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“Blessed by the Divine!” – Penny Harper Communicates with Three ET Civilizations, Part I

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising trilogy of books, available on while supplies last

Penny Harper of Pasadena, California, has been investigating flying saucers since the late 1960s.  She had her first personal encounter with extraterrestrials in 1987.  See .

            Penny Harper of Pasadena, California, has enjoyed many experiences with friendly extraterrestrials from three different planets, at least that she is aware of.  Each group of extraterrestrials was viewed by her in a different bodily form.  Each group had a different agenda, as far as their dealings with people of Earth.  Each group also manifested a different kind of relationship with her.  All of the extraterrestrials were transformational and aided Penny immensely in her spiritual evolution as a light worker.  Penny has been involved in active UFO research since the late 1960s.  She has directed the activities of many flying saucer clubs and published several UFO newsletters.  She is a frequent speaker at the meetings of the Orange County Mutual UFO Network and has much to share with all of us about her life as a so-called “contactee” and what she learned from our cosmic neighbors.

            The extraterrestrials in direct communication with Penny hail from the Dahl universe, the Pleiades star cluster and our sister planet Venus.  In the 17 November 1988 issue of the Los Angeles Times, an interview appeared in the article, “’Aliens in My Bedroom’: Tiny Newsletter Spreads Word of Close Encounters with UFOs,” that staff reporter David Wharton conducted with a metaphysical pastor in his home on the west side of the city, Reverend Charles Forsher of the New Age Dawning Ministries, just a few days earlier.  Forsher’s church office was headquartered in Studio City, California; but he thought his home might be a preferable spot to be interviewed insofar as it lent itself to a higher degree of coziness.  In the initial phase of the interview, Forsher talked about Jesus Christ and how he was connected with extraterrestrial spaceships, the lack of adequate television coverage for UFO reports and the telepathic powers that most extraterrestrials possessed.  Penny was sitting quietly next to the reverend, holding his hand to give him some reassurance.  It seemed as though the reporter was a bit skeptical, possibly thinking Forsher was heading up yet another Southern California cult.  Finally the pastor gestured to the beautiful woman sitting next to him and introduced her to the inquisitive reporter.  “This is Penny Harper, my associate.  She can communicate with civilizations on other planets.  She is blessed with the divine!” declared the New Age minister.

Reverend Forsher talked about Jesus and how he was connected with extraterrestrial spaceships.


“So you are in contact with the extraterrestrials, Penny?  How is it that you know so much more about them than most others?  In other words, how are you so ‘blessed by the divine,’ as the reverend tells me?” inquired Wharton.

“Well, sir,” explained Penny, “I actually came from another planet.  I’m one of them.” Penny then went on to discuss previous incarnations on other worlds prior to her arrival on this one. “I remember coming to this planet 2,500 years ago, around the time of Buddha.”

Penny and Forsher were eager to share information about their ministerial work with Wharton.  Forsher stated that he first met Penny at a lecture she was giving at a 1987 monthly meeting of the UFO Forum (UFOrum) group that she chaired in Los Angeles.  The two instantaneously clicked and quickly joined forces to spread her contactee message.  Working out of Forsher’s Studio City church and office building, the two began producing a monthly newsletter of other-world essays. Their publication, New Age Dawning, had a circulation of about 500 and was once described in an L. A. Weekly review as the “Best Printed Anti-Matter.” 

Penny did all the writing and Forsher drew the illustrations.  Of the 500 issues printed each month, only 33 were mailed to those paying the $12 yearly subscription fee.  Penny gave away the others free at local UFO meetings or exchanged them for the newsletters or publications of other flying saucer clubs scattered around the country.  I remember receiving some of the New Age Dawning in exchange for monthly issues of the New Millennial Star, which I was editing edited and publishing out of Hilmar, California, at the same time that Wharton was conducting this interview with Penny and the minister. 

