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             Haruko Blue Star


“Ha-Ru-Ko’ Blue Star Child is a multi-dimensional artist, musician, spiritual cheerleader, and author.  As an artist, she has been channeling New Earth Blue Prints and Sacred Feminine Designs and Multi-Dimensional Light Codes for 25 years with her artistic expression.  As a musician, she brings the frequencies of Celestial Love from the Angelic realm, Star nations, and Ascended Masters through her music.  She also offers Soul Essence Portrait and Private Session to activate the remembrance of our multi-dimensionality as well as to ground the divinity within human form.  Her website is

Performance Opening Ceremonies July 18th, 9:30 AM 

Dear Friends,  

 I am happy to announce that the Angelic voice and flute music of the beautiful Harukowill once again grace the stage of the Mt Shasta Summer Conference. The super-talented Harukos’ sacred sound healing sessions always puts listeners in a transcendental state. Haruko has a very special energy field that seems to have a very calming presence on me personally, She has graciously agreed to perform at my opening ceremonies. You don’t want to miss it this year. 

Though she will not formally present her innate wisdom and knowledge formally this year at the conference, in a talk, she will however In her workshop be offering Light Code Activations. and Celestial Sound Transmissions.. The tickets can be purchased prior to the conference on our site workshop page or you may purchase them on-site at my booth in front of The Lodge.

I personally recommend that while you are in town you visit her in her Blue Star Child Gallery her hand-drawn pieces are extremely powerful and for me evoke and activate special codes of awakening. She also does commissions and personal soul paintings She does all of this in downtown Mount Shasta at 308 N. Mount Shasta Blvd. She is located almost directly across the Street from Soul Connections.  

Harukos Workshop Title : Harukos Sound Bath Immersion

HaRuKo welcomes you to her portal and sacred temple, Blue Star Child Gallery,   She will offer you gentle Light Code activations in her multi-dimensional space where you can bathe in high frequencies in every level of your bodies.  You can experience the activations from the whole space as well as from 7 feet/10 feet large scale original drawings,  and she will guide you through

Then, you can lay down or sit down during her Sound Transmission.  As she brings the musical frequencies, she opens another portal to welcome many light beings,  You can relax, receive and integrate all the gifts from the higher dimensions as you relax.  The magic of her space is that wherever your spiritual path is, you will receive what you need.  Many gentle light beings will come according to your needs and assist you in healing and updating your physical and etheric body.

When Friday & Saturday Evening: Door opens at 6:15 pm – Sound Healing 6:30 pm-7:45 pm

Duration – 1 Hour

Location – Blue Star Child Gallery – 308 N. Mount Shasta Blvd.  Mount Shasta

Cost -$44

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