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Gabe Green on the Watchers

*** Welcome to AFSCA’S Web Site. This site was begun on Oct. 6, 1999 and is still slowly under construction. We plan to have many new Articles, Photos, and Reports of Contactee Experiences in the future.

*** Please tell your friends about Flying Saucers and help to pass the word that “We are not alone in the Universe.”

* * * With Best Wishes, Gabriel Green ==================================================




*** AFSCA’S purpose is to inform the public about Flying Saucers (extraterrestrial space craft piloted by advanced beings from other planets and star systems), and of the benevolent Space People’s plan to share their knowledge, culture and advanced science with the people of Earth, in order to resolve present world problems.

*** AFSCA is a major source of contactee-oriented Flying Saucer information, including photographs, contactee reports, over 7 hours of tape-recorded messages from Space Beings, and more than 300 titles on our Flying Saucer-New Age Book List.

*** AFSCA also distributes two computer diskettes (floppies) containing 300 screens of information from the United Worlds Alliance, which is a galactic organization with over 740,000 member planets and has agents now on Earth to help us into a more positive transition into the wondrous space-oriented world of tomorrow.

*** Their main goals are to help us to achieve true World Peace, and a Greater Measure of Freedom, Happiness and Abundance for all Mankind.

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*** For the first 40 years of the Flying Saucer Movement, most members of the scientific community did not become publicly active in Flying Saucer Research for various reasons. Some felt, like many others,

that it was all a lot of nonsense and that Earth is the only inhabited planet in the Universe. Others egotistically felt that they were so intelligent that if the extraterrestrials were going to contact anyone here, it would be them.

*** Fortunately, mankind has come a long way since the early 1950s, when very few scientists were willing to risk ridicule from their peers or being fired from their jobs by talking openly about UFO’s.

*** In the 50’s, many people would ridicule or become offended by those who would mention Flying Saucers in a serious light. But almost everyone has learned a lot since then. Nowadays, little kids, who used to play cowboys and Indians, prefer to be Spacemen and watch “Star Trek.” (Beam me up, Scotty!)

*** Over the past couple of decades, people’s attitudes have changed considerably:

*** 1. Some of the scientists and disbelievers who, 30-40 years ago, called contactees, fakes, phony’s and liars have gradually been exposed to so much information by the early 1990s, that they are starting to talk openly about their own UFO research, sightings and space contacts, even in the light of long- standing threats by the government. And some are even saying publicly that contactee experiences should be studied and taken seriously.

*** 2. While UFOs are still made the butt of jokes by comedians such as Jay Leno trying to get laughs, there are many that are not laughing anymore. Why? Because now, millions of people have personally seen UFO’s and 1000’s more have been contacted by E.T.s in person. Many of these have shared their experiences with the world for over four decades on Radio and TV shows, at Flying Saucer and New Age Conventions, and in thousands of UFO books, magazines and newsletters.

*** 3. Now, in spite of the government’s official policy of debunking all UFO reports, there are many factions in government(some like Phillip J. Corso, author of “The Day After Roswell”), who have been in high positions WHO KNOW THE TRUTH! These ones feel that the people have a right to know what the government has been suppressing for so long.

*** Now, they are speaking out publicly and writing books to reveal the FACTS, that still seem fantastic and unbelievable to many. But, no amount of evidence to the contrary so far has convinced the diehard skeptics, because the people have been brainwashed for so long.

*** However, now that we are so close to the beginning of the Millennium and consciousness is being raised so rapidly, mankind has three important choices.

*** 1. We can continue to ignore or scoff at all the prophetic signs of the times which are warning us that major changes are occurring all over the world that are a threat to mankind, and to the Earth’s survival.

*** 2. Or, we can learn all about what is REALLY happening that governments are hiding from us, then make a concerted effort to pass what we know on to others. Knowledge is Power and it should be used to benefit the people!

*** 3. As we prepare to enter the new Millennium and establish open contact with our benevolent Space Brothers, WATCH for the signs that will help you to make the right choices and pray to receive the Cosmic guidance to help manifest God’s Divine Plan and the long prophesied wonderful world of tomorrow!


Gabriel Green, President
Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs of America



*** Gabriel Green of Yucca Valley, California , is the Founder-President of the Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs of America, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to the physical, spiritual and economic emancipation of man.

*** He is the author of “Let’s Face The Facts About Flying Saucers” and editor of AFSCA’s official journal, “Flying Saucers International,” which publishes contactee experiences and news of the Flying Saucer Movement.

*** Mr. Green was born on Armistice Day at 11:25PM, Nov. 11, 1924 in Whittier, California, and was a professional photographer before devoting his life to helping to manifest the Space People’s Plan on Earth. In 1956 he formed the Los Angeles Interplanetary Study Groups, which evolved in 1959 into AFSCA. He has had over 100 sightings of Flying Saucers, as well as being contacted several times in person by people from other advanced planets.

*** In 1960, asked by the Space People to run for political office in an effort to plant the seeds of needed reforms on our world, he became an independent candidate for President of the United States, but withdrew to support President Kennedy. He ran for the U.S. Senate from California in 1962 and received over 171,000 votes in the Democratic Primary Election, campaigning against nuclear testing. And in 1972, he was the presidential candidate of the Universal Party.

*** Being interested from an early age in the problems of mankind, he is the principal exponent of Universal Economics (the non-money system of economics used on other advanced planets which enable their people to enjoy such abundance) and the United World, a theocratic world government based upon universal laws and spiritual principles.

