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Are UFOligists Asking The Right Question

Are Ufologists Asking the Right Questions?

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray,” author of the international, awards-winning Venus Rising series of books, available on, while supplies last

Venusians and other Space Intelligences (SIs) incarnated on the Earth plane communicate telepathically.


Ufology Then and Now

Many in the UFO community are asking how the saucer intelligences (SIs) might interact with humankind on an individual or collective basis.  When I hear such questions advanced or read them in sundry blogs, it always amazes me that these ufologists have ignored the obvious for so long, that being that the SIs have always been interacting with us through various mediums, even before the dawn of recorded history.   People from all walks of life have enjoyed dealings with the SIs.  But no sooner do these contactees come forward with their accounts than they are shut down and summarily dismissed.

Let us mentally travel back in time to the mid-1970s and take a look at the state of ufology, as it was.  In 1974, Gerald R. Ford had just assumed the presidency of the United States, following the abdication of the office by Richard M. Nixon, in the light of the Watergate scandal.  This was six years since the Condon Report, and the United States government had supposedly abandoned UFO investigations altogether.  Nevertheless, there were plenty of UFO reports coming in to civilian research groups; and 1973 was most noted as a banner year for a great saucer flap over North America.

William R. Flynn, a correspondent for Other Dimensions magazine, was somewhat baffled.  In the 1974 annual edition of the publication, Flynn wrote that, “If there is one word to describe the state of UFO investigation today, it would have to be frustration.”  He added that, “Even though public interest in the UFO has increased, serious researchers have little cause for joy.”

Of course, when I first read his comments and took them in, I have to admit that I was quite taken aback by his categorization of “serious researchers,” whom he narrowly defined in the context of the investigations being carried out by a few prominent scientists- the physicist Dr. Stanton T. Friedman, the astronomer Dr. J. Allen Hynek, the computer programmer and former Condon team member at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Dr. David Saunders, and Ted Phillips, a physical traces specialist for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).   Flynn was of the opinion that there were not enough qualified researchers like these to investigate the plethora of sighting reports that were coming in to the civilian UFO groups every day.  He remarked that these cited scientists “are frustrated because they know that UFOs are being reported by competent witnesses every day; and that these reports are being ignored in most cases due to the fact there is no adequately staffed and equipped facility to conduct the necessary scientific investigation.”

When I read that, I thought to myself, “Hmmm…. ‘Scientific’ investigation, indeed!  If we are taking about SIs millions or perhaps billions of years in advance of humankind, then how is even our greatest science going to be used to approach and evaluate them or their actions?  And besides that, none of these ‘scientists,’ so-called, were even going beyond mere lights in the sky or trace marks on the ground.  Really, it’s as if they never considered that the SIs might want to get out of their vehicle to stop and chat with somebody here on Earth, before blasting off on the their return trip across the vast void of outer space.”

Sadly, not much has changed in 45 years.  Back then, Flynn opined that, “A less popular aspect of the UFO phenomenon is the spiritual and psychological implications which continue to crop up, even if they are ridiculous to the scientific experts.  People still report direct contact with SIs and cannot be shaken from their convictions.  This activity usually features information being channeled through a medium on Earth who gives out the messages.”

The ufology analyst continued, “These flying saucer missionaries have always been part of the UFO story and continue to influence people who believe they are receiving information from the beyond.”

Dr. Hynek was not impressed with the contactees, however, saying that the religious groups that have formed around these “UFO hoaxers,” and the so-called “contactees” themselves, have done, and continued to do, irreparable damage to any “serious advancement of the UFO research cause.”  Unfortunately, Flynn was prone to accept Dr. Hynek’s conclusions, noting in his article that, “He is probably right.”

But to his credit, Flynn did not completely shut the door on the contactees.  He noted that “there is no conclusive proof that the UFO is always a physical phenomenon,” and further declared, “It could, on occasion, be another manifestation of psychological or spiritual forces.”  He elaborated on this, pointing out that some photographs of UFOs seem to indicate that they may not be solid at all, and maybe composed of an unknown form of energy.  Flynn mused, “They could just as well be a phenomenon beyond our concept of natural law.”  In other words, while the existence of UFOs is not something that would necessarily defy natural law, it would certainly not conform in any way with our present-day concepts and understanding of natural law.

Contacting SIs from Beyond the Conscious Mind

            If Flynn was right in his “guesstimate” of the UFO phenomenon back in 1974, then it would seem that Hynek was prematurely dismissing the case for the contactees.  There must be something special in the life of the typical contactee.  He or she may possess some quality that is attracting the SIs, drawing them into their respective lives like moths to a flame.

From my own experiences with the SIs, this seems like the most probable scenario.  The way that I fathom it, there is most certainly a greater universe of realization beyond our five senses.  Helena Blavatsky, the co-founder of the Theosophical Society, noted that one of the fundamental objects of her organization would be providing assistance to the membership in developing the powers that were “latent” within them.  In other words, Theosophists need not limit themselves to the exercise of their five senses.  We are capable of so much more, occasionally employing extrasensory powers just as our brothers and sisters of other planets do on a continuing basis.

Have you ever experienced feelings or premonitions of impending danger?  Have you ever had an intuitive hunch about something that later proved to be right?  Or better still, have there been times in your when it seemed like you were tuning in on someone’s unspoken thoughts?  These are most certainly indications of unused potentialities, and you could rightly consider yourself an ideal candidate for contact by the SIs.  The SIs, while not initially establishing contact on the physical plane, will approach the more receptive among us through the ethereal avenues of intuitive insight, monition, premonition, or telepathic communication in varying degrees.  Interaction with the SIs will escalate from that point of initial contact.  You will eventually reach the stage where you are dealing with the manifestation of SIs on the physical plane of existence.