Then, as now, the independents in ufology have experienced a double censorship, by the powers-that-be in the governmental bureaucratic structure as well as by those monopolizing the attention of the UFO community.  Vicki Cooper, the editor of UFO Magazine, a slick, glossy-covered monthly publication with a circulation over 10,000, said of Penny and New Age Dawning, “It’s not real journalism. Penny’s trying to open up a forum for UFO interests; but I think that sort of thing doesn’t do much for the credibility of the UFO field. What should be done is the accruing of testimony and evidence that can be corroborated.”  This causes the student of ufology to wonder, however, just what makes Vicki Cooper’s opinion about UFOs any more valuable than Penny’s?  At least Penny has some experiences with the phenomenon under her belt, whether on the physical or the psychic plane.  Since everything about the subject of ufology could only be based on speculation, the dismissal of Penny’s claims, or those of any other contactees, seemed rather premature on the part of Cooper and the UFO Magazine.  Unfortunately, we continue to see these types of put-downs being leveled against contactees by so-called, self-proclaimed “scientific ufologists,” the very ones that never fail to hype reports of “alien abductions.”  In their minds, all the alleged abduction incidents are real; but the contactee encounters are pure bunkum. 

            In any event, Wharton dropped off placing his attention on Forsher and shifted it toward the more interesting female contactee.  “Then the Reverend Forsher can consider himself privileged to be working with you,” said Wharton.  “But what makes your publication the focus of some much animosity by others in the UFO field?  I would think you’d all be on the same team.”

            “You would think so,” replied Penny.  “The difference is that when someone tells me that they were on a spaceship, I say, ‘Wonderful.  Write it up.’  If someone tells me that they are an extraterrestrial, I say, ‘Write it up.’  There’s a trust between me and my writers.”

            “That’s very interesting, Penny.  I think if someone approached UFO Magazine with a claim like that, they wouldn’t even give them the time of day,” speculated Wharton.

            “Let me give you a good example, David,” replied Penny.  She continued:  “In the December 1987 issue of New Age Dawning, a woman named Karen Lustrup wrote:  ‘After I had gone to bed on 2 October 1984, I had three extraterrestrials in my bedroom….  They were tall, human-like, around six feet tall and dressed in silvery, tight suits.  One of them straightened up and came right up to my face and took farewell with the words, “I am Tzador.”’ 

            Then Penny offered another example from the pages of her and the reverend’s unique publication:  “In the July 1988 issue, Pat Weissleader provided tips on dealing with undercover government agents who try to wrest information from people in the know about UFOs.  The article was entitled ‘Paranoid About the Men in Black?’ It suggested that one should tell agents ‘things that will make them dismiss you as crazy.’ 

            “In other words, tell them the aliens peek into your bedroom at night to see you naked.  Or tell them that you had the alien to dinner and the spoons have never been the same.  Weissleader wrote in that issue, ‘If your phone acts funny, sing the Oscar Meyer Wiener Song or breathe heavily.  If someone is there, they will know that you know.’”

            In the November 1988 issue of the newsletter, Penny authored a series of essays declaring that a consortium of evil aliens had been secretly drugging the Earth’s food supplies.  They were doing this to gain control of the planet.  Wharton, having read the article, asked Penny, “Don’t you think you’re being a bit paranoid here?”

            “Oh, not at all, David; remember that Art Bell always tells his listeners, ‘If you are not paranoid by now, then you aren’t paying attention to the news.’”

            “I’ve got to hand it to you, Penny.  You’ve definitely got a good point there.”

            Penny responded, “Hey, I just let people laugh.  I feel very much like Galileo and Columbus.  They probably faced a lot of public skepticism; but they believed in themselves and they were proven right.  People laughed at Jesus Christ and crucified him.  I’m in good company.” 

            Reverend Forsher nodded in agreement and pronounced a hearty “Amen!”


            Keep reading this website, maintaining a lookout for Part II of “Blessed by the Divine!” – Penny Harper Communicates with Three ET Civilizations.  In the next installment, Dr. Keller explores Penny’s calling and preparatory actions as a messenger for the Saucer Intelligences. 

