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The Vast Venus Conspiracy

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My Dear Friend “Cosmic Ray” who is coming to the conference From Venus With Love in Mt Shasta this summer is in the process of writing 3 books.

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His current trilogy about Venus is becoming more popular day by day. He is sharing with me exclusive first releases on his ongoing articles and research in our neighboring sister planet.

As a physical contactee with several journeys to Venus an ongoing repeated physical contact experiences his stories are sweet warm and enlightening. Please enjoy all of these articles and share as widely as possible.




The Vast Venus Conspiracy, Part I

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, a.k.a. the “Cosmic Ray,” author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising trilogy (Headline Books, Terra Alta, West Virginia, 2015-2017)

There is a lot that NASA is not telling the public about Venus.  Those “in the know” recognize Venus as Earth’s sister planet.  Both worlds are approximately the same size, have rocky surfaces and water vapor in their respective atmospheres.  Fight the “powers-that-be.”  We want full disclosure now, not only about UFOs in general, but intelligent life on Venus.

          Little did the inhabitants of Earth realize, in the closing quarter of the twentieth century and well into the first quarter of the twenty-first century, that interested eyes from our nearest planetary neighbor were closely observing all phases of our economic, military, scientific and social development, both from aloft in their interplanetary conveyances that we erroneously refer to as unidentified flying objects and on the ground by their agents infiltrating areas where humans were found at play and at work in all walks of life. 

With the exception of sensational reports of flying saucers and their occupants in the pages of the tabloid press, hardly a word about these phenomena appeared in the organs of mass market media.  And while the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was sending probes to the other celestial bodies in our solar system, spokespersons for the agency and other departments of the national government were not telling us the truth about what these robotic ships were discovering about life and the conditions under which it flourishes on the other planets.

Return with me now to the thrilling days of yesteryear, the exciting decade of the 1980s when we were all dazzled by the pulsating rock music of such emerging recording artists as Pat Benatar, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Cindy Lauper, etc.  By 1982, the United States government was still trying to cover up the real findings of its Mariner 2 probe, sent to do a fly-by of Venus twenty years previously.  As detailed in my second book in the Venus Rising trilogy, Final Countdown:  Rockets to Venus (2017), issued reports from the space agency regarding extant but unfavorable conditions for life on Venus were constantly under assault from a growing body of concerned scientists amassing from many technically developed nations. 

By February 1982, in an attempt to beat many of these scientific critics to the punch, NASA spokespersons issued press releases declaring that “evidence is mounting that Venus once had an Earth-like ocean.”  The key word in this dispatch, that was carried by United Press International, is “once;” for the NASA hierarchy wanted the American people to think that while in the distant past life of some kind could have existed on Venus, planetary conditions there had long since deteriorated to the point that nothing in the context of life as we know it could possibly still be there today. 

NASA scientists affirmed that “abundant water may have sustained life there long ago.”  This grudging acknowledgement leads us to believe that we were finally getting closer to the truth of the matter.  Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, the intelligence agencies of the United States had accomplished a thorough job in discrediting the claims of the contactees in the eyes of the public, particularly those who attested to contact with Venusian flying saucer pilots, in particular Howard Menger of Highbridge, New Jersey, and the late George Adamski of Vista, California.  Both of these gentlemen were the authors of best-selling books on extraterrestrials from Venus coming to Earth in interplanetary spaceships to convey important messages for the future of humankind on this planet. 

Northwestern University astronomer, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, was contracted with the Air Force Intelligence Center at Dayton, Ohio, and its Project Bluebook team to debunk UFO reports in the 1960s.  Dr. Hynek is seen here proclaiming that George Adamski faked this photo of a Venusian scout ship, which in his estimation, was fabricated with “parts of a chicken brooder suspended from a fishing line.”  Later in life, Dr. Hynek would change his tune about UFOs, siding with ufologists like John A. Keel and Dr. Jacques Vallee in maintaining that the objects were real after all and possibly hailing from another dimension in a parallel universe.


          NASA’s new policy of announcing the possibility of prior life on Venus was proving to be efficacious.   Given all of this opposition to the contactees, it is not surprising that only a few in the UFO research community openly questioned it.  But some did.  A spokesperson for the George Adamski Foundation in Vista, California, informed a local Southern California newspaper that, “Perhaps in time, when officials get ready, the statement ‘long ago’ will be changed to ‘now.’”

          This was the first time, however, that scientists began to speak of contemporary Earth-like temperatures existing on Venus, albeit so long ago, maybe even billions of years in the past.  Nevertheless, these same researchers were still proclaiming that Venus is an “extreme, dry, cloud-shrouded furnace.”  At the time of these pronouncements, I remember thinking it odd that no explanations were proffered as to how Venus could possibly support these massive clouds, consisting largely of water vapor and sulfuric acid, and still be so scorching hot as to merit being called the “hellhole of the solar system.”

(Note:  Be sure and catch the next installment of The Vast Venus Conspiracy, here on this website, where Dr. Raymond Keller delves even deeper into this ongoing “mushroom process,” whereby NASA keeps us in the dark and feeds us a lot of manure about Venus being a dead, lifeless world.  The “Cosmic Ray” will bring us the amazing facts about life of an abundant variety on our sister planet, the enchanted orb of Venus.   –

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