As a Theosophist, I have studied this subject intently and can tell you, quite truthfully, that contact with the SIs can be realized if we are mentally shifting gears and pushing back the envelope of our conscious mind.

Lady Columba’s Cosmic Revelations

Annabell Krebs Culverwell (1902-1998), a.k.a. Lady Columba, was a famous esoteric artist throughout her life, as well as one of the lesser-known contactees in the 1950s and 1960s.  I first met Lady Columba on 10 July 1966 at the Centennial Coliseum in Reno, Nevada.  My aunt Dolly in Los Angeles drove me up there to attend the last day of a New Space Age convention sponsored by Gabriel Green’s Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs of America.  Most of the speakers came up to Reno from the Greater Los Angeles area as well.  Lady Columba arrived at the convention with Calvin C. Girvan of Hollywood, California, and assisted him with a slide projector during his presentation on “Moon Mysteries Revealed.”  Lady Columba introduced Girvan and noted that she, too, had visited a saucer base on the back side of the Moon and assured us that everything Girvan was going to talk about was true.

Girvan’s lecture began at 3:30 p.m. and lasted for about half an hour, followed by another half an hour for a questions and answers session.  Not surprisingly, more questions were directed to the beautiful Lady Columba, who seemed to exude a rather exotic, golden aura.  Since Girvan had stated that the Venusians and other extraterrestrials communicate via mental telepathy, my aunt asked Lady Columba if she could elaborate on this subject.

Lady Columba asked Girvan if it was OK for her to reply to my aunt’s question because after all, it was his scheduled lecture time.  Girvan said that he didn’t mind, and that Lady Columba could take as much time as she needed.  Lady Columba then declared, in words to the effect, that, “Thoughts are the greatest power in the universe.  They can bridge any distance instantly.  The whole universe and all the creatures within it are just divine thought projected out into the matter of various densities, by our Infinite Creator, the Only One, the All Person, and the Ever-Present.  Just as radio and TV have many channels and bands, so thought waves have, too.  If we can tune into the higher frequencies, which the inhabitants of some other planets vibrate on, we can exchange thoughts with them.  This can be done as easily as with one another here.”

Another woman in attendance asked, “OK, so where do these telepathic aliens come from?”

Lady Columba replied, “There are SIs of some kind on every planet in the solar system, and many of their attendant moons.  Fewer are coming in from outside the solar system; but they are telepathic, too.  But the ones that are most familiar to us, the ones that can contact us telepathically, are from the neighboring planets of Mars and Venus.  As Brother Calvin just told us, the Moon is being used as a ‘way station’ by all of those extraterrestrials that have learnt space travel.  From the Moon, they keep watch over this warlike Earth.  Their lunar habitations are built largely underground, as they are so constructed on Mars and Venus.  They contain all of life’s necessities, scientifically provided, of course.  Too many astronomers have witnessed strange lights moving around on the Moon; and when our astronauts and cosmonauts get up there, hopefully they will come back to Earth to tell us all the truth about flying saucers.”

Then a gentleman inquired, “How is it possible to communicate with these aliens?”

Lady Columba thoughtfully paused and then informed us that, “Each planet and its inhabitants have their own distinct frequencies and vibrations, in various degrees (dimensions).  Those of you who are sensitive enough to recognize these can tune into them.  To proceed, you must have a joyous heart, sensing the weird and wonderful from their ‘out-of-this-world’ emanations.”

“Many thanks, dear lady,” said Gabriel Green, who was sitting in the back of the room, chairing the presentation.  “I have to admit that I have been very humbled and moved by your expression of ageless wisdom.”

“You’re quite welcome, Gabe,” said Lady Columba, adding that, “Please know with assurance that your work on behalf of the space people has not gone unnoticed.  You are greatly appreciated.”

“Well, Sister Columba, is there anything else we should know before we close here, and go on to the next presentation?”

“Yes, Gabe, and I will make this brief.  Also, my apologies are extended to Calvin for usurping his time.

“One day world peace will be assured on this troubled Earth.  We must never forget that our space friends can read our minds at all times, whether by their developed psychic senses or by advanced technology, it matters not.  When that day of peace finally arrives, we Earthlings will begin the next phase of our celestial education, learning how to commune with our space brothers and sisters on the same basis of understanding and friendship, from which they operate.  Then, and only then, will we be invited to join the Federation of Light.  Then we can exchange visits with them.  But how can the space people expect even tolerance from us, if we still do not have tolerance for each other’s differences in any way?  Only when we have learned how to get along with each other in real, mutual understanding and kindly cooperation can the glorious New Space Age appear.  Yes, with all of its wonders!  May God speed that time!”

Editor’s note:  Dr. Keller, a.k.a. the Cosmic Ray, will be speaking at the Synergy Springs Soul Center in Mt. Pleasant, PA, on Saturday, 31 August 2019, from 10:00 a.m. to Noon, and discussing the connections of angels with Venusians and answering questions afterwards.  He will also share never-before-seen information and material from Lady Columba. The doctor will sign Venus books and distribute Venus bumper stickers, as well.  For additional information, or to schedule Dr. Keller for a speaking engagement, please write to him at his e-mail address,









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