moving at tremendous speeds as it streaked as a blip across the military installation’s radar screens.  Now he knew for a fact that UFOs were real; and after reading some books by the prominent California amateur astronomer and contactee, George Adamski, he became convinced that the UFOs were manned interplanetary space ships. 

In 1965, the SUFOI leadership made disparaging remarks about George Adamski, asserting that his claims were untrue because American and Russian space probes had “proved” that no life could exist on Venus.  Peterson, for his part, maintained that if anyone was lying, it was the space agency personnel in the United States and the Soviet Union, whom he accused of foisting a vast Venus conspiracy in hiding the truth about an advanced extraterrestrial civilization existing on our cloud-shrouded and nearest planetary neighbor.   Unable to reconcile with SUFOI, Petersen left the group in 1965 and went on to create a second group, International Get Acquainted Program (IGAP) to promote the teachings of George Adamski and other contactees from around the globe. Both UFO groups still exist. While the SUFOI group has become increasingly skeptical of the topic and refers to UFOs as a myth with earthly explanations for all sightings, the IGAP group is slowly diminishing and now has very few members, mostly in Japan.   Major Hans C. Petersen passed away seven years ago.  May God bless his kindly soul.  

For the enlightenment, and entertainment, of the readers of Lon Strickler’s Phantoms and Monsters website, I present my following synopsis of UFO activity and information from the thrilling days of yesteryear at the start of the disco era, 1971-1972, based on the pages of Major Hans C. Petersen’s UFO Kontakt magazine.

Major Hans C. Petersen, European UFO and Contactee Authority

UFO Kontack, Number 1, 1972, Major Hans C. Petersen, Editor, Vejle, Denmark:

Life in the Cosmos

          Quotation from A. Lima-de-Faria, Ph.D., Director, Institute for Molecular Genetics, University of Lund and Research Council, Stockholm, Sweden:

“Life has no beginning, but is an integral part of the structure of the cosmos.  If life has evolved on other planets and in other galaxies, it will primarily be of the same kind as life on Earth.”

Soviet Conference on Intelligent Life in Outer Space

The 11 November 1971 edition of Pravda, the official newspaper of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, published in Moscow, included an extensive article about the 6-11 September 1971 First International Symposium on the Problem of Extraterrestrial Civilizations and Communication with Them, co-chaired and convened by Dr. Carl Sagan of the United States and Dr. Iosef S. Shklovsky of the Soviet Union, experts in the emerging science of exobiology, at the Byurakan Observatory on the slopes of Mt. Aragats in Armenia, a mere 40 minute drive from the capital city of Yerevan.  From the observatory, the gathered scientists can see Mt. Aragats’ sister and larger mountain of Ararat, just over on the Turkish side of the border, stretching towards the sky.  The Byurakan Observatory was established by the Armenian astrophysicist Viktor Hambardzumyan in 1946, whence it was placed under the prevue of the Armenian Academy of Sciences, an integral part of the Soviet Academy of Sciences since 1936. 

          From the conference proceedings, it was learned that American and Soviet scientists have agreed to seek contact with intelligent beings in space.  The scientists came to the conclusion that highly developed civilizations from the nearest areas of our galaxy may be trying to get in touch with us.  Also, the Pravda reporter declared in the article that the Soviet Union had made at least two official attempts to get in touch with the inhabitants of other planets prior to the symposium.    

According to V. Troitskij, a member of the Soviet Academy of Sciences interviewed by the reporter, the first attempt allegedly took place in 1968 when the Soviet researchers decided upon conducting a systematic radio survey of objects within a distance of 100 light years from the Sun.  The purpose was to listen for signals clearly differentiated from the natural background radiation of the galaxy.    The Pravda reporter noted that the second experiment began in 1970 in order to identify radiation sources from other planets in our galaxy.  However, the journalist sadly remarked that no such impulses were detected during the designated times of observation. 

At this historic conference, the assembled scientists also agreed to exchange all pertinent exobiological information concerning the monitoring of space signals as well as to work directly and together in order to obtain answers to the big question about the existence of intelligent beings on other planets in our galaxy.

At center of photo Dr. Carl Sagan standing next to Dr. Iosef Shklovsky, with batch of papers in his left hand.  No mention of this momentous international SETI symposium was made in the Soviet press until one month after its conclusion.


From the Armenian website, we read:


“Competent scientists, working in various fields, concerning the considered complex problem, were present at the symposium: astronomers, physicists, radio physicists, cyberneticists, biologists, chemists, archaeologists, linguists, anthropologists, historians, and sociologists.


“32 Soviet and 19 American scientists, as well as representatives from UK, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia participated in the works of the symposium. There were 9 representatives of Academy of Sciences of Armenian SSR among the Soviet delegation, including 6 from the Byurakan Observatory.


“Three Nobel Prize winners were among the participants: biologist F. Crick (UK) and physicists F.W. Dyson and C. Towns (USA). Prominent scientists F. Drake, T. Gold, C.E. Sagan, D. Heeschen, K. Kellermann (USA), and F. Morrison (UK) also took part in the symposium.


“Many aspects of the problem of extraterrestrial intelligence were discussed at the ten scientific sessions of the symposium. Questions of plurality of planetary systems in the Universe, origin of  life  on the Earth and its  possibility  on  other  cosmic  objects,  rise  and evolution of intelligent life, rise and development  of  technological civilization, problems  of  search  for  signals  of  extraterrestrial civilizations  and  traces  of  astro-engineering  activity,  problems  of establishment of communication with extraterrestrial intelligence,  as well as their possible consequences were discussed in detail.”