*** He regards the modern-day advent of extraterrestrial visitations to Earth as the most important event in our history — one that offers unlimited benefit to all mankind from application of the advanced knowledge of the Space People, if we will but accept their friendly offers of help to our world.


********WHAT IS THE TRUE AMERICA WAY? ********

*** Because of the withholding of truth from our people, and the abuses of power or error in judgement by various leaders in government, and the confusing signals that are given to our young people by the sometimes unethical and anti-social actions of our leaders, perhaps a re- definition of what the True American Way SHOULD be, would be in order.

*** 27 PRINCIPLES OF THE TRUE AMERICAN WAY? 1. It is Free Enterprise and Fair Trade.
2. It is a fair profit for one’s labors and investments. 3. It is a greater measure of freedom.

  1. It is bigger, better and more efficient.
  2. It is loving tolerance for all races, colors, philosophies and creeds.
  3. It affirms that “If a man thirsteth, give him drink,” and that “We ARE our brother’s keeper.”
  4. It is justice, fairness, righteousness, compassion and absolute honesty and integrity.
  5. It is helping others just for the joy of it.
  6. It is hope for a Better Tomorrow.
  7. It is constantly seeking a better way of doing things.
  8. It is tolerant of new ideas to improve the quality of life for everyone.
  9. It is the philosophy that Abundant Living is better.
  10. It is our National Motto: “In God We Trust.”
  11. The True American Way is striving to be Super-man and Super-Mankind.
  12. Is competition for achieving excellence in all that we do.
  13. It is love and concern for ALL humanity.
  14. It is respect for all life, animals, and the environment of our planet.
  15. It is social responsibility — to DO good and to BE good.
  16. It is living the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
  17. And its precepts coincide with Universal Laws and the highest of moral and Spiritual Principles.
  18. In addition, The True American Way is being conservative of our manpower and national resources.
  19. It is not wasting when others are starving.
  20. It is global/planetary consciousness — considering the welfare of all mankind.
  21. It is desiring to be of maximum service to others.
  22. It is Universal Brotherhood under the Fatherhood of God.
  23. It is working to help manifest God’s Kingdom on Earth.
  24. And it may be as Abraham Lincoln has said: “America, the last best hope of mankind.”

[Quoted from AFSCA Information Sheet No.13; United World: The Voice of a Harbinger. “Light Forces Unite!” by Gabriel Green, Nov. 27, 1986.]




[NOTE: From the inspired 1951 science fiction classic “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” Directed by Robert Wise. Starring Michael Rennie (as Klaatu), Patricia Neal, Hugh Marlowe, Sam Jaffe,

Home |

Billy Gray and Gort, the robot.]

*** “I am leaving soon, and you will forgive me if I speak bluntly. There must be security for all, or no one is secure.

*** Now this does not mean giving up any freedom, except the freedom to act irresponsibly. Your ancestors knew this when they made laws to govern themselves and hired policemen to enforce them. We of the other planets have long accepted this principle. We have an organization for the mutual protection of all planets, and for the complete elimination of aggression. The test of any such higher authority, is of course the police force that supports it.

*** For our policemen, we created a race of robots. Their function is to patrol the planets in spaceships like this one and preserve the peace. In matters of aggression, we have given them absolute power over us. This power cannot be revoked. At the first sign of violence they act automatically against the aggressor. The penalty for provoking their action is too terrible to risk. The result is, we live in peace, without arms or armies, secure in the knowledge that we are free from aggression and war, free to pursue more profitable enterprises.

*** Now we do not pretend to have achieved perfection, but we DO have a system, and it works. I came here to give you these facts. It is no concern of ours how you run your own planet. But if you threaten to extend your violence, this Earth of yours will be reduced to a burned-out cinder. Your choice is simple: Join us and live in peace or pursue your present course and face obliteration. We shall be waiting for your answer. The decision rests with you.”



Ancient Prophecies and Modern Revelations

By Gabriel Green

In the near future, according to prophecies in ancient documents and recent information from the Ascended Masters of the Great White (Light) Brotherhood, major changes in our Earth and our social, economic and political systems are about to take place within the next few years.

Now that we have reached the end of the old and the beginning of the New Millennium when we have been lead to believe that the promises of a new Heaven and a New Earth are supposed to manifest, what should we look for so as not to waste our time on the prophesied “False Prophets” as referred to in the Bible? [“Many will come in my name.”]

Answer: Look for specific detailed information as to how you can help to bring this long prophesied “Heaven on Earth” into being. Ask those who say “I am the Messenger,” or “I am “The Christ” or “I am a Christ”, or “I am the World Savior” for details as to how this person intends to save the world or to create a Heaven, a Paradise, or a Utopian-like society on Earth.

How will this person get your attention? Will he or she arrive in a spaceship on the Capitol Mall in Washington, D.C., as in the inspired 1951 science fiction movie classic “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” starring Michael Rennie (as Klaatu), Patricia Neal, Hugh Marlowe, Billy Gray, Sam Jaffie (the scientist), and Gort (the robot)?

Or will it be as is prophesied in author Harold Sherman’s 1946-47 classic “The Green Man and His Return”, where the Green Man lands his spaceship on the Capitol Mall in front of the Lincoln Memorial on July 4th to give mankind a new non-money economic system that will create abundance for all, and a new world order of peace, happiness, security and brotherhood?

If God has Messengers to bring His Word to mankind, wouldn’t there be some prophecies given throughout history as clues? There are!!!

