The Vast Venus Conspiracy

The Vast Venus Conspiracy


Dr. Keller is a renowned author of the Venus Rising Series of nonfiction books chronicling the history of the planet Venus, and including mythology, fact, and everything in between. Dr. Keller’s books explores many facets of conditions and life on Venus in many dimensions from a perspective of conspiracies, history, theosophy, ufology, and current events, especially space research. To date, Venus Rising has won wild card awards at both the Southern California and London, United Kingdom, book festivals

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The Vast Venus Conspiracy is the fourth thrilling book in mythologist, magic realist, and UFO researcher, Dr. Raymond A. Keller's internationally-acclaimed and award-winning Venus Rising series. Some of the interesting - and real individuals - you'll meet in this book of astounding science include:

The Mormon prophet Joseph Smith, presaging Erich von Daniken and his Chariots of the Gods by 130 years, translates an ancient Egyptian papyrus scroll and provides key insights into the inhabitants of the celestial realms.

Astronomers and space scientists from around the world, "in the know" about intelligent life existing on Venus, Earth's sister planet, disclosing the evidence that's been hidden from the public-at-large for the past 70 years. The Idaho civilian pilot who started the "flying saucer craze" 73 years ago, Kenneth Arnold, and his wife Doris, investigate the landing of Venusian scout ships throughout the American West and the emergence of human-looking occupants from this extraterrestrial and ultra-dimensional craft. Thousands receive direct and psychic communications from our brothers and sisters of Venus. Discover their message for humankind today. The courageous radio personality of WOR-New York, 710 AM on the dial, Long John Nebel, shares his microphone with most of the prestigious contactees and ufologists of the 1950s and mid-1960s in a never-ending struggle to end UFO secrecy.

New Jersey ham operator Dominick Lucchesi receives a strange invitation over his radio set on a restricted frequency and then has a rendezvous with the beautiful space commander Aura Rhanes, disembarking from a flying saucer in a remote corner of the Garden State's countryside. 

Plagued by visits from the notorious men in black, an Arizona physicist dies under mysterious circumstances after collecting evidence for the landing of an extraterrestrial spaceship at the China Lake Naval Weapons Station in 1971. 

Dr. J. Allen Hynek, the Project Blue Book Air Force consultant, discovers proof of Venusian saucer bases on the Moon.

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