Besides the co-chairs, Sagan and Shklovsky, here is a partial list of some of the more well-known symposium participants in alphabetical order: 


Ambartsumian, V.A., Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory (BAO), Armenia, USSR

Arakelian, M.A., Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory (BAO), Armenia, USSR

Crick, F., UK

Drake, F., USA

Dyson, F.W., USA

Gold, T., USA

Gurzadyan, G.A., Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory (BAO), Armenia, USSR

Heeschen, D., USA

Herouni, P.M., Armenia, USSR

Kellermann, K., USA

Khachikian. E.Y., Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory (BAO), Armenia, USSR

Markarian, B.E., Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory (BAO), Armenia, USSR

Mirzoyan, L.V., Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory (BAO), Armenia, USSR

Morrison, F., UK

Parsamian, E.S., Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory (BAO), Armenia, USSR

Tovmassian, H.M., Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory (BAO), Armenia, USSR

Towns, C., USA


UFO Kontack, Number 2, 1972, Major Hans C. Petersen, Editor, Vejle, Denmark:

Flying Saucer Formation

It came to the Oslo, Norway Dagbladet newspaper office’s attention that a formation of UFOs was photographed at about 4:15 a.m. on 31 December 1971, by Steiner Aurmo, a police cadet from Lillehammer attending the Bergen Police Academy in the southwest of Norway.  This formation consisted of seven objects that first appeared to the northwest of Bergen, flying in an east to southeast direction.  At Bergen’s Flesland Airfield control tower, the formation was spotted by the air traffic controller on duty that morning, Gunnar Skauge, as well as by the pilot and crew of a Braaten Regional Airlines plane flying from Las Palmas in the Canary Islands to Flesland.  The pilot, Captain Oddmund Karlsen, estimated the formation to be flying at an altitude of some 80,000 feet.  The crew agreed with his assessment.  A full account of these reports, inclusive of Aurmo’s photograph, appeared in the 4 January 1972 edition of the Dagbladet newspaper. 

Also, at approximately 4:00 a.m. on 1 January 1972, there were other reports of flying saucers passing over various cities in formation that were telephoned into the news desks of sundry Scandinavian newspapers.  In Denmark, only a small article about the UFO reports, without any headline or other fanfare, appeared in the local Vejle weekly newspaper.  On the other hand, the same 4 January 1972 issue of the Dagbladet newspaper previously cited, ran a distinct photograph of this New Year’s Day formation taken by an Oslo graduate student in engineering, Einar Hotvedt. 

This UFO flap apparently lasted for just these two days, during which time the Norwegian General Headquarters received more than 40 sightings reports from the south of their country.  The flying saucer formation was last seen leaving Norwegian air space a little north of Oslo, whence it passed over Sweden heading towards Stockholm.  The formation could also be viewed from the Northern Jutland area in Denmark, with the last witnesses in that Scandinavian nation seeing seven disc-shaped objects just blink out in a tremendous flash of light over Djursland, whereby they exhibited an intense light phenomenon. Danish ground observers estimated that the altitude must have been considerable, at least insofar as the formation could be seen simultaneously from Bergen and Oslo in Norway, from Hirtshals in Denmark and from Gavle in Sweden.  The prominent Norwegian astronomer Rolf Brahde thought that the UFOs could be explained away as nothing more than a meteor show; but an officer at the Flesland airfield thought the objects were under intelligent control since they were flying in an exact V-formation with three objects on each side of the V and one ahead of them, at the point of the V.  “Meteors do not fly in such regular formations,” he concluded.

A Norwegian aviation officer concluded, “Meteors do not fly in such regular formations.”

Major Hans C. Petersen of the International Get Acquainted Program (IGAP) and editor of the pro-contactee UFO Kontakt magazine, opined that the light phenomenon linked to the disappearance of the formation may have been due to the objects having been taken up into a mothership cruising up near the Earth’s atmospheric envelope. 

UFO Reconnaissance

The major also speculated that the UFO occupants may have been conducting some kind of reconnaissance mission.  At least one of their craft came in for a near landing, hovering just a few feet above the ground.  On 31 December 1971, the first day of the reported sightings, in the municipality of Skeberg in Norway, a driver with two passengers in his car was passing on the outskirts of the borough of Greaker when his automobile engine just stopped.  The headlights dimmed, flickered and went out, too.  The gauges in the car were pushed all the way forward, even though the motor was not running. Noticing an intense light in the woods, all three got out of the vehicle and stared into the glare of the UFO, adjusting their eyes and distinguishing two cigar-shaped objects as if stacked, or possibly joined together.  They estimated each one to be about 40 meters long and 3 meters in diameter. 

Earth Has Rings Like Saturn, Just Weaker

          The well-known, late California contactee, George Adamski, once declared that, “The Earth has got rings like Saturn, only they are much weaker.”

          Now scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have, through the deployment of a ruby laser beam, ascertained the existence of at least two bands of particles around the Earth, albeit seemingly spread rather thin.  One band is situated at about 80 kilometers above the Earth, and the other at approximately 115 kilometers.  Astronomers are pending satellite photographs taken of these rings to determine just how intense they are and exactly how clearly, or not, they can be seen, and also to gauge just what kind of danger, if any, they might pose for astronauts in orbit. 

Four F-5 “Freedom Fighter” jets were deployed to intercept a UFO in the midst of NATO exercises in the skies over northern Norway. 

Jet Fighters Scramble with UFO Report

          Members of the Norwegian Royal Air Force attached to the 336th Fighter Squadron at Rygge Airbase on the southeast coast of Norway anonymously reported to Danish Major Hans C. Petersen, editor of IGAP’s UFO Kontakt magazine, a close encounter between four “Freedom Fighter” F-5 jets and a luminous UFO in the skies high above the Bardufoss Airbase in the north of Norway, where their squadron was deployed for training maneuvers of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) on 30 November 1971.   At around 2:30 p.m. local time in the northern climes of Norway, a bogey was detected on screens of the Bardufoss Airbase.  This is what prompted the deployment of the F-5 jets.  These are highly maneuverable, supersonic fighters manufactured by the Northrop Grumman Corporation.   

