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The Cosmic Secret Beneath The Great Pyramid

By Reinhold O. Schmidt

[This excerpt from “The Reinhold Schmidt Story: A True Account of Experiences With People From Another Planet,” was first published by Gabriel Green in “AFSCA World Report” Special Combined Issue No. 13,14,15, January through June 1960.]

Numerous books and documents have been written about the Pyramids of Egypt, particularly of the Great Pyramid of Gizeh and the inscrutable Sphinx, which had kept its secrets down through the centuries. But at last the silence has been broken, and what is perhaps the greatest of its mysteries has been disclosed by a visitor from the planet Saturn—to me, a humble Earth man, whose duty it is to share with you a revelation of overwhelming significance.

In his recent book, “Secret Places of the “Lion” George Hunt Williamson, American anthropologist and scientist of the New Age said: “The builders of the Great Pyramid buried one of their great spaceships near the structure. It will be revealed—no doubt within a comparatively short time—that there are many secret chambers within the Great Pyramid, and that its true entrance lies under the silent object that is like a lion, and yet like a man—the Sphinx! It will not remain silent much longer.”

I have wondered if, when Dr. Williamson wrote his book, (which is highly recommended), he knew just how soon a revelation would take place? For on February 9th, 1960, this proof became a reality when I was again privileged to go in a Spaceship with the Saturnians, to Egypt to see for myself what lay beneath the Great Pyramid!

After the experience in the Mother ship over Montana, Mr. X had told me that we might go to Egypt in the near future. I don’t know how they plan their contacts or on what they base their decisions as to where they will go. I can only be grateful that I have been privileged to be contacted at all. It makes me feel humble, to say the sages of the Saturnians to my fellow Earth brothers. Each new contact and subsequent visit aboard their craft has been a greater step in learning, not only about ourselves here on Earth, but about Universal Laws and the wonderful way of life that is possible when they are applied. I had also soon realized that Mr. XZ was no ordinary man, but nothing had prepared me for what I was soon to discover!

Another Great Adventure

At 9 a.m. on that memorable February 9th, there was a knock at my door. It was Mr. X. I asked him in and we talked for a while. Then he said they were ready to go to Egypt and he told me where to meet him and the crew. Then he left, and I got ready to leave.

In a very short time, I got into my car and drove out Highway 466 toward the Tehachapi Mountains. After a few minutes I saw the ship ahead, hovering beside the road, with the ramp down. I drove right up the ramp and into the ship. As before, there were no other cars in sight on the highway. I have learned that circumstances can be controlled by our space friends, and if they don’t want to be seen, they won’t be! Also, the force-field around the ship can make it invisible by bending light around it.

The ship was the same 200-foot model that I have ridden in before. The main area was probably sixty to seventy feet long and had two rooms at each end for sleeping quarters and for storage space. Their MG and my Buick were parked in the storage compartments. The furniture was similar to what we use in our homes. There were several chairs and davenports, and a large desk. Just for fun I tried to move a couple of the chairs, but I couldn’t budge them They were not bolted or welded to the floor, but I didn’t find out what held them down.

The crew members, the same as on my previous ventures, worked with various instruments. The two ladies sat at the large desk at one end of the ship, intently watching the tubes of colored liquid. (The women were the pilots.) The radar screens showed any approaching object, whether the ship was on the ground or in flight.

The men were usually busy watching the large instrument panel. Sometimes they stayed in their living quarters. I also had a room assigned to me for sleeping. It was quiet, though pleasant, being with these people. They did not converse a great deal. They knew my thoughts and usually anticipated my questions before I could ask them.

Although our present destination was Egypt, we did not go directly there. We made several stops in northern Alaska to check on some new mineral deposits. We were not more than twenty minutes or so in each place.

We arrived in Egypt about 12 noon of the same day we had started, (February 9th). The ship landed on the outskirts of Cairo, somewhat east of the Pyramids and about a half mile from them and nestled down among the sand dunes.

We traveled from the ship to the Pyramids in the MG which had been aboard. It might have been the same one in which I rode from Tulsa out to the waiting ship. It had a kind of back seat which one lady sat in, while the other one and Mr. X and I sat in front. The other men remained in the ship.

