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Dear Promise Friends,
My close friend Yuki Noda is a talented, sensitive person who is very tuned into the energies around her and of others. She has a direct connection to her high self and intuition. She does readings using several different types of oracle cards to help guide her as she answers your questions. Her patience & kindness are aspects of herself that she has developed over a very disciplined daily meditation practice. She is absolutely the real deal she has no ego and is a wonderful person you can trust.  I can absolutely recommend her if you are looking for insights into what is going on in your life. She can do a blind reading that you will recognise are the energies around you presently. You can also ask follow-up questions to get more clarity. Please purchase directly from Yuki on her website click here to connect
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Do you know about guardian angels?
We all have guardian angels since our first life on this planet.
They support, guide, and love us all the time (24/7), they never leave our side, always with us even though we never give attention to our guardian angels. You can see one of my angel-inspired art designs here  Michaels Crystal Light

Why they are with us?
Their purpose is to support our ascension process.
It’s very important to reconnect to your guardian angels to know who you are.
Because they know about you most, also they know your soul purpose well this lifetime.

I will connect to your guardian angels and tell you their message, I want you to feel their unconditional love. Once you felt their love you will feel you are always accepted, protected, guided, and loved and we are all connected. Then you may feel more confident and believe in yourself.

Angel Reading session is good for
・Those who want to connect to their own guardian angels
・Those who are interested in angels
・Those who want to accept themselves
・Those who want to love themselves
・Those who want to have self-confidence
・Those who want to make their life easy, simple, and smooth

I look forward to seeing and talking to you and your guardian angels.
May the force be with you.

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Originally from Japan.
Yuki lived in Hawaii for 12 years. Then moved to Mount Shasta for 2 years.
Currently traveling the USA

YUKI is a Starseed and remembers her time in Angelic realms. She is a rainbow angel and works for Archangel Raziel.
YUKI started her psychic angel reading session for Japanese and American people who want to remember who they are also reconnect to their guardian angels and work with them.


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