Venus Rising Series-7 Books!


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This is a special offer for all US residents to purchase all 7 books in Cosmic Rays’ Venus Rising Series. For only $150 which includes FREE Shipping @ $35 Value inside USA only! The amazing Dr. Raymond Keller has finished 9 books in 7 years. This feat alone puts him in a special category by himself. Two of these nine books are currently in a queue soon to be printed. One of these 9 books is a special new Gospel of Thomas.

Gospel of Thomas to be released Easter 2022

This Gospel is a metaphysical and supernatural gift to humanity from the Angel Force. The ministry of Angels from Venus through their chosen messenger Cosmic Ray has given a new testament of Jesus Christ.  The Venusians have allowed Raymond Keller to look into the book of life or akashic records to record these gospels and for him to personally witness these events as if they happened yesterday. The Youth Gospel of Jesus, The Acts Of Thomas, The Gospel of Thomas, and The Gospel of Mary Magdalene.

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