“Blessed by the Divine!” –  Penny Harper Communicates with Three ET Civilizations, Part II

Like an episode out of Hot Tub Time Machine, Penny Harper recollects being “beamed up” into a huge, spherical UFO, along with her 1969 Ford Econoline van, on a Los Angeles, California, freeway at 11:30 p.m. on 21 August 1987.  She spent an hour and a half on the Pleiadian spaceship and was returned in less than a second before she was taken up, with no missing time. 

  By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising trilogy of books, available on while supplies last

          Sometimes the typical contactee is hesitant to talk about their experiences.  By coming out about their extraterrestrial connections, in many cases the contactees are not going to be accepted.  Sadly this occurs even at UFO meetings.  Feeling rejected because of the public’s scoffing at their assertions, the contactee begins to wonder if there is something wrong with them.  They feel all alone.  Of course, everyone needs to feel acceptance, and even more – love. 

            At the From Venus with Love July 2018 world conference at Mt. Shasta in Northern California, Omnec Onec, a 5th Dimensional Venusian teacher enjoying her last incarnation on the Earth plane and the author of a Venus book trilogy, was one of the featured speakers.  There were about 200 in attendance, coming from all over the world, many contactees or UFO experiencers in their own right.  Not only arriving at Mt. Shasta in their quest for more knowledge about Venus and the Venusians, they were also there seeking clarification of certain aspects of their personal encounters with extraterrestrials, but especially desiring an acceptance from others in attendance. 

If anyone was going to accept them, it was going to be the other participants at the Venus conference.  Omnec spoke particularly about this sad phenomenon in contemporary culture.  “We all need to be accepted,” said the spiritual teacher from Venus, adding, “That’s definitely the biggest problem.  Human beings need acceptance. Everyone needs to be accepted.  Because when they do not feel accepted, they feel alone.  And nobody,” she emphasized, “needs to feel alone.  So the only help that anyone really needs is love and acceptance, that’s all.” 

It was a great experience for me to meet the high spiritual Venusian master, Omnec Onec, and to be surrounded at Mt. Shasta by such exalted beings working to spread the message of light and love to all on Earth.  I counted myself truly blessed, but realized that so many were still out there on their own, struggling for a modicum of recognition and respect, or maybe even just a friendly, listening ear.

Then I thought back to the 1980s and the difficulties and rejection faced by myself as well as other contactees, like Penny Harper of Pasadena, California.  We were dealing with an enigma that transcended Earthly experiences, yet fellow ufologists were quickly dismissing everything we had to communicate.  They refused to listen to what we had to say, or even to read our newsletters.  Those dismissing us were the self-proclaimed “experts” in the emerging field of ufology.  But in pooh-poohing me and others like Penny in their attempts to monopolize the study of UFOs, they were inadvertently closing off key avenues of investigation and further research.

Penny’s First Contact

Now Penny was in touch with beings from at least three extraterrestrial groups.  These hailed from the Dahl universe, the Pleiades star cluster and our sister planet Venus.  While UFO Magazine was ignoring this contactee, a reporter for the now-defunct Far Out magazine of Beverly Hills, California, that published articles on sundry anomalous phenomena and extensively covered the genre of science fiction, felt that her story was worthy of their readers’ attention.  In the Summer 1993 issue, Volume I, Number 4, Jim Brandt, a Far Out correspondent, conducted an extensive and non-judgmental interview with Penny Harper, letting the magazine’s readership make up their own minds about the authenticity of her contact claims.  The following questions and answers pertaining to her initial encounters were excerpted from the Far Out interview:

Brandt:  How did you get into all of this?

Penny:  I got interested in UFOs, that we called flying saucers back in the sixties, when I saw several of them in Washington, D.C., in the late sixties.  Then I saw other lights in the sky, red blinking lights.

 Brandt:  And when did you have a more personal experience?

 Penny:  In 1987.  I read some books on UFOs in the seventies; and I decided I would like a trip on a spaceship with friendly-looking ETs.  I practically had to beg for years; but it finally happened.

Brandt:  How did you beg for it?

Penny:  I have some property in the desert and I used to go out there and look at the sky and yell, “Hey, come on down and land.  Be friends.  Pick me up.  Take me for a ride.”  I also put out thoughts to the sky.  I did this for years.

