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Anja Schaefer
Anja Schaefer

Facilitator of the Venusians
Anja Schaefer is a facilitator for Venusian spirituality. In 1997 she met the Venusian Omnec Onec, author of the autobiography „From Venus I Came“. The two soul friends are united by their common mission to provide assistance to the transformation of the Earth to a higher vibrational frequency. Anja supports the worldwide transmission of the Venusian teachings through books, lectures and videos. In 2021, Anja was associated with the historian of the Venusians Dr. Raymond Keller aka „Cosmic Ray“. As a German, one of Anja’s tasks is to translate spiritual teachings into her native language and transmit them to the spiritual field of the German-speaking world.
It is Anja’s heartfelt desire to serve as a light-bringer and pathfinder through her own spiritual awakening. She helps people to remember their true self as a soul and to find back into their creative power. In her individual way, Anja supports the return of paradise on earth and shepherds the timeline of spiritual ascension into a higher dimension.

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