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Mt Shasta Ca. 96967, USA
                            Dr. Kiva Mahkete Fall

Dr. Kiva Mahkete Fall hails from eastern Senegal, near the border with Mali.  He received his doctorate in African History from West Virginia University.  He also has a master’s degree from West Virginia University in foreign languages, of which he is fluent in eight, and another master’s degree in Peace and Conflict Resolution from Brandeis University in Massachusetts.  Dr. Fall also conducts African drumming circles representative of the world diaspora of African peoples and lectures on the connections of the Dogon peoples with extraterrestrials from the Sirius Star Sector.  Dr. Fall currently resides in the greater Boston, Massachusetts, area.

Talk Title: Sirius and The Dogon Tribe. 

Description: Dr. Kiva M. Fall and Dr. Raymond A. Keller, both with doctoral degrees in African History from West Virginia University, discuss and answer your questions concerning intergalactic relations between Earth, Venus, and planets in the Sirius Star Sector.  Dr. Fall is a Dogon elder from West Africa, as well as an artist, author, linguist, musician and metaphysician, leading us to higher states of enlightenment through an African drumming circle.  Dr. Keller is the author of the popular and internationally-acclaimed Venus RIsing book series.  Duration:  1.5 hours.

Workshop: Drumming With The Dogons 

Description:  Dr. Kiva, an elder of the Dogon tribe, comes from eastern Senegal, in West Africa, and will be bringing with him his traditional drums and native ceremonial costume and doing live demonstrations of his culture. He will lead a drum circle and teach drumming techniques to those who attend. Please bring your own drum.  This paid workshop is for drummers.  Dancers and observers can watch for free. “Sirius” drummers who wish to improve your technique from a master drummer will find great benefit in attending this workshop.

Cost :$30

Time will be Friday sometime in the afternoon and Location will be revealed  to those wo purchase Tickets.  This event will be open to the public not only conference attendees. 

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