          Initially, the UFO was tracked at a very low velocity, about 75 knots.  But when the four jet interceptors plateaued at an altitude of some 16,000 feet, just a few kilometers from the object, a radar operator at Bardufoss excitedly reported that the UFO had increased its speed substantially and disappeared from the radar screen as it headed in an easterly direction, all the while climbing.  A few seconds following the radar operator’s comments, the four pilots caught sight of the object as a “bright, shining star in the polar darkness.”  Presumably, it was at such an altitude as to be illuminated by the Sun.  As the pilots realized that they could never catch up with the UFO, they returned to base. 

          Major Hans C. Petersen lamented that the Norwegian Royal Air Force authorities made no comments when asked about this incident. 


Martians Thwart Mariner 9 Probe Findings

          Major Hans C. Petersen and J. L. Entsminger of IGAP don’t believe that a spokesperson for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in the United States was telling the truth about their Mariner 9 probe findings about the planet Mars and its two moons, Deimos and Phobos.    The space probe arrived in Martian orbit on 14 November 1971, just 167 days after being launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida on 30 May.  The liftoff vehicle was an Atlas-Centaur rocket. 

          One month after the probe arrived in Martian orbit, a spokesperson for NASA would only declare that the Mariner 9 confirmed the findings from two previous Mars missions, the Mariner 6 in 1965 and the Mariner 7 in 1969.  In other words, “There’s nothing to see here.  Move on.”

          The UFO Kontakt editor and his associate were extremely disappointed that close-up photos of the Martian moon Deimos, which were obtained by the Mariner 9, were still being withheld from the public.  When the probe was approaching Mars, it began to take pictures of Deimos, a mini-moon in a near circular orbit of Mars at a distance of some 12,000 miles above the surface of the planet.  In the process of orbiting Mars, the Mariner 9 maintained altitudes between 10,700 and 10,750 miles.  The second Martian moon, Phobos, was at a lower orbiting altitude of some 3,700 miles above the Red Planet’s surface, taking 7 hours and 39 minutes to make an orbit.  Photos were also taken of Phobos, but since it was further away from the probe, they apparently lacked the details to be found in those acquired of Deimos. 

          In their report on the Mariner 9 mission, Petersen and Entsminger write: 

          “Within a couple of days, something began to happen as the cameras, which tried to take pictures through the ‘cloud of dust’ hiding the planet, showed a round object, the size of a tennis ball.

          “When this object circled Mariner 9, the latter suddenly turned, the cameras pointing away from the planet.  It was apparently the force field of the small gadget that made the probe turn to a position where it pointed in the direction where the object just disappeared.  Later the same day, notice was given that the turn was due to a mysterious influence of gravity from Mars.

          “NASA had to activate the steering-rockets of the probe in order to get it turned so that the cameras were pointing at the planet again.”

          Further on in the Mariner 9 mission, the probe’s instrumentation indicated that the ice caps at the poles of Mars consist of real ice water and that the Martian clouds contained water vapor, just as clouds do on Earth. 

UFO Kontack, Number 5, 1972, Major Hans C. Petersen, Editor, Vejle, Denmark:

UFO Photographed Over Brazilian Coast

          The Brazilian correspondent for UFO Kontakt, Dr. Walter Buhler, submitted the photograph that appears below to the editor, Major Hans C. Petersen. According to Buhler, the photo was snapped at around 9:30 a.m. on 25 January 1971 by Gunar Gruezner from Joinville, Brazil, who was visiting the beach at Ponta do Farol.  The powerfully shining object that appears in the upper right of the photograph was not seen by Gruezner when he snapped the picture.  “All I saw was an extremely bright light, a flash moving downward at great speed in the very second I took the picture,” testified the photographer. 

From Keller Venus files:  UFO photographed over Ponta do Farol beach outside of Joinville in the south of Brazil.  Actual object was not seen by photographer, only a brilliant flash of light, moving downward. 


Ancient Greeks Knew of Other Worlds

          Metrodoros, an Epicurean Greek philosopher in the 4th century, B.C.E., opined about the existence of other worlds teeming with life.  “To consider the Earth to be the only inhabited world in the endless universe,” he proclaimed to his students, “is as much absurd as to believe that in a whole field sown with millet seeds, only a single seed is to crop up.”

          Major Hans C. Petersen, writing almost four decades before the NASA Kepler space probe was launched that confirmed the existence of a plentitude of exoplanets throughout the universe, noted that, “The Sun is, say astronomers, an ordinary star in a cluster of a hundred billion stars of the Milky Way; while the Milky Way is only one of billions of galaxies in the cosmos.  The Mathematical Law of Probability, therefore, is sharply against the hypothesis that the Sun is the only star surrounded by planets.  Moreover, the latest theories on stellar evolution regard as certain that the existence of planets around stars similar to the Sun is a rule rather than an exception.”


Message of Hope Transmitted by Cosmic Civilizations

          Readers of UFO Kontakt were of the opinion that if ever a signal from another planet would be received here on Earth, and later translated and understood, that it was quite certain that it would have immense consequences on the future evolution of human consciousness.  It seems that scientists back in the early 1970s believed that cosmic missionaries, or at least their radio messages, would travel to all nations on the planet.  These messages would not be spread like an infection, but rather a new hope.   