Many people have asked me why the Saturnians used one of our Earth-made cars. Mr. X explained that their vehicles could not be used here on Earth for, being wheeless, they do not travel along the ground; they hover and fly. I couldn’t help wondering if our means of transportation didn’t seem as outmoded to the Space People as horse and buggy carriages do to us! At least by driving our cars they manage to get around and not to attract unwanted attention to themselves.

When we reached the parking area near the Great Pyramid, I noticed a number of small foreign cars. There were, apparently, many tourists visiting that day. I don’t know whether or not there is an admission fee. If any of my friends paid, I didn’t notice. I was too busy being impressed with this great “Wonder of the World,” which covers more than thirteen acres. Each baseline of the Pyramid is 750 feet long, and it is 480 feet high. It is constructed of huge yellow limestone blocks, each weighing 54 tons.

The engineering world has long puzzled over the question of how those huge blocks were cut so precisely and lifted and put into place and I marveled at how smoothly they still fitted together, after all these centuries! Our scientists have already begun to suspect that this great edifice was built through the application of higher laws than any we have heretofore known.

Mr. X verified these findings when he told me that the stones were lifted by the use of Universal Laws and by the forces of nature, which can even cause iron to float. Obviously the ancients could make use of these laws to neutralize gravity and thus render the stones weightless. The Great Pyramids, then, were built by levitation of the stones!

We had only just arrived but, already, my mind was buzzing with fascinating new thoughts. I saw that tours for visitors were being conducted through the pyramid, but we did not join these groups. Instead we went off in a different direction, and shortly many subterranean corridors and made several turns as we walked along. In one corridor I noticed off-shoot passages leading into it, but we passed them by. I am six feet, two inches tall, and some of the passages were low enough that it was necessary to stoop in order to get through. There were signs about, warning people to watch out for low ceilings.

As we followed Mr. X, he seemed to have a specific destination in mind, rather than taking us merely on a sight-seeing tour. I was absorbed in my thoughts, but no amount of imagination on my part could have prepared me for the startling revelation which was soon to confront us! I don’t know whether or not the ladies knew what we were going to see, but I suspect they did.

Presently Mr. X pulled out a small pencil-like light and flashed it against a section of blank wall in the corridor. Imagine my surprise when a heavy stone door, about three feet thick, opened gradually, just

enough to let us pass through. Before it opened its outlines had not been perceptible at all.

As we passed through the secret door and it closed slowly behind us, we entered a corridor about seven feet high and five feet wide. It was very dark and I saw no signs at all. As we started to walk two abreast down the corridor (approximately 60 feet long), Mr. X flashed his light into the darkness and a room at the end gradually filled with light. Later I recalled that there had been no odor of mustiness, which one might usually expect in a room which had been closed for a long time.

Then Mr. X made a statement which completely dumbfounded me. He said that this was the first time the secret door had been opened for over two-thousand years, and that he, Mr. X, had been the last person to close it! I was faced with the staggering thought that he was over two thousand years old! I must have stared hard at him. It was difficult for me to comprehend. He seemed to be no more than forty or forty-five.

I really don’t know how to describe the feelings that overcame me. I was completely awake and more alert and aware than I have ever been in my life, and I knew that this was a true experience! To say that I felt awe in the presence of this simple man, who was so wise, so powerful and yet so unassuming a being—is indeed an understatement. I do not yet know why he revealed to an ordinary Earth man a secret that has been hidden from the world since the crucifixion of Jesus.

With an effort I forced my mind to dwell on our present surroundings. It was then I realized that we stood in a triangular room,, and before us was the smallest Spaceship I had yet seen. It was circular and about 60 feet in diameter. It could best be described as looking like two saucer-shaped metal
plates welded together at the outer rims. It was similar in shape to many which have been reportedly seen by Earth People, although most of the sightings have been of larger craft. There was a door on the curve of the lower plate with two steps leading into the ship. We entered, and again I was stunned at what I saw.

There stood a huge wooden cross of what looked like dark red wood. The heavy pieces dovetailed into each other and were held together with wooden spikes. In the end of each crosspiece was a spike hole, and down low on the main beam was a footrest, in which there were also spike holes. I was overwhelmed with the significance of what had happened on that cross, such a long time ago. I was thoroughly shaken—and feelings of horror and pity swept over me.