The Four Ancient Parchment Manuscripts

  1. The Tall Buddha of the West.
    2. The Admonishment of Hannibal. [President J.F.K. is referred to here.] 3. Epilogue to Hiawatha: The Stranger in the Forest.
    4. The Garden of Peace.

[NOTE: Although some of the predictions mentioned in the following parchment scrolls have already happened, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all the predictions that were made will actually come true, as they were written from several hundred to several thousand years ago, and there may be a possibility that part of the Divine Plan has been changed. Only time will tell for sure, but isn’t it interesting that so many of these predictions have already happened?]


[The following is one of the documents pertaining to Gabriel Green, out of a group of nine documents and ancient parchment scrolls mentioning the Watchers (also known as the International Bankers, Illuminati, Forces of Greed, etc.), that were brought by the Space People to contactee Elary Willsie in the early 1960’s to copy. Then they were returned by the Space People to their original archives in the Vatican and other “Secret Places of the Lion,” where they are being preserved for mankind’s future.]


The Tall Buddha

The most venerable holy man of Bombay sat beneath the palm tree, and laying aside this empty rice bowl, he drew his yellow robe around him. Then blessing those assembled, he spoke in this wise:

“Remember that Lord Buddha, The Holy One, walked these roads of India for years, preaching peace and brotherhood. Remember his holy words, for they were indeed inspired. And this inspiration from him lit the dark pathways, as a light held by a man in the dark, to guide others. It was in Holy India that he carried this Light, but it was not for India alone that he meant it. For he meant it for the world, and that Light shall shine throughout the world.

“There were teachers before Lord Buddha, and the Holy One recognized them for their wisdom and understanding, and he scorned them not for their birth, though many were from Western lands. Now I enjoin you also to think in this wise, and scorn not those of Greece or Rome, nor of Egypt, for there are some that call them white savages. Remember also that the venerable Saint Iassas (Jesus), he that was crucified, came from the West. And that on these roads he walked, and in these groves where taught the Buddha, so taught he.

“And he taught the words of the Buddha and took them West with him. And he went to take the Light to other lands. So, scorn not they of the West, and consider them not as savages, for they bear a yoke which has not yet been placed on India. And it is the yoke of they that are called the Watchers, who have their seat in Rome.

“Behold they look as do men look, and they walk about as do men, but they are not men, neither of the East nor of the West. Neither have they the soul or the mind of man, for behold they came from a far star. But they were created by an evil one to serve his own purpose and driven from thence to here because of their evil. And for many years they have inflicted the West with their cruelness and have wracked it in misery and woe. So, if the people of the West live as tigers, it is because of the jungle in which they are cast by these Watchers.

“Now think not in your heart that you are safe from these man beasts, for they are spread as a plague over the world. And as an elephant breaks the brush beneath his feet, so they break man to their will. And man perceives not that they are Watchers, or that they come from the stars, for their strength is in their secrecy. But they shall be found out, and the world shall know of them, and then man shall rid himself of their yoke. For my eyes see through the future, as a tiger sees through the dark.

“Now what I say to you here of the Watchers may not go far. But in the future, man’s voice shall travel as the wind (radio and TV), and in those days to come, then it shall travel far. Now it grieves me to tell you this, but the day shall come when the Watchers shall come East. With their armies shall they lay waste our lands and take our cities. And India shall fall to their rule. And Cathay and Nippon shall feel their hand upon them as well. And the wealth of the East shall flow into the coffers of the Watchers. And only after a great war shall India be freed of the rule of the Watchers.

“It shall be a war among men that the Watchers shall have caused. And in it the West shall fight the West, and the East shall be against East, and India shall be dragged into the fray by the Watchers. But through the man of Peace (Ghandi), an Indian of that day, shall she win her freedom.

“But the dove of peace (Ghandi), shall be struck down by a henchman of the Watchers, for they shall fear his great leadership among the people of India, even among the people of all the Earth, and the world, with India, shall mourn him.

“And in a land across the ocean (U.S.A.), east of Nippon (Japan), shall there arise a great king (President John F. Kennedy), and he shall confront the Watchers, and cast fear in their hearts. But as the dove was slain (through assassination by bullets), so shall the young hawk die, by the hand of a servant of the Watchers.

“But remember this well, judgement shall fall upon the Watchers. For their secret shall be found out, and mankind shall know of it. And my brother, another holy man, shall confront them in their evil, and the people of that land shall heed his voice, and it shall travel throughout the world, and others shall heed it, and a sailor and a scribe shall be with him.

“AND IN THOSE DAYS SHALL ARISE ANOTHER MAN OF PEACE. NOW REMEMBER THIS WELL, HE SHALL BE ALSO A MAN OF THE WEST, AND THE SPIRIT OF BUDDHA SHALL BE IN HIM. FOR HIS MESSAGE SHALL BE OF PEACE AND BROTHERHOOD, and his heart will be with the people, for he shall be gentle as the dove, but angry as the hawk, and as a hawk shall he confront the Watchers, but as a dove he shall combat them.

“FOR HE SHALL GIVE MAN A NEW LAW, which shall end forever the degradation of man. And man shall no longer live as an animal, neither shall be live as in a jungle, for this one in whose body is the blood of the Masters, shall walk like a giant in the land. And he shall be ‘THE TALL BUDDHA OF THE WEST.’

