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Lily Nova
Lily Nova

Lily Nova Bio:

I am a UFO & astrophotographer, ET contactee, Ce5 practitioner, channeler, psychic, and DNA Activator. My story and UFO footage has been featured on The Travel Channel, and published in mainstream media news all over the world, including LAD Bible and The Mirror. I have also been interviewed on Coast To Coast by George Noory.
UFO’s began visiting Lily during COVID while out shooting space photography. She began documenting these close encounters with her camera. As her experiences progressed, she learned about these other-worldly beings and how to initiate contact with them. They taught her how to activate her ‘dormant’ Starseed DNA and psychic abilities. She now uses these gifts to channel messages, DNA activations and healing on her YouTube channel. Lily is dedicated to sharing her findings, footage, and experiences with the world, and to help others initiate contact and connect with enlightened Star beings and their Star Families.


Lily Nova’s Workshop —-

Workshop Title: Connect with Star Beings with 12D Activation

Price: $55

Length: 1 Hour. (or 45 minutes works too)

Workshop Description:

Lily Nova teaches how to make contact with Star Beings and your Galactic Family, followed by a powerful group 12D Activation with crystal alchemy singing bowls to connect with our Star Families in real-time.

Lily Nova’s Presentation —-

Making Contact: Incredible contact and footage of UFOs & extraterrestrials
(will need to use a PowerPoint to showcase footage)

In my presentation I will share my contact experiences with UFO’s and a variety of extraterrestrials, including but not limited to the Pleiadians, Inner Earth Beings, Arcturians, and Andromedans. I will share incredible UFO / UAP footage captured while making contact with these enlightened Star Beings. This footage also contains activation codes and frequencies that will help activate and awaken the viewers. Contact has already begun on a personalized, individual level and will continue to expand as we near total disclosure. Anybody can make contact if they have pure intent, an open mind, and heart.