On a table nearby I saw a pair of sandals and a robe, which was an eggshell white, linen-like material. I winced as I saw a crown of thorns beside it. My friends did not need to explain to me Who had worn those garments. I felt heavy with sadness at the thought of man’s savagery which had taken so many forms through the ages, and which, unfortunately, is still rampant.

The circular room of the ship had a desk in the center, with what looked like control panels on one side. There were also several chairs and a small davenport, all of an antique style. One large chair, plain wood without upholstering, had arms and a high back. Mr. X told me that Jesus sat in that chair when He was taken to His home planet in that very Spaceship!

Resting on dark wood tables were several circular stone bowls which were filled with precious stones of different sizes and shapes. There were diamonds as big around as quarters! For a moment I thought how I’d like to have a handful. Mr. X immediately read my thought and remarked, “They would only bring you trouble.” Then he told me that the jewels had been the gifts of the Wise Men.

There were bolts of beautiful silks and linens, along with objects made of gold, silver, copper and onyx. I noticed some long staffs, also, like the ones which are used by shepherds as they tend sheep. Mr. X said that all of these things will someday be on display for all the people of Earth to see.

He went on to explain that “Jesus left the Earth in a Spaceship, the very one in which you now stand. He did ascend into the clouds, as people claimed He did, and as has been done by many others who understood the Laws of Levitation and Anti-gravity. The Spaceships of old were able, as are those of today, to condense the moisture in the atmosphere so as to form clouds around them which would obscure them from view. This was the case with the ship which Jesus entered and which then transported Him to the planet Venus.”

Then, as he continued, I was again startled at the disclosure that Mr. X was the man who had accompanied Jesus in the ship on his home flight! Then Mr. had returned the ship to Earth, to be placed in that tomb until the time when people would be ready to accept its astounding significance. That will be when more minds are attuned to Universal Laws, and Truths, which will automatically relegate many false legends and ideas to the dark ages.

In the northeast corner of the little ship stood a desk on which there were thirty-two tablets of a heavy- quality paper, rather dark in color. It looked like papyrus; the parchment paper used by the people of olden times to record important data. They were about eighteen inches across, when open. I had expected to see some ancient language or symbols recorded on these parchments but imagine my surprise when I found the events of the past, present and future there described in modern day English, in black ink and written in a beautiful longhand. As I leafed through them, I noticed that the pages seemed to be sewn together. Strangely enough, the records were not musty or even dusty, yet the room was not a vacuum. We could breathe easily, although there was no indication of a source of air.

The tablets told of events of the past from the beginning of the world to 1958. From 1958, they stated, there would be development of an unusual nature in many ways, until 1998. That period would be a “preparation for the coming of the Master.” The end of this present Earth cycle, it was indicated, will be 1998.

Mr. X went on to tell us that there were other records buried in different underground areas that have never yet been revealed, and which pertain to the time beyond 1998. I learned, also, that there was another door leading from the room in which the Spaceship stood, but Mr. X didn’t say when it would be opened—or by whom.

We had been inside the Spaceship for about two hours when my friends asked me if I wanted to make any more notes. (Fortunately, Mr. X had suggested that I might want to bring along some note paper, and how right he was!} I had taken down everything I needed to, and Mr. X said, “Alright, we’ll leave then”

When we stepped out of the small ship we stood again on the crackles stone floor, surrounded by
the white limestone walls. I took a last look about me and, in doing so, I noticed that the ceiling was curved, rather than flat. Coming again to the end of the corridor, Mr. X flashed his little “pencil-light” toward the wall and the huge door opened again for us. As we went through into the corridor beyond, I looked back just in time to see the light within the Spaceship go softly out. The whole room was again in darkness as the great secret door closed behind us.

When we reached the surface again, we blinked for a few moments in the bright desert sun. The shadows were deepening, and my mind and heart were full. I didn’t feel like talking and, fortunately, my companions understood. We got into the MG and, with a lingering look at the imposing structure arising from the sand, we drove back to the waiting Spaceship among the dunes.

Home, By Way Of Russia

Our homeward route took us over the Soviet Union, where I found out what the Saturnians had meant when they had said earlier that they would interfere, if necessary, with our continued use of atomic bombs. At the time I had remarked that the Earth People are quite stubborn, and asked how they would be able to stop them? They replied that they might have to do the same thing that was necessary with Russia: “Just slap one back in your face!”

