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Dr. Royal Rife
Dr. Royal Rife

As a relative of Dr. Royal Rife, Matthew Rife inherited his Uncle Roy’s proprietary journals, notes, formulas and blueprints. At a very young age, Matt was gifted with exceptional mechanical ability and took an interest in Dr. Rife’s manuscripts. He quickly vaulted into learning more about mechanics, electrical and structural engineering, math, physics and theory creation. After losing a loved one, Matthew decided it was time to share his uncle’s technology with the world. Using Dr. Rife’s journals and all of the knowledge acquired through his studies, Matt took on the heavy task of resurrecting his uncle’s machine – the REAL Rife Machine. Together with his business partner, Matthew seeks to change the world, starting with transforming the health tech industry. He currently lives on the Gulf Coast and spends his free time fishing, being in nature, and focusing on humanitarian related projects.


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