Brandt:  About how many years?

Penny:  It took them a long time to respond.  I did it fairly intensely for about five years, about 1982-1987.  I really focused on it.

Brandt:  And they finally headed your calls?

Penny:  Yeah, finally, in 1987.  I was driving my Ford van on the Glendale freeway. 

Brandt:  What year van?

Penny:  I think it was a 1969.

Brandt:  Econoline?

Penny:  Yeah, a Ford Econoline.  It was previously owned by the phone company and it still had stripes on the side.

Brandt:  So, you were driving in your van on the freeway?

Penny:  Yeah, it was 21 August 1987, at 11:30 p.m.  I was headed to a friend’s house.  Just before I hit the 10 freeway in the far left lane, I got picked up, van and all.

Brandt:  Was there a beam of light that came down?

Penny:  No, it was instantaneous.  I didn’t really see anything or notice anything.  In one moment, my van was inside the landing hangar of a huge spaceship. 

Brandt:  It was a saucer?

Penny:  They told me later that it was spherical.

Brandt:  Who’s “they?”  The ETs?

Penny:  Yeah.  One of the ETs came out.  He was very friendly and asked me if I wanted to tour the ship.  And I said, “Yeah.”  And then during the tour he explained it.

Brandt:  What was your impression of the space creatures?

Penny:  They just looked like human beings; and most of them were wearing blue coveralls; and they were very quiet.  I thought they were very advanced, very friendly.

Brandt:  Where were they from? 

Penny:  They said they were from the Pleiades constellation.

Brandt:  Did they tell you that they had been hearing you?

Penny:  I was in a sort of tranquilized state; and I probably had 200 questions I could have asked him; but I only got out a few questions.  One of them was, “Why did you pick me up?”  He said it was a reward for my good works on Earth.

Brandt:  Did he get more specific?  It wasn’t like rewarding you for petting dogs or something?

Penny:  No, the only thing different I was doing with my life in 1987 was publishing a UFO newsletter; and I think that is what impressed the ETs.  It was clear from him, the tour guide, that they were granting my wish.  In other words, I had earned the trip- earned enough credits.  It’s hard to explain it in Earth terms.

Brandt:  How long did this tour last?

Penny:  I think it was about an hour and a half.  The weird thing is, when I got to my friend’s house, I had no missing time at all.  It took the same length of time it always takes.  And this happened on other visits to the same spaceship.  Once they picked me up when I was driving to work in 1989.  I was gone 11 hours that time and yet I was not late for work.

Brandt:  So none of these UFO encounters have cut into your work.

Penny:  Nom, I was not late for work.  I mean, it’s so bizarre.  I’m on this spaceship- and saying to the guy, “I’m going to be late for work.”  I mean, this tells me right off the top that they must put me in some kind of altered state.  Normally, if I’m having fun on a spaceship, it would seem logical that I would not worry about being late for work.

Brandt:  How many times have you been face to face with these Pleiadians? 

Penny:  Physically?

Brandt:  Yeah, how many times have they beamed you up like that?  “Beamed” might not be the right word….

Penny:  That is the right word.  “Beam me up.”  Pretty much like Star Trek. “Beam me up, Scotty,” I would say three times.

Pleiadian Beam Ship Technology

            Bob Lazar, holder of a master’s degree in physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in addition to another master’s degree in electronics from the California Institute of Technology, claims that he worked at the above top secret Area 51 facility at Groom Lake, Nevada, being intermittently flown in from his home in the Las Vegas area on seven different occasions in the period covering December 1988 to April 1989.   Lazar contends that while he was at this facility, he worked on reverse engineering one of nine crashed UFOs recovered by American military units since 1947. 

            From the way that Lazar explained the operational capabilities of the UFO he was allowed to examine, all the information about the Pleiadian spaceship as described by Penny Harper was at least theoretically possible.  The theoretical research being conducted into various advanced propulsion concepts for space travel embrace such concepts as gravity reduction systems, antimatter-matter/antiproton annihilation and even “space coupling” technology.  The latter involves reaction with the space-time continuum itself for the purpose of generating propulsive forces.  Officially, if we are to believe the Pentagon brass, none of these accelerated concepts have been applied in practice. 