Now I could see most graphically what they meant. I saw a bomb-devastated area in Siberia. It was a hideous black scar several hundred mile long. There was absolutely nothing left in that desolate waste to indicate that there had recently been human and animal life there. Not a trace remained of former homes and other buildings, nor of trees, birds and flowers. This, then, was what had happened when one of Russia’s bombs fell back on her own territory. Heaven forbid that we should bring such disaster

upon ourselves!

There was nothing in the papers about that colossal catastrophe, but it was shortly after it happened that we quit testing A-bombs. According to the Space People, Russia had invited representation of all governments to inspect this devastated area. They also told me that if any country tries to use an A- bomb, it will fall back on the territory from which it is sent.

We passed over the Arctic Circle again, but this time we didn’t land. On my first trip there, I had learned that the Earth was tilted at a dangerous twelve degrees off its normal position, and that there was a grave possibility that it might shift on its axis. But recently, I had been told that it had moved back to six degrees off center, and the danger had been averted. Believe me, I breathed a sigh of relief!

We were tracked by jets both on our flight to Egypt and on the return trip. We saw them on the radar scope and the view screen in the ship, and we heard many reports about the “mysterious missile,” which was really the ship in which I was riding! On our way back as we hovered over Washington, D.C., we monitored the local newscasts which were also talking about the “mysterious missile.”

Our trip to the Pyramids, over the Soviet Union and the Arctic Circle, and back to California took from the morning of February 9th to the late afternoon of the 11th!

As we landed again in the countryside where I had boarded the ship, I noticed that a couple of cars drove by on the highway, but they must not have seen us. At least they paid no attention to us.

It was difficult indeed, to convey my feeling to my friends. I was overwhelmed with the rare privilege which they had given me, and I felt most humble and grateful.

Then I got into my car and drove down the ramp and onto Angeles Crest Highway, north of Pasadena. Now that I was literally “down to Earth” again, I had to give my attention to the lecture which I was scheduled to give that evening at 8 o’clock, at the Pasadena unit of the Understanding organization. Well, I really had some startling surprises for them this time!

As I mused over the events of the past two days, it occurred to me that my thinking had undergone some subtle changes in a very short space of time.

I was brought up in the orthodox Lutheran faith, whose teachings are much the same as those of many of the major religions. I had always had a questioning mind, and there were many things for which I had never found answers, from any source. After the enlightenment of this newest and most thrilling experience, I realized that some of the things which had puzzled me most were now clear to me. The explanations had been simple, logical and unassuming, and they seemed to have “clicked” with a deeper knowingness which had been dormant within me. True, I had been stunned at first, but there had been no mental struggle to understand or to accept. It was as though a great Light had been turned on and, ‘though its brilliance had fist blinded me, I was no longer in the darkness.

Probably many of you have heard and read about this New Age which we have entered. There are many others throughout this Earth who, like me, have learned about life and the beings on other planets from some of those very beings themselves. We now realize that the “heavenly” sort of life, which most of us have heard about since Sunday-school days, is not only possible but is actually in existence on many other planets. We have learned that Venus is said to be the most highly evolved and the most beautiful of all the planets in our solar system. We also understand that our Earth has quite a way to go in evolving to what it could be!

Let me assure you that the Space People want only to see our eyes opened, so that we may help ourselves to bring about a “heavenly” existence on our own Earth, which is really a very beautiful planet.

I know that many of you have scoffed as you’ve read my message, and I can only agree that you are entitled to your opinion. But remember, my friends, that he who is wise does not ridicule or discredit, merely because he does not understand. He allows that “all things are possible.”

The great Teacher, Jesus, said, “In my Father’s house are many mansions.” No doubt He referred not

only to the countless other planets, similar to ours in shape and substance, but to numberless other dimensions in consciousness, of which we have not yet even dreamed.

To you who accept these things, I way that there is much to be done. If you wish to be an active part of the establishing of a harmonious, peaceful and abundant life on our Earth for all people, your sincere desire will lead you to the right place to be of service.

My wonderful experiences are not over, for my Saturnian friends have promised me the greatest experience yet: a tour of the planets! On that occasion, they said, five other persons will be taken also, but I do not yet know who they will be.

