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:                   Jigme Rigzen

Talk Title : How I Have Become A Contactee 

Description: I will play the many videos of my personal encounters> I will describe my process and how I am communicating with the guides of The Sky. I will have time for questions and answers. 

Jigme Rigzen is a dear friend of mine who is having extraordinary physical encounters. He wishes to remain anonymous.  However he is obviously a practicing buddhist. He reached out to me in 2018 and came with on a journey that Luis Maertens created on a 10 day journey to Peru and Bolivia. Like all of the tours to these sacred sites there are magical experiences .

 Jigme was with us as we made our way through Peru and Bolivia. Together we were experiencing a Sacred site initiation tour with Luis Maertens Luis is also speaking this year so please look at Luis amazing bio as well to understand more.  We finally reached an inner earth retreat a focal point beneath a very sacred mountain in Bolivia called Sajama. Sajama is extremely remote and very cold despite some hot springs near our very small sweet hotel. We would have teachings during the day and meditations in a small church sometimes called the sistine chapel the Andes because of the artwork in there. The mountain is also called the finger of God by the locals.

We shared a room together and Jigme is extremely disciplined in his daily practice I think we went to Sajama together on two separate occasions. The routine with Luis for programmed contacts with those he calls”The Guides of the sky”. First Luis  is giving his teaching then we hike to a remote location we do some preparation intonations to set our consciousness to the right frequency. Then he tells us to separate individually to meditate. Some go very far from group and once on a trip I was not present on one person went far up the hill.

For this person had a special encounter. Everyone was surprised when a space ship came very low over the group and landed over on a hill. This person ran up and the  hill and saw the space ship was opening. When is was down and a brother was descending  down the ramp. The individual  panicked and started  to run down the hill! Just then when another member of the group ran up and said “why are you running way? The other guy said there is a person there!  The Other fellow said “That’s why we are here let’s go.”  I found this story funny I will post the link here to the YouTube channel of Luis and you can see this wonderful video.

Now back to Jigme. After the meditation  the programmed programmed contacts would begin as multiple ship sometimes of various colors and intensity will zig zag across the sky. The space family is saying hello and flashing frequencies to all participants . Jigme after meditating for 1 hour in the morning and 30 minutes with Luis during skywatch was not enough. After dinner he  would bundle up to prepare to go out for his 2 hour evening meditation. The extra clothing is necessary because it’s generally about 15 to 20 degrees at night. He would leave at like 11pm.

This incredible discipline of meditation he has practiced for many many years. This particular night he was alone in the high desert of Bolivia on the slopes of Sajama and was rewarded. He told me after he was meditating for quite sometime a space ship came in low and slow and landed a half mile way on the mountain. The Door opened and a being stood in a doorway and he reported he  had a telepathic exchange with the space person in doorway. Jigme  said he said ” hello come on down let’s chat”. From this day onward he is extremely sensitive to their presence and he is usually the first to spot them. in fact he did this on the way to the airport in /?bolivia as we headed to Peru. You can see by his you tube channel his contacts are very regular very profound and amazing.

He has another experience he will share at the conference when he had a physical experience with being approximately 10 feet away. I feel he s being prepared for more intimate  contact that may even result in a space ship ride. He will be sharing his contacts experiences and how he feels his telepathic experiences and what this means for him and everybody.

God Bless you all with Love Jigme and Rob

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