          The staff science writer of the weekly Nedeljne informativne novine (NIN) newspaper, published in Belgrade, Serbia (then part of Yugoslavia), wrote in the 26 December 1971 edition of that periodical, that, “Any other planet’s civilization, capable of communicating with the Earth, would certainly be older than that of humankind.  It (such a civilization) would no doubt have already mastered such problems like these that are plaguing the Earth:  pollution, overpopulation or the ever-present danger of war.  All of that would be part of its past.  And if that civilization mastered control over the terrible powers of technology which it must have developed, it might teach humans the secret of survival.”

          Major Hans C. Petersen, the editor of UFO Kontakt, noted that, “Indeed, they (the advanced ETs) certainly could; but the way things are here at this moment, Earth is not at all willing to accept and incorporate any of their positive solutions.” 

          The major thought that the ruling economic and political forces that rule our planet would not allow the dissemination of any alien ideas that might curtail their field of profitable activities on Earth.

UFO Report Over London, UK, Suburb

          Miss R. S. Stebbing, a young school-mistress of Northwood, a northwest suburb of London, England, reported to her local newspaper, the Gazette, an observation that she made of a UFO hovering over a golf course not far from her residence.  This incident allegedly occurred on 27 October 1971.  A couple of motorists, passing by the greens, also reported witnessing the UFO to the same newspaper. 

          The school-mistress informed a reporter dispatched from the Gazette to cover this story that, “The object was glistening like aluminum foil and measured about 300 meters in diameter.  The enormous object, standing still above the course,” she added, “had a tower-like construction with no less than ten windows from which there came an intense light.  The lower part of the object was rotating very slowly, while the top was standing still.”

          No sooner than Miss Stebbing blinked, the object had simply vanished.


UFO Landing Marks

          Major Hans C. Petersen filed a report on the status of UFO research in the United States.  According to the UFO Kontakt editor, a UFO physical trace case investigator for the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) in Chicago, Illinois, Ted Phillips, was assisting the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) in cataloging information concerning 394 cases where landed UFOs have left evidence of their presence such as ground markings like burnt spots, pressure indentations or compressed vegetation. 


USA vs. UFOs

          It was reported in the July 1972 issue of the men’s adventure magazine, Saga (Macfadden Publications Group, New York City, New York), that on 1 January 1972, two American F-104 jet fighters were deployed from Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma to intercept two UFOs out over the Gulf of Mexico.  The Tinker Air Force Base commander was first informed of the UFO activity through alerts issued by radar stations of the North American Radar Air Defense Command (NORAD) in Houston, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio.  Supposedly, there was loss of aircraft on both sides resulting from the aerial dogfight over the gulf. 

          The story of this UFO encounter became known to the public through a defect in the Defense Department’s communication system, whereby a married couple in the Del City, Oklahoma, area, living just outside the perimeter fence of Tinker Air Force Base, inadvertently happened to listen in on the NORAD alarm line while they were talking long-distance with some relatives out in California. 

News of this security breach in the base’s telephone communications system soon reached the press in Oklahoma, that made a big story out of it.  A spokesperson for the Pentagon issued an official statement declaring that the story was nothing but a rumor fabricated by the Del City couple and embellished by the local press and that there was no truth in it. 

Radioactive Footprints Found in Norway

          The Jyllands-Posten Danish newspaper of 11 July 1972 carried a report from its correspondent in Oslo, Norway, to the effect that mysterious and radioactive footprints had been discovered along a beach in Trondelag, a region of central Norway. 

          The Oslo reporter, who traveled up to the desolate area where the footprints were discovered, wrote that:

“In the middle of June this year, Mr. Ola Dahl from Bangsund discovered a number of strange prints in the ground on the island of Kjolsoya, where he and four others maintain weekend cottages.  There are no other buildings on the island.

“Mr. Dahl had stayed on Kjolsoya in the Namsen Fjord during Whitsun (a legal and religious holiday in Norway); and there had been nothing remarkable.  The prints discovered, however, were mostly triangular, with a few round ones.  They are approximately 2 meters long and about 30 centimeters deep.

“A laboratory examination has proved that the prints are radioactive; and the fact that they are weak, a fair distance beyond the noise limit (on a Geiger counter)- is due to the time passed from whence the prints were made until they were measured.”

          Of special interest to the reporter was that one week before the prints were discovered, there were enormous disturbances occurring with the television programs broadcast to Bangsund.  However, the television station at Namsos, a little further away, experienced no problems in receiving any television signals.  The Oslo journalist also commented that who or whatever made the radioactive footprints did not come by land or sea. 

“Hmmm.  Perhaps by flying saucer?” Petersen speculated.


Magnetic Moon

          On the basis of computer-processed information received by NASA from an American space probe in orbit around the Moon, scientists at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) are now of the opinion that the Moon is surrounded by a very strong magnetic field.  Additionally, the director of the UCLA Moon study team, Poul Coleman, declared that the new data indicates all lunar craters possess their own characteristic magnetic fields and electronic signatures. 


Von Braun Retires from NASA

          On 26 May 1972, Dr. Wernher Von Braun announced that he was retiring from NASA to take a job in private industry.  Von Braun was apparently disappointed that the American government was significantly curtailing appropriations for manned space flights since the public support for these programs had dramatically waned ever since the goal of landing astronauts on the Moon had been accomplished in 1969.

          Major Hans C. Petersen noted that he was not surprised at Dr. von Braun’s retirement insofar as, “IGAP had on previous occasions mentioned a number of other NASA employees who could no longer stand the conditions, and   consequently, chose to leave the biggest space administration in the world.”  Also, the UFO Kontakt editor opined that so many ex-NASA astronomers expressed frustration with their former employer’s insistence on them lying about the true conditions that exist on the Moon and other planets in our solar system, especially where ET life and flying saucers were concerned. 

Extraterrestrials in Ancient India pilot “vimanas,” a type of flying saucer.

