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“Ha-Ru-Ko’ Blue Star Child is a multi-dimensional artist, musician and way-shower and guide. She has been channeling New Earth Blue Print and Sacred Feminine Designs and Multi-Dimensional Light Codes for 24 years.
Rob, “Ha-Ru-Ko will perform with her art on Saturday, June 22nd @ Opening Ceremony. As a Speaker, she will share a slideshow of her art that the Telosians have etched into a Crystal in a temple on the upper level of this ancient Venusian Colony that originally was from Lemuria’.
Ha-Ru-Ko says, “My intention is to bring the Love of our Creator/Source to inspire and uplift many people on the Earth through art and music and from my being.”
She now owns her own gallery (Blue Star Child Gallery) in Mt. Shasta, California (308 N. Mount Shasta Blvd). Ha-Ru-Ko Blue Star Child holds a portal for the New Earth and transmits multi-dimensional frequencies into people’s hearts. And you can experience the activations from 7 feet/10 feet large scale original drawings which are done by free-hand.
See her Video here Ha Ro Ku’s Music and art on Youtube Click here.

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