“And some years before this he shall save the world from blood, (help President Kennedy get elected to prevent WW III over the Cuban Missile Crisis of 10-27-62). But at that time, he will receive no honor. But when the Watchers are found out, and HE GIVES UNTO THE WORLD HIS LAW, that shall pull the fangs of the Watchers, then shall the Tall Buddha be honored, and the people shall know of this greatness.

“And the Tall Buddha shall come to us also, even unto Holy India, and in these groves where taught the Holy One, shall he also speak to us. And he will go unto others and speak unto them. Then shall come to pass the words of Holy Saint Iassas, He the Beloved: ‘there shall be one shepherd and one-fold’ (Christ-oriented United World government). For the law of the Tall Buddha shall make brothers of both East and West. Then shall there be peace in the world, and mankind shall walk in the ways of freedom and happiness.”

And the Holy One ceased talking, and he closed his eyes in meditation. And the assembly went their ways, to ponder well upon his words.

—The End—


The Admonishment Of Hannibal

Hannibal (247-183 B.C.) The greatest black general and statesman of ancient Carthage, who crossed the Alps and invaded Italy with 90,000 foot soldiers, 12,000 horseman and 37 elephants.
[This manuscript was copied from an ancient parchment scroll loaned by the Space People to contactee Elary Willsie for transcribing, a copy of which came into the hands of Gabriel Green shortly thereafter, on August 28th, 1964.]

“Oh Carthage, within this face I see thy doom.” These were the words which I, Hannibal, spoke when I beheld my brother’s head. For he had come over the Alps to aid me in my ordeal of war. But the Romans waylaid him and overcame him. But my brother dispatched many before he fell in his own blood. And then the Romans cut off his head and hurled it into our camp in this vale of Italy. And my heart was heavy when I beheld it.

And I remembered out boyhood in Carthage, and our games and sports. Of gathering dates and figs, of counting camels in caravans, of racing over desert sands on horses fleet and strong. Of marketplaces with crowds, where people bought and sold their goodly wares in Cartage. Of lions on the green veldt, hunted by two young hunters on elephants bred for war and hunt. Of blue African skies, and cool green Oasis’s. In deserts hot, and golden sunsets that tinted African skies. These I remember, and my heart was heavy, and I wept for my brother, and for Carthage. Even I, a soldier, for I am a human.

In my youth, I went unto the temple and laid my hands on the sacrifice and swore to the gods, never to be a friend of the Romans. For I saw what grief they caused and blood they spilled. And the earth of Europe and Africa and Asia was red because of them. There were orphans in Gaul, and widows in Spain. Sicily had lost her power and Greece her glory. Their sons lay dead in their armor and their daughters were in chains. And in Italy there were many captives that wore the Roman yoke. From Gaul (a vast ancient region in Western Europe) and Judea, from Chub and Tyre (an ancient seaport of Phoenicia). And from Spain and Germany.

And I desired to go thither to free the captives and end this tyranny. And I gathered a great army, for I am an officer of renown in Carthage, and a man of great honor. And because of the Roman navy I took my course overland through Spain and Gaul to enter Italy over the Alps. And I believed that the captives of Rome would rise up to join me, because I came to free them. But now I, Hannibal, confess to thee my ignorance and the errors I made because of it. And I admonish thee to profit therefrom.

Now I believed that there was a safe route through the Alps, and there was not. And many brave sons of Carthage now sleep on the icy steeps. And the captives rose NOT to join me, but to FIGHT me, because their masters had filled them with lies about me and twisted their minds against me. Because I am black, they used my color as a weapon against me. And in their ignorance they rose to aid they whose yoke they wore, and against he who would free them. And I pity them for their ignorance, for I do know who their masters are. The ones who call themselves Watchers.

I had thought beforehand that I warred only on Romans. But in Italy I heard of the Watchers, and their secret was revealed unto me. And they consider themselves as gods and not as men, not even as Romans. But they keep their secret well and seek to enslave man, and to turn man against man, and to part them asunder. And they came from the sky and are not of this world. And they were thrown from the sky by the gods, for they would fail to conquer the heavens and enslave the gods. And they look as do men, but they are not men, nor have they the heart of men.

Now, I Hannibal, am a lion at bay and daily I fight the Romans. And Italy is a river of blood. And I see the doom of Carthage, for I cannot survive forever alone against the Watchers. And the lion will walk amidst the ruins of Carthage and jackals will gnaw the bones of her sons. For the Watchers of Rome have vowed to destroy her. And her sons shall be scattered and in chains, because of the Watchers.

But Carthage is not the world, and other cities shall rise. And Hannibal is only a man. And other chiefs shall rise to fight the Watchers. AND MY WHITE BROTHER SHALL RISE IN A LAND TO THE WEST, BEYOND THE GREAT ATLANTIC, WHERE ONCE WAS ATLANTIS. AND HE SHALL BEAR THE NAME OF A GOD. AND THIS SHALL BE THE NAME, GABRIEL.

And to my white brother Gabriel, I leave this missive, that by perchance thou seest it. Now my brother, in thy time they that rule from Rome shall rule from the Alps (Switzerland, world headquarters of the International Bankers). And I know this for a seer hast told me. And in thy time shall they, the Watchers, rule the world. And through their lies shall they seek to set man against man, that they may rule all.

And I admonish thee, my brother, think not of these as men, for as I have said, they are evil ones thrown from the sky by the gods. And remember my brother that thou fight not against man, but they which could never be man. They that are the Watchers.