Professor J. S. Yajnik of the Banaras Hindu University declared, “The visitors from outer space are not hostile.”

Note:  The following article aptly presents the more open-minded view of the East with regard to flying saucers and their crews from other planets and the future prospects for all of humankind following more extensive contact with the celestial brothers and sisters.  Please enjoy. 

-Cosmic Ray


The Dawn of a New Age

By Professor J. S. Yajnik, Banaras Hindu University


          The tremendous strides which science has made in recent times have culminated in releasing nuclear energy and sending up artificial moons to circle round the Earth.  These achievements inspire hope that within measurable time, space stations may be established and interplanetary communication may become a possibility, and ultimately the dream of exploring the cosmos may be realized. 

          The credit for these achievements goes to the combined efforts and technical skill of a number of scientists, who, liberally encouraged an helped by their governments, made their individual contributions at different stages and thus heralded the age of nuclear energy.  But this is only a prelude to a more marvelous age of space travel.

          On two engrossing problems depend the fate of the world and the future of humankind.  Despite the gratifying progress made in the realm of science, it has now brought the world to the brink of utter ruin if a single false step is taken.  The mounting tension among the Great Powers, armed with nuclear weapons, may at any time result in a global war, the consequences of which are too appalling to imagine.  The face of the Earth would be distorted out of shape.  The human race would be wiped away; and the survivors, if any, would be reduced to the most primitive conditions of living, civilization and science becoming things of the past. 

          To avert such a dire calamity and colossal devastation is the most important function of the United Nations (UN) organization.  It has to strive successfully for the universal acceptance of the ideal of one world; otherwise one spark will carry humankind to its inevitable doom.

          The other problem equally fraught with the gravest consequences is of interplanetary communication, of space ships and flying saucers, humankind’s dream of space conquest.  The UN must address itself to this problem also, on a worldwide basis, so that the conquest of space by one country may not become a menace or source of terror to other countries.  And for this, it is necessary that the UN should exercise control over the development of the elemental atomic energy and its uses for humanity.  This will not only ensure its use only for beneficial purposes, but help in its speedy development by the joint and cooperative effort of the world’s scientists under the auspices of the UN.

          It is not too late in the day now to deny the existence of flying objects from outer space.  Attempts to explain them away have, to say the least, proved simply puerile.  Innumerable sightings by hundreds of observers the world over, and their authentic evidence are so overwhelming that even the mighty governments can no more mislead the people or conceal the obvious facts.  Political reasons may have some justification for avoiding panic among the people; but the frequency with which unidentified foreign objects have been appearing leave no room for doubt in the minds of reasonable persons that the denizens of other planets have achieved what our scientists are only striving for and in which they are still in the initial stages. 

Learn from the ETs.  The inhabitants of other worlds have long lived under paradisiacal conditions.  See


          There is no remedy for the attitude of cynical skepticism.  Those who are determined to shut their eyes to the obvious can never be convinced.  In the highest quarters, the reality of these objects and their origin in outer space is admitted.  There is now an abundance of literature on the subject, press reports and current journals, the perusal of which will convince any inquirer who cares to know the truth.  The massed evidence of the flying saucers and space ships has been supported by photographs and the testimony of observers whose veracity cannot be doubted.

          For ages humankind believed that the Earth was the center of the universe and that humans were at the top of the hierarchy of created beings.  Entertaining such notions about their own superiority and their domain, it is naturally difficult for humans to admit readily a lower position for themselves and for the Earth in the solar system.  Now, the humans have to realize that they are not the kings and queens of the universe.  They did not believe that the planets of the solar system or even those orbiting other stars had any living beings.  The scientist also, until recently, proclaimed that the Moon and Mars could not sustain life as known upon the Earth.  It is no easy matter to dislodge such beliefs held since the dawn of civilization.  And references to space flights and communication with the planets in ancient lore have always been treated as figments of imagination.  Humankind will have to give up on unscientific notions and sacrifice ego when accepting the latest discoveries made by the scientist and the astronomer.  In the Middle Ages, the defiance of the prevailing faith and challenge to superstition meant torture and death; but in the present age of science, one can smother truth and refuse to accept an established fact with impunity.  At least this has been the case with the flying saucers, the truth about which has been deliberately suppressed by governments and very high officials.  There is ample evidence to show that there is a conspiracy of silence in the United States government and crude attempts to conceal true facts from the public.

          From the innumerable observations recorded by laymen, scientists and astronomers, some important features of space ships and flying saucers have been definitely laid down.  In shape and form, they are entirely different from all Earth human-made flying machines.  Space ships are of a very big size and contain in them smaller flying saucers, say half a dozen.  The mothership can stay in the sky steady and motionless, while the saucers come down near or upon the Earth, to rise again and to be taken in by the mothership.  Almost always they are silent, though at times attaining the tremendous speed of 25,000 miles per hour in our atmosphere, and yet remaining unburnt by the friction.  In the outer space above the atmosphere, they may possibly attain the speed of light, 186,000 miles per second.  They are undoubtedly controlled by intelligent beings who have achieved mechanical perfection for their craft yet unknown to humankind.  Not only is the suppression of sound vibrations made possible, but they are converted into light vibrations of different colors.  The Tibetan yogis are said to know the secret of converting sound into light, which they use when required in their dark caves.  The motive power of the space ships is not the same as that used by Earth human-made craft.  It is probable that they use electromagnetic power or the inexhaustible energy of the cosmic rays.  No Earth human can survive at the tremendous speed of these weird machines, especially when he or she take sudden and sharp turns, maintaining uniform speed.  It seems that the intelligent operators of the space ship command unlimited power and know how to convert atomic energy directly into electricity and have discovered the secret of freedom from gravitational attraction. 