            Lazar has come to the conclusion that time travel into the past and instantaneous journeys by spaceships to distant parts of the universe may, in fact, already be possible for a sufficiently advanced space-faring civilization.  Lazar asserts that some of these extraterrestrials may have reached the point in their cosmic evolution where holes in the very structure of space and time could be punched through at the submicroscopic level.  This could be accomplished with the use of some powerful synthesized uranium isotope, such as moscovium (element 115).  These mini-wormholes, in turn, could be “enlarged” by the extraterrestrials as a means of traveling instantaneously.  Essentially, their technological progress would allow them to bypass all of the speed-of-light limitations.

            National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) physicist Alan Holt agrees with Bob Lazar.  Holt muses that the frequency of UFO sights and the different types of beings observed in conjunction with them, lends credence to the notion that a goodly number of outer space civilizations are sending visitors our way.  However, this would make no sense whatsoever if the speed of light could not be exceeded.  Holt, therefore, proposed several ways to circumvent this cosmic speed limit.  By artificially generating certain electromagnetic patterns, a gravitational field could be generated that would nullify our planet’s own.  Declared Holt, “You’d select an energy configuration that has a resonance with the location you wanted to go to, and travel through a type of hyperspace, or a higher dimensional space.” 

            Back in the day, while many were putting Penny down, itchy ears in the higher echelons of the military-industrial complex were paying rapt attention, hanging on her every word.  They knew the score.

Keep reading this website, maintaining a lookout for Part III of “Blessed by the Divine!” – Penny Harper Communicates with Three ET Civilizations.  In the next installment, Dr. Keller explores what Penny Harper learned while onboard the Pleiadian spaceships on numerous occasions.

“Blessed by the Divine!” –  Penny Harper Communicates with Three ET Civilizations, Part III

  By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising trilogy of books, available on while supplies last

          Although Penny Harper’s initial contact with her Pleiadian guide lasted for approximately but an hour and a half, as calculated in Earth time, she learned quite a bit about the Pleiades star cluster and the planet Erra, from whence her escort hailed.  As it was explained to Penny by the Pleiadians themselves, their home world revolves around but one of 250 suns in the Pleiades star cluster.  On a clear night, if the observer has sharp eyesight and gets lucky, they will be able to see seven stars in a constellation that our ancient ancestors knew as the “Seven Sisters.” 

Naturally, since Erra is not in our own solar system or star sector, we of Earth as yet lack the technology to reach it.  Conventional rockets will not get us to Erra in the lifetime of one astronaut.  Since the Pleiades are about 500 light years distant, the laws of contemporary physics dictate that even if we had a spaceship that could travel at close to the speed of light, it would still take 1,000 years, as measured on Earth, for us to travel to Erra and then make the return trip.

Penny asked her Pleiadian contacts if they knew Eduard “Billy” Meier, a gentleman from Switzerland who claimed that he was in constant communication with Pleiadians on both a physical and psychic level; and her guide responded that everyone on Erra knew about Billy and recognized him as a friend.  Meier once told an inquisitive group of visitors to his Swiss home that although the Pleiades is so far away, that onboard the female Commander Semjase’s beamship, he was able to make the trip to the planet Erra in just under seven hours.  This was because the Pleiadians had long ago mastered the science of bending and contorting space, thus traveling backwards or forwards in the time stream.  Their ships are powered by an extremely powerful uranium isotope that we are only now beginning to grasp its great potential as an energy source for space vehicles and many other as yet undreamed of scientific devices.

On Penny’s first visit with the Pleiadians, she was beamed up along with her 1969 Ford Econoline van, into a mothership orbiting the Earth.  While onboard, she was drawn into a hologram that depicted what the Pleiadians’ home planet Erra actually looked like.  There were beautiful woodlands, streams of clear, fresh water and gardens on the periphery of small but comfortable settlements.  Meandering through the spacious forests were dirt trails and “really happy birds.”  It was all so idyllic, at least when compared to smoggy and crime-burdened Los Angeles, that Penny commented that, “It really shook up my reality structure!”

