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Mt Shasta Ca. 96967, USA
Jane Masteller

Jane is an astrologer, flower essence alchemist, and speech-language pathologist. Astrology and deep healing are Jane’s deepest passions. Jane's sensitivity (Sun in Cancer), curiosity (Moon in Gemini), and desire for improvement (Ascendant in Virgo) led to her discovery of these healing modalities.

Jane has been studying astrology since 2001 and began offering professional astrology consultations in 2019. Jane specializes in Astrocartography, Relationship Astrology, and Personalized Monthly Astrology Forecast Videos.

Utilizing the wisdom of astrocartography, Jane relocated across the country in August 2020 to seek a better fortune on her Boise, Idaho Venus Ascendant Line and Chiron MC Line, which energetically supports feminine healing work. Jane’s Astrocartography consultations help you understand your best and least ideal geographical locations for relocation, travel, and business.

Jane’s Relationship consultations can tell you if the person you are considering dating is worthy of you. From committed relationships to single people looking to date, she can help you understand better how to capitalize on your compatibility strengths and best navigate your compatibility challenges.

Jane’s Personalized Monthly Astrology Forecast Videos are delivered to your inbox the first day of the month and help promote a deep understanding of your current life circumstances and is advantageous for strategic timing of events or actions.

Jane’s powerful Flower Essence Remedies bring out the truest and most positive person you are. The remedies gently and safely release negative states (e.g., grief, fear, sadness, anger, hurt, guilt, worry) and strengthen positive qualities (e.g., communication, focus, confidence, protection) by flooding the body’s system with the positive vibration the flower essence carries. The remedies are uniquely created at astrologically auspicious times, supportive of the person’s astrological chart.

Jane has 20 years of experience as a Speech-Language Pathologist in public schools and her private practice, she currently coaches parents on the implementation of safe and effective holistic techniques such as Therapeutic Listening and Sensory Enrichment Therapy.

Jane Masteller MA, CCC-SLP

Astrologer, Flower Essence Alchemist,

Holistic Speech-Language Pathologist