UFO mothership lands atop Devil’s Tower in Wyoming from the movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Columbia Pictures, 1977).  The UFO occupants command unlimited power, being able to convert atomic energy directly into electricity.  They have discovered the secrets of anti-gravity.


          All these features conclusively prove that the luminous flying saucers cruising at fantastic speeds come from outer space and are piloted by beings of superior intelligence who have acquired mastery over the forces of nature yet unknown to humankind.  From this, it naturally follows that some of the planets are inhabited by thinking, intelligent beings more advanced than humans of Earth.  There is every probability that there are distant worlds inhabited by beings whose knowledge and attainments are beyond our wildest dreams.

          Not only do the flying saucers prove that some of the planets are inhabited, but the independent testimony of some astronomers supports this fact.  After making thousands of observations and mapping about 700 canals, Percival Lowell, a distinguished astronomer, announced: “Mars is inhabited.  We have absolute proof.”  Changes on its surface have been noticed which indicate that they are artificial and made by intelligent beings.  Like our Earth, other planets can also evolve life if conditions are congenial.  And if life is evolved, later mind must also evolve.  Different atmospheres and other varying factors may evolve forms and features of beings different from those of Earth humans.

          Astronomers have been keenly watching mysterious activities on the surface of the Moon.  Scientists tell us that there is no atmosphere there, and consequently no life can exist there.  Extremes of temperature, too, cannot allow any living creatures to survive.  But these surmises are based upon the conditions required by humankind for its existence.  There may be life there of some kind to which the physical conditions are congenial.  In recent times, dome-like structures and a big bridge have appeared on the surface.  Therefore, there may be a Moon race or a base may be formed there by the inhabitants of Mars or some other planet.  If Russians claim to reach the Moon within twenty years, the more advanced denizens of some planet may already be there by their superior scientific knowledge.

          Flying saucers have not only appeared in our skies, but landed, too.  George Adamski has had the unique good fortune of not only photographing a flying saucer, but also meeting an occupant of it who came from Venus and seeing the inside of a space ship.  Relating his extraordinary experience, he and his companions swore an affidavit before a notary public.  His books, Flying Saucers Have Landed (New York, New York:  British Book Centre, 1953) and Inside the Space Ships (New York, New York:  Abelard-Schuman, 1955) are convincing and are of absorbing interest.  Inhabitants of Saturn, Venus and Mars have been reported to have landed and safely returned to their respective planets.

          The question is:  Why do they come?  We do not know and speculate that they come on pleasure trips with a feeling of triumphs on their achievements.  They are friendly and desire contact with us.  They warn us that the nuclear explosions here are fraught with tragic possibilities not only to our Earth but also the entire solar system.  If our world is destroyed, the rhythmic movements of the solar system are bound to be affected.  They desire to help us in our effort to conquer space and give us the advantage of their superior knowledge, and draw us closer to them.  At present, there is only one-way traffic.  With their help, it can become a two-way traffic.  The visitors from outer space are not hostile.  This is proved by the fact that they have nothing wrong to anybody.  Two tragic accidents are said to have happened.  In the one case, an airplane pursued a flying saucer and went dangerously near it and was destroyed on account of its close proximity to some ray or emanation from the saucer.  But it was not an intentionally hostile act.  In the other case, the pursuers were perhaps kidnapped by the occupants of the flying saucer and safely carried to some other planet.  There was absolutely no trace of the pursuing airplane or its remnants.

          Care has to be taken that no flying saucer is fired upon, lest it should provoke retaliation.  It seems that the visitors are afraid that humans her may damage their machine, making their return flight impossible, or capture the visitors and ill-treat them.  It is conceivable that mass landings will take place when peace prevails on Earth and there is no danger of a global war.

When peace prevails on Earth, we can expect mass landings of flying saucers and profitable interchange with our brothers and sisters of other planets.  See


          Thus, we see that the UN has double role to play:  Firstly, to establish peace here and eliminate the fear of war; and secondly, to organize world opinion for a friendly attitude towards the visitors from outer space and ensure their safety. 

          It may safely be predicted that the visitors, if properly welcomed and treated with due consideration, may show us the way to peace and prosperity such as we have never known before, and usher us into a golden age in which the conquest of space has become a reality. 


UFO Kontack, Number 6, 1972, Major Hans C. Petersen, Editor, Vejle, Denmark:


United Nations Statement on Space Exploration, Extraterrestrial Life

          At 3:00 p.m., on Friday, 6 October 1972, the Ugandan ambassador to the United Nations (UN), Grace Ibingira, delivered a significant speech to the 26th session of the General Assembly, being the 2,075th meeting of that political body. 

          In a 7,000 words long speech, the ambassador touched upon the subjects of outer space exploration and the existence of extraterrestrial life.  Here follows an extract of the pertinent paragraphs from this significant oration:

          “The issue of outer space is becoming increasingly important.  My delegation welcomes the efforts of those member states which engage in the utilization of outer space for the embitterment of our world.  We have supported the relevant treaties on the subject and will in principle support those that are to come.  While we rightly and actively engage in discussing problems indigenous to our Earth, let us not be unmindful that throughout history outer space has had a profound influence on the human race.  Who among us has not been struck, on a clear night, by the stupendous majesty of the heavens?  Which culture on this planet does not, directly or indirectly, bear legends of gods from outer space, influencing the great religions and mythologies of us all?

          “Today, humankind moves into outer space not in imagination and thought, as before, but in physical reality.  These adventures may yet hold the most profound consequences for our planet.  It is now generally accepted by most scientists that we Earthlings may not be the only intelligent beings in the universe.  For that reason, my delegation holds the view that those among us who explore outer space have a duty to keep us all fully informed of their findings.