Off to Erra, Faster than Light

Another encounter with the Pleiadians took place on 1 May 1989.  Penny was driving her new Mazda, going to work in a video production facility in Hollywood.  She actually got to work on time, but seemed to be suffering from some type of amnesia.  It wasn’t until a few months later, in an intense therapy session for UFO experiencers that the entire episode came back to her memory.  This time Penny recalled spending about 11 hours on the surface of Erra with her new extraterrestrial friends.

In her interview with the Far Out magazine reporter Jim Brandt, Penny declared that, “The Mazda and I were beamed up to the spaceship.  The guy (Pleiadian guide) came out and said, ‘We’re going home.  We want you to come with us.’  So he took me up to his cabin and had what looked like a huge screen on the wall.  He said we were looking outside the spaceship.  I saw stars coming up at us.  We got closer to the planet; and then he held me by my right arm and said, ‘Shall we go?’  And in an instant we were down on the surface of the planet Erra.

Penny took note that everything was pretty much the same as depicted by the hologram she was wrapped up in during the first encounter.  But now she knew for a surety that she was really there on Erra because the air was so dense.  “It had a lot of oxygen in it,” she told reporter Brandt, adding that it was “the healthiest, richest air I’ve ever breathed.”  After Penny returned to Los Angeles, she began to wonder how anybody in Southern California could actually survive in such a toxic environment, where the air was so bad that it could literally kill you, albeit slowly.  As in the first encounter, Penny wanted to stay with the Pleiadians, either on a ship or on the paradise planet Erra.  Her Pleiadian guide let her know, however, that she still had some important work to do on Earth, planting seeds of consciousness among fellow Earthlings to prepare them for the soon-coming UFO disclosures, mass appearances of their ships and flying saucer landings worldwide. 

Penny also said that she saw the famous magician, David Copperfield, up there on the Pleiadian mothership during the return trip.  She thought that Copperfield was one of the Pleiadian crew because although they shook hands, the magic man seemed aloof.  Reporter Brandt mused, “Well, Penny, maybe he was as stunned as you were, being carried away to that distant world.”  But Penny didn’t think that was the reason.   

“No,” she retorted.  “I really think David Copperfield is a Pleiadian.  He certainly seems to have supernatural powers.  Have you seen his stage show?”

“I’ve seen his TV show,” replied Brandt.

“Well, I’ve seen him live several times and he’s just incredible.  When you see him on TV, you go, ‘Yeah, it’s a trick.’  But when you see him live, it’s just more convincing.”

Brandt wanted to know if she had seen any other celebrities up there that might be aliens in disguise that we should keep a watch out for here on Earth.  But so far as Penny knew, David Copperfield was the only one.  “However,” she remarked, “I had a girlfriend who said that Jim Morrison was haunting her apartment.”

Penny Harper “outed” magician David Copperfield as an extraterrestrial from the Pleiades star cluster.  She met him onboard the mothership on a return trip from the planet Erra.  See

Emulating the Extraterrestrials

Penny Harper experienced numerous encounters with extraterrestrials from many worlds, dimensions and time lines.  Krsanna Duran, a prominent Native American in contact with time traveling Arcturians, knew Penny quite well and was a frequent speaker at her UFOrum meetings in Los Angeles.  Duran appreciated the efforts that Penny made to provide all contactees with the requisite tools to make the connections with a vast array of seemingly disparate phenomenon. Duran noted that, “UFOrum meetings went far beyond the traditional UFO clubs of the time that were offering but mere chronologies of mysterious ‘lights in the sky.’” 

Duran was a valuable asset to the UFOrum in that she discussed carefully selected UFO cases directly tied to the fulfillment of prophecies made long ago by the seers among various Native American nations.  Other phenomena considered and linked include the sundry ages of humankind on the Earth, the influence of numerous extraterrestrial civilizations in our cosmic development and continuing evolution, and the interconnectivity of all life throughout the Omniverse.