There is much to look forward to, and I give you my solemn promise that I will faithfully bring to you the true messages from my space friends, as I receive them.

Meanwhile, let us all work together to make our Earth home a far better and happier place than it has ever been before.

—The End—

[Good News: Fortunately, the complete original 20-page issue of “The Reinhold Schmidt Story” is still available in a very limited number of copies for $10.00 each, postpaid. These collectors’ items will be cherished sources of further detailed information about Mr. Schmidt’s contacts with the Saturnians. Please order from: Gabriel Green; P.O. Box 39; Yucca Valley, CA 92286.] =============================================================

Mother Shipton’s Prophecy

The following prophecy in verse is accredited to Mother Shipton, who was born in Norfolk, England, and who died in Clifton, Yorkshire, in 1449.

This prophesy is quite remarkable not only because of the many obvious references to world-changing events hundreds of years in advance, but also because it predicts a better world to come in the very near future.

She sees the following :  Automobiles, Radio & worldwide television,  Hydro-electric power, Trains & Automobiles, Submarines, [Military uniforms, Lincoln or Kennedy (JFK)?, [Steel ships, 1849 California gold rush, Civil War, English Channel Tunnel, Public education & literacy, Universal education, Crop irrigation, Modern-day dress, Women’s Lib, Single parent families, Abortions?, Hell’s Angels? (They ride motorcycles called Hogs), [Greedy International Bankers (Masters of Deceit) plan wars, Violence & insecurity, Tornadoes, floods & hurricanes, from nature rebelling against violations of Universal Law on Earth, Walks on water, Gabriel announces how to create God’s Kingdom on Earth, The Universal Economics System replaces the limitations of Capitalism and Communism with the abundances and security created by Universalism, and the Golden Age on Earth begins! ======================================================================
A carriage without horse shall go, Disaster fills the world with woe;
In London, Primrose Hill shall be, Its center hold a Bishop’s See.

Around the world men’s thoughts shall fly, Quick as the twinkling of an eye.
And water shall great wonders do, How strange. And yet it shall come true.

Then upside down the world shall be, And gold found at the root of tree. Through towering hills proud man shall ride, No horse or ass move by his side. Beneath the water, men shall walk; Shall ride, shall sleep, and even talk.

And in the air men shall be seen, In white, in black, as well as green. A great man then, shall come and go, For prophecy declares it so.
In water, iron, then shall float  As easy as a wooden boat. 

Gold shall be found in stream or stone, In land that is as yet unknown. Water and fire shall wonders do, And England shall admit a Jew.
The Jew that once was held in scorn Shall of a Christian then be born.

A house of glass shall come to pass In England. But alas, alas!
A war will follow with the work Where dwells the Pagan and the Turk.

The States will lock in fiercest strife and seek to take each other’s life; When North shall divide the South The Eagle builds in Lion’s mouth. Then tax and blood and cruel war Shall come to every humble door.

Three times shall lovely, sunny France Be led to play a bloody dance;
Before the people shall be free, Three tyrant rulers shall she see.

Three rulers in succession, be Each springs from different dynasty. Then, when the fiercest fight is done, England and France shall be as one.

The British olive next shall twine In marriage with the German vine.
Men walk beneath and over streams  Fulfilled shall be their wondrous dreams. All England’s sons that plow the land  Shall oft be seen with Book in hand. The poor shall now most wisdom know, And water wind where corn doth grow.

Great houses stand in far-flung vale, All covered over with snow and hail. And now a word of uncouth rhyme, Of what shall be in future time:

For, in those wondrous, far-off days, The women shall adopt a craze
To dress like men, and trousers wear, And cut off all their locks of hair. They’ll ride astride with brazen brow, As witches do on broomsticks now.

Then love shall die and marriage cease, And nations wane as babes decrease.  The wives shall fondle cats and dogs, And men live much the same as hogs.

In nineteen hundred twenty-six, Build houses light of straw and sticks.
For then shall mighty wars be planned, And fire and sword shall sweep the land. But those who live the century through, In fear and trembling this will do:  Flee to the mountains and the dens, To bog and forest and wild fens (Marshy wetlands).

For storms will rage and oceans roar,

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