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Viviane Chauvet: Arcturian Ambassador, Intergalactic Teacher, Published Author, International Speaker, Creator of the Arcturian Healing Arts Program and Arcturian Energy Matrix Healing®, Founder of the Universal Arcturian Online Community, CEO of Infinite Healing From The Stars LLC, Host of the Infinite Star Connections Podcast and the new radio show “Arcturian Conversations” on Soul News Radio.

Viviane is an interstellar being who ascended thousands of years ago. Her Soul Avatar Essence has returned in a projected hybrid human form as an emissary for the re-ascension timeline. Renowned for her advanced quantum healing services, Viviane has conducted thousands of private sessions worldwide in the past 12 years. As an oracle of Arcturus, her mission consists of traveling from star system to star system and assisting civilizations on the verge of their evolutionary Ascension process. Her intergalactic delegation is a member of the Federation of Light and collaborates with many Star Regency and interplanetary councils.

Over the past decade, Viviane has given many lectures at conferences and gatherings and has been interviewed on numerous radio shows and online summits. She is featured in the multi-award-winning documentary “Extraordinary: The Revelation” and will be featured in an upcoming documentary based on Craig Campobasso’s book “The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac.” Viviane’s collaborative bestselling book series, “Wisdom of the Silver Sisters – Guiding Grace,” “Golden Wisdom of Love, Legends & Legacies,” and “The Imaginist” is also available on Amazon. She has a teaching channel on the Conscious Awakening Network (CAN) to inspire people to reclaim their divine sovereignty.

For information on Viviane’s services, meditations, and program, visit our website:

talk Title: Original Body Blueprint Healing

We are energy, and energy is light! The Original Blueprint is the essence of our evolving body template. During Viviane’s lecture, we will work on soul fractals restoration, energetic subtle bodies, crystallizing aspects of the nervous systems (including the central system), clearing the emotional pathways, releasing patterns, and more! We will use powerful affirmations and techniques to maintain a positive and healthy inner balance, serving as a clearer conduit for higher frequencies of Light. An effective way to heal the Earth from the lower matrix reality is to heal the body, mind, and spirit. You will also receive galactic messages. Are you ready to embrace and reclaim your original body blueprint?

WORKSHOP: Lemurian and Atlantean Akashic Records – 90 minutes, $44

Lemuria and Atlantis are two of the most impactful ancient civilizations that are still resonating in today’s timeline. Now that we have reached a global state of awakening, we need to release old Akashic lessons and historical trauma. The Akashic Records are an energetic, vibrational storehouse containing information about everything that has ever happened in the universe, everything that is happening now, and everything that could or will happen in any potential future. In our workshop, we will journey with the Lemurian and Atlantean Masters and the Akashic Guardians to access the soul memories of Lemuria and Atlantis. Everyone will receive a light body activation to release old lessons, karmic loops, and other unresolved blockages. The Arcturians will create a holographic sacred space to maintain a pure and higher dimensional connection. We will use the Chakra Column and the Universal Chakras as energetic lineage points. See you all at the workshop!

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