Duran, also my good friend and research associate, went on to write her most famous book, Web of Life (Missoula, Montana:  Atlantis Phoenix) in 2013.  This book is largely dealing with the connections between Bigfoot and human ancestors, planetary changes and UFOs.  These were also the prime topics for open discussion following Duran’s presentations at the UFOrum meetings.  I found Web of Life to be an essential book for arriving at accurate knowledge about the UFO phenomenon and its importance for our times. Dr. Leo Sprinkle of the University of Wyoming at Laramie highly recommends Web of Life and all of Duran’s other books as well.  I, too, heartily endorse this marvelous work and its inclusion on your bookshelf.  It will give you a good idea of what you might have discovered through attendance at one of Penny’s UFOrum gatherings. 

Both Krsanna Duran and Penny Harper were disappointed that so many of the so-called “scientific ufologists” failed to make the necessary leap by attempting to link sundry paranormal phenomena with UFOs.   Gaining such insights is never easy; and that is why UFOrum existed.  Attending a meeting was truly like therapy, helping the contactee to make the required leap of consciousness that would carry her or him to a higher level of cosmic awareness. Paranormal investigator Colin Wilson explained it this way:  “When a psychologist puts a banana outside a monkey’s cage just out of his reach but leaves a walking stick in the cage, the monkey has to make a leap of insight before it sees it can use the stick to reach the banana” (Beyond the Occult, Watkins Publishing, United Kingdom, 1989), 66.  Penny and the enlightened speakers she brought to UFOrum were the “walking sticks” for all of the students of the UFO enigma in Southern California.  It is such a travesty that so few in the ufology community reached out of their smug mental boxes to grab on to one of them.

Problems with Pleiadians Addressed

            Penny Harper informed the Far Out reporter that, “Just a few days before the trip to Erra, I was walking down the steps to my house and I was beamed up to the ship; and I went into the cabin of the ET and he said, ‘I want to show you something.’  And on the big screen on the wall, he showed me things that were supposed to be the future of L.A.  And I thought he was giving me a warning picture.  It was all of these people running and they were afraid of something.  And later on I got a hypnotic regression on it.  It turned out to be a fleet of dark gray, triangular-shaped craft hovering above shooting rays.”

            Jim Brandt replied, “Sounds like a scene out of War of the Worlds.”

            Penny nodded, and declared, “Could be.  And the date was October 1992.  Well, it did not happen.  And I’m embarrassed that I actually told people in public.  And I think the Pleiadians are stupid to do that.  They once predicted an earthquake for L.A. with some that they gave me last year and it didn’t happen.  Their predictions are not accurate at all.  And then he beamed me down to the steps of my house; and when I put my foot down, I hurt my ankle.  They did not put me down right.  That’s when I really had it with the Pleiadians.  I don’t like the way they treated me.  I don’t like them picking me up at random and taking me on spaceships.  And after a while, I decided that I was fed up with them.”

The Pleiadians told Penny Harper that Los Angeles would be destroyed by an earthquake in 1992.  She regretted listening to them and passing out the bogus prophecy to her friends at the UFOrum meetings.  “That’s when I really had it with the Pleiadians,” she asserted.  See

            Reporter Brandt blurted out, “It’s like the old adage, ‘Be careful what you wish for, it might come true.’”

            Penny chuckled, “Yeah.  I told them I had had it with them.  So they left me alone.”  She did not have complaints about any of the other extraterrestrial groups she was in contact with.

            As for your author, the “Cosmic Ray,” he is content to stick with the Venusians!

Editor’s Note:  The authority on all things “Venus,” Dr. Raymond A. Keller, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” will be appearing at the Harrisburg, PA SEARCH group on Wednesday, 12 June 2019, at 6:30 p.m., as well as the Rubber City Pop Culture Festival in Cuyahoga Falls, OH, on Saturday, 15 June 2019, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.  For additional information or to schedule Cosmic Ray as a speaker at your club or group, you can e-mail him at

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