          “Should we, for instance, seriously believe that the American Moon program is principally designed to collect Moon dust and rocks or that the Soviet probes to Venus and elsewhere are primarily interested in ascertaining the high temperatures and related climatic matters?  We say we are behind you in your explorations, but let us share all your important findings because sooner or later if they bear relevance and significance to our planet, we are surely bound to do so.”

Major Hans C. Petersen, speaking for himself and the expanded editorial staff of UFO Kontakt, thanked the ambassador for these astute comments: “Your highly intelligent approach, and the words chosen, are unveiling that you are on the right track and that your knowledge is well-proportioned to face the subject.”


Your Neighbor May Be an “Illegal Alien,” of the ET Kind

          Bruce Cathie is a civil aviation captain from New Zealand who has some definite ideas about UFOs and extraterrestrials.  He believes that some people might be living next store to illegal aliens, from other planets, not just foreign countries.  Captain Cathie also claims that there is a secret group of scientists here on Earth who have long been in direct communications with alien beings clandestinely living and working right here among us; and he even goes on to declare that he has personally met with such extraterrestrial beings on several occasions.       

          Captain Cathie, a pilot on the home routes of New Zealand National Airways Corporation, in the early 1970s was considered the best expert on UFO activity and other strange occurrences taking place in the area of the South Pacific.  Cathie, a member of the International Get Acquainted Program (IGAP) and a long-time subscriber to UFO Kontakt, wrote two books about the UFO phenomenon, Harmonic 33 in 1968 and Harmonic 695:  The UFO and Anti-Gravity, coauthored by Peter Neville Temm, in 1971, both published by the A. H. and A. W. Reed Company of Wellington, New Zealand.  

          Major Hans C. Petersen of IGAP and the primary editor of UFO Kontakt, highlighted some of the more significant incidents of strange phenomena found in Cathie’s works:

Disappearing Aircraft

          “On 5 December 1945, five Avenger torpedo bombers left their Fort Lauderdale base in Florida on a planned, two-hour routine exercise.  However, this two-hours turned into a nightmare as neither the aircrafts or their crews were ever seen again.

          “90 minutes after take-off, the flight leader, obviously worried and amazed, had sent an unusual report to the control tower: ‘We seem to be off our course.  I am not sure of our position.’

          “A rescue aircraft was hurriedly made ready with life-saving appliances and sent off in the direction where they hoped to find the five aircrafts and bring them back home.  Meanwhile, the controllers despairingly tried to get in touch with the flight leader, but in vain.

          “While anxiously awaiting new information, they tried to contact the search aircraft, but there was no answer.  It had disappeared, too.  A search for the missing aircraft was immediately started.  20 boats and 240 aircrafts systematically searched a huge area between Florida and the Bahamas.  The search was enlarged to include a quarter of a million square miles, but the result was negative. The six aircrafts had vanished as if they had just left the Earth, or had passed into another dimension.  The became the greatest mystery of our time.”

Invisible UFO

          Captain Cathie also took note of a case involving a seemingly invisible UFO.  While not visually seen, the whole encounter was tracked on radar.  Here’s Major Petersen’s abbreviated account of the story, taken from Cathie’s more detailed rendition: 

          “Recently a submarine chaser from the New Zealand Air Force was flying on a routine mission along the coastal area of the northern island.  The crew was informed that a UFO was flying from the north towards the south, just thirty miles off the coast.  The aircraft was requested to check up on the intruder and flew towards the sea to cut off the course of the UFO.  When approaching the object, the front radar got contact; but the crew saw no object.  The UFO soon lost its height and was followed on the aircraft’s radar.  The crew reported that an eddy could be seen on the surface of the sea.  Whatever it was, the object seemed to have dived and disappeared like a submarine.”

Secret Grid System

          Over his many years of investigating UFO reports, Captain Cathie developed the theory that our planet is surrounded by a secret grid system of ley lines that directs a whole block of unusual, seemingly paranormal occurrences.  The seasoned pilot is of the opinion that the UFOs follow these lines of force once they enter our atmosphere, deriving their motive power from them.  In his book, Harmonic 395, he declares that certain scientists already know about the reality of UFOs as interplanetary space ships; but they are inexplicably preserving this knowledge as the strictest secret within their own ranks. 

          The pilot and ufologist also assert that these same “in-the-know” scientists are also privy to communications with extraterrestrials by both physical and radio contact.  “The discovery of mysterious, extensive aerial installations in the backyards of some of the houses of these scientists in Auckland gave me a weird sensation,” Cathie noted. 

          In Harmonic 395, Captain Cathie investigates the matter of these mysterious aerials and demonstrates how they are more than just ordinary parts of amateur radio stations and they seem to be connected to the grid system in the Auckland area and unaccountable explosions that had taken place around that New Zealand city in conjunction with reports of UFOs.  “The aerials had obviously been placed in mutually straight lines, and they fit into the UFO grid system,” explained Cathie; adding that, “A group of electronic experts knew much more about the grid system than I; and furthermore, that they had been in possession of this knowledge for some years. 

          “It seemed to me,” he continued, “that some electronic material had to be built into this grid system; and ‘they’ seemed to carry out experiments on a large scale or to control such ones.  But what was the intention?  And who were ‘they’?”

          For the New Zealand ufologist, the aerials appeared to be forming parts of a great geometrical signal system for the UFOs, perhaps guiding them in for landings in New Zealand or perhaps at bases under the sea, off the coasts but still in New Zealand waters.

          Cathie ran into problems with New Zealand authorities after he began taking photographs of these aerial and antenna arrays.  He describes encounters with agents of this silence group whom he believes are members of a well-organized secret society in league with extraterrestrial intelligences that are conducting a seemingly constant surveillance of him and his activities. 

