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Mt Shasta Ca. 96967, USA
Lorien Fenton

PRESENTATION TITLE : The Governments UFO Disclosure PSYOP – What Contactees Need to Know


Lorien will disseminate the current government “Disclosure” PSYOP; starting with a report by the Washington Post, New York Times, and other national publications in late 2017. She’ll continue through to the DNI report presented to Congress were UAP’s (UFO’s) were categorized as being a real phenomenon through the most current congressional hearing information.

As Lorien weaves her way through the PSYOP, she’ll present interviews of military jet pilots and other short clips from Tom Delong of To The Stars Academy, Robert Bigelow of Bigelow Aerospace, and many more.

As Contactees, we know the truth, but it’s good to review what the government has decided you are allowed to know!


LORIEN FENTON became actively involved in the San Francisco Bay Area UFO Community after almost dying from a mysterious form of Pneumonia during the H1N1 scare of summer 2009. It was that near-death experience which propelled her into doing the work she loves in a community that she has been passionate about her entire life. Currently, Lorien is the Marin/Sonoma MUFON Section Director, holding a meeting in Petaluma, California.

Lorien is a “contactee” of sorts… she has never seen a Grey, Reptilian, Venusian, etc. – that she can remember, but has seen 7 structured crafts, which means she could see the shape, color, and design. She has had an ongoing, conscious telepathic connection with what she describes as “angels”, for lack of a better description.

Lorien’s current “real job” occupations include website developer, graphic designer, conference producer, and full-charge bookkeeper. The Bay Area UFO Community knows her as the lady who produces UFO CON, held annually in February/March in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Her internet radio show of over a decade is: “The Fenton Perspective” on Revolution Radio at Revolution.Radio, Studio A – Monday at 5pm PT / 8 pm ET. Lorien is in the process of transitioning into Internet-based television with her soon-to-be-launched Make Contact TV network. Find out more about Lorien at:

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