And in thy day thy king shall fall by their hands (President Kennedy). And the Watchers shall rejoice at his death. But he shall sit in the Council of the Gods. (J.F.K. ascended to membership in the Council of 5000 Masters on Venus.) Thy land (U.S.A.) shall be greater than even Carthage or Rome, and its greatness shall be vast. And sons of many lands shall dwell therein. And many of the blood of Carthage (blacks). And I charge thee, my brother, to defend thy people from the Watchers. And rise like a lion against them. And come hither unto the Alps to face the jackals in their lair.

And to they that hear thy words, I admonish thee, harken unto Gabriel, and not unto the lies of the Watchers. For they would set thee against thy brothers and bring strife amongst thee. And to thee of any color, strive not with they of another. And if thou worship different gods from another man, strive not

with him. But let thy strife be against the Watchers.

Mark thou well what Hannibal says unto thee. The world shall be a battlefield and a charnel house, a dungeon and a slave block, a pest hole and a jackal’s hovel, as long as the Watchers hold thee in chains. Pestilence shall be thy companion, and woe thy master. Poverty shall be thy brother and grief thy sister. Misery shall walk with thee and sorrow before thee. And debasement will come behind thee. Thou shall feel the Watcher’s whip and bear his yoke. And all thy days shall thou serve him with thy toil. Thy blood shall soak many lands because of him. And thy bones shall bleach on beaches and in jungles.

But once thou knowest the truth, then can thy chains be broken. For truth is the weapon the Watchers fear. For they build their power on lies. And when the truth is known, then shall the world fear them no more, and serve them not. And they shall fall from their high places, because of the truth.

Now I charge thee, my white brother, reveal the truth to the world, and honor the name that thou shall wear. I, Hannibal, have spoken.”

—The End—


Epilogue To Hiawatha: The Stranger In The Forest By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Being an unpublished chapter of the epic poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, these verses were written by that author as a conclusion to “Hiawatha,” and would have been included as Chapter XXIII of that opus had it not encountered the opposition of the publisher — a Watcher.

This is one of the four documents pertaining to Gabriel Green, out of a group of nine documents and ancient parchment scrolls mentioning the Watchers (International Bankers), that were brought to contactee Elary Willsie in the early 1960’s to copy, before they were returned to their original archives, such as the Vatican and other “Secret Places of the Lion.”

The Stranger In The Forest

Golden tinted were the heavens, on the western hill’s horizon, golden, pink, and purple fingers, reached across the sky of blueness, as Gheesis, the sun of fire, left his hunting ground in heaven, and went to sleep beyond the West hills.

Swiftly fell the quiet darkness, like a mantle of dark cloth woven, caught the Earth in hallowed stillness, bid the land to rest and slumber. And Ope’chee, the red robin, hushed his song and sought his nest place. And Owais’sa the blue bird, stilled his singing for the evening, while Ome’mee, the gray pigeon, sought his perch high in the pine tree.

Now in silence was the woodland, disturbed by only Mahng the loon, shrilling lonely cries in darkness. Like Kenew, the great golden eagle, soars his way into the heavens, so arose the Moon of Strawberries, like a gold ball blown by Kwaisind, sent its light upon the forest, like a silver blanket lying, on the darkness of the woodland.

Bathed in gold and silver aura, came the chieftain, Hiawatha, in his birch canoe let the juicing begin I think we put it I noticed they may be coming into the bathroom so I think up on the windowsill on the on the sale here and I am maybe no put it around the edges also cucumbers juice I’m home oh yeah I don’t know I don’t want them laying around everywhere but I mean if we could put around the outside Ameen put it on the floors at that that that will bring other things but riding, like an arrow from the bowstring, faster than the startled wild doe. With the east wind, gentle Wabun, go skimming past him.

After many moonlit hours, Wabund Annung, the Star of Morning, rose behind the dark horizon, sent his shining silvery arrows, to the craft of Hiawatha. Weary then became the chieftain, heavy weighted were his eyelids, heavy still his heart with sorrow, and his arms, like logs, were heavy, refused to lift the ashen paddle.

“Let me stop and rest till dawning, let me beach my craft of birchbark, on the sandbar let me beach it. Let me sit beneath the pine tree, let me lay among the soft ferns, for I am weary” said Hiawatha.

Quickly shoreward like a wild hare, Hiawatha’s canoe bounded, scraped on pebbles of the margin. Swiftly from it, Hiawatha, leaped and pulled it on the sand bar. Swiftly over woodland grasses, spread he his robe of buffalo, swiftly he lay down upon it, and gazed at Wabung Annung high above him. Then a new sound wafted to him, a sound of footfalls, in the grass. As the steps approached the chieftain, in his woodland boudoir suite, quickly rose up Hiawatha, from his bed upon the grass.

Walking through the darkened forest, a stranger came toward Hiawatha, pale faced like the noble chieftain, of the Black Robe, in his village. Standing tall like a young pine tree, was the stranger in the glen. And he raised his hand in greeting, and his lips formed into a smile.

“Greetings to you, noble chieftain,” said the stranger in the glen.

“Welcome to my camp. O stranger,” Hiawatha answered with honor. “Welcome to my robe and pemmican. Welcome to my pipe and flint bag. I am pleased with this, your visit, that you’ve stopped to talk with me. Sit and rest and share my peace pipe and speak awhile with Hiawatha.”

And the stranger, hand extended, took the hand of Hiawatha, spoke in friendship, spoke in this wise: “For your kindness, I do thank you, for I’ve sought you in the night. Now that I have found you resting, let us sit and talk together.”