Alien Couple

          Captain Cathie relates an encounter he once had while he sat in a cafeteria at the Mangere Airport in Auckland.  Near to him, at another table, sat an extraordinarily looking man and woman.  They seemed to be fiddling with a camera.  When Cathie glanced up at the couple, the man lifted the camera up and snapped a picture of him without his permission.  Cathie was caught off guard.  He wasn’t sure what to make out of this situation, not knowing if there was anything illegal about it. 

          The couple looked very strange to Cathie.  Of the male partner, Cathie told Major Hans C. Petersen that, “He was a tall man with long, thin limbs.  Most remarkable was his head.  It was completely round and as bald as an egg.”

          Of the female in the pair, Cathie said, “She was just the opposite to her friend.  Her face was oblong, more streamlined.  Her hair was coal-black, done in a strange way.  Her eyes were very dark and large; and her skin was a very pale color.”

          A little later on at the airport, Cathie almost bumped in to the strange, young man while passing through a gate area.  “For a moment,” the pilot related, “we looked at one another in surprise.  Then he turned around and disappeared like a startled hare.”



Alien Presence Among Us

          Of course, such an unusual encounter reinforced the captain’s perception that extraterrestrials are living among us.  Cathie noted that, “Logic tells us that these events indicate that scientists from our planet are connected with beings in the UFOs appearing in our sky.  A direct understanding between people from Earth and the strangers must exist on some level.

          “Should the strangers turn out to be here already, I think I am justified to claim that the couple I ran across in the Mangere Airport are some of those strangers.”

Optimistically, Captain Cathie opined that, “I feel convinced that the whole truth about UFOs shall be brought to light.  I feel sure that the whole truth shall very soon be revealed.” 

Like many before and after him, Cathie was premature in his assessment of a soon-coming big extraterrestrial UFO disclosure.


American Corporate Scientist Speaks Out on Outer Space Life at European Astronautical Conference

          A United Press International (UPI) report, datelined 14 October 1972, revealed that an American scientist, Bernard M. Oliver of the Hewlett Packard Corporation of Palo Alto, California, declared in the closing session of the 23rd International Aeronautical Conference held at the Hofburg Congress Center in downtown Vienna, Austria, that intelligent civilizations probably have existed in outer space for billions of years and suggested that they are currently trying to make the Earth a member of the galactic community. 

          “In all likelihood, intelligent civilizations have existed in the galaxy for four or five billion years,” opined Oliver, adding that, “It appears from our calculations that present-day technology is capable of mounting a very effective search for extraterrestrial signals. 

          “The question we must ask ourselves is:  Is it worth about half the coast of the Apollo program ($11 billion) to attempt such a search?”

          Oliver answered his rhetorical question with an affirmative, rationalizing that, “It seems very probable that many of these civilizations have established interstellar contact.  If so, then communication has been taking place between civilizations and beacons may well exist to help young races, such as ourselves, to join this galactic community.”

          There were about 1,500 scientists in attendance at the astronautical conference.  The importance of this gathering cannot be underestimated, at least insofar as those in the seats would go on to influence future research directions taken among members of the global scientific community in these matters.


Mars Not as Inhospitable as Previously Imagined

          The 27 July 1972 edition of the Danish newspaper, Fyens Stiftstidende, ran a recent press release from the TASS Soviet information agency in Moscow about current discoveries concerning Mars.  Apparently, Soviet scientists have refuted former theories about that whole planet being buried under massive sand dunes.  “The surface of Mars is covered by a layer of dust of approximately one millimeter only.  Isolated deserts of dust take up only a small fraction of the surface of Mars, and may be the cause of the dust storms observed there,” Soviet scientists concluded. 


Radiation Belts Around Earth Predicted by California Contactee

          Major Hans C. Petersen pointed out that the California contactee, George Adamski, in the early to mid-1950s predicted the discovery of three radiation belts around the Earth once artificial mini-moons could be sent aloft to check it out.  On 4 October 1957, with the launch of the Soviet Union’s Sputnik satellite, the existence of two of these radiation belts was confirmed. 

I might add that a third type of belt was later discovered connecting the Earth’s magnetic field to the solar wind in a process of magnetic reconnection.  This is fully explained in my third book, Cosmic Ray’s Excellent Venus Adventure (Terra Alta:  West Virginia, 2017), pages 41-48.

UFOs Over Asia

          Hsardene Bold, a state farm worker from Ulan Bator in Mongolia, made the following UFO report in the June 1968 issue of Sputnik magazine, published in Moscow in the Soviet Union: 


          “I want to recount an event I witnessed a few years ago.  That summer we were working on the Ugtal state collective farm.  On the evening of 27 June 1964, I was returning to Ulan Bator in a very crowded lorry (truck).  Between about 10 and 11 p.m., the Moon, or what I took for the Moon, rose over the mountains on the northwest.  Within minutes, and in full view of everybody, the object went straight up, sharply changed its course and then moved over the horizon in a northerly direction.  Some 10 to 15 minutes later, the “moon” disappeared.  I failed to take pictures of this strange “moon.”  And here is one more detail:  When it hovered into sight from behind the mountains, it was the size of the real Moon, but as it gained altitude, it looked larger and larger.  The object was also seen from Ulan Bator.”

Okinawa, Japan

          The following Associated Press (AP) dispatch appeared in the 29 September 1972 issue of Politika, published in Belgrade, Serbia (then known as Yugoslavia), concerning the report of an unidentified ball that was witnessed over Okinawa, Japan:

          “The crew of an American airplane belonging to Trans-World Airways have observed a UFO during their flight while about 50 miles southeast of Okinawa.

          “The captain of the airplane said that the object had the shape of a shining ball and that it was moving towards the southwest with cosmic speed.  The captain added that the speed of the body was too high for a comet.  The crew was able to follow the movement of the object for less than a minute.”

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