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Mt Shasta Ca. 96967, USA
Frank Chile
Frank Chile

Frank Chille has been a self-proclaimed seeker of Arcane Knowledge for the past 45 years.  He is a student of health, metaphysics, ancient civilizations, comparative religions, and has knowledge of mostly unknown contactee experiences from individuals he has met along his life path.

Frank was a close associate to William Tompkins (a remarkable insider to advance technology).  He has had first-hand exposure to advanced technology products, has traveled extensively throughout the US, and has lived abroad. Frank has spoken publicly and conducted seminars on diverse subjects on both coasts, as well as for the military on subjects including energy studies and lighting effects on health.  He has done many radio programs (has also functioned as an associate producer for the Jeff Rense Program for the past eight years) as well as had been interviewed on GAIA TV. 

Additionally, he has trained individuals as well as marketing teams around the country and has conducted forensic corporate accounting for a Fortune 100 firm in three states.  Had recently managed a firm with a unique product for the Transportation & Heavy Equipment Markets.

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