On the robe before the fire, passed they the pipe to one another, then the stranger spoke, beginning: “Listen well, O noble chieftain, I know that you journey westward, to the land of the hereafter, to the kingdom of Ponemah, to the islands of the blessed. And I know of Laughing Water, and the tribe you lead so proudly, and your arts in peace and learning, and your mighty strength in battle, that you leave your people’s future, in the hands of Black Robe Chief.”

“For I come from the After-land Place, that warriors go to in their long sleep, there to rest with pleasant doings, till they walk the Earth again. And you shall join us, Hiawatha, but for not a little while. And I rest between my lifetimes, in the pleasant After land, waiting till I’m once more summoned, to live upon the Earth again.”

And Hiawatha listened, studied, in respect, and with attention, as the stranger voiced his story, telling of the many wonders, of the past times long ago, when there was a war in Heaven, how a tribe he called the Watchers, tried to conquer and did lose. And how they were thrown from Heaven, by the tribe known as the Masters; Now they walked the Earth in cunning, like a wolf when seeking prey, like a vulture seeking vermin, thus they seek to injure man.

“In the future, Hiawatha, you will come back once again, so I tell you the story, that you will recall it then. For the battle with the Watchers, has been a long and horrible thing. And you will need to know the story, when you walk the land again.”

And Hiawatha, in replying, said: “I thank you, tall and wise one, that you’ve brought this tale to me. For if I fight the Watchers later, then I need to know them well.”

“Now, O Tall One, hear MY story. In the days of long ago, came a bearded stranger to us, from across the mighty water. And he walked and talked among us, in the old days of my fathers, blessed them all and called them children, with his hands of love and kindness, hands with scars imprinted on them, marks from nails upon his cross. And they called him Hiawatha, for his wisdom and his learning. And he left and rose to Heaven, but he said he’d send another.”

“And now the present Black Robe Chief, continues to tell the story. And the story holds no strangeness, for I knew it from before, from another Hiawatha, that left to me his name and teachings.”

“For the bearded Hiawatha, with the scars upon His hands, when He parted to another, gave the name of Hiawatha. So, after many suns and moons have passed, now I wear it for my own name. For it must be a thing undying, like a rock upon a mountain, like a bright sun in the heavens, lives the name of Hiawatha. Like a firebrand in the darkness, against the evil tribe of Watchers, shall it burn and light the way, of justice.” So spoke Hiawatha.

And then in a clear voice rising, spoke the stranger to the chieftain: “Thank you for your tale of wisdom, noble brother Hiawatha. And you wear with pride and honor, the name He bore so long ago.”

And Hiawatha answered, saying, “Then shall I also pass it on. For it shall live in pride forever, when the Watchers all have gone. I have worn it in my battles, and the peaceful times of life, and in hunger, and in fulness, and in joy, and in grief. Now I pass it to you, Tall One. Take it to the after-land place, and with honor may you bear it, till you walk the land again. For there is courage in your heart, and wisdom dwells within your mind. And to you I give it freely, for you, I see, deserve the right, to bear the name, Hiawatha.”

And the Tall One said in rising: “You do me honor, Hiawatha. From my heart I thank you, for I am honored at being chosen. When the tribes are all like brothers, and there is no want or famine, and there’s peace in all the lodges, and the Watchers have all departed, shall we meet again, my brother, in a far and happy lifetime. But I now must leave, my brother, for the sun is rising skyward, and I must journey to my region, of the place of the after land. Peace be with you Hiawatha, on your journey to the sunset, peace and joy, may they find you, on the islands of the blessed.”

And the Tall One then departed, walking through the forest glen, now lit by the rays of morning, from the distant pink horizon. And he turned and called in leaving: “Farewell, to you Hiawatha.”

And the old chief looking after, as he strolled from out the glen, raised his voice in final answer: “Peace be with you, brother Tall One, till we meet once more, in friendship, in the land beyond the west hills, where I make my journey swiftly, you shall also come, my brother, in a distant, future lifetime. And your name shall be in coming, one of wisdom and of peace. For you now, and in the future, shall be known as Hiawatha!”

—The End— =======================================================

The Garden Of Peace

Note: This is a transcript of one of the three ancient parchment scrolls, written hundreds of years apart, which refer to the “Tall Buddha of the West,” that prophesy that with application of his teachings, the world will come to know peace.

In the quiet garden of the monastery of the lamas sat Taien Choi. And he sat beneath the blossoms of the peace trees and looked across the summits of the mountains, for the monastery was on the roof of the world.

Now Taien Choi was a monk, and his head was shaved, and he wore a yellow robe. And he was a master in learning and wisdom. And he had traveled afar in his quest for knowledge, and to study the Holy Writings of other lands, and to hear the words of their wise masters.

And he had traveled through that land, which is the center of the Universe, that which is called Cathay (China, and had gone unto Korea. And he had walked the streets of Nippon. And he had visited Egypt, and had gone even unto Rome. And all these things had Taien Choi done in the bloom of his youth.

And he had walked the dusty roads of India and preached to the people and had shared his rice with beggars. And he had tarried by the rice paddies of Ceylon and Burma, and spoke unto the coolies, that worked amid the paddies. And he had sat in the teak forests of Thailand, and the drivers stopped their elephants to hear hm. And he had plodded the hard roads of Tibet and climbed the mountains to speak to the nomads. And all these things did Taien Choii do in his middle life.

