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Marcela Velasco
Marcela Velasco

About Marcela Velasco 

She was born and raised in Cusco, Peru. She was also educated in the United States. She lives in both Peru and Colorado. 

Marcela is a galactic shaman and a metaphysician, she is a bridge betwen worlds, she is an expert who helps awaken the seed of the divine within each one using cosmic energies. 

One of her many roles on this planet is educating people about the spiritual approach to contact in South America, Spain, Egypt, and other countries. She has dedicated her life to spiritual ET and UFO contacts, contacts made from the heart .Her primary essential contact is with light beings from Andromeda. 

From the Andromedans she has learned how to work with and utilize energies, and travels the world to activate portals of lights, raise the frequency of the planet , expand consciousness, touch and open hearts. 

She is a galactic being fulfilling her mission, utilizing the spheres of light from Andromeda to re-align energies and help manifest heaven on earth.

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