And he had retired unto the monastery on the high mountain that looked over the clouds, which was the roof of the world. And he walked amid the flowers in the Garden of Peace and listened unto the nightingale. And he meditated on the things he had seen and heard. And this Taien Choi had done in this old age.

And now his beard was white and his brow wrinkled. And his bowed figure did falter in its steps. But his mind was keen, and his wisdom vast, and his intelligence deep, and his perception sharp. And his voice was strong as he voiced his speech. And many youths came unto him to listen as he did speak. And they sat in respect before him in the Garden of Peace because he was a holy man.  And one asked of him, “Tell us, Holy One, what is intelligence?”

And he made reply and did say, “Intelligence is the perception and understanding of a man’s mind. It is like a carpenter who goes to build, and who knows his trade and has its skill. Intelligence is the skill of the mind as the carpenter’s skill is in his fingers. And as the carpenter goes to build a chair or table, so the seer can build with his mind. But in each must the skill be developed. For the carpenter must be an apprentice before he is a carpenter, and a man of intelligence must listen to the seers before he is a seer himself.

“And each must have the tools for their skills. The carpenter cannot build without hammer and awl. Neither can an intelligent man gain renown except that he acquire knowledge, and knowledge is the tool of the intelligent man. For without it, he is as the carpenter without hammer and awl.

“And a carpenter with skill and knowledge and good tools cannot build unless he makes use of these things of his own will. For a table or a chair will not build itself, even with the carpenter standing over the lumber. And in like manner, so is the seer.”

And another asked him, “Master of Wisdom, tell us what wisdom is.” And he made answer and said unto them, “Wisdom is the understanding of knowledge and skill, and the right application thereof. A wise man will understand many of the things that he hears because he seeks for the answer, and for the reason of the answer, and what the answer is in that wise and not another. And he will know the best application of the use of these answers and will take into consideration that no two may be the same. And he will proceed accordingly. Consider again the carpenter. Will he use his hammer for an awl? Or will he take mortar for lumber?”

And another asked him, “Holy Master, what is faith?” And he answered and said unto them, “Faith is belief. The believing of attaining a high caste in the next incarnation of life, or of attaining of Nirvana. The belief that the Moslems hold of Paradise, and that the Christians hold of Heaven. Faith is the acceptance of the words of Lord Buddha and the devotion of the holy lady Quian Yuan (Kwan Yin). And in like manner so the Moslems accept Saint Issa’s (Jesus) who was hung on a cross. That is faith. And without it, man is as an animal. For faith is what separates men from animals. For an animal lives by instincts and cunning, and by prey.

“And a second part is a belief in one’s self, and the application thereof. This is also faith. And a man who says, ‘I have faith,’ and yet does nothing, lies unto himself. For he has none in himself, and little in a higher power. Faith may be the cart, but action is the ox that draws it.

“And remember this, that a man must harness the oxen unto the cart himself and not expect that Buddha will come from Nirvana to do it for him. A wise man will work of his own volition to better his life and to attain Nirvana in a future life. Remember that the devout Moslem does not expect to be borne by angels into Paradise for sitting still. Neither does he expect them to bring Paradise to Arabia. And the good Christian that worships in Rome expects Heaven only for a life of faint at work. And he expects his bread only from faith in the toil of his hands, and not from the hand of an angel.

“And a third part is man’s belief in his fellow man, and that they work together, and to stretch forth a helping hand to one another when it is needed.

“Man is not a tiger that hunts for prey alone in the jungle. And neither should he be as a wolf that hunts in a pack. For faith has given him a soul and has made him no longer an animal that should prey or be preyed upon. For man is not a lone ravager, as is the tiger. And neither is the Family of Man a pack of wolves. But man is like a great fortress. And if one section becomes weakened, then the fortress itself is weakened. Therefore, have faith in your fellow man, and offer him your hand.”

And one of the youths made inquiry and asked, “Good Master, do you mean by the helping of one another, that this is charity?”

And he said unto them, “To help one another is charity to all. To he that gives, as he that receives. For what one sends out is returned unto him in triple measure. For the creature that he aids is one made of the Divine Plan, and the Divine Plan returns unto him his bounty in a larger sum. And a man that does this has taken a step further from animalhood.”

And another said unto him, “Master, is love a motivation of faith and charity?” And he answered and said unto them, “Love is a motivation. For without love there would have been no Divine Plan. For when a man loves his fellow man, he is extending the love of the Divine Plan, which created both of them. And if a man says, ‘I love no one but myself,’ then this man loves no one, not even himself. For he is selfish, and love comes not unto a selfish person.

“And if a man says, ‘I love only some, and not others because of what they are,’ then this man gives no love to anyone and receives none for himself. For love comes from the Divine Plan, and is for the carpenter as well as the prince, and for the coolie as well as the merchant. The Divine Plan makes no distinction between them. And it is not for him to parcel out love as he sees fit. For who made him an overseer of this gift from Divinity?

“And it is good for a man to say that he loves a field or a valley, or a stream or a mountain, for these are the handiworks of Divinity and were given unto man through love. But love not that which is not of the Divine Plan: Evil, greed, hatred, malice, violence, envy, cruelty, and lust. For these things have no place in the Divine Plan.

“And I further admonish you, cast not your eyes down on a man because of his birth, or his station in life, or because of his physical build. For he is what the Divine Plan intended him to be. And if it is the will of the Divine Plan that he be changed in some manner, then will the Divine Plan change him, or give him the power to change himself. And remember that you were not created to be a judge over him and set his station in life because of where or how he was born, or of the station he was born into, or the likeness of his figure. And anyone that violates this tenet might as well violate the rest, for it is the pedestal upon which the others stand.

“And all these things are in those that are the Watchers. They that I have seen on my travels to the west in my youth. For they were created outside the Divine Plan and are not a part of it. And these things are as natural to them as love should be to man.”

And another youth spoke and said, “Holy One, tell us of hope.” And he said, “Hope is desire when it is blended with faith. Desire is a locked door. But faith is the key to the door. Together they are hope. For only through hope may a path be made through a wall that a man may pass through. Without faith, your desires are as empty as the mist of morning. With faith, they become hope, a prize for attaining.”

And another spoke unto him and said, “Master of wisdom, explain to us what life is.” And he made reply, “Life is the prelude to Nirvana, and the attainment thereof. Life is like the apprenticeship that is served before one becomes a master at this craft. And each lifetime is a part of this life in which we serve our apprenticeship. For life continues after the body is gone. Just as a man throws away a worn cloak and takes for himself another cloak, the man does not end with the worn cloak. Neither does life end with the body. To Moslems, life is the bridge to Paradise, and to the Christian it is the road to Heaven. In each they serve their apprenticeships.

“Life is a journey on which we travel. Each incarnation is a section of the road, or a day’s journey. Sometimes the road is hard through our own making. Often we impede ourselves when we attempt to impede others. And we stumble over stones that we cast before others or bear the yoke that we attempt to set on others. And in our folly we listen to words of evil ones and make out own path hard. And we bog in the mire of ignorance and despair because of it. And many think that the journey is a racecourse, and go charging, stumbling along, blinded by the dust of avarice, and seeking in their greed to trip their brothers.

“Now I say unto you, Nirvana is not a prize for a racecourse, but waits for he that attains it. And the journey to Nirvana can be as a stroll through this Garden of Peace, and as pleasant. But man must lay aside those things which are not of the Divine Plan and accept those things which are.”

And then spoke one of the youths who was of goodly men and noble intellect. And he arose and addressed Taien Choi, and saluted him, and said unto him, “Holy man, Master of Wisdom, in whom there is no guile, you have imparted unto us much wisdom from your vast source of knowledge, and for which we thank you in all humility.”

And Taien Choi answered and said unto him. “Speak, youth, and make known to me what you would know, and I will tell you if I can. For knowledge is not a privilege for a few, but a gift for all. And an honest man shows no greed
in sharing his knowledge.”

And the youth said, “Tell us Master, of these things which you call Watchers that you saw in the western world. For I have heard you speak of them before. And we understand that they look as do men look but are not men. And that they are not of the Divine Plan and are the deceivers of the white race of the west. Now therefore we beg of you that you tell us of these creatures.”

And Taien Choi made answer, “In my youth I wandered afar to foreign lands in search of knowledge. And I did seek for the enlightened ones of those lands and I did listen to their words. And I read their ancient books and made copies of them. And I went unto Cathay, that flower of the Universe, and unto Korea in the north, and unto the island of Nippon. Then I journeyed to the west and did cross Persia and went unto Palestine.

Then I heard the story of Muses (Moses) who had led the people of Jacob up from out of Egypt, and I heard of the Watchers, and how they had come from another star, and had been created by an evil one. And that they were not of the race of man and had been created outside the Divine Plan.

These watchers embodied all of the traits of hate, lust, avarice, greed, cruelty, vanity, envy and malice, and that love and trust was not a part of them. They sought to put the world in a yoke like an oxen yoke, and that the white race was in that yoke, and some of the black. And they desired to come unto India, and to Cathay, to Ceylon,, and to all of Asia, and place the yoke on us also. And they plot to do this.

“And I saw the Watchers. And they are huge in size. And they hold the best offices of state and are princes and kings of western lands. And they keep secret from the people that they are Watchers, for therein lies their strength. And they make slaves of people and loot their lands. And their foot is on the oppressed. And evil men serve them for gold. And in Rome I saw many of them. And they rule all of Europe and part of Africa. And they cast their eyes toward Asia. And if they come here they might burn our books and our monastery. And cut down the trees in this garden. Therefore, we must keep secret from them forever the knowledge of this place and others.

“BUT THERE IS HOPE FOR THE FUTURE. FOR IT IS FORETOLD THAT IN DAYS TO COME A TALL BUDDHA WILL COME FROM THE WEST, FROM A LAND BEYOND THE GREAT OCEAN EAST OF NIPPON. And with him will come a Holy man of the West who will be of the blood of Rome. And a young Mariner of the north of that land, and a Scribe that was a herdsman will also come. And the Watchers shall flee from before them. But before that time, India shall fall prey to the Watchers and her sons will bow their necks to the yoke. And the jungles shall run red with the blood of man.

“And the Young Mariner shall roar as a tiger at the Watchers, and they shall flee from his wrath. And the Scribe shall be with him. AND IN THIS VERY GARDEN OF PEACE SHALL THE LAMAS OF THE FUTURE GREET THE LAMA OF THE WEST OF THE BLOOD OF ROME, AND THE TALL BUDDHA. AND THEN SHALL THE WORLD KNOW PEACE.”

And then Taien Choi made an end of this speaking, and he blessed the young men before him. And they thanked him for his impartment of wisdom to them, and saluted him, and departed from him.

And Taien Choi sat alone beneath the trees in the Garden of Peace, and gazed across the summits of the mountains, from